Some Important Tips For Telephonic Interview

Telephonic Interview is fast gaining prominence for hiring in the globalized world. It is an effective way of communicating in the scenario where distance proves to be a hindrance for the job seekers and the employers alike. Most companies are equipped with the telephonic screening to ensure that they are going ahead with the right candidate. Telephonic interview is different from a regular interview and the candidate must be aware of the nitty-gritty and etiquettes of a telephonic conversation.

  • One must be prepared for the telephonic interview well in advance and make a rough draft of the important points and stress on the difficult parts.
  • You should always keep in mind to present facts about the most difficult task accomplished by you from your past projects and share your experiences.
  • The candidate must start with a short introduction about them and then speak about the current role or responsibility and the technology involved in it.
  • Do not forget to mention, what you like about the current profile and provide your opinion on how it could have been better.
  • You must not get too excited for the job during the interview and must exhibit a calm demeanor. No matter how well you suit the requirements for the job, sometimes the excitement can send wrong signals about your persona.
  • Whenever you wish to take a pause, always ask for it. Further, it always makes a favorable impression to speak about the position you are looking for, rather that talking at length about your past job profile.
  • Never argue with the interviewer and make an attempt to drive home your point, by giving examples. Politeness is a virtue that most interviewers look for, in the candidate.

Since your verbal communication skill is the only deciding factor, you should practice speaking at the right volume and speed beforehand. Keeping all the above stated points in mind, one can easily crack the telephonic interview and look for bright prospects ahead.

Tips For A Phone Interview

There are several different ways of taking an interview- Face-to-face, Telephonic and Online interview. In a face-to-face interview, the interviewer and the interviewee interact with each other face-to-face. In an online interview, the interview is taken through the interview process via some online software that enables the interviewer and interviewee to talk to each other. The third type of interview, that is the phone interview, is taken via phone. The interviewer calls the interviewee and they carry out the interview on the phone. Phone interviews are generally taken to shortlist the applicants who would then be called for a personal face-to-face interview. Do not take a phone interview lightly as it is just as important as a regular interview. Here are certain tips to help you prepare for your phone interview.

  • Prepare for the phone interview in the same way you would do for a regular interview. The major questions that you can be asked are your strengths and weaknesses, your background, skills and information about your current or former job, if any.
  • Your resume should be in clear view in case you are asked specific details about your educational and professional qualifications.
  • Keep your major achievements noted down in a notepad so that you can immediately tell the interviewer what you have achieved so far.
  • If you get the call when you are just about to leave for some important job then ask the interviewer to set the interview at some alternative time that is convenient for both you and for the interviewer.
  • Clear the room of any source of disturbance or noise. Switch off the stereo or television and close the doors and the windows to prevent any outside noise to distract you.
  • Consider using a landline to attend the interview-you don’t want your cell phone battery to run out just when the interviewer is asking your salary expectations!
  • Practice talking on the phone. It seems easy and fun to talk on the phone when you are gossiping with a friend, but it feels entirely different when you are being interviewed. Ask a friend to call you and make her/him ask questions that an interviewer is likely to ask.

So, now if you have prepared for the interview, let’s find out what you should and should not do during an interview.

  • Smile. If you smile during a phone interview, that smile reflects on your voice and tone.
  • Do not smoke, eat, drink or chew gum during the interview.
  • Keep a glass of water beside it just in case your mouth gets dry.
  • Address the interviewer by their last name with the appropriate title like Mr. or Ms.
  • Speak clearly and get your thoughts across to the interviewer. He/she is not a mind reader and would not know what you are thinking.

So, now you are prepared for a phone interview. Next time you get a phone call, it might just be your future employer calling you. So be ready as your job might just be a phone call away.

How to Deal With a Phone Interview

A telephonic interview is usually conducted by employers or recruiters when they want to do the initial screening or have to contact out-of-station candidates. In both situations you may receive a call out of the blue and if you are unprepared, then the situation can generate panic that affects the way you conduct yourself. An upside of a phone interview is that sometimes you can even have it scheduled as per your convenience but the downside remains that you cannot see the interviewer face-to-face and have to give very concise answers. This post discusses some essential points that can lets you score well in a Telephonic Interview and make it a walk in the park.

Be Ready Before the Interview

Nothing beats the fact that preparing well in advance minimizes your chances of erroneous answers and also helps you to deal with the jitters. If there is a possibility of a telephonic interview, then prepare a list of basic questions, rehearse your answers and also summarize your basic skills and achievements.

Things like your resume, pen and paper must be kept within your reach to avoid wracking your nerves when you received the call.

Practicing for a phone interview is just like a regular interview and you can easily do it with your friends and family, who can tell you more about your behavior over the phone. If possible, record your voice during such conversations to have an idea of your tone and voice modulation while letting you know where to take pauses etc.

Tell your friends to call you at any random time in the day and ask questions posing as an interviewer. Believe me, it works!

During the Interview

Compose yourself right before you start talking. Remember, this may be in a comfortable setting for you but you should still maintain a high degree of professionalism in your voice and courtesies.

Pronounce each word clearly and talk at a moderate pace. Listen attentively as well and do not interrupt the interviewer in between. Keep a happy composure no matter what situation you are in as this will calm you nerves and project confidence in your personality.

Address the interviewer formally and avoid lengthy answers.

Giving a telephonic interview does not mean that the standard rules do not apply; you must ask questions regarding the position etc. This conveys your interest to the interviewer and also lets them remember your profile after they have conversed with numerous people for the same.

In case you are not prepared for the interview or are busy in a meeting, you can politely tell the interviewer to give you a call later. But do state that you would definitely like to have this conversation later by suggesting a suitable time for the future.

After the Interview

Thanking the interviewer while ending the conversation is considered courteous and you can even ask questions about how you fared during the interview along with the time that you will be intimated of further proceedings.

The key here is to convince the interviewer for the second round of the interview, which would bring you face-to-face with them. So, take notes about what you were asked during the interview to be better prepared for the next round. Getting the telephonic interview right is a sure bet that the employer is already considering your profile and it means that only a few things need to be worked out when you meet them.

How to Prepare Yourself in Advance for a Telephonic Interview?

Telephonic interviews have become a trend these days as hiring organizations consider them consider as a time-effective as well as cost-effective method of coming across talented and potential candidates. So, if you are applying for a job, then be sure that you have to go through a quick telephonic interview. Now, this idea of small interview on telephone may give you jitters and make you nervous. Rather than being anxious and worrying about it, just hold your calm and brush up yourself.

Be ready to answer questions and don’t get worried if you don’t know all the answers. You still have a chance. As it is not only your answers that can get you through an interview but it is actually your confidence and communication skills that are being actually judged in the interview. So, be prepared and pen down some questions and answers in advance.

What are the questions that an interviewer can ask?

  • The first and the most obvious question an Recruiter is surely going to ask is your job history and job profile.
  • He can ask you about your interests, hobbies, achievements, etc.
  • One important question that he may ask is that why you want to do job in the particular domain or how can you contribute towards the organization’s growth?
  • You can also be questioned about personalized aspects related to the organization like how can you handle stress?

The best way in which you can prepare yourself to answer all the questions of the interviewer intelligently is, by just going through your resume once. You will find all the answers to the interviewer’s questions there only. All you need to do is to convince the interviewer that you are the only one who can take the company to another level of success.


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