Job Opportunities In The IT Industry

piIndian IT sector is one of the rosy sectors that have managed a steady pace of growth in the past few years. After the IT boom in the Indian software industry in the 1990s, more & more IT businesses were established which subsequently spearheaded a demand for qualified techno-savvy manpower. In recent years, software exports have accounted for a considerable share of the total Indian exports & have also contributed greatly to the GDP.

While initially the IT industry was concentrated around Bangalore, Delhi & Mumbai, lately the focus has shifted to other cities like Hyderabad, Kolkota & Pune. Many reasons can be attributed for this. Some of the most common reasons stated are the abundance of engineering and IT colleges in & around these regions. With these colleges & institutes churning out talented and qualified manpower annually, Hyderabad, Kolkota & Pune are emerging as the present day IT hubs. These locations are also the hub of upwardly mobile professionals.

Job Opportunities In The IT Industry

  • Direct Employment Opportunities - According to a recent survey, IT and ITES projected to generate approx. 2 million jobs in the coming financial year. The BPO industry itself boasts of employing a sizeable portion of the Indian youth in metropolitan areas & in newer hubs like Gurgaon & Noida. Handsome salaries & perks are some of the reasons why BPO jobs are looked at as a great employment opportunity by many. IT graduates and engineering IT graduates & other IT professionals have a great demand in the job market.
  • Indirect Employment Opportunities - The growth in the IT sector has created a subsequent demand for qualified manpower in related sectors. In fact, with the big IT companies shifting their focus from the metropolitans to the Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities, the IT graduates & IT job aspirants (in these small towns) have a reason to celebrate, as this move has opened up avenues for great IT job opportunities right in their hometowns.

Besides offering excellent job opportunities to IT professionals,  the tremendous growth of the IT sector in the past few decades has also boosted the country’s image in the global market.

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Online Job Portal, An Elevator To Success!

With the entry of internet in the arena of recruitments, job searching has become much easier. The online job portals have made it easier for the unemployed and the employed to get exciting opportunities. These portals provide the best available options so that people can grab their dream job from different sectors in the market.

Now the basic question arises that what do we understand by an Online Job Portal?

Online Job Portal: It refers to a platform for different job opportunities, that are advertised by a number of companies.

Online job portals- a key to success!
Well these days, job portals are playing a major role in employment sector. They are the simplest ‘Keys’ that has made a huge difference in building employment as well as making employment easier. Through Online Job Portal, finding and providing job has become not just quicker but even more effective, that too for both the employer and job seekers.

Salient Features of Online Job Portals

  • Job application history and interview/walk-in alerts
  • Facility to apply to multiple opening
  • Help and guidance
  • Job listing from every possible sector across the world
  • 24x 7 services
  • Affiliate program
  • No fee charges

Now that there are plenty of such job portals, it’s difficult to make the right choice. There are a few job portals that provide you an option as who CAN and who CAN’T view your resume. Other job portals are simply specialized to particular branches or professions.

Thus, Job portals provide a wide coverage and make job searching quite an easy task. There is no fee for the job seeker to apply in order to get the right kind of job. Job searching portals allow you unlimited time for searching a job on the Internet, making them THE BEST option.

Booming Employment Opportunities In The Indian Market

The recession that hit the world economy, also hampered the recruitment drive in India to a large extent. The corporate sector was affected the worst of all. Forget about recruiting new people, the recession resulted in large scale lay-offs at all hierarchical levels and substantial salary cuts for almost all the employees. But, now India has recovered from the recession and wide employment opportunities have been opened up for the people in every sector as the employers are on a hiring spree.

Current Scenario
BPO Sector: India is the considered the hot destination for all the major outsourcing tasks. Hence, many BPO’s have come up, creating a lot of job opportunities in this sector. Companies like Genpact, HCL Technologies and many more are considered to be top recruiters in this sector. More and more youngsters are getting attracted here because this sector offers a lucrative entry-level opportunity for them aside from excellent pay packages.

Banking: There have been major job opportunities in the Banking sector too. A large number of private banks have been set up resulting in the requirement of more staff. Not only Private sector banks but Government banks like PNB, SBI etc. are hiring people for various posts as well.

Education and Pharmaceutical Sectors: With the spurt in the number of private institutions in the country, there are ample job opportunities in the Education sector too. So, the newly built private institutes are recruiting staff for various posts at a rapid pace. With huge growth in terms of Start-ups and Mergers and Acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical sector, companies in this sector are also on a hiring spree.

Media: This sector is also not far behind. With the coming up of so many print publications and news channels, there is an increasing demand for more reporters, correspondents or journalists. Hence, many companies are hiring staff for their organization in large numbers.

Not only these, but various other sectors are also recruiting on a large scale. Such an aggressive stance of the job market has surely opened the doors for people from any professional background. So, with the economy set to retain its growth in the coming times, a job seeker like you has excellent prospects of definitely finding a good opportunity in you area of interest.

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