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Utilize Internet For Gaining Wealth & Career Success!
The World Wide Web is a vast information storeroom, making all the tools available that you always needed, in order to succeed in your career as well as in your job search. Looking at the number of career and job search resources that are available on the Internet, anyone would become astonished.[...]

How To Be A Leader At Work?
Do you eagerly want to be a leader at work? Do you actually feel like holding a position where you’ll need to be responsible enough to lead people and manage them to bring out the desired work output? If yes, then first and foremost, you should know that the power a leader wields comes from his/her personality[...]

More Responsibilities Elevates To Promotion!
The addition of the term ‘more’ before already existing plentiful ‘responsibilities’, might have the effect of a bad singer singing at his peak voice standing next to you. And after stabling down, the question which pops out of the mind is that why would anyone even want to have added responsibilities at work?[...]

You Must Know Your Career Goal
Since childhood, most of the people aspire to become a professional in a specific area. Most of the kids say that they want to become a doctor, an engineer, a policeman, an architect or an expert in any other field. However, as people grow up they become lesser specific about their job objectives.[...]

Procrastination – Causes And Solution
Firstly the question that pops into any mind is – What Is ‘Procrastination’? Procrastination is a process to postpone or delay anything needlessly. It is basically a thief of time. Sometimes procrastination is all due to poor time management skills. If you do have a time management problem then it is quite simple to suggest[...]

Switching Jobs With Caution
There are times when shifting from one job to another becomes the utmost priority of a professional. This switch over is not an easy step to undertake. It requires determination, courage and motivation on the part of the professional. With a person’s job, his or her dear ones are emotionally attached and financially dependent.[...]

Three Most Effective Ways To Get The Job You Want
In the world where the advent of Internet has made job search easier than ever, many talented job seekers are still not able get employment. Some of the major reasons are: unawareness of what you need, a fragile resume and not utilizing Job Boards and Employment Agencies in the most favorable manner.[...]

Start Getting Those Interview Calls
Do you have the required skills for a job but still fail to get interview calls? Do you update your CV regularly and still don’t get any calls for interview? Have you ever tried to find out why this happens? Where Does The Problem Lie? There is definitely something missing in your CV that fails[...]

Switching Jobs With Caution

There are times when shifting from one job to another becomes the utmost priority of a professional. This switch over is not an easy step to undertake. It requires determination, courage and motivation on the part of the professional. With a person’s job, his or her dear ones are emotionally attached and financially dependent. So, before finally going for a job switch, self-introspection and preparation is called for. As difficult it may sound, switching jobs can be done in an easier way to find jobs if the following steps are followed:

  • Self-introspection: Extensive brain-storming is required for this. People need to assess; what they are lacking in the present job?  What are their priorities? Which type of work set-up suits them? Answers to these questions should get you started.
  • Evaluate your talent and skills: People need to evaluate their skills. If they find that the present job is not doing justice to their skills then they need to search which kind of jobs suit their skills the most.
  • Consider your financial situation: When planning for a change of job, people first need to secure themselves financially. They need to have some savings to support them for some time.
  • Go for Informational interviews: It allows them to talk to the professionals in the desired field, explain their situations, and gain valuable advice.
  • Write a new resume: A new resume should be prepared, meeting the requirements of the desired field. If additional knowledge and skills are required then it is better to take out time to join new programs or courses.
  • Do networking: Networking allows increasing information about the desired field. Making new professional contacts who can provide job related information, available vacancies, etc. is advisable.

Finally, before going for a job shift keep in mind that frequent job shifts, without proper planning can make a negative impact on your career, affecting the dream of moving up in the job ladder. But going through these steps, on the other hand, can drastically improve the chances of landing in a job that is worth your skills.

Step by Step Career Planning

Planning your career is a process that extends throughout your life and it starts right from planning for your first job till the time of retirement. In between there are many stages that enrich your career if the right steps are taken at the right time. But the most important decision in your professional life is the first time when you decide the career option for you.

While advice from all quarters is available in plenty, you can definitely listen to your parents, friends, peers, seniors, relatives or teachers but along with that you must do an adequate amount of research to make an informed decision. Here in this article, you will find simple and easy steps on how to plan your career to achieve success.

Assess Yourself and Chalk out Your Needs

This is the first and foremost step that will define the path that you can take in your career. Only after an accurate estimation of your goals, interests, skills and aptitude, you can be sure of forming a clear idea of your personality and what career path you should take. You need to carefully understand what you want in the short term and long term basis for your future. You must be very honest about your feelings as this can greatly impact the decision making process.


After evaluating yourself, you need to check the available options. This is important and you can discover many diverse options that will expand your horizons. Taking help of the following resources, you can find out where you stand vis-a-vis the prevailing situation in the market.

  • Search through career journals, magazines and the career edition of newspapers.
  • Take the guidance of a mentor or go to the career counselors.
  • Research the industrial information.
  • Research about the occupations that interest you and the labor market as well.
  • Go for an internship in the field of your choice
  • Conduct informational interviews with people who are in a similar line.

Putting the Planning and Research into Action

Now, that you are aware of what you want and what options are available to you, the implementation of tasks for the set goals can begin.

  • Firstly, you need to develop a strategy in broad steps to help you in reaching the final goal.
  • For further preparation, you need to gather the essential qualifications or additional trainings.
  • Next you will have to write a proper resume, along with a cover letter, recommendations etc.
  • Finally, you need to start preparing for the interview rounds by applying for the desired positions and practicing till you get the interview call.

Career planning is basically a question of what you are, what you need and what you have to do in order to get it. Making a good decision in the initial stages and even starting this planning right from the academic stage of your life is necessary to achieve your goals. So, make the most of the resources available to you and lay the foundation of a great career and a promising future.

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Create a vision for your career

On the onset of any work or job, the two prime things that decide the fate of getting a success are the ‘Mission’ and ‘Vision’. After the setting up a mission, a visual perception of the path to be taken to achieve that mission is seen. A career that has no vision is actually a failure and an unsuccessful one. Your vision is your career coach that will take you on a successful journey.

Why you should have a vision:
>> As any career has to face a lot of ups and downs, a set vision can let you remain calm and makes you capable of fighting the extenuating situations.
>>  It gives you a thrust to move on in life despite hurdles.

How can you create a vision for your career?

Following are some of the points that must be considered while creating your career vision:

  Claim What You Want and don’t want
Assess your ambitions and abilities and lay down what you want from your career. Your interests and the capabilities shall be considered simultaneously in order to create an achievable vision. In addition to this, also keep a track of things that you are not good at.

  Fight the Fear
When a person sees a vision, he/she is scared whether it will be materialized or not. This fear lets down the courage. So, it should be combated and focus shall be laid to create a vision and steps to follow it.

  Self questioning
Self questioning is the best method. Before setting up your mission and vision you must be clear about your expectations from your field and where you wish to see yourself in some time.

Ask yourself questions like:

What type of company I want to join?
For how many hours shall I work?
What salary should I expect?
Which are the jobs that I could handle?
Where I want to settle?

There are numerous other questions other than this that shall be answered before you frame a vision for your career.

 Assume it as a game
Don’t just waste your time, once your vision is created, you must start following it. Take it as a game and smoothly head towards its utmost level.

 Be positive
Always follow a positive approach and shun off the negative vibes and logics. Just be open to change and receptive to new ideas. This will enable you to create your vision for career in a more effective manner.

The above mentioned steps will be useful to you only when you are strong-willed and have determination to attain higher goals in life.


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