The Highest Paid Medical Professionals

he Highest Paid Medical ProfessionalsAll of us, at some point in our childhood, have lived the dream of growing up and becoming “Doctors”. Something about the medical profession makes it one of the most desirable career options. While analyzing the reasons behind such inclination of having a career in the medical stream, high pay and heavy rewards stand to be the most solid ones. With health care becoming a fast growing sector, the need of medical professionals is swirling high, taking along the graph of the price they are paid, to the next level. So, here is a list of some of the Highest Paid Medical Professionals:

  • Surgeons
    Surgeons are the medical professionals that specialize in musculoskeletal systems, orthopedic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, neurological systems, otolaryngology, and plastic or reconstructive surgery. The complex, lengthy and intense training required to be an expert surgeon requires a minimum of eight years of time investment including a bachelor degree, medical school, and an internship. This makes Surgeons the highest paid medical professionals.
  • Anesthesiologists
    Anesthesiologists stand second in the list of Highest Paying Medical Professionals. Anesthesiologists are those doctors who have specialization in the field of anesthesia and pain management. Anesthesiologists are specially trained to closely work medical staff during surgeries and treatments. A rigorous 4 year pre-medicine undergraduate program as well as 4 year programs in medical school is required to be a professional Anesthesiologist. Also, advanced 2 to 3 years of residency programs are attended to attain expertise.
  • Psychiatrists
    Psychiatrists are the medical professionals that use a combination of psychotherapy and medication to treat emotional, cognitive and behavioral abnormalities. Psychiatrists hold specialists in different fields like substance abuse, social/development disorders and child psychiatry. With 4 years of undergraduate training, 4 years of medical school and 4 years residency program, Psychiatrists qualify to be counted amidst the top paid medical professionals.
  • Cardiovascular Perfusionist
    Cardiovascular Perfusionists are those trained medical professionals that specialize in controlling the equipment that are used during heart procedures and surgeries for artificially supporting the circulatory and respiratory functions of the body. A minimum of a bachelors degree in nursing, medical technology, cardiac technology, or biological sciences as well as complete clinical experience is required to be an expert Cardiovascular Perfusionist.

Other than specializations and trainings, years of experience, location and technology used are also the some of the factors that contribute towards the heavy salaries of Medical Professionals. And to conclude, doctors, being the heart of the entire health care system, dominate to be the top most paid professionals.

Job Opportunities In India – An Overview

Job-Opportunities-In-India-–-An-OverviewIndia is a growing economy & as such 1000s of new job opportunities are created each day for the many hordes of graduates passing out annually, & entering the job market. Though some sectors are witnessing a higher growth rate as compared to others, it would be difficult to point to any particular sector & say that term it as the biggest job generator. At the same time, there are some sunshine sectors which are showing tremendous potential for growth in near future, some of these are – retail, FMCG, IT/ITES, medical, education, bio-technology and automotive.

Medical Sector - The medical field has always enjoyed a elevated status among job seekers looking for great job opportunities. It still remains so. In fact, with new technologies & access to advanced medical tools & equipment, & skilled professionals as well, it is no wonder that India is current hot spot for medical tourism. As compared to other parts of the world, medical treatments are cheaper here. This has resulted in a large inflow of foreign patients who are looking to encash in on this opportunity.

Retail Sector - Retail sector is yet another of the avenues which hold great potential for the freshers as well as experienced professionals. With the idea of allowing multi-brand FDI in retail being tossed around in government circles, this dream may soon come true. Along with the promise of a wonderful shopping experience for buyers, it will also generate sizeable job opportunities for job seekers. Otherwise also, India is one of the top destinations among international brands looking to set up base in new & developing markets. There already exist great job opportunities for candidates who dream of making it big in the retail sector.

IT/ITES - The job opportunities that exist in the IT sector and the ITES needs no elaboration at all. Every year, reputed educational institutes like the IITs, IIMs & other engineering centers churn out qualified graduates, yet the demand for qualified professionals is always on the rise. With India getting recognition in the global market & being one of the biggest software exporters, you can easily imagine the demand for skilled IT professionals.

This is a just the tip of the ice berg, there are many other sectors which provide great opportunities to job seekers. For a job seeker, whether a fresher or an experienced professional, it is a great time to be in the job market.


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