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All You Need To Know For A Successful Job Search
Finding a perfect job is just like a dream come true. Today to start realizing this dream, there are a number of ways to find jobs such as recruitment websites, online job postings, resume services etc [...]

Successfully Climbing The Corporate Ladder
There are no shortcuts to success. You need to earn credibility to be successful in personal as well as professional life. For those who have just stepped in the field of professionalism, it is advisable to synchronize their behavior and working style according to the organization they work in [...]

Take Control Over Your Career-Steer It Towards Success
The dream of success weighs heavily on our eyes as we wake up. Since the first day you stepped in the office, you looked longingly at the corner office with the grand view of the bustling city or at the office of the senior that asserts his position through the display of countless medals and plaques [...]

Finding Talented Employees, No More A Difficult Task
Recruitment of the right candidate for a position, especially at higher verticals, is one of the most challenging tasks. It’s just like finding a needle in the haystack. With growing population, the need for jobs is also increasing rapidly [...]

Why Online Job Portals Are Preferred
Development of the World Wide Web has played a major role in globalization, bringing the world closer. Now, getting information about something you do not know is just a click away. You can find your life partner, you can shop, and you can even find a job through internet [...]

How To Handle The Interview Stress
No matter what degree you hold, how skilled you are, and what experience you hold, the very thought of facing an interview leads to goose bumps. To think about sitting in front of the interview panel causes stress to many people and it can be nerve-wrecking for them. Here we provide certain tips to face the interview confidently [...]

Healthy Professional Relationship As A Booster To Your Career Growth
Professional growth is not just about taking big career steps, be it financially or position wise. At the end, the contacts you make while being in a career position also count. The professional contacts which prove beneficial in the long run are like the assets to cherish for life [...]


Take Control Over Your Career-Steer It Towards Success

The dream of success weighs heavily on our eyes as we wake up. Since the first day you stepped in the office, you looked longingly at the corner office with the grand view of the bustling city or at the office of the senior that asserts his position through the display of countless medals and plaques. All that you need is the time and opportunity to reveal these hidden qualities and climb the ladder to success.

This would be the right time to remind you that nowadays job opportunities  rarely knock doors. Instead you have to grasp at straws and turn them into potential opportunities. For this, you have to sit back and introspect. Where do you see yourself in 5 years or in 10 years? If you are in the sales team, do you want to continue there or move to another department like administration or finance? Do not restrict yourself from aiming high. Now that you have established the upper echelon, you have to work out the path to reaching it.

The next step would be to work out a time line. According to your present position in the company, chart out a schedule spanning years taking into account the experience and position that you would have acquired by then.

After you have made a structure of the plan, it should be followed an assessment of the skills that you possess. These skills will portray how well prepared you are in making your dreams a reality. Write down the skills and areas of expertise you have gathered so far. Polish these skills so that you are proficient in them. Concentrate on the areas where you feel you need to equip yourself better. Use the trainings offered by the company to the fullest. This will help create a good impression on your seniors.

As far as career is concerned it pays to be proactive and motivated. A dream is real as long as one is asleep to make it real it requires hard work, determination and planning.

How To Be Indispensable At The Workplace

Getting a job and securing it are two different things and people need to make sincere efforts to maintain their position. Getting a job is just the beginning of the journey as an employee and the path to success in the job needs consistency, perseverance, and determination to get ahead. But no matter how hard you work, there will always be people around you who are doing the same efforts and it is there that you have to outshine them. For this, taking new challenges as an opportunity and facing them successfully can make you go a long way in your career. To do this, a few things that you need to emphasize upon are:

Motivation: Motivation inspires people to give their best and is the escalator which carries people to their set goals. A self-motivated employee is preferred by any organization. Motivated people also make the atmosphere around them positive and inspirational.

Time-management: For giving more productivity at work along with quality, people need to manage their time well. To manage the time, you’ll need to set time for different works according to the priorities. When people manage their time well, they don’t have to hurry for anything, work targets are finished in time, and the stress reduces as well.

Team-spirit: Team-spirit is must to become indispensable in the team and the company. The spirit of working in a team and sharing of ideas and information benefits the overall performance of the company. So an employee, who can successfully work in a team and also lead it, is no doubt very important for the employer.

Passion and high aspiration: One needs to feel passionate for the work. Without passion one cannot give the best. Doing a job just for the sake of doing it, makes the work responsibilities mundane and tiring. You need to set high aspirations, and then dedicate yourself to the work passionately.

A company looks for those employees who enjoy the work they do, show determination for the task, and work for the goals of the company and not just for the sake of salary. Employees who show the above qualities at the workplace can surely secure their position for a long time.

Changing Careers, A Premeditated Decision

The current times is witness to burgeoning career opportunities mushrooming in different sectors. This has resulted in the trend of job-hopping, especially in corporate sector due to varied reasons. These reasons may range from want a change in job profile to losing interest in the present job to aspiration of a better salary.

Plan Of Action

However, a total career change demands more than planning a valedictory leaving speech and entails various aspects like research, networking and training or voluntary work experience. Taking into account these aspects provides you with the opportunity to check out the greener grass of the other side and also proves beneficial for your career. The first and foremost that needs to be taken into account is to have a concrete plan. Probably one of the biggest mistakes people make is to not have goals written down with clearly measurable ways of attaining those goals.

Some of the following points can be taken as successful tips for effectively changing careers-

  • Area Of Interest- One needs to first assess their likes and dislikes. People often change careers because they dislike their job, their boss, their company etc. Therefore identifying the areas of dislike is highly significant as it shows the path in which you want to direct your career.
  • Research New Careers- Once you have identified the area of interest, the next step is towards researching new careers that match with your liking. Extensive research to find the right occupation for a change in career is really important.
  • Education And Training- Gaining more skills in terms of further training and education can help you in changing career. Often an aspired job-profile or salary is attained only after gaining certain degree of knowledge and clearing certain examinations.
  • Networking- Another important aspect in affecting a career change is extensive networking. One of the significant keys to successfully changing careers rests on networking abilities. This often results you in attaining job leads and so on.
  • Flexibility And Positive Attitude- Finally, you need to adopt a flexible attitude with regards to your change in career. Flexibility in all areas ranging from employment status to relocation and salary is necessary. Positive goals should be set for one but at the same time setbacks and unwarranted changes should also be taken into stride.

Therefore, taking into consideration the above mentioned suggestions can help you achieve a smooth transition in career and also prosper with the career change.

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Myths About Choosing The Right Career

Are you confused about which career to choose? Are your parents pressurizing you to become an engineer but your heart is just not in it? Do not jump into a career without thinking through all the options available to you. In this article you will find not one but many myths about choosing a career and we will follow them up with certain tips to help you choose the right one.

  • It Is Easy To Choose A Career- If you think choosing a career is a simple task, then think again. There cannot be anything as difficult and complex as choosing the right career. First ask yourself what you are most likely to excel in and then choose the option that arouses your interest.
  • Career Counselor Will Help You Choose Your Career- A career counselor will not tell you what career you should choose. He will simply guide you and will give advice on your decision once you have made up your mind.
  • I Should Only Choose The Most Popular Career- If people around you are opting to become doctors or engineers, it does not mean you also have to follow in their footsteps. You should do something that satisfies you in the long run. Do not just choose a career that may be the perfect one for someone else but which will prove to be a disastrous choice for you.
  • A Career Once Chosen Cannot Be Changed- If you think that once you have chosen a career you will be stuck in it forever, then you cannot be more wrong. If you are not able to settle into your chosen career, you can always opt out of it and choose a new career.
  • Changing Careers Will Waste Your Time And Skills- Even if you are changing your career and require new skills for the next one, don’t think your previous skills have gone to waste. Your skills are yours to keep. Nobody can take them away from you. And talking of time, you did not waste your time in your previous career. You just gained some extra knowledge.
  • Making Money Will Make You Happy- If you want to choose a career keeping the money aspect in mind, then you may be disappointed later by a great degree. You may be able to earn a lot of money indefinitely, but the career may not be satisfying. It will drain you of any creativity or enthusiasm you had and will leave you frustrated.

After reading the above mentioned points, we are sure you must be pretty clear about the process of career planning. So, the bottom line is that- don’t choose a career which everybody will appreciate, choose a career that will appreciate and utilize your skills and knowledge.

Deciding Suitable Career After Graduation

If being a graduate, you are wondering that which kind of job you are actually looking for or which kind of job will actually suit you, then there is no need to worry about. In this write-up, you can simply get to know the best ways by which you can actually decide that what would be the best career option for you. So, how to start? Firstly, you must be actually interested in doing a job that can satisfy you and not just end up in boring you. Read ahead to know that how can you decide that which would be the best job profile for you.

  • Consider Your Degree
    Start your hunt from your degree. If you have a BJMC degree, then obviously you won’t be looking for jobs in bank or management, instead you would be interested in doing something related to media field. Your degree offers you a lot of flexibility. You get to know about the options that are still opened for you with the degree that you have. Suppose, you have a degree of BJMC but you are interested in doing banking, then you can first pursue post graduation in the particular domain and then lookout for job opportunities. Many a times, recruiters don’t look for degrees rather they look for the potential a candidate possess. You can even take up an extra course in the domain, which you are interested.
  • Analyze Your Weaknesses And Strength
    It’s time when you should understand that what interests you and what you can’t even think about doing. Make a list of the subjects in which you always used to score high and the ones in which you normally scored low. Then, think whether you can work in a corporate house and can act to instruction of your team leader. Whether you can enjoy teamwork or working from home would suit you much. Also, think whether you are creative or not? Analyze what skills do you possess?
  • Identify Your Career Drivers
    Do keep in mind the vital factors that are essential for making your career in particular firm a lasting one. These factors constitute time factor, money, work environment, location and status.
  • Research
    If you have no clue about what you are interested in doing, then just surf through the net, newspaper, TV and lookout for various job opportunities. Browse through a library and check out the books of the subjects that you are willing to form a future in. talk to your friends and relatives. Go for an interview and experience it first. And then only you can decide.

So, after reading this write-sup, you must have got an idea of where and how you can start. Don’t just blindly follow what others say or your friends do. Give yourself a reality check and then see, what you actually want for yourself.

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Soft Skills And Their Importance In Your Career

There are two types of skills that an individual possesses- Hard Skills and Soft Skills. Hard skills are generally those special abilities and skills, which can be taught and are tangible. These skills can be measured and defined. Hard Skills would include typing, writing, calculating reading, the ability to use software programs and speaking a foreign language. Hard Skills can be taught to anyone by expert training but soft skills, on the other hand, are inherent and cannot be taught. Soft Skills are those group of personality traits, soft skills complement hard skills and they are both important for a successful career. Some of the most essential soft skills include:

  • Socializing
  • Teaching others
  • Motivating others
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Active listening and participating
  • Empathic communication
  • Foresee situations
  • Self-awareness
  • Proactive attitude

In some organizations, more emphasis is laid on the soft skills rather than hard skills or occupational skills. As occupational skills have to be taught, they do not contribute much to the growth of a business. Soft skills are inherent and more effective as they contribute to the emotional well-being of a company’s employees, which can lead to the growth of the company. Soft skills in an employee are very beneficial to both the individual employee and the organization. Let us discuss the various benefits of soft skills, both in terms of employees and organization.

Individual Benefits

  • Appreciation from industry, employer and colleagues
  • New employment opportunities
  • Lifelong credentials
  • Increased responsibilities
  • Promotions and appraisals
  • Renewed ability to perform on the job

Company Benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Employees will be more productive
  • Strong teams and leadership
  • Improved relations with customers
  • Dedication to customer service
  • Improved results and growth of the company

As Soft skills help in the overall growth of an organization as well the employees, it is essential to hire people in whom soft skills are prominent as they are inherent and cannot be taught.

Tips for a Career Change

You might have hoped to climb the ladder of success in your career, but you realized soon that the profession you had chosen is not of your interest or perhaps you began loosing your interest. So, how do you deal with situation like these? Enlisted below are certain guidelines, which would be beneficial if you ever plan to go for a career change:

  • Many people make a decision to change their career due to some or the other reason. So, it’s important to realize what made you change your decision. Identify your likes, dislikes and then plan on which career or field excites you more.
  • Once you have identified your likes and dislikes, take some time out to research on different careers that would interest you. Next, apply the skills that you possess like ability to communicate well, leadership quality into your new career too.
  • If possible take training or join some course to sharpen your skills and broaden your knowledge on the chosen field.
  • Another important factor to a successful career is your networking ability. People in your network could provide you with information about a particular organization, about the work set-up and environment. He/she may introduce you to other people who could help and guide you in your career, which further could help to expand your network. So, it’s important to maintain good contacts with everyone you come across.
  • Experience always counts. So,if you have chosen an entirely different field, don’t hesitate to do an internship or a part time part job, if required. It will definitely help you to gain experience in your field.
  • Once you are sure in which field you wish to make you career, next step is to start hunting for a job. You can float in your resumes in various companies online by visiting their website or by just contacting them.
  • Since, you have given entirely a new direction to your career, be flexible in terms of salary or your job position. Don’t let yourself get affected by some trivial issues in the company.

Changing a career is one of the most important decisions of your life. So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind to excel in your new field.

Career Motivation Tips

Career motivation at an early stage of life is necessary for meeting the requirements of every profession. Years of experience are required for becoming a successful doctor, teacher, lawyer etc. as it will give you a firm grasp over your skills. Early age career motivation is necessary for children so that they can explore their possibilities in the professional front. The young minds shall be enlightened at an early stage of education for making them aware of the importance of career.

Here, we are mentioning some of the ideas that will help you in instilling career motivation among the students belonging to various age groups for excellent future perspectives on the professional front.

  • Understand the level of the students comprehending to their various professional choices.
  • See where their scopes are limited and search for areas of improvement.
  • Invite parents to be a part of your career motivation program and make them aware of their role in motivating their children.
  • Conduct professional lectures of the experienced people belonging to specific fields. They will share their experience and skills with the children.
  • Get your children exposed to the people having heart for education. Inculcate knowledge among the students for various types of professions in an interesting way.
  • Bring in professionals during practical subject lessons like for heath lesson bring a doctor, for math lesson bring an engineer etc.
  • Practical application of the subject they are learning in school offers positive impact on them about certain professions.
  • Arrange field trips to the work place of professionals like factories and hospitals.
  • Career motivation also helps children in working hard in the classroom, which opens for them new doors of possibilities in life.

If you keep these things in mind and emphasize on career motivation, you can open up the new world of success in professional front for your students.


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