A Good Social Network Profile To Get A Job Easily

A-Good-Social-Network-Profile-To-Get-A-Job-Easily-PISocial media is not only a means to connect with friends or family anymore. It is slowly becoming an effective job search tool. Networking is a great way of finding jobs and opportunities but social media takes it to next level. Social network profiles are not only used by job seekers but also by potential employers throughout the hiring process to scan the background of the candidates. This article gives you useful tips to help manage and keep your social media profile updated to increase your chances of getting hired.

Complete Your Profile
Media profile page is the first thing that a potential employer will see. Make sure to use a professional profile picture and include all the relevant information about you such as academic past and previous work experience. It is important to share the right balance of professional and personal to make online influence.

Delete Inappropriate Posts, Pictures And Comments
Start the cleanup process by deleting religious, political or sexual content from your social media profile. Make sure your social network profile remains as private as possible. You can limit access to your profile by changing the social media settings. Appropriate yet interesting words can make your profile perfect for job hunt.

Remove Connections With People Who Can Make You Look Bad
Friends and acquaintances on your network can positively or negatively affect your social media profile. The best option is to ‘unfriend’ the people who can hamper your image in the eyes of potential employers. Don’t hesitate to remove connections that do nothing to improve your social media identity.

Network And Engage
The best way to find new job opportunities is to meet new people and build relationships with them. Social media offers an easy way to meet new people and interact with them through comments, likes and shares. You never know when you could meet someone that can help you find a great job. Like and follow the companies you are interested in and join the conversations. It will show you are knowledgeable about the subject that can make a good impression on the potential employers.

Another great way to strengthen your professional network is to create your own Blog. Write about strong social issues, share your opinion, start discussion with other people in the field, demonstrate your knowledge and establish yourself as an expert. Blogs can help you grow, manage and improve your professional online presence.

Think Before You Post
Remember, always think before you post. Potential employers use social media website as an efficient tool to take a better look at your character. Refrain from giving them something that can potentially harm you professional image. Read and review everything before posting so you don’t have to worry about deleting or hiding them later.

IT Industry – Reaching New Heights

IT Industry – Reaching New HeightsIT Industry has grown extensively over the years. Along with its recent development it is also witnessing demand for jobs. IT Industry can be classified into two main sections: IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing. With a boom in this sector, demand for jobs has increased. Career in this sector promises a better future along with better salary payments. Listed here are the Top 5 jobs in this sector:

  • Software Engineering Jobs: These jobs are in huge demand. As this sector mainly deals with Computers and Telecommunication, the requirement of software engineers has increased. The job of a Software Engineer is to create designs related to the software. One needs to have a Software Engineering Degree to apply for a job in this field.
  • Web Developer Jobs: A Web Developer’s job is to design, build and implement new websites and web pages. Their job also includes integrating sites with backend applications. The job profile attracts fresh graduates, and thus the demand for these jobs is on a rise.
  • Software Developer Jobs: It is also a demand job of the IT sector. The job of Software Developer includes designing, developing and maintaining the operations of database driven web applications. Software Developers also contribute to the development policies and procedures. Those with an innovative and creative mind are apt for this job.
  • Systems Engineering Jobs: These mainly include work-processes and tools to manage the risks on IT projects. This field provides experience and exposure to the engineers.
  • System Administrator Jobs: The position of a System Administrator is very important in the IT Industry. The job includes installing and maintaining the organization’s information technology systems. Their job is to ensure that the computers, network and software’s function without any trouble.

Why IT?

  • Technology keeps on changing and it makes the IT jobs interesting. It helps in updating one’s skills and also brings in important changes with time.
  • As ones experience in this field increases, companies are willing to pay higher.
  • The need for IT professionals is always in demand. The job opportunities keep on growing.

With advancement in technology, this industry promises a brighter future. It provides a lot of growth opportunities. With constant growth and development, it is an Industry that will never make one look behind.

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IT Jobs: A Great Career ChoiceThere is no doubt about the fact that Information technology is ruling the roost these days. Computers, tablets, mobile phones & many other gadgets have taken over our lives completely. IT has assumed a crucial role in our lives today. Not only that, IT is the driving force of several other industries, whether it is entertainment, healthcare, education, or any other [...]

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IT Jobs: A Great Career Choice

There is no doubt about the fact that Information technology is ruling the roost these days. Computers, tablets, mobile phones & many other gadgets have taken over our lives completely. IT has assumed a crucial role in our lives today. Not only that, IT is the driving force of several other industries, whether it is entertainment, healthcare, education, or any other. For the IT professionals, or for those who aspire to be in this field, it is a golden time indeed. The opportunities that exist for those interested in making a career in IT are just unlimited. Especially the IT professionals from India are considered a valuable resource in the international job market.

Different Types Of IT Jobs

  • Network Engineers - The Networking specialists take care of the network aspects i.e. their job is to take care of the security & smooth functioning of the networks that they may have designed or implemented. From troubleshooting to the maintenance of peripherals, they have to take care of every aspect of the network.
  • Software Engineers - This job profile is quite a popular career choice among Indian students. Their basic work is to develop software applications as per the client’s needs & specifications. This job profile also involves a lot of other aspects like – research, test, design software, etc.
  • Web Designing - With most businesses having an online presence today, & Ecommerce being the mantra of the day, web designing has become a great career choice. With almost all reputed companies having a website to bring in online business, having a well designed website could make all the difference; it could lend the competitive edge that sets a business apart from the rest. A website designer develops & designs a website according to the specifications of the client.

These are just a few examples of some popular career choices in the field of Information Technology. There are many kinds of opportunities that exist in the IT sector. IT professionals are doing a roaring business today, & there is a wide scope for students who are thinking of entering this field.


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