Recruitment Agencies – How They Help A Job Seeker

piThere will hardly be any person who has not heard of Recruitment Agencies, or are unaware of what they do. This is especially true of professionals, who may have encountered these recruitment agencies at one point or other in the phase of their careers. If you are an active job seeker, you will definitely have approached them, or come across them, at one point or other. Still, for those who do not have any idea about Recruitment Agencies, & what they do, this brief introduction will help you understand what they are all about.

Recruitment Agencies – A Brief Introduction
Also known as Placement Consultants, Recruitment Agencies are basically companies which specialize in matching the right candidate to the right job. They may be working on behalf of the client or they be working for the candidate, or both at the same time. Nowadays, many big and small companies have realized the advantages of hiring a Recruitment Agency to take care of the manpower demands. One of the biggest benefits of hiring the recruitment agency is that the employer is able to save precious time, which would otherwise have been wasted on advertising vacancies, conducting interviews, short listing, final interviews, & so on. What about the job seekers? How do they benefit from approaching a Placement Consultant?

Recruitment Agencies – Why They Are Important For A Job Seeker?

  •    From a job seeker’s perspective, Placement Consultants are an important part of the job search strategy. Approaching an expert consultant can help in making the task of finding a job simpler & less time consuming for a job seeker.
  •    There are basically two kinds of Recruitment Agencies – ones that have expertise in finding the best candidates for specialist roles, & the second kind which offer services to all kinds of job seekers, ranging from freshers to experienced professionals. As per the requirement of a job seeker, they can approach the most suitable Placement Consultants to find themselves a perfect job.
  •   Many multinationals & other reputed companies have exclusive arrangements with particular Recruitment Agencies. Also, many companies prefer directly approaching the consultants for suitable candidates, rather than advertising the vacancies. In such cases, the job seeker can benefit from approaching the right consultant.

As a job seeker, your dream job can easily become the reality with the help of the right Recruitment Agency.

Opportunities For Job Seekers In India

People looking for jobs in India are in for a treat. The career prospects in India are looking extremely good. The reasons for this have been many, but the foreign companies and MNCs have finally woken up to the fact that there is immense talent and potential among the candidates here. While at one time the Indian job seekers had to go abroad to work for a foreign brand, nowadays reputed brands are landing up here seeking fresh & talented manpower. Foreign conglomerates are luring job seekers with hefty pay packets and great career growth opportunities.

Some sectors that hold great potential in terms of professional growth and a great pay package include – the Telecom Sector, the IT Sector, the Auto Sector, FMCG and insurance. Many established names like Microsoft, HUL, RIL, IBM, Cisco, Goldman Sachs regularly scout the Indian job market for talented candidates. MNCs like Amazon, Google, etc. are some other of the reputed recruiters that have recently hired Indian job seekers.

Besides these sectors, the healthcare & hospitality industry also presents ample opportunities to job seekers in India. With many Online Job Portals available nowadays, job hunting has become an extremely easy task. All a job seeker has to do is to contact any of these Online Job Portals and connect with national & international recruiters. Registering on an Online Job Portal is a less time consuming and a more effective way to search for a suitable job. This makes more sense than dropping of or mailing resumes to random companies, who may or may not have current manpower requirement. Also the HR companies handling these Online Job Portals usually have link-ups with a network of reputed clients. This considerably shortens the time taken for job hunting. With their assistance, job seekers can easily find the kind of job profile and company they are searching for.

So, Online Job Portals provide a great platform to job seekers looking for excellent job opportunities in India, and abroad too.

Jobs in India – Seek Your Dream Job

India is the world’s second fastest growing economy. The robust growth rate ensures that the country offers myriad job opportunities to all and sundry. In fact, the country is currently facing an acute manpower crunch in various sectors. Some of these sectors include business process outsourcing (BPO), information technology, banking, insurance, medical & healthcare, hospitality & tourism etc. In addition to these, there are a plethora of government & military jobs to choose from as well.

Jobs are a plenty for skilled and qualified people in India. The country has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years, which has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for the people. With the consistent inflow of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), owing to globalization, the economy has further opened up. India now has the distinction of creating jobs not only in India, but also across the world. Hence, the time is ripe for young job seekers to land their dream job in India.

Placement consultants and recruitment agencies have sprouted up in every nook and corner of the country and helped the people find the most suitable job. The recruitment agencies have provided the employers and employees alike, to interact and look for the best possible opportunities. Most of the well-known employers work in sync with the leading recruitment agencies, to look for appropriate talent. In addition, the recruitment agencies have made it easier for the prospective job seekers to find their dream job in India.

Jobs in India can be searched online as well. Most of the prominent organizations notify about the latest openings and other career opportunities available. Interested candidates can check online for latest openings in different organizations or upload their CV in one of the job portals, where the employers will assess the CV and call the suitable candidate. Hence, options galore for the young and talented who are looking forward to a bright and prosperous professional career.

Employer Selection Through Recruiters

Aspirations of the job aspirants are touching the skies in today’s scenario. Competition to select an employee with diverse expertise and extensive domain experience has been a great challenge to many recruitment agencies. Demands from both companies and the aspirants have also raised the recruitment levels and procedures of these firms. So nowadays, even the job seekers are empowered to choose from the options offered by the recruitment firms and choose to work with a company of their choice. So, it is the decisive factor for the aspirants to choose an agency or recruitment firm with the latest ‘job seeker-employer’ matching tools to achieve their goals.

Starting The Job Hunt

  • The best way for employer selection is to submit your resume and brief the recruiter about your requirements such as preferred companies, pay packages as well as the roles and responsibilities that are coveted by you. With such screened methodology, one can easily track the best employer offering the jobs in the respective industries.
  • A precise and brief discussion about your talents and targets with these agencies can be very helpful. A reputed recruitment agency understands the best of both the companies as well as the job seekers’ needs. In this way, they maintain a balance in the selection process at both ends.

Employer’s Point Of View

  • Mentioning The Type Of Company- This is very important because it narrows the confusion of approaching too many companies exclusively. Be precise on what type of company you are looking for so that agencies find it easier to contact them. For e.g. Public sector firm, MNCs etc.
  • Type Of Industry- Brief them about the type of industry you are looking for. A job seeker may have a skill set suitable for several industries but may choose to work and flourish in a particular one.
  • Roles And Responsibilities- Mention about the roles you are looking for. Brief them about the responsibilities taken up in your previous company. And also inform them about the challenges that you are looking out for.
  • Compensation- Mention them about your expected salary package and also brief them about your last package.
  • Designation- If you wish to apply only for a certain post then do specify about it correctly. Also do not forget to mention the specified area you are interested in

Thus, the selection of a specified employer through these recruitment firms can be made easy if the above mentioned aspects are considered. Briefing about your profile in a concise manner helps these agencies to perfectly cater to your niche needs. Thus, a two way selection process is becoming a huge success in today’s job industry.


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