Tips for Opening a Recruitment Agency

A Recruitment Agency is the bridge between a job seeker and an organization. If an organization wants to find suitable candidates to hire, they approach these agencies for help. Similarly, a person can contact a Recruitment Agency while looking for a job. In recent times, it can be observed that the recruitment business is booming. Many organizations and individuals are attracted to start a venture of their own in this field.

However, opening a Recruitment Agency is not an easy feat. It requires a lot of planning and following of certain guidelines and process. If done correctly, it can turn out to be a worthwhile investment of your time and money. Only through good planning success can be guaranteed. A good Recruitment Agency is profitable but one must have patience and realize that every business has its ups and downs. Now one you are sure of starting your own Recruitment Agency here are some useful tips:

Know your Field: There are other firms in this business as well. First, find out about them and get to know which fields they serve. If you find specific fields that are not catered to, you can make them your specialty, although it is not necessary but it will help you in having a upper hand. Also, if gain experience in the field you will stand out as experts.

Find a Place: For any business, having a place to work from is important. Look for a place that will be suitable and modify it according to your needs. Set up Work stations, cubicles, conference tables etc. It is preferred if you rent/buy a place that was a corporate office earlier. Choose a place that is easy to reach and can be commuted to.

Collect Data: Have information about organizations and candidates that may require you help. For business development, it is crucial you have good relations with them.

Procedure for Planning: Develop your own process for interviewing that will help you in short listing profiles. Make a set of standard questions to ask the candidates to get an idea about their abilities and skills. Use software that will aid you in searching good profiles and retrieve them whenever you require.

Hire Good Staff: Employee people who have previous experience of working in the recruitment sector. Since having contacts is beneficial, hire people who have established relationships with employers. Divide them in teams if you have lot of employees according to their skills, responsibilities and roles.

Lastly, to have a successful Recruitment Agency, hard work and efficiency is very important. Make sure to establish good reputation and work ethics from the starting with clients and candidates. Attend to requirements on time and deliver good results. Plan wisely to get good results.

How to Search Online Jobs in India

Initially, prior to the advent of internet, job search was a tedious task and required the unemployed to scan the recruitment paper and attend interviews as per the said date provided in the advertisement. But with the inception of an era dominated by internet, searching jobs has become simpler and streamlined.Now Job seekers have internet facility, through which they can tap and find an excellent job opportunity. Online job searching facility has reduced the stress of job searching to a great extent.

There are several online placement portals on which the job seeker can register and grab unlimited job opportunities. Firstly, surf the web and search placement portals. Now, selecting a job portal is also an arduous task. Select a job portal which has been referred by either an industry expert or by a friend who have tasted success through it.For registering on the job portal the job seeker must have an email ID, and it is always expedient to prepare a separate email ID for job alerts and similar correspondences.

It goes out without saying that the email, which the job finder has registered on the desired job portal, must be checked on a regular basis. As soon as any type of job alert is received on this ID, job seeker should respond it immediately.

Receiving job alerts has become faster and easier with the revolutionary mobile technology and it specially help job seekers who cannot constantly check their email ID’s. Now, for swift grabbing of opportunities, it is a must that the job seeker registers mobile numbers on the job portals to get quick updates. With the registration of your mobile numbers, the job seeker can be conveniently contacted by the recruiter or the recruitment consultancy.

Therefore, it is counseled that the job seeker must register themselves on the online job portals in the aforementioned fashion and get inundated with job opportunities.

PlacementIndia.Com – Blogs Release May 2012

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How Online Recruitment Agencies Can Help Employers

The advent of online recruitment agencies has certainly made life easier for the employers. Recruitment of employees has always been a lengthy and time consuming procedure. Conventionally, recruiters place ads in various media usually newspapers and magazines and then wait for applications. Once the interested candidates have applied, the recruiters engage themselves in organizing the received applications followed by numerous telephone calls and interviews. This extended procedure wastes a lot of time and energy.

Role Of Online Recruitment Agency
Primarily, an online recruitment agency draws the attention of the job seekers towards a particular employer. Online recruitment agency prepares a well organized database of the candidates and then furnishes it to the concerned employers. The advantage for the employers is that they get a refined list of eligible candidates. Thus the employers have to shortlist the candidates from a smaller yet competent set. This saves them a lot of time and effort.

Sourcing & Screening Of Candidates
Online recruiting agencies source candidates for employers by means of networking, advertising or other methods. They have professional expertise to comprehend a candidate’s skills and competency.  An important aspect of these online recruitment agencies is that they evaluate a candidate on the basis whether he or she will fit into an organization or not.  This information is then passed on to the concerned employers. This employer specific attribute of online recruitment agencies make them very useful for the employers.

Ad Campaign Services
Some low cost online recruitment agencies assist the employers in preparing their first ad campaign. Once the employers hire an online recruitment agency, their ads are visible in all major job portals. This is an effective promotional tool for the employer besides being an easy way for the selection of candidates.

Capable Of Bulk Recruitments
Online recruitment agencies are capable of providing the employers with required number of candidates in case of bulk recruitments. Some of the online recruitment agencies offer such services at flat fee which saves lot of money.


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