Merits Of Using The Internet To Find Jobs

The dawn of internet has led to an entirely new age. The 21st century is fast and much more competitive. The conventional means of information, entertainment and communication have been replaced by the dotcom services. Obviously, the Human resource industry cannot remain untouched by the pace of internet.

The internet has made Job Search a matter of a few clicks. The advent of internet led to the birth of Job Portals that help job-seekers Find Desired Jobs Using the Internet. The candidates have to upload their resumes on the job portals and they are contacted by employers or recruitment agencies. Candidates can also apply by filtering the job search.

Advantages Of Using The Internet To Find Jobs:

  • Economical: Internet is economical and easily available.
  • Less Lead Time: The Lead Time involved is very less as internet facilitates immediate feedback.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Insertion of Keywords in your Resume optimizes your profile and facilitates its online visibility.
  • Specific Search: Most Job Portals let you filter job profiles under specific criteria.
  • User friendly Interface: The portals have a user friendly interface and are thus easily accessible.
  • Wide Network: The network on the internet is wide. It has no geographical limitations and you can apply for jobs in any part of the world from any part of the world!

Thus, the internet is an excellent tool for finding jobs. Finding Jobs Online requires a few strategies, like:

  • Upload your resume on several reputed Online Job Portals.
  • Get your CV prepared by professionals. They not only add to the overall appeal of your CV but also insert keywords which facilitate SEO.
  • Keep your profile updated.
  • Don’t simply wait for a call from the recruiter’s end. Utilize the information available on the portals and apply for the suitable jobs.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned strategies, use the internet to find jobs. No denying, Internet is the fastest, cheapest and most user-friendly platform to find jobs in this communication era.

Job Opportunities In India

Job Opportunities In IndiaIndia Inc. is the newest destination that is attracting job seekers from all over the world. At a time when most of the world economies are recovering from a downturn, India is faring better than most. The competitive job market in India is getting more so, with each passing day. There are numerous job opportunities available in India, & there are various sectors offering varied employment prospects.

From a fresher to a highly qualified professional, there are many opportunities available for a job seeker in the Indian job market. Engineering, Telecom, Medicine, Education, IT, Banking, etc. are some fields that are attracting the interest of job seekers.

Some Sunrise Sectors In The Indian Job Sector

  • IT/ITES - In the last few years, India has emerged as the favorite destination among international firms wanting to outsource their IT related tasks. The Indian youth has benefitted the most from the BPO jobs. The best thing about outsourcing jobs is the myriad opportunities available for freshers’ in this field.
  • Tourism - The tourism sector in India is another domain that has opened up a vista of opportunities for tourism graduates and professionals. Tourism in India (both leisure tourism & medical tourism) has seen a growing interest among foreigners to visit the country & experience the unique culture & heritage. For jobseekers, this is great news and a perfect chance to enter this sunrise sector & make the most of this opportunity.
  • Real Estate - The Real Estate sector is another great domain to explore for job seekers who are looking for a fast route to success. With the increasing spending power of the people, more and more interest is being shown in investing in realty. With people buying houses today not only for personal use, but also for investment purposes, there is much scope of growth in this field. Realty professionals are much in demand today, both at entry level & at higher levels too.

Besides these, the retail sector, banking sector & education field are some other areas which hold great promise in terms of ample job opportunities & scope for growth, both of which are very essential for a job seeker.

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Hot Jobs In India Waiting For You Online

Searching for golden career opportunities in India was never this easy as it is now. With many job portals dedicated to bring recruiters and job seekers closer on the same platform, jobs in India for freshers as well as experienced professionals are only a few clicks away. Gone are the days when people had to comb through the career classifieds page in the dailies or get registered with local job boards to wait for that elusive call. Now, the power also lies in the hands of the job-seeker who can choose from more than 50 opportunities on any given day and also get the best assistance while doing so. So what lies in store for those who register on such job board sites? Let’s find out.

Features Of Indian Job Portals

  • Searching facility on the basis of role, function, industry, salary, location, experience, type (full-time, part-time- contract), company, source (posted by company or placement agency)
  • Salary calculation tool
  • Helpful articles on jobs and industry information
  • Skill certification services
  • Professional resume development and highlighter services
  • Facility to hide resume from current employer
  • Job agents for focused job searching and matching
  • Online psychometric tests
  • Integration with social media and creation of social media profile
  • Automatic recommendations based on your profile
  • Online assistance through chat
  • Accessibility on mobile

Many different types of job portals have mushroomed and now you can even Find Jobs In India on portals that are dedicated solely to working women, freshers, retired professionals, a particular function, part-time or work-at-home opportunities and so on.

But before registering on any of the popular job portals in India, you need to search around a bit and choose only the most reputed ones. You can register on multiple Job Directories in India but prefer the ones having the most resources in the form of employer database and career information.

Impact of Recession On The Indian Job Market

As the cliché goes when the US sneezes, the world catches cold. Somewhat of the same had been experienced not just by India but also by all the economies across the globe with the unprecedented bankruptcy of the world’s largest financial bank, Lehman Brothers. Not only the job sector was affected but major sectors like housing, financing, tourism etc. also saw a major decline because the spending parity of the people were limited. Recession is a word that has been overused for a long time and many a times people do not succeed in understanding the correct meaning.

Recession can be defined as a decline in a country’s gross domestic product in two or more consecutive quarters.

The impact of recession had less negative impact on the Indian economy as the relatively slow economic development had always been a point of criticism. However, the flow of foreign investments into the Indian business sectors had also been controlled variably. Nevertheless, foreign investments may furthermore slow down India’s growth rate but we can keep ourselves impervious from the current ongoing crisis. Since Indian economy is facing a slowdown and not recession expectations of people are soaring high so that they can prove it that they are worth every penny that a company is going to invest upon them. The growth rate of 7% in the last fiscal year ended March 31st testifies to it that India is gradually releasing itself from economic slowdown as well.

The government has planned to introduce stricter norms and regulations so that India does not face such a situation as earlier it was faced by some ASEAN countries in the year 1997-1998 and the recession of 2008.

Job Opportunities In India

India is a country developing at a fast pace. The growth and advancement witnessed by all the sectors have created innumerable job opportunities. Industries are expanding, new ventures are emerging and simultaneously, there are more and more organizations looking for the suitable and reliable employees. This leaves the jobseekers with considerable chances to chase their professional dream and build a career for them.

Be it engineering, BPO, media, banking, health and insurance, hotel management etc. all have gained reputation among the youngsters. In fact the availability of so many options has resulted in a healthy competition among the employers so as to allure the aspirants to their organization. The employers have started recognizing the importance of employee satisfaction and thus deliver the best of facilities to them and in return avail quality services from the employees. On the other hand the jobseekers are also finding it pleasing to see the availability of jobs around them.

A new crop of placement consultants has also surfaced in the recent times. Consultants primarily act as liaisoning agentss between the employers and the potential employees. Charged with reasonable fees for this linking role, the jobseekers too find it a quick and easy way to come in close touch with the industry.

The functioning of Placement Consultant is a planned and systematic. In case you are scouting for a job, you may contact an established consultant and submit your credentials. Placement consultants will analyze your resume and evaluate your merits and potential. Additionally, they may assist you in preparing an effective cover letter and Curriculum Vitae.

On the other hand the employers furnish the consultants with their requirements and job profiles. The placement consultants inform the appropriate candidates of the opportunities, thus serving the needs of both. With the favorable business environment and a mammoth market, India has become a popular choice among multi national companies. This has been a prominent driving factor in creating the vast opportunities for youngsters.

There are numerous websites that provide free information related to job requirement and recruitments. You can register on any such website and avail the benefits. No denying that the scenario has changed from the times when one has to strive looking for jobs courtesy the services of Placement Consultants.

How To Get A Job In India

India is currently the world’s second fastest growing economy after China. The country has an impressive growth rate of 8.5 % and offers myriad job opportunities to prospective job seekers. The job market is presently going through a pleasant phase and many sectors in the economy are facing a talent crunch. However, finding the right job for a candidate can be a convoluted process, if one does not tread carefully.

Placement agencies can be immensely helpful if one is looking for a lucrative job in continuously expanding Indian economy. With the increase in jobs across in the country, the number of job hopefuls has also increased exponentially. It is in such a competitive scenario that the assistance, which a placement agency can provide, becomes invaluable. The placement agencies can also help those who are skilled enough to land a lucrative job themselves. These agencies help the candidates stay in touch with the current hiring trends and are aware of the latest job openings and employers, who are looking for candidates with specific knowledge, skills, and background.

Availing the services of a recruitment agency is a wise decision, to land a lucrative job offer. However, one must be aware that not all the recruitment agencies offer authentic job placement services. Hence, it is highly advisable that the candidates must conduct a thorough research of the agencies and be completely sure of its authenticity and transparency. Candidates who decide to avail the services of a placement agency must assure the agency’s good reputation and a long history of successful presence in the job market.

Whether a person chooses to avail the assistance of a placement agency or not, the important thing is to stay focused towards your goals and garner all the latest industry news at your disposal to stay abreast of all the current market trends.

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