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Guidelines For Entry-Level Job Holders
Entry-Level Job is exciting yet panicky because entering and adjusting in the corporate world is not an easy task, especially for the just turned graduates. Most of the excited and nervous Entry-Level Job Holders tend to ignore certain important aspects on which they must work in order to grow in their specific domain [...]

How To Make A Perfect Resume That Matches Your Career Goals
Finding a suitable Job that matches your profile is a very difficult task and the first step to accomplishing this task is to make a good Resume. A well made resume or CV is the best way to make a good first-impression on your future employer. As the popular adage says – “First impression is the last impression”, this is very relevant in the professional world [...]

Money – Spinning Industries For Fresh Graduates
After completing Graduation, most of the students try their hand on available job opportunities. Getting a job is not an easy task for a Fresh Graduate but the even tougher task is finding a lucrative industry to work in. They are hired for executive posts in most of the Industries [...]

Telecom Job Search – How To Get An Edge Above Other Job Seekers
With more than 900 million mobile users, Telecommunication Network in India is the second largest in the world. It is expected that by 2014, India will be a home of more than one billion telecom service subscribers, which will be highly beneficial for the Telecom Industry of India [...]

Tips for Finding the Right Job

Job opportunities are abundant but it needs to be acknowledged at the same time that competition is stiff. For each vacancy, there are many applicants and as such, finding the right job becomes quite challenging. However, if one is clear headed and resorts to a planned systematic approach, probability of finding and getting the right job increases many a times. In the following section, we are going to discuss on some points that will definitely be helpful in the cause mentioned above.

Assessing Yourself
You must be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Only then you will be able to present them in your resume, cover letter, and interview. This will also help you in figuring out that what jobs are suitable for if don’t have any specialization.

Preparing For Job Search
Once you have compiled your job resume, you should start preparing yourself for the job search. Prepare a portfolio that summarizes your past achievements and trainings. Identify potential references, prepare a list of employers and if need be, identify your support system.

Begin The Job Search
There are a number of platforms available today where you can find job related information. There are websites, general internet job boards, recruiting firms and agencies, newspaper ads, etc. Zero in the jobs that match your profile and then go for it. Remember, this stage can be a bit time taking but you need to be a bit patient so that you land the right opportunity.

Contacting Employers
This is an important stage in the job search process. You can contact employers by phone call, letter, application form or through E-mail. Irrespective of the mode of communication, you need to be prepared for questions and their suitable answers.

Facing The Interview
When you go for interview you must know key facts about the employer. Be well-dressed, assess the situation, keep your attitude right, reply short and simple, be honest and speak less and listen more.

The guidelines mentioned above will certainly be helpful when are in pursuit of the right job for you. Remember, confidence is the key right from stage one. So have faith in yourself and keep motivating yourself to achieve the aim to set.

Tips to Improve Your Quest for Job

It is true that, after completing our formal studies we really want to get away from the environment of colleges and classes and rush to get a job. Earn money, become rich and be independent! This is what all of us think when we are getting hold of our first job. But ,the toil to secure a job requires myriad of patience and persistent hard work.

This piece of writing would enrich you with the knowledge as to how you can ameliorate your quest for securing a great job.

Register On Job Portals
The present era is accentuated by technological modernization, enrolling on job portals is by far the best way to secure a job on an immediate basis. There are several job portals that you can access for gratis. You can avail their services, which can prove to be highly constructive. The job portals will keep you updated of all the jobs which match your profile. All you would be required to do is, following up in a professional manner. Hence, the execution of this step becomes indispensable.

Keep Reviewing Your Resume
You must review your resume on a periodical basis and update it for any changes which you think must be included within it. An updated and fair resume is always liked and favored by the recruiters and employers. Make sure that you provide not only your professional, but also your personal information in it, which will save it from being prosaic.

Emend Your Approach
You, as a job seeker, if are facing relentless disappointment in the interviews then it would be best for you to emend your approach. Reassess your strategy, what are you doing wrong, identify the loop holes. This will prove to be helpful.

Never Lose Your Cool
The job seeker should never ever lose their cool and give in to frustration. Just have faith in your abilities and constantly try to hone your skills in the same field and remember one thing, hard work always pays off.
To wrap up, things have become easier for the job seekers of the current generation and thus, one should avail each and every opportunity that sails your way. And never lose confidence in yourself.

Procedure to Search Job Effectively that would Result in a Successful Career

Generally, it has been observed that there is neither lack of talent nor paucity of opportunity but the talented job seekers still struggle to secure great jobs in this cut throat competition prevailing in the job market. As the prospects of recession looms over the future of the young and talented, it is necessary for job seekers to know tricks of the trade. An attempt has been made to compile a list of points, which the job seeker should keep in mind while grappling with unemployment and recession and getting hold of the golden opportunity.

  • Clear Your Head
    Be clear as to what you really want. Several job seekers cannot decide the type of job which they want and hence, end up slipping great opportunities. You should know what type of job has to be targeted. This is generally the most crucial phase in the life of the job seeker where he/she should be able to do self-introspection and analysis of his/her own passion. Once the career goal is set, then you can go ahead with finding the job.
  •  Formulate a Strategy
    Once you are clear within yourself as to what type of job you would like to do, then it would be followed by preparing a plan to search the desired job. The plan to grab your dream job will generally account you to prepare a strategy wherein you would be selling your brand. Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which would differentiate you from the rest of the job applicants. Be clear that your brand contributes in the company’s value addition process. Then only chances of grabbing your desired job will get rife.
  •  Dress Properly for an Interview
    As a job seeker you have to be presentable. Dress properly and formally for the interview and keep in mind that the first impression is the last impression. So make a positive impact at the onset of the interview. You should communicate with the interviewer with aplomb and should maintain an eye contact. Present valid facts to the interviewer and never belie. Remember that honesty is the best policy.

In the end, enshrine in your mind that hope is the most important element in the mental resume of a job seeker. You should never stop leaning on the wall plastered with hope and positivity. Their presence is indispensable if you need to secure the job that you have always dreamt of.

Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search

Are you tired of searching a suitable job for yourself? Are you in search of some productive ways to get you a good job?  We bring you some of the most effective tips to speed up your job searching ways.

First Impression is the Last Impression
Have a look at your resume. Does your resume spotlight on your pre determined goals? Is it focused effectively? If not, it’s time to rewrite. Write your resume in such a way so that it can convey your unique value proposition, with your brief history that distinguishes you from others. Make your first impression your best impression.

Be Clear. Get Going
Be determined and follow what you want to be. If you don’t know where you want to see yourself in your professional career, then job hunting will always result in frustration. Lack of self-knowledge vis-à-vis your professional goal will hinder you in finding the right match. However, if there is will there is a way; if you don’t know your career aim is, then spend some time with yourself and try to question yourself, and then move on for a job search anew.

Personal Branding is the Keyword
What is Personal Branding?
As the name suggests it is the process of:

  • Communicating what makes you unique
  • Allowing you to make a name for yourself

Firstly, it is very important to have an idea of your personal best so that you can sell the same. Then, present yourself as per the different qualities that you have, and prove that you aptly fit for the job.

Knowing what you want, along with what is going to bring you the same to the interview table will give you the required confidence. Job searching is an extremely crucial step and is essential for a successful long-term career. Celebrate your accomplishments and recognize that the job search requires effort and pushiness

Don’t Get Stuck At The Job Search Stage

Searching for a job is just a beginning. It is just like giving an initiation to a flight which will take off for proper career growth. But if people don’t organize and plan well for their job search, then their effort is sure to go waste. Mentioned here are some steps to come out of job search stage with flying colors.

  • Planning: Before starting the job search, job seekers need to first make a list of steps to be taken for job search. They should first assess their interest and expertise.
  • Writing Resume: The job seeker should begin with writing a resume. Resume must include professional qualifications, achievements, projects undertaken, major skills, few personal details, etc. Resume makes the first impression of the job searcher so it must be grammatically sound, polished and professional. It should give the right idea of the of the job seeker’s profile. If it fails to make an impact then the person will not get the desired job interview calls.
  • Updating Resume: The resume should be updated on a regular basis. It should be kept in mind that the resume shouldn’t look outdated. It should be in line with the latest industry requirements.
  • Attaching Cover Letter To The Resume: Resume without cover letter is incomplete. Cover letter should be in accordance with the job profile and the company to which the job application is being sent.
  • Posting Resume On Relevant Job Search Sites: Selection of sob search sites needs to be done keeping in mind the field people are applying for. Local job sites which provide with job options in specific locations are helpful in getting the best job in the nearby locality.
  • Making Contacts: Job search calls for networking. It can be online networking, making contacts in social gatherings, etc.
  • Rehearsing For The Interview: Interview questions, posture, facial expression, etc. need to be rehearsed beforehand. One should start the interview with confidence as it sets the tone for the entire interview. Dressing should be formal and according to the job demands.

With such careful planning it becomes easier not only to find jobs in one’s area of expertise but also land a dream job that can make the best out of one’s skills. So without losing any patience and adopting a step-by-step approach, job seekers can surely avoid getting stuck in their job search.

Is it a Good Time for a Job Change?

Changing a job for most of the people is a cumbersome task. The people who are employed wish to change their job but are not able to decide when. It may sound weird but people generally wish to know the right time when they could search for a job or carry out a job change. As you all know every work if carried out at the right time fetches good and desired results. Similar is the case with job hunting. Here in this write up we will you provide you information about the ideal job hunting or shifting time. So, just relax and carefully have a glance at what we say…

The ideal job hunting time : The moment you feel uncomfortable in the job you are in, think of moving on. Working in an environment that is suffocating for you might cause problems for you.

What can be the reasons that make you feel uncomfortable at job?

Tensions with the seniors (managers, directors, etc) :- If your seniors or boss is not supportive and do not listen to your complaints then it becomes difficult to work in such an office.

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Mistakes You Make While Searching A Job

A career is said to be the most important thing in anyone’s life and a job search is said to be like a journey in which you have to take the right turn to avail the best opportunities. But after countless hours in pursuit of a good job, most of the candidates feel left out which can be said to be a direct consequence of an improperly executed job search strategy. Through this article, you will be introduced to the mistakes you might make while searching a job, so that you can avoid them.

Weak resume
This is a common mistake that everyone makes when they start searching a job for themselves. People usually draft a resume that looks like a personal and professional timeline that can easily bore or mislead the recruiter. To get the competitive edge, make your resume more interesting by placing proper facts in it. Instead of writing about the things you did or performed, write about you accomplishments. Make your resume such that it clearly states how efficiently you will work for the organization.

No Online Existence
Today, every company’s hiring manager or recruiter searches the potential candidate’s name on the various search engines to gain knowledge about the candidate’s past. So, if you don’t have any online existence they will never find you.

As an alternative, they will check out the candidature of other prospects, clearly eliminating you from the competition. Make it easy for them and yourself by creating a smart online identity in the form of business and social networking profiles through various portals like Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut, etc.

Take Advantage of Leading Job Portals
Placing your resume on job search sites will definitely widen the scope of job opportunities for you, but, make sure you do not solely rely on them. Of course, they provide you thousands of jobs but, in reality only 10% – 15% of jobs are advertised on these sites. It means that 85 % – 90% of the vacancies are not present on these sites. Other areas where you can search include:

  • Websites of companies, where the openings are placed and updated from time to time
  • Making use of the search engines to find jobs al over the internet (but keep a tab on the quality and authenticity)

Lack of Planning and Research
Walking on a path without directions, sometimes leads you towards a ‘Dead End’ i.e. you will never reach your destination and this can also happen in an unplanned job search. Before starting a job hunt, research the industry or the market of your desired field carefully. Helping you to get the desired results within a short period of time , this planning can address questions like-

  • What position are you targeting?
  • In which Industry you want to work?
  • How will you search your job?
  • How many hours in a week will you dedicate towards the job hunt?

Placing Importance on the Salary
Most of us enjoy our work because we get fairly paid for our job. But many of us are not willing to explore more jobs because of the one and only one question ‘How much we will be paid?’ which is totally a wrong conception. If you are getting a job that you enjoy doing and which pays you fairly as per the profile, then why this attitude? Leave this attitude and don’t miss the bus.

Search for new Opportunities
While working, everyone’s mind shifts from job hunting to job performance. Most of us stop searching even after being stuck in a wrong position, which is totally erroneous. Yes we all know that one should be happily committed to the job for a consistent profile, but one can explore the opportunity to get a higher paid or good position. Always be open to avail these types of opportunities to gain more in life.

Don’t worry, Job hunting is not a rocket science, but avoiding common mistakes like these can certainly make your carrier work like a rocket. Always going up, up and up…..

Online Job Search- The Gateway for Job-Hunters

Won’t many of us agree that job-hunting is just like a full-time job or atleast a demanding part- time job? With loads of applications to fill, advertisements to track and tons of resumes to be sent, job-hunting is a rather labor-intensive activity that entails a great deal of dedication, in order to accomplish a victorious outcome.

As a job-seeker a person will want to avail all the possible options that are accessible and in today’s time the internet is the prime choice. It is absolutely astonishing to learn how the internet can augment your job search. The daunting task of job search can become a lot easier and hence the benefit of online job search becomes evident.

Merits of Online Job Search-

  • The simplest and convenient way to search for the most appropriate jobs.
  • If you are unhappy with your current job, you can exploit the option of passive job search through these sites and get identified by a recruiting bureau for a position that suits their requirements.
  • Resume uploads are usually free and the job portals contain filters and intelligent tools that do not reveal the person’s name or current employer to safeguard their privacy.
  • Online job sites have become the principal means used by companies to fill entry and mid level positions.
  • The employment portals also help companies that search for candidates to fill many positions in a short span of time, as they give admittance to a database of resumes ready for them to search and arrange for interviews.
  • The online job search websites also present news and information about the job market, resume building and profiling services for jobseekers.
  • One cannot deny that the Internet is a particularly rapid way to conduct a job search. With the click of a mouse you can learn about job openings, e-mail a cover letter and resume to a prospective employer with the blink of an eye.
  • Dedicating barely an hour to Internet search, you can find out a great deal about a would-be employer from the company’s website address listed on the portal.
  • An online job search can also be quite extensive. The World Wide Web is a gigantic source, permitting you to discover a world of opportunities. By posting your resume on a job- oriented website, the likelihood of reaching thousands of employers is heightened.

Online job sites have transfigured the employment scenario for both employers and job seekers. It has principally augmented the competence with which hiring decisions can take place as the candidates can be contacted real-time. An additional advantage is that it does not involve a middleman to evaluate or choose the required candidates. So, it can be said that Job Portals have emerged as a much needed tool that have streamlined the recruitment process quite successfully.

Target Success in Your Career and Job Search

Tired of searching for the ideal job that can provide complete job satisfaction and also pay handsomely? Or looking for a new job but not aware of the best way of getting it at the right place? Then, you need to evaluate your job search strategies and check out why they are not working out properly for you.

If you are ready to get started with your job search program then follow the provided building blocks that will help you in achieving your goal in the world of work.

Access the Hidden Job Market

Contact the employers even before they post requirement for an opening with them. Doing this is one of the critical factors of successful job search plan. You can use online tools for accessing the employer information and mail your resumes to the companies that match your requirement.

Respond to Job Postings on Different Media

Several job portals, newspaper, magazines, etc. are flourished with the number of job openings available in the job market. Make sure to search on the basis of multiple titles and spend some quality time in going through these mediums. Filter out companies according to your needs and send them your resume along with cover letter as early as possible.

Take Services of Recruitment Agencies

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways of searching for a suitable job is to take services of a reliable recruitment agency. Such agencies understand the requirement of both the job seeker as well as employer and they are packed with the vast data of employers. So, get yourself registered with one or two recruitment agencies for brightening your chances of getting your dream job.

Do Regular Practice for Interview

Making preparation in advance for the interview will relieve you from the last moment tension of revising frequently asked interview questions or selecting the right terms for negotiating salary, etc. Also, work on your confidence level and communication skills before you get scheduled for the interview of your dream job.

Manage Your Energy and Attitude

The most important building block for a right job search strategy is to maintain positive attitude and focused energy level. If you work on this, you can easily achieve the desired result. Doing fun and creative things can help you in manage your attitude as well as energy. Take care of your mind, body and soul because relaxing and enjoying will keep your spirits high.

Revaluate your job search process and its progress every month until you find the right job. With these simple building blocks, you will surely witness improvement in your job search results and will take you closer to your dreams.


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