Does a 9 to 5 Job Keep Ticking Your Mind?

Do you find yourself caught in the web of daily work routine? If yes, then you need to take a pause and revise certain important things. It is not a right approach to treat each working day as just another day of a week and get satisfied by monthly pay cheque. In this course, you are unknowingly loosing the track of your overall career picture. To avoid the same, here are some valuable working tips:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Changes:
Don’t allow yourself to drift through your job without much thought to where it is headed as you will only create potholes in your career path.

Acquire Needful Skills:
Keep a check and acquire skills that can allow you to contribute at work in newer ways. Talk to your seniors about it and observe the flourishing officers among your team or from different departments. Catch their strategy of easy and efficient working and adopt the same.

Stop Brooding:
Change your thought pattern and be optimistic about everything which you undertake. Start a job with a positive approach and carry forward the same in a professional spirit.

Get Yourself Involved:
If you actually feel that you have mastered your current job and can accommodate some more, take initiative and volunteer for new projects. This will not only bring new skills to your personality, but will also redirect your existing career goals in a better way.

When faced with a listless attitude towards work over an extended phase, it is time to regroup thoughts and bring motivation back to the workplace. Walk everyday to your office with a focused target and specific purpose. And let all your career aspirations fly high, bringing success to your life.

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Communication In Office

Communication has a predominant role to play in today’s highly competitive corporate environment. Effective communication significantly helps in increasing the productivity of a workplace and in better deliverance of work. Any business enterprise has employees from different strata of society as well as from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Owing to this diversity, clear and effective communication becomes a pivotal tool for the management to achieve the goals set by the organization. Clarity in communication is the single most important factor, which unites the entire workforce and makes it work towards the accomplishment of the objectives set by the organization.

Let The Words Build Relations
Excellent Command Over Language and Clarity are some of the recommended workplace communications skills that are usually recommended in most business enterprises. The language used for communication in a professional workplace must be clear & crisp and everyone must be able to comprehend it. Lack of effective communication can result in low motivation among employees and wastage of organizational resources. Poor communication skills breed disrespect and misunderstanding among the contemporaries and leads to other professional complications. An ideal organizational culture is built in an environment, which promotes open and clear communication.

Earn Respect By Giving It
One of the most important aspects of workplace communication skills is Courteousness. One must always be courteous while conveying the message to a colleague, as it fosters a feeling of mutual respect and is a part of professional etiquette. One must be careful about the pitch and talk softly, while conversing in a professional ambience. One should maintain a low volume while speaking and the workplace communication should always be kept precise and to the point. That drives home the relevant point and saves the time of the colleague.

Last, but not the least, one needs to use formal and cordial method of communication at workplace as it creates a positive influence and makes a favorable impression.

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The Topmost Don’ts For Career Changers

Changing career is a life-altering decision for many and sometimes they have to take the plunge as their talents are not getting fully utilized. Or it may be that they are horribly bored with their present job and are facing a crisis regarding their skills or are totally exhausted.  Tough as it may be, a career change is crucial in such cases but here you should also exercise caution to avoid making the biggest mistake of your life. After reading this write-up, you will come to know about the major mistakes that career changers make and how to avoid them.

  1. Do Not Leap Without Doing Some Research First.
    The key to make a successful career change is to know exactly where you are going. Do not give in to impulses and temptations. Do a thorough research, ask your friends, read articles and industry news to know where you will stand after making the switch.
  2. Don’t Go With The Herd Mentality.
    Just because someone you know is doing good into the investment career does not mean that you will become a success overnight too. Ask your friends, colleagues, alumni, family, people from the same industry to get a better idea of what you’ll be getting into. Also, resist jumping into a lucrative field just because it sounds nice or others have told you so. They may prove to be a very bad fit for you later on.
  3. Don’t Let The Compensation Come In Between.
    Money should never be the deciding factor for you. If you can do the job with satisfaction, then growth is bound to happen and money will come in later.
  4. Don’t Expect Overnight Miracles.
    Expand your horizons to go beyond the available options but keep your expectations at the lowest. Making the transition will take time and there will be many challenges to be taken head-on. It may take at least 6 months to a year for changing.

At this stage, how you make the change entirely depends on you. So make the best use of your skills and be prepared to experience a new test everyday. Albeit with some experience that you already have, you will do much better.

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On the Job- The “Mantra” For Effective Communication

The need for communicating and interacting with people is an imperative component of any job. In our professional lives there comes numerous occasion when it becomes essential to address a large congregation and elucidate an important point. Many people are panic stricken in such situations.  Here, comes the need for excellent and influential communication power.

There are some who are born with exceptional communication proficiency but there is also the probability of mastering the art of communication.

Here are the “mantras”, which can guide you to master the skill of communication and be an effective communicator-

  • Survey - As a confident speaker, it is a must that you are clear about the facts and figures. Hence survey / research are mandatory such that you are on no account low on self-confidence and also no one can challenge you.
  • Specificity Of Topic - Being a communicator, you need to keep in mind that while making the presentation you speak on the specific issue. The presentation can be made interesting by quoting examples / incidents, which makes your presentation more credible.  It is vital to note that as a speaker if you divert the topic the audience is bound to get confused and loose interest. Hence, it is crucial that the presentation be logically arranged such that all the ideas are effectively communicated.
  • Adopt A Narrative Style - The audience can easily grab and understand your presentation if put forward in a story format. The interest of the audience and their involvement throughout the presentation is also generated by adopting this method.
  • Interesting Introduction And Conclusion - While preparing a presentation keep in mind that the introduction must be very interesting. The introduction needs to introduce the topic appropriately thus catching the attention of the audience. The introduction can be started with a quote, example, etc. The conclusion of the presentation needs to be planned in a way such that sums up the entire presentation. This is beneficial for the audience to who may have missed any point during the presentation.
  • Ensure Audience Participation - Generate the interest of the audience by posing questions.

By executing the above stated points with full confidence / perfection while making presentations at your work place you are sure to win the hearts of the people. Communication is an art and can be mastered with practice and motivation.

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Changing Careers, A Premeditated Decision

The current times is witness to burgeoning career opportunities mushrooming in different sectors. This has resulted in the trend of job-hopping, especially in corporate sector due to varied reasons. These reasons may range from want a change in job profile to losing interest in the present job to aspiration of a better salary.

Plan Of Action

However, a total career change demands more than planning a valedictory leaving speech and entails various aspects like research, networking and training or voluntary work experience. Taking into account these aspects provides you with the opportunity to check out the greener grass of the other side and also proves beneficial for your career. The first and foremost that needs to be taken into account is to have a concrete plan. Probably one of the biggest mistakes people make is to not have goals written down with clearly measurable ways of attaining those goals.

Some of the following points can be taken as successful tips for effectively changing careers-

  • Area Of Interest- One needs to first assess their likes and dislikes. People often change careers because they dislike their job, their boss, their company etc. Therefore identifying the areas of dislike is highly significant as it shows the path in which you want to direct your career.
  • Research New Careers- Once you have identified the area of interest, the next step is towards researching new careers that match with your liking. Extensive research to find the right occupation for a change in career is really important.
  • Education And Training- Gaining more skills in terms of further training and education can help you in changing career. Often an aspired job-profile or salary is attained only after gaining certain degree of knowledge and clearing certain examinations.
  • Networking- Another important aspect in affecting a career change is extensive networking. One of the significant keys to successfully changing careers rests on networking abilities. This often results you in attaining job leads and so on.
  • Flexibility And Positive Attitude- Finally, you need to adopt a flexible attitude with regards to your change in career. Flexibility in all areas ranging from employment status to relocation and salary is necessary. Positive goals should be set for one but at the same time setbacks and unwarranted changes should also be taken into stride.

Therefore, taking into consideration the above mentioned suggestions can help you achieve a smooth transition in career and also prosper with the career change.

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Hyderabad: The Ultimate Career Destination

Hyderabad, a city which is often termed as the silicon valley of South India has emerged as the ultimate career destination for freshers looking forward to a rewarding and a satisfying professional career. Be it IT-enabled services, pharmaceuticals, Call centers, Entertainment industry, Computer software companies, Software consulting firms, Business process outsourcing unit or any other, Hyderabad has all these career options to offer on the platter. Some of the major reasons, which have helped Hyderabad to transform itself into the most promising city with prosperous future are:


Hyderabad is a reputed place to undertake your IT and Bio-technology study and is preferred by not only Indians but even foreign students for the same. The rapid development and expansion of educational setup especially for technical and professional education institutes has given employers confidence of finding talent and skilled manpower for their company.

IT Sector

The city is often called the Indian Silicon Valley because of the presence of major national and multinational IT companies which operate here. This has made it a booming career hub especially when it comes to IT, software and BPO related jobs. The ample and satisfying opportunities that Hyderabad offers make it ideal career destination for people who have chosen IT as their future.


Hyderabad has a rich cultural heritage and diverse historical background. This has made it a very popular tourist destination among local as well as foreign tourists. The developing tourism industry and professional treatment given to this segment by government as well as private business has also made tourism a very popular career option over here. The increasing demand of manpower in tourism sector has also called in hardworking aspirants to this city to build their career in this field.

These are just few of the major factors, there are several other factors which have helped in the transformation of Hyderabad into a career destination where everyone wants to be.

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Myths About Choosing The Right Career

Are you confused about which career to choose? Are your parents pressurizing you to become an engineer but your heart is just not in it? Do not jump into a career without thinking through all the options available to you. In this article you will find not one but many myths about choosing a career and we will follow them up with certain tips to help you choose the right one.

  • It Is Easy To Choose A Career- If you think choosing a career is a simple task, then think again. There cannot be anything as difficult and complex as choosing the right career. First ask yourself what you are most likely to excel in and then choose the option that arouses your interest.
  • Career Counselor Will Help You Choose Your Career- A career counselor will not tell you what career you should choose. He will simply guide you and will give advice on your decision once you have made up your mind.
  • I Should Only Choose The Most Popular Career- If people around you are opting to become doctors or engineers, it does not mean you also have to follow in their footsteps. You should do something that satisfies you in the long run. Do not just choose a career that may be the perfect one for someone else but which will prove to be a disastrous choice for you.
  • A Career Once Chosen Cannot Be Changed- If you think that once you have chosen a career you will be stuck in it forever, then you cannot be more wrong. If you are not able to settle into your chosen career, you can always opt out of it and choose a new career.
  • Changing Careers Will Waste Your Time And Skills- Even if you are changing your career and require new skills for the next one, don’t think your previous skills have gone to waste. Your skills are yours to keep. Nobody can take them away from you. And talking of time, you did not waste your time in your previous career. You just gained some extra knowledge.
  • Making Money Will Make You Happy- If you want to choose a career keeping the money aspect in mind, then you may be disappointed later by a great degree. You may be able to earn a lot of money indefinitely, but the career may not be satisfying. It will drain you of any creativity or enthusiasm you had and will leave you frustrated.

After reading the above mentioned points, we are sure you must be pretty clear about the process of career planning. So, the bottom line is that- don’t choose a career which everybody will appreciate, choose a career that will appreciate and utilize your skills and knowledge.

Step by Step Career Planning

Planning your career is a process that extends throughout your life and it starts right from planning for your first job till the time of retirement. In between there are many stages that enrich your career if the right steps are taken at the right time. But the most important decision in your professional life is the first time when you decide the career option for you.

While advice from all quarters is available in plenty, you can definitely listen to your parents, friends, peers, seniors, relatives or teachers but along with that you must do an adequate amount of research to make an informed decision. Here in this article, you will find simple and easy steps on how to plan your career to achieve success.

Assess Yourself and Chalk out Your Needs

This is the first and foremost step that will define the path that you can take in your career. Only after an accurate estimation of your goals, interests, skills and aptitude, you can be sure of forming a clear idea of your personality and what career path you should take. You need to carefully understand what you want in the short term and long term basis for your future. You must be very honest about your feelings as this can greatly impact the decision making process.


After evaluating yourself, you need to check the available options. This is important and you can discover many diverse options that will expand your horizons. Taking help of the following resources, you can find out where you stand vis-a-vis the prevailing situation in the market.

  • Search through career journals, magazines and the career edition of newspapers.
  • Take the guidance of a mentor or go to the career counselors.
  • Research the industrial information.
  • Research about the occupations that interest you and the labor market as well.
  • Go for an internship in the field of your choice
  • Conduct informational interviews with people who are in a similar line.

Putting the Planning and Research into Action

Now, that you are aware of what you want and what options are available to you, the implementation of tasks for the set goals can begin.

  • Firstly, you need to develop a strategy in broad steps to help you in reaching the final goal.
  • For further preparation, you need to gather the essential qualifications or additional trainings.
  • Next you will have to write a proper resume, along with a cover letter, recommendations etc.
  • Finally, you need to start preparing for the interview rounds by applying for the desired positions and practicing till you get the interview call.

Career planning is basically a question of what you are, what you need and what you have to do in order to get it. Making a good decision in the initial stages and even starting this planning right from the academic stage of your life is necessary to achieve your goals. So, make the most of the resources available to you and lay the foundation of a great career and a promising future.

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Dealing With A Difficult Boss

Work is enjoyable when you have a good working environment and most importantly a good boss. However, everyone is not that lucky. You might have faced situations at your workplace when you had to deal with a difficult boss. It’s quite common to have bosses with whom you don’t get along and it is not possible to correct their behavior. So, how do you deal with situations like these? Read ahead to find out how to deal with a hard and a tough boss and find a solution to all your work problems….

  • Do not react– It’s quite common to face situation at your workplace where your boss may verbally abuse you or criticize you for your work. So, don’t let your ego step in and do not react. Acknowledge your mistake and move on. Be calm and patient. Don’t loose your temper at any point of time. Remember boss is always a boss.
  • Always indulge in a discussion– Rather than arguing and confronting your boss, always indulge in a discussion. Analyze what he/she expects from you, take advice and work on it, in order to improve your performance. This will certainly give an impression to your boss that you have the zeal to learn from your mistakes.
  • Change your attitude– It’s always easy to criticize your supervisor and seniors. But always remember to praise your boss for his/her good qualities. Don’t always keep grumbling and cribbing. Always learn to appreciate and admire your supervisors for their goodness. It will surely help you to change your outlook and opinion towards them.
  • Maintain professionalism– When you are a part of the working environment, always behave like a professional. Listen carefully to the instructions given by your boss and work accordingly. Don’t constantly judge the behavior and personality of your boss.
  • Don’t think too much– When you are a part of professional work set-up, you are bound to face people with different attitudes and they may also be hard to stand by. So, just avoid thinking too much about your boss or supervisor. Concentrate on your work and deliver the best results. If certain things really disturb you and you find them taking toll on your mind, then the best option is to go for a job change.

It is quite common to have bosses who always keep nagging about one thing or the other. But, what is required from you is not to shout at them or get aggressive. This can have a negative impact on your job and in such cases you could be even fired from the job. So, the best way is to be tactful and follow the above mentioned tips to deal with a difficult boss.


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