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Core Functions Of Overseas Placement Consultants
Do you dream of working abroad? Do you want to expand your horizon and touch the zenith of international success, To start with, you need an excellent Overseas Placement consultant. WHY? Well, because applying for jobs and bagging one in India itself is not easy today [...]

Employment Agencies: Benefiting Employers & Job Seekers
An Employment Agency or a Recruitment Agency is an organization that manages the Human Resources for other companies, firms, etc. Employment agencies facilitate efficient recruitment and are advantageous to both-employers as well as job seekers [...]

Merits Of Using The Internet To Find Jobs
The dawn of internet has led to an entirely new age. The 21st century is fast and much more competitive. The conventional means of information, entertainment and communication have been replaced by the dotcom services. Obviously, the Human resource industry cannot remain untouched by the pace of internet [...]

Why Work In The Security Industry
The Security Industry is one of the most respected industries all over the world. It offers a respectful and promising career to its operatives. The Security Officials, be it, guards, policemen or soldiers, are the people the society relies upon. Security officials make the society feel secure. This industry acts as a vigilante for the society [...]

Merits Of Using The Internet To Find Jobs

The dawn of internet has led to an entirely new age. The 21st century is fast and much more competitive. The conventional means of information, entertainment and communication have been replaced by the dotcom services. Obviously, the Human resource industry cannot remain untouched by the pace of internet.

The internet has made Job Search a matter of a few clicks. The advent of internet led to the birth of Job Portals that help job-seekers Find Desired Jobs Using the Internet. The candidates have to upload their resumes on the job portals and they are contacted by employers or recruitment agencies. Candidates can also apply by filtering the job search.

Advantages Of Using The Internet To Find Jobs:

  • Economical: Internet is economical and easily available.
  • Less Lead Time: The Lead Time involved is very less as internet facilitates immediate feedback.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Insertion of Keywords in your Resume optimizes your profile and facilitates its online visibility.
  • Specific Search: Most Job Portals let you filter job profiles under specific criteria.
  • User friendly Interface: The portals have a user friendly interface and are thus easily accessible.
  • Wide Network: The network on the internet is wide. It has no geographical limitations and you can apply for jobs in any part of the world from any part of the world!

Thus, the internet is an excellent tool for finding jobs. Finding Jobs Online requires a few strategies, like:

  • Upload your resume on several reputed Online Job Portals.
  • Get your CV prepared by professionals. They not only add to the overall appeal of your CV but also insert keywords which facilitate SEO.
  • Keep your profile updated.
  • Don’t simply wait for a call from the recruiter’s end. Utilize the information available on the portals and apply for the suitable jobs.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned strategies, use the internet to find jobs. No denying, Internet is the fastest, cheapest and most user-friendly platform to find jobs in this communication era.

Customer Service: Jobs for All

Customer-Service-Jobs-for-All--PICustomer Service is an integral aspect of all the flourishing businesses. All companies have to ensure that their customers remain content so that they do not leave. According to the level of your experience and education, you can find a job as a Customer Service Professional in:

  • Call Centers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks
  • Lodging Management
  • Food Service Management
  • E-Commerce Businesses
  • Telecommunication Operations
  • Retail companies
  • Placement Agencies

General Duties Of A Customer Service Professional:

  • Acknowledge and address the customer as soon as you see them.
  • Greet them and call them by their name.
  • Put yourself in the customers’ place. Have your response tool-kit ready to answer their queries.
  • Go beyond their expectations and link them with the person who can solve their problems, in case you fail to do so.

While some professionals may perform the duty of handling general complaints and answering customer queries, other representatives may have a more specialized function. Opting for a job in Customer Service is rewarding because:

  • It offers a good pay.
  • There is job security.
  • There is low amount of physical stress while on the job.
  • There is negligible chance of injury at the place of work.
  • However advanced the technology may become; it can never substitute for human touch.
  • Expanding job responsibilities are making companies prefer Customer Service Professionals with higher qualifications.
  • They receive hourly wages.
  • They have flexible working hours.
  • They receive additional pay for working during unusual hours.
  • Most customer service positions are entry-level and offer an excellent opportunity to enter the hospitality industry.
  • The working environment is healthy Customer care professionals have to be comfortable in working with technology – headset, telephone and computers, etc.
  • There are excellent job prospects in majority of the sectors.

Customer Service may be the perfect career for you if you like communicating with people and solving their problems. With a friendly personality, you are sure to add to the list of your career achievements with this job. Customer Service is crucial to every organization today.

Finding Dream Jobs In India

In the past decade or so, India has emerged as the dream destination for job seekers looking for lucrative career opportunities & a chance to grow professionally. At one time, it was a trend among the Indian students to get their basic educational degrees from universities/schools here & then go abroad in the search for greener pastures. Thankfully this is no longer the case in present times. This change may be contributed to the business sector that has grown by leaps and bounds in the past years.

To make the most of the golden opportunity that our growing economy presents, many multinationals and foreign brands have set up base in India. Now with the proposal of FDI in multi-brand retail, global giants like Wal-Mart and Carrefour are ready to make their presence known to the Indian population. The job opportunities that such proposals are going to generate offer a rosy picture of the future. But before that happens, presently also an aspiring candidate has many options & career opportunities available to him/her in the field and profile of their choice.

The IT sector is one sector that is showing great potential in present times & there is a mad rush among IT conglomerates looking to hire fresh talent out of the IT student pool. The BPO/KPO sector is also another sector that has greatly changed the professional arena & has provided aspiring candidates with great career opportunities.

With the private sector lapping up the fresh talent, like never before, aspiring job seekers never had it so good before. Whether as an aspiring candidate, you are looking for a finance job, a job in retail or a bank, or even the public sector; there is ample scope for everything and no dearth of job opportunities in India. Getting a dream job in India was never this easy before.

Inquiring About Job Openings – Basic Etiquettes

Searching for a job is a very cumbersome task which requires lot of efforts, patience and hard work. It involves obtaining a list of relevant job positions available with companies that you want to work with & then making enquiries regarding the positions, the interview dates, etc. Anyone who has been through this process before will be able to tell you about the humungous amount of patience that it requires. At times it may seem like the most futile of all tasks, but if done smartly can reap the best benefits for you & your career in particular.

Inquiring About Job Openings – What It Involves?
It basically involves getting in touch with the hiring manager of a firm that is currently recruiting & scheduling an interview for yourself.  It may sound simple at first but the process in itself could be very time consuming as Hiring managers are generally very busy people & it is difficult to directly contact them in most cases.

Inquiring About Job Openings – Basic Etiquettes
So once you do manage to get in touch with the relevant person, what all should you do to ensure that you get an interview scheduled for yourself? Some basic points you should remember are mentioned below:-

  • Ask For Permission - In case you are talking to the hiring manager via a phone, ensure that you first introduce yourself in a line or so. Then explain to them the reason behind your making the call. After you get the go-ahead to speak, tell them where you got the reference from. In case the recruiter is busy, ask for a convenient time to call back and thank them.
  • First Impression, Last Impression – Nowhere is this term more relevant than in the situation when you are searching for that golden opportunity. You only get a few precious minutes to make a favorable impact in the recruiters’ mind. Utilize this time well. Keep the conversation focused and be as short and crisp as possible.
  • Sell Yourself – Go through the job profile thoroughly and prepare some points as to why you would suit the job best. Highlight qualities, achievements, experience, etc. that make you best suited for this job. Have solid examples to prove your abilities. Making flimsy claims may get you an interview but not the job. While writing a letter of enquiry ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Get some professional to proofread it, but never submit a letter fully of silly mistakes or typos.
  • Thank the recruiter – At the end, don’t forget to thank the recruiter for taking out time for you.

Making a job enquiry is a very effective way of making your presence known to a hiring manager or recruiter. If done smartly, it can earn you the best rewards.

How To Find Jobs While Attending College

Whether it is to earn an extra buck, gain valuable experience or start earning early on, each year many collegiate students think about How To Find Jobs While Attending College? While the importance of focused learning during the academic term cannot be denied, it is also proven that students who start working during this time are armed with much more knowledge than their inexperienced counterparts. But the question that still looms in the mind of undergraduates is that how to start with the process of finding such jobs? Well, the answer to this lies in some research, identifying the right companies to work with and lots of hard work that has to be put on juggling between studying & working.

  •  The first step is to identify the field of working. Although you can take up any job to have corporate exposure but temping somewhere in your field or taking up a job that you can continue on after studies is recommended.
  • After zeroing on the field, you need to find out the proper sources from where you can find out such opportunities. Some common options include searching from local     newspaper job bulletins, college newspaper classifieds, placement portals, contacting placement agencies, asking around from acquaintances, friends, family, teachers etc. You can also ask around for internships to do part-time work but be aware that these may or may not pay.
  •  You also need to decide the hours you are willing to dedicate and the salary you expect. Then you must prepare a professional resume before starting the search and carry it with you at all times.
  • Searching on job portals is an excellent option as it lessens the time spent in searching, is absolutely free and choices are many. With this, you can avoid the disappointment of not finding enough opportunities or going for interviews with no clear details of what’s in store for you.

Nowadays there are many Job Portals especially dedicated to freshers and students who want to work while studying have come up, so finding the right opportunity has become even easier. All you need to do is chalk out and implement a solid plan like this to taste success in Finding A Job While Still Studying.

Tips For Immigrants To Find Jobs

It gets really tough for an Immigrant to get settled in the foreign country and find job of his choice. Before moving to some other place it is really important to acquaint yourself with the job opportunities and the working environment in the particular country. If the Immigrant has the basic knowledge of these relevant factors then it will no longer be difficult for him to find a job in a foreign country.

After settling down in other country, job hunting becomes the reason of worry for Immigrant. If he pays heed to certain tips, he will definitely find his niche without putting himself in much trouble:

  • The foremost thing while searching for a job is to be patient. Losing hope is not good for your career at all. A successful search demands a right and positive attitude.
  • Always try to expand your circle of contacts. The more you get connected with people the quicker you will find your job.
  • It is advised to attend the job fairs and seminars related to different industries. There you can get the directions about searching the most appropriate job and also knowledge about various jobs in a number of fields. Attending seminars is also a good way to make professional contacts.
  • Websites can also be explored and an Immigrant comes to know about the vacancies in several fields.
  • It is essential to do a complete research of a company before applying for a job. It helps you to prepare yourself for an interview very well.
  •  If an Immigrant has the relevant skills and achievements related to his field, he will be preferred by companies indeed.

If an immigrant keeps the aforementioned tips in his mind, he is certain to get a good job.

Jobs For Freshers At Entry Level In India

Job becomes the very next search after school and college education is over. It is really important to think and plan carefully before applying for a job. A fresher should be aware of his/her goals. If you are unable to decide where you want to go then Internet is the excellent option to guide you through.

There are various companies which offer Online Job opportunities to fresh candidates as per their talents and qualifications. There are a number of fields where you can apply for job such as banking and finance, media and entertainment, BPO, Research and Development, information technology, sales and marketing and many more. All these companies give opportunities to newcomers to show their skills.

Since the experienced candidates are always preferred by the companies, hence, Online Jobs have come as the golden chance for the beginners where besides job, they also get chance to gain some experience and polish their skills. These jobs are also helpful in making the young aspirants more competitive and update with the respective industry. Apart from that, newcomers are also paid a good salary which is really important to boost their confidence and morale.

Now-a-days almost every university or campus has a placement cell wherein many top companies of India come every year with number of jobs. Job seekers are advised to attend placement sessions to get their desired job. A good percentage of marks and relevant skills related to a particular field are the two major factors that a company wants from a candidate. If you are a deserving candidate then you can be rewarded with a high salary package.

PlacementIndia.Com – Blogs Release June 2012

Procedure to Search Job Effectively that would Result in a Successful Career
Generally, it has been observed that there is neither lack of talent nor paucity of opportunity but the talented job seekers still struggle to secure great jobs in this cut throat competition prevailing in the job market [...]

Tips to Improve Your Quest for Job
It is true that, after completing our formal studies we really want to get away from the environment of colleges and classes and rush to get a job. Earn money, become rich and be independent! This is what all of us think when we are getting hold of our first job [...]

How to Find Employment in the Executive Field
Finding an executive post in an organization is dream of every job seeker. Today there are many ways to get executive jobs but a job seeker has to be careful to choose the right ways of getting employed in executive field [...]

How to Search Online Jobs in India
Initially, prior to the advent of internet, job search was a tedious task and required the unemployed to scan the recruitment paper and attend interviews as per the said date provided in the advertisement [...]

How to Find Employment in the Executive Field

Finding an executive post in an organization is dream of every job seeker. Today there are many ways to get executive jobs but a job seeker has to be careful to choose the right ways of getting employed in executive field. The job seekers have to work with sheer hard work and take the right steps, at the right time and in the right direction.

Now, let us steer toward the steps that the job searcher must keep in mind for latching onto an executive position.

Prepare a Striking Resume   
Resume should be prepared with maximal care. Every detail must be carefully crosschecked and clearly mentioned in your resume before presenting it for the perusal of the recruiters and employers. Job seekers should enlist all the points in their resume that would help in making them the best choice for the executive post of the firm. In resume you should incorporate some information about extracurricular accomplishments along with academic achievements and prior job experience. If needed you can avail resume making services in which experts prepare your resume and make it highly presentable.

Register on Placement Portals  
If you haven’t registered on any recruitment portal, you are ignoring excellent job offers for executive post. These placement portals are the most effective way to get an executive post in any organization. Job seekers get unlimited offers through these placement portals.

Enroll with an Executive Search Firm
Job seekers should enroll themselves with an executive search firm. These executive search firms assure job seekers to receive a call within one business day after submitting their resume. They will charge you nominal amount for their services.

Strengthen Social Networking
Networking with friends, relatives, ex colleagues, college mates etc., brighten the chance to get an executive job. Remain active on internet social networks, forums and professional groups, these active contacts help greatly to get an executive job.


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