Essentials For A Great Resume!

What separates a good resume from the great? Basically, a resume is a tool with one specific purpose: To present an accurate profile in front of a recruiter and get shortlisted for a position. If it achieves the same, it works; if it doesn’t, it is surely not an effective resume. Unquestionably, evaluating resumes is a subjective matter. But in the same process, there are a few things that a great resumes need to have, to outshine from the crowd. Here’s a list of the same:

Concise And Complete:
A job-hunter should be able to include all necessary information in a brief manner, without creating information overload. Information should be included about every place an individual has ever worked and each high school, college, or university an individual has attended.

Highlighting components:
Often the most important determining factors in whether or not an individual gets the job, depends upon those aspects that are being highlighted in a Resume. Here’s a list of must-have Resume aspects that should be highlighted:

  • Experience:
    A great resume includes a list of job titles. A job title needs to be descriptive yet crisp, indicating the parameters of a particular position.
  • Duties:
    The best resumes include a description of duties for each position held. The list of duties can help an employer to understand the full range of an applicant’s experience.
  • References:
    An employer is not interested in mediocre recommendations or those from your relatives. Therefore, proper references i.e. that of one’s superiors, should be included in a Resume.

Write your resumes with the intention to create interest and to persuade the employer to call you. If you realize that a great resume can be your ticket to getting exactly the job you want, you may be able to gather required know and how of creating a resume that attracts the recruiters like a magnet.

Long Resume For The Top Notch Position

Been rejected by a recruiter because of a boring biography length resume? Or ever been rejected because your resume contained as little information as an ID card? What, then, is the correct size of a resume? The size of a resume depends on the kind of job you have applied for and also the post. If you are a fresher and have applied for a relatively lower position in a company then make your resume as brief as possible but with all the relevant information stated clearly. So, what about the long length resumes? Long resumes are written if you are applying for special kinds of jobs and for specific positions. Following are the cases in which you can write longer resumes:

  • If you are applying for a high ranking position, it certainly requires you to write a long resume. It is legible to write a longer resume in this case because as the position you have applied for is a high-ranking one, the number of candidates who have applied for this job must also be few. Fewer candidates mean longer time is devoted to each candidate so it is safe to write a long resume as that is what the recruiters would be expecting. Your resume should contain all the details of your total job experience, job responsibilities and also your achievements.
  • In case you are applying for an Academic or Scientific position, you will need to write a longer resume. A longer resume will help as these types of positions require full details of your educational qualifications, your published works to prove your credibility and also your related work experience. If there are certain technical aspects related to these then be sure to include all the details of your technical qualifications, abilities and your experience in that field. Just be sure to not exceed the length of the resume to more than two pages.
  • There are cases when employers demand a lengthier resume depending on the kind of position you have applied for, which can be high or low ranked.

In the above mentioned cases, it becomes essential to write lengthier resumes as they are a passport to your perfect job destination.

Academic or Scientific Position

Make or Break Your Career: Phrases To Be Avoided In A Resume To Get A Perfect Job.

Have you heard of the phrase “First impression is the last impression”? Yes, it can be rightly construed that the first impression you make on a person is always the last. Well, maybe not always the last but the first impression you make is certainly the one that has a lasting impression. Would you like the company of a person who has lied to you on your first meeting or someone who is so impressed by himself or herself that they are completely oblivious of anyone else? Surely, the answer would be NO. The same goes for your ‘Resume’.

Your resume is basically your passport for getting a job. If the information in a passport is wrong, then of course you cannot enter another territory and the same goes for a resume. If you represent wrong or undesirable information in your resume, you can say bye-bye to a job forever. A good resume can get you a job in 10 seconds and a bad one, well, it would not take even 5 seconds for you to be rejected.

There are certain key phrases, which are essential to be written in a resume and certain others, which are a total no-no in a resume.
Avoid these….

  • I am ….” “I have…” “I will….:  Do not write in your resume, “I am a hardworking person…etc etc”. These phrases “I am”, “I have” or “I will” are not suitable for a resume. It can be written in a cover letter, but a resume has to be short, to the point consisting of brief, crisp sentences. You are presenting your credentials to the recruiter, you are not advertising yourself. So, if you want to impress the recruiter with your resume, avoid the use of these phrases.
  • Good Communication Skills:  It is not for you to decide how good or bad a conversationalist you are. Writing in a resume that you have good communication skills but behaving in a contradictory manner in the interview can really hamper your chances of getting a good job. The interviewer is a trained person and he/she can see through any façade that you are trying to put up. Let them decide how good or bad you are.
  • Good leadership Qualities”: Do not write in your resume that you are a good leader. Companies are looking for an employee, not a dictator. Do not be imperious rather present yourself as someone who is willing to work under others and is not always on a lookout for leading others.

Avoid long phrases and Narratives

You are presenting your credentials to the interviewer not telling your life history. Short and crisp sentences in a resume is the order of the day and if you write long sentences and phrases, then you may as well write your biography and give it to the recruiters.

If you keep all the above mentioned points in mind, then be sure of getting a good and deserving job. Rather than boasting about yourself in your resume, present yourself positively to the recruiters and it won’t be long before you are given due credit for it.

Content of Resume

Which according to you is the document that introduces you to the recruiters? Yes, it is the CV or Resume.

What is a resume?
It is basically a document that represents you in front of the recruiters. If your resume is not strong enough then you might face failure while seeking a job.

Need of the hour
With the advancing time the demands of the job seekers have raised and thus modifications in the style of resume have become mandatory. Your resume should be catchy and at the same time informative in order to hold the interest of the recruiters. A well writ but detailed resume might not help you and probably irritate the recruiters. So, you must be thinking what your resume should look like? Here are some very basic tips that will assist you in framing an appropriate Resume and especially guide you about the content that needs to be added.


  1. Before framing your resume carry out a thorough research on the company’s background: this can be done by:
  2. The formatting or order wise arrangement of the information is a very important thing in a resume. So, you must keep the most relevant details on top (relevant to the job applied). E.g. experience carries more importance than qualifications for certain posts.
  3. Do not simply list what all duties or responsibilities you shared in your last job rather highlight how you accomplished them. Do mention the special actions that you have taken in order to successfully carry out your duties
  4. Certain skills that you possess that are not required for the job applied should also be mentioned. You can have a separate section for it e.g. ‘special skills’ section.
  5. Try and convert your weakness into your strength. If you have applied for a job that asks for qualifications that you don’t possess. Then wave off that weakness of yours by highlighting your strong points.
  6. If you have very less experience then educational qualifications should be duly highlighted.
  7. If you are still a student and working part-time or lending your services to a NGO then clearly mention it in your CV. This will showcase you as a multi tasker and also portray your time management skills

Thus following our tips the content of your resume will be made suitable for the applied job. Also, apart from the content pay due attention to the font style, spacing and other formatting details as it will ease the reader to go and directly pick up the required information. So, only add relevant information in your CV.

The Roles of Resumes and Cover Letters

What is the first thing that you are asked for while applying for a job interview? Yes, a resume or CV. Along with a Resume, the other important thing that is a requirement of the current day is a Cover letter.

What is a Resume and Cover Letter?

Resume :  It is a document representing your educational and professional qualifications.

Cover Letter : It is a document, mainly sent along with CV that communicates your suitability for the job.

For all those who wish to know what role does a resume and cover letter play, this write up is a apt one.

Whether you are submitting your resume online or in person, it is important to provide a Resume and Cover Letter that has a perfect format. With the world progressing and technologically advancing, companies and placement agencies have started using different software to shortlist or select the Resumes & Cover Letters.

So, these electronic Cover Letters & Resumes need to be designed keeping in mind certain points like:

  • It should contain certain keywords like job titles, etc. through which the software easily searches your document.
  • It should be properly formatted and ensured that the document opens in the same format at the recruiters end as well.
  • The cover letter being the front page should be brief, to the point and informative. It should run in not more than three paragraphs containing largely the educational skills and your interest in joining the concerned job.
  • How your Resume and Cover Letter be framed?

    1. Firstly come out of the shell and try new styles of writing a Resume and Cover Letter. The research shows that the recruiters are now uninterested in the set Resume and Cover Letter formats.
    2. The focus of the resume and the cover letter should be on the achievements and experience
    3. The content should be free from spelling and grammatical errors
    4. The font and style chosen should be simple
    5. It should have only relevant information


  • After going through an attractive and relevant Cover Letter and Resume, the employer builds up interest in you
  • It is your key of getting the desired job
  • A well-designed resume makes your document stand out
  • Thus Resume and Cover Letter are the two documents that will help you acquire a suitable job. So, cautiously design these documents, also you can take the help of a web professional. get an attractive and well-framed Resume and Cover Letter and increase your chances of getting shortlisted

    36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work

    Resume or C.V or Bio-Data is the most important document that is required at the time of finding a job. It is the first thing that is to be presented to the interviewer or the employer. It is the representative of yourself and contains information about your educational qualification and work experience. With the advancing of time modifications have been brought about in almost all spheres. Innovation and novel ideas are welcome in all the fields. Gone are the days when resume was written on a plain sheet of paper. If you walk in for an interview, numerous candidates are present there. Don’t you think there should be something that is unique about you? Your resume can set you apart from all others. Attractive resumes draw the attention of the recruiter and the chances of getting short listed increases.  You must be thinking how a formal document be turned attractive? The answer to this can be sought in our write up.

    Following are the tips that will help you design a resume that is appealing and distinct from others.

    Fonts and Borders :  You can apply different borders and make use of various fonts to make your resume exclusive. Also, different kinds of headers and footers can be experimented. This will make your resume an attractive.

    Colored background : Colors add life to everything. It adds to the attractive quotient of a document. Resumes with colored backgrounds seem interesting and maintain the reader’s interest.

    Graphics : Graphics have become a part of everyday life. Even at the professional front it has been absorbed. Resumes that are professional documents can now be designed using different graphics. But it should be ensured that the graphics used are moderate and far from being loud.

    Proper spacing : This is another important thing that needs attention. Proper word and line spacing give your resume a tidier look. The document becomes an easy read.

    Highlighting : Highlighting of the main heads or the important facts using different colors can help the recruiter focus on the main points. Ensure that the color used for highlighting is not too loud.

    Proper Categorization : You must know which field is to be written first. E.g. If your work experience is written before your educational qualification, it’s inapt. Also, always write your work experience in the correct order starting from your current job and then moving to your previous ones.

    Grammatically correct and No spell error : Ensure that your resume is grammatically accurate and has no spell errors. Even a minor mistake reflects your ignorance and gives a bad impression to the recruiter.

    We hope that you are all set to give your resume a new look by using our useful tips. You can check out the resume designs that are available online before designing your own. Also, you can try out designer resumes that are available on the Internet. You can also seek services of resume designers who will prepare a striking resume as per your requirements

    Resume facts Employers Will Never Check

    The first thing that a job seeker is asked for is his/her resume. Special emphasis should be laid while preparing a resume in order to make it interesting and at the same time effective. What problems do you generally face while making a C.V.?- assembling the facts in a logical manner, making the resume interesting, restricting yourself to a set format. We are showing you a right direction in terms of attracting employers by choosing a skewed path that carries some fabricated facts.

    Omit unnecessary information: The person conducting the recruitment process has to go through several resumes every day. If he sees a resume full of information that may or may not be important for him, he might ignore it. So, what should you do to avoid such situation? You must avoid giving all the details about your earlier jobs. A resume can be made specific by omitting the irrelevant information about your previous jobs.

     Take Credit for your Team Success: If you have worked in a team that has performed really well and made immense profits, there is no harm in taking credit for it. The employer doesn’t have much time to get back to the previous company and get details of your projects.

     Love the job you were in : Always pretend that you loved the job you are currently working in or have left in order. This will give them an impression you just want to step up the ladder and are not in grave need of a job.

     Manipulate About your position in the earlier job : Show that you were very important for your company and held a prominent place there. This will add to your credibility and will ensure the recruiter’s interest in you.

     Portray a pseudo image : If you frame your resume on the lines of how a recruiter will like it to be, it will be of great help. So you must change your way of thinking while writing a resume rather come up with a false image. Portray yourself as another person that a recruiter will love to meet and employ.

     Showcase yourself as a marvel : Portray that you follow strict job ethics and this should be a highlight of your resume. Recruiters like to employ those who strictly adhere to rules and regulations.

    By addition of such facts your resume will become catchy and will lure the recruiters towards you. These tips will help a job seeker to frame an ideal resume that will fetch him a desired job.


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