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Some Important Tips For Telephonic Interview

Telephonic Interview is fast gaining prominence for hiring in the globalized world. It is an effective way of communicating in the scenario where distance proves to be a hindrance for the job seekers and the employers alike. Most companies are equipped with the telephonic screening to ensure that they are going ahead with the right … Continue reading

Tips For A Phone Interview

There are several different ways of taking an interview- Face-to-face, Telephonic and Online interview. In a face-to-face interview, the interviewer and the interviewee interact with each other face-to-face. In an online interview, the interview is taken through the interview process via some online software that enables the interviewer and interviewee to talk to each other. … Continue reading

How to Deal With a Phone Interview

A telephonic interview is usually conducted by employers or recruiters when they want to do the initial screening or have to contact out-of-station candidates. In both situations you may receive a call out of the blue and if you are unprepared, then the situation can generate panic that affects the way you conduct yourself. An … Continue reading

How to Prepare Yourself in Advance for a Telephonic Interview?

Telephonic interviews have become a trend these days as hiring organizations consider them consider as a time-effective as well as cost-effective method of coming across talented and potential candidates. So, if you are applying for a job, then be sure that you have to go through a quick telephonic interview. Now, this idea of small … Continue reading

Phone Interview

With the number of candidates increasing day by day, it becomes difficult for the recruiters to select candidates for campus interviews. Taking personal interviews is chaotic and a tedious task. To save time and fasten up the selection process, companies thought of short listing the candidates through different means like by: Phone interviews Online interviews … Continue reading

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