Tips For Freshers To Find A Good Job

Are you a fresher looking for the first job of your life? Wondering how to find that perfect job you dream about? Well, in this era of globalization and fast-paced internet, job hunting has become much easier thing than before. The two main tasks that help in finding a Good Job Opportunity are a proper understanding of the job market and understanding yourself. Unless and until you have a fair-idea about what you are actually looking for and whether it is a reasonable quest in the corresponding job market, you will not be able to find a job that suits your sensibilities.

Resume Is The First Step
The first thing you must do is to prepare a proper resume that highlights your strengths and achievements. You should make your resume up-to-dated and error-free. You must also remember not to resort to any lies in your resume and furnish information that can only be substantiated with authentic documents.

Try Networking
You can do your own little version of networking by asking friends, family relatives and acquaintances who might have an opening at their workplace.  Besides, providing information about job openings they might also provide you with valuable leads that might come in help in the near future.

Volunteering Can Do The Trick
Sometimes companies recruit volunteers rather than taking-in new employers instantly. Grab that chance and give your best, displaying your commitment and talent. Later you can always include this volunteering experience in your resume to catch the interviewer’s eye.

Prepare For The Interview Day
You must make maximum utilization of that few minutes you get in front of the interviewer as it is the key to your getting the particular job in the company. Prepare for the probable and common questions beforehand but don’t make it sound ‘prepared’ on the D-day. Presenting yourself properly in the interview is another plus point that can help you make the final cut.

Armed with a well-written resume, the right skills and confidence, you can surely make the cut and land in the job of your dreams soon. So follow these tips and get set to chase your dreams!

Jobs For Freshers At Entry Level In India

Job becomes the very next search after school and college education is over. It is really important to think and plan carefully before applying for a job. A fresher should be aware of his/her goals. If you are unable to decide where you want to go then Internet is the excellent option to guide you through.

There are various companies which offer Online Job opportunities to fresh candidates as per their talents and qualifications. There are a number of fields where you can apply for job such as banking and finance, media and entertainment, BPO, Research and Development, information technology, sales and marketing and many more. All these companies give opportunities to newcomers to show their skills.

Since the experienced candidates are always preferred by the companies, hence, Online Jobs have come as the golden chance for the beginners where besides job, they also get chance to gain some experience and polish their skills. These jobs are also helpful in making the young aspirants more competitive and update with the respective industry. Apart from that, newcomers are also paid a good salary which is really important to boost their confidence and morale.

Now-a-days almost every university or campus has a placement cell wherein many top companies of India come every year with number of jobs. Job seekers are advised to attend placement sessions to get their desired job. A good percentage of marks and relevant skills related to a particular field are the two major factors that a company wants from a candidate. If you are a deserving candidate then you can be rewarded with a high salary package.

PlacementIndia.Com – Blogs Release November 2011

Why Are Older Employees Preferred Over Freshers?
There has always been a debate between hiring older employees and freshers. Who should be given preference? This question often lurks in recruiter’s mind. Nowadays, many older employees are coming up for jobs and are proving successful in bagging a new job for themselves. Older people get chances majorly because Freshers lack in experience.[...]

Behavior At Corporate Workplace
Entering a corporate work place is easy, but to work in corporate environment is a challenge that you need to take head on. People, who are new to the corporate world, need to know certain rules and regulations to excel in this field. When you start going to a corporate workplace, you tend to enjoy the working style and people around you.[...]

Does a 9 to 5 Job Keep Ticking Your Mind?
Do you find yourself caught in the web of daily work routine? If yes, then you need to take a pause and revise certain important things. It is not a right approach to treat each working day as just another day of a week and get satisfied by monthly pay cheque. In this course, you are unknowingly loosing the track of your overall career picture.[...]

Online Job Portal, An Elevator To Success!
With the entry of internet in the arena of recruitments, job searching has become much easier. The online job portals have made it easier for the unemployed and the employed to get exciting opportunities. These portals provide the best available options so that people can grab their dream job from different sectors in the market.[...]

Ways To Handle Various Kinds Of Interviews!
Do you have any clue about the various types of Interviews you might have to face while seeking a job? Yes! There are different kinds of Interviews, depending upon the job as well as the hiring Company. These comprises of varied questions along with different techniques of asking questions.[...]

Bridge Your Employment Gap!
Large employment gaps in your curriculum vitae are very dangerous. And this goes equally for both- the employee as well as the employer. No matter what all the reasons are, the majority of employers will right away dismiss these resumes, giving no second thought. This may seem hard to digest and unfair, but it is[...]

Is it a Good Time for a Job Change?
Changing a job for most of the people is a cumbersome task. The people who are employed wish to change their job but are not able to decide when. It may sound weird but people generally wish to know the right time when they could search for a job or carry out a job change.[...]

Some Guidelines For Writing An Impressive Cover Letter
A cover letter is the first thing your recruiter comes across. So it should be effective enough to make a difference between you and other candidates. Writing a cover letter for the resume is quite a challenging task as it highlights the key points in your resume. You might come across some confusing questions like[...]

Why Are Older Employees Preferred Over Freshers?

There has always been a debate between hiring older employees and freshers. Who should be given preference? This question often lurks in recruiter’s mind. Nowadays, many older employees are coming up for jobs and are proving successful in bagging a new job for themselves.

Older people get chances majorly because Freshers lack in experience. Some older employees switch their jobs and some want to join after a considerable employment gap. There are many older people who are retired from their jobs but are so enthusiastic and innovative, that they still want to work.

On the other hand, many companies sacrifice experience for youth. Talent and experience remain unutilized in this case. There is a considerable ratio of older people who are willing to work but due to age discrimination, their dreams are crashed.

But getting fresh blood on the job seems more idealistic rather than practical. Experience in a particular field counts; not the age. The fact that freshers come with new ideas and innovations is true, but this is also a fact that older employees have experience with them. Many companies specially hire experienced workforce, as they do not want to experiment with the new lot of people. Moreover, a lot of their time is wasted in training freshers, whereas it is opposite in the case of older employees.

Here are some reasons, why older employment seekers are preferred over freshers:

  • They are more experienced than any fresher
  • They can easily adjust in professional environment
  • They don’t need much training
  • They are more loyal and are trust worthy
  • They can understand the company much better.
  • They are more reliable, as the chances of switching over jobs are considerably low.
  • They are highly skilled and strive to work efficiently.
  • They understand their responsibilities well.

So it is evident from the above facts that despite their age, older employees still have hope of working in many companies. What’s more, they can also mentor the younger employees by imparting valuable knowledge that they have acquired along the way.

A Problematic “Experience” For Freshers…..

Will I get my dream job with no experience? How can I get the experience to avail a good opportunity? Where can I apply?

This is a common dilemma every newbie in the industry is having these days. Where to start from and how to reach the target job, is the main concern of every fresher looking for a job and not getting it, just because of no experience. Yes, experience counts but where to get this “experience”?

You cannot directly get a job unless you have worked somewhere or have a practical knowledge of the field you are going to work in. The main question lurks in your mind, “Who will give me a chance?” For that, you need to be dedicated and focused. By taking care of some simple aspects, you can achieve your goal and get your dream job. You only need to do a few things like:

Be focused on what you want and where you want to go. Changing paths will never lead you to your aim. Stay informed about new openings and job opportunities coming your way. It is an obvious fact that big players do not gamble with freshers. Therefore, you need to gain experience from small companies and then move to bigger ones.

Talk to people who are already working in a particular field of your interest. They may tell you some do’s and dont’s, which might prove useful for you to start with.

Find internships, trainings and work with companies in ongoing projects. This will definitely count in your resume as well as you will get an insight into the working procedure and processes of the company. Volunteer for few days or months, so that people know your potential, skills, hard work and may give you a chance. Keep trying and gain experience through these trainings and internships, because it is the easiest way to know the working style of the company.

Moreover, as a fresher, you cannot have a resume with ages of experience but you can add on some value to it and strive to learn as much as you can. By following this surely you will come out as a winner in the end!

PlacementIndia.Com – Blogs Release September 2011

Engineering Jobs In India For Fresher
India has widely been touted as a potential superpower by the developed economies of the world. The high GDP growth rate further substantiates that fact. In a growing economy like India, the impetus on science and engineering is not surprising.[...]

Advantages of Educational Loans
The times have passed when students had to give up education, especially higher education due to monetary constraints. Educational Loans have emerged as a boon, helping different students of different backgrounds to fulfill their dreams of further education.[...]

Simple Steps For Resigning Gracefully
Leaving a job is not an easy thing to do. However, at one point of time in everybody’s career one has to leave a particular job and move on for growth or any other reason. Today, people look for new opportunities every day and quitting the jobs has therefore become quite common.[...]

Find the Best BPO Jobs in India
India’s enviable growth story has caught the eye of all and sundry on the global platform. Various factors have resulted in India’s stupendous economic achievement and foremost among them has been the BPO sector. The BPO sector has scripted its own success story and significantly contributed to the country’s growth story.[...]

7 Tips for a Successful Interview
It is completely natural for anybody to get a little nervous before a job interview. First time interviewees have enough reasons to be anxious about talking to strangers. Moreover, even if you have a good experience for the post you have applied for, you may feel the pressure of getting through an interview.[...]

Communication In Office
Communication has a predominant role to play in today’s highly competitive corporate environment. Effective communication significantly helps in increasing the productivity of a workplace and in better deliverance of work. Any business enterprise has employees from different strata of society as well as from diverse cultures and backgrounds.[...]

How To Find A Job In Sales?
There are myriad opportunities for all and sundry in Sales and Marketing sector, owing to a rapidly growing economy. Selling is a skill and a sales process is found in some form or another in any industry or segment. However, a sales job is strictly for those who possess a penchant for the job and a passion for sales as it is a prerequisite to achieve success in the domain.[...]

Listening: An Important Aspect of Effective Communication
The human evolution is primarily all about developing skills of language and communication. Communication techniques have been revolutionized during the course of this evolution since ancient ages to the 21st century. Now, it is a commonly accepted fact that effective communication is all about words.[...]

Engineering Jobs In India For Fresher

India has widely been touted as a potential superpower by the developed economies of the world. The high GDP growth rate further substantiates that fact.  In a growing economy like India, the impetus on science and engineering is not surprising. Innovation in technology is the key to a developing economy’s growth prospects. As a result, most organizations in the country are looking to tap raw and young talent and mould them accordingly for future prospects. Hence, engineering jobs in India are in abundance and opportunities galore for engineering graduates.

Most companies in India are aiming to expand their operations and require manpower to realize their objective. They turn to young engineering graduates who provide a fresh perspective and possess a desire to perform and win accolades. With the economy recovering well after the global slowdown, hiring in the engineering sector is expected to be robust. Architecture firms also show a keenness to hire civil engineers and provide them with the necessary training to make them industry capable.

Candidates from prestigious institutes like the IITs and NITs are recruited through the campus interviews itself. The leading organizations want to lap up the best talent that is available at these premier institutes and offer highly lucrative jobs with fat paychecks. Most graduates look for campus placements in major organizations and those who cannot make the cut, look for opportunities outside. Most of the companies notify about any vacancy in their organization in newspaper or the internet and interested candidates, who fit the eligibility criteria, can apply.

In a rapidly growing economy like India, there is no dearth of jobs in the engineering sector and the upswing is expected to continue in the future as well. Few leading companies have their own institutes and absorb the students into their organization after the completion of the course. Thus, the time is ripe for engineering graduates to grab the opportunity and land themselves a lucrative engineering job.

PlacementIndia.Com – Blogs Release August 2011

How to Start a Job Placement Business
Job seekers are always on the lookout for good avenues that can help build their dream careers. With numerous people looking for jobs these days, the placement agencies have gained significance as they play an effective role in connecting job seekers with the job providers.[...]

How to Succeed in Advanced Placement Courses
After completing high school it is essential to go for the right type of course so that students can get assured about a fruitful career. Advanced Placement Courses offer a very good option for honing your professional skills and promise good placement options.[...]

Jobs in India – Seek Your Dream Job
India is the world’s second fastest growing economy. The robust growth rate ensures that the country offers myriad job opportunities to all and sundry. In fact, the country is currently facing an acute manpower crunch in various sectors.[...]

Recruitment Process in India
India has one of the world’s most sought after Job Markets. With a booming economy and high economic growth, India is the place to be for prospective job seekers. The recruitment process in India is a very comprehensive one and caters to diverse job market of the country.[...]

How To Get A Job In India
India is currently the world’s second fastest growing economy after China. The country has an impressive growth rate of 8.5 % and offers myriad job opportunities to prospective job seekers. The job market is presently going through a pleasant phase and many sectors in the economy are facing a talent crunch.[...]

Lot Of Job Opportunities For Freshers In India
India has gained prominence in the global economy, owing to its meteoric and exponential rise as a potential superpower. As the US president Barack Obama put it, on his maiden visit to India “India is not a rising economy, Indian economy has already risen.” These words hold true in the real economic scenario as well.[...]

Jobs in India are in Abundance
India has emerged as a strong economic powerhouse and its meteoric rise has been acknowledged by the leading economies of the world. Today, India has firmly established itself on the global platform as a potential superpower and the robust GDP growth rate is a testimony to the fact.[...]

Top Recruiters in India are now on a Hiring Spree
The global recession took a heavy toll on the global economy and many economies crumbled under the aftermath. India, however isolated from the adverse effects of the global recession, also felt minor tremors of the crisis. The hiring trends across the nations took a beating and pink slips became a common phenomena.[...]

Lot Of Job Opportunities For Freshers In India

India has gained prominence in the global economy, owing to its meteoric and exponential rise as a potential superpower. As the US president Barack Obama put it, on his maiden visit to India “India is not a rising economy, Indian economy has already risen.” These words hold true in the real economic scenario as well. With a near double digit growth rate, the Indian economy has managed to grab eyeballs the world over. Owing to the booming economy, there are a plethora of lucrative job offers for Freshers.

The IT and the ITES sectors in particular have fuelled the already robust growth rate of the Indian economy. The exponential growth of the IT sector has even prompted many NRIs settled abroad to return to their roots to avail tremendous growth opportunities in the country. In addition, a lot of new companies have emerged, which provide offshore solutions to western nations and companies like Wipro & Infosys have earned widespread recognition in the international domain.

Many IT companies look for young and energetic professionals, who are willing to innovate and improvise on the existing technologies. Hence, the IT sector has become the hub of Freshers and many companies are even willing to provide the necessary training to tap the young talent at the earnest. In addition, job options galore for Freshers in the government and other sectors as well.

Another trend that is fast catching up with the youth of today is summer training. Most students opt for few months of summer training to gain valuable work experience. However, the part time summer jobs can guide you to full-time work after graduation, based on the performance in the organization. Hence, it is rightly said that those Freshers looking to pursue a highflying professional career must start early and give their careers the right start.

Freshers Jobs In India For Their Bright Future

Searching great job openings for freshers in India is not at all a difficult task. If you are a fresher, then you can also search for jobs with a click of your mouse. Nowadays, you can find various Online Job Portals, which offer incredible job opportunities in India. These job portals are being continuously referred or visited by the corporate sector to fulfil their requirements. Apart from this, students are also enrolling themselves for courses which provide enormous job opportunities either as trainee or interns in the leading companies in India. Such courses are definitely gaining popularity with time and being considered as a key to their bright future. But it just requires a little bit of concentration to take the game in your hand while planning for the future. This write-up discusses three important and efficient steps that can do wonders for your career:

  • Plan Your Way: This is the first and foremost step towards achieving your goals. It includes your career plans which can help you get the right job.
  • Weigh All The Alternatives: After deciding your career plans, the next step includes evaluating the different relevant alternatives towards achieving the goal.
  • Apply Your Plans At The Right Time: A great career option is all that you need as there are lot of companies which nowadays consider mostly freshers for their jobs openings. So going for a course that involves internship or lets you work while you are graduating is a good option.

The corporate sector believes in employing the young generation or freshers in their organizations. Their belief stands on the fact that the today’s generation comes up with new ideas, unique approach and creativity which results in better problem solving skills and management. So with some smart planning up your sleeves, there are unlimited opportunities out there for exploring and making your career.


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