Bank Jobs: A Promising Career Option

Bank Jobs: A Promising Career OptionAre you looking for a stable job? Do you want to work in a field that pays well, yields respect and provides additional benefits.

Banking Sector is the right place for you to apply! Banking sector is one of the most promising sectors for professionals. This sector offers a wide range of well-paid jobs. To get a job in the banking sector, you can either directly apply or take an IBPS test. Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) tests are conducted for recruitment, promotion, assessment, training and R&D. Here is a list of major banking profiles:

  • Bank Cashier: This profile is generally sales oriented and includes responsibilities like basic bank transactions, updating accounts, checking statements, cashing checks, etc. Bank cashiers are paid on a per hour basis generally.
  • Bank Clerks: Bank clerks handle various tasks like finances, accounts, administration and security. There are various bank clerks including account clerks, exchange clerks, interest clerks, loan clerks, security clerks and statement clerks. Intermediates or graduates are eligible for this position and they are offered a pay scale of 13k to 15k per month.
  • Bank PO (Probationary Officers): A bank PO is an officer grade employee of the bank who handles general banking that includes administration, loan management, handling consumer complaints etc. Generally, the eligibility criterion for Bank PO aspirants is Graduation in any discipline from a recognized University. The age slab to apply is 20-30 yrs. Average salary offered to bank Pos is 20k to 25k.
  • Bank Specialist/ Generalist Officers: There are various scales in this category of banking professionals.
  • Junior Management Scale I (Grade B) Generally no experience is required.
  • Middle Management Scale II (Grade – A) 2 yrs experience is required.
  • Middle Management Scale III (Grade – A) 5 or more years of experience is required.
  • Senior Management Scale IV – Grade – A) 10 to 15 years of experience is required.

Banking sector offers jobs for people from various qualification levels and promises good appraisals periodically. Apart from the stability that bank jobs cater, there are other additional benefits like easy loans, interest waivers, etc. to bank employees.

The Topmost Don’ts For Career Changers

Changing career is a life-altering decision for many and sometimes they have to take the plunge as their talents are not getting fully utilized. Or it may be that they are horribly bored with their present job and are facing a crisis regarding their skills or are totally exhausted.  Tough as it may be, a career change is crucial in such cases but here you should also exercise caution to avoid making the biggest mistake of your life. After reading this write-up, you will come to know about the major mistakes that career changers make and how to avoid them.

  1. Do Not Leap Without Doing Some Research First.
    The key to make a successful career change is to know exactly where you are going. Do not give in to impulses and temptations. Do a thorough research, ask your friends, read articles and industry news to know where you will stand after making the switch.
  2. Don’t Go With The Herd Mentality.
    Just because someone you know is doing good into the investment career does not mean that you will become a success overnight too. Ask your friends, colleagues, alumni, family, people from the same industry to get a better idea of what you’ll be getting into. Also, resist jumping into a lucrative field just because it sounds nice or others have told you so. They may prove to be a very bad fit for you later on.
  3. Don’t Let The Compensation Come In Between.
    Money should never be the deciding factor for you. If you can do the job with satisfaction, then growth is bound to happen and money will come in later.
  4. Don’t Expect Overnight Miracles.
    Expand your horizons to go beyond the available options but keep your expectations at the lowest. Making the transition will take time and there will be many challenges to be taken head-on. It may take at least 6 months to a year for changing.

At this stage, how you make the change entirely depends on you. So make the best use of your skills and be prepared to experience a new test everyday. Albeit with some experience that you already have, you will do much better.

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Career Help And Job In India

Nowadays if you are looking forward for grand job opportunities, you can find various methods for your assistance unlike the old days, when you had very limited options. Various job consultancies have been set up to help the people decide their career and get them the right kind of job they aspire to be in. These consultants are certified and they offer a large number of solutions for the job seekers. They help you in many ways like:

  • Solve the issues related to your career and educational qualifications.
  • Suggest the best alternatives or solutions for your plans regarding career and job
  • Provide training and brush up your personality, skills and knowledge for interview purpose or recruitment process.
  • Job consultants work for a number of small, medium or large scale Indian companies to provide them the suitable candidates for their job openings.
  • Offer various job openings to the job seekers depending upon their choice and requirements.
  • Not only this, after successfully placing you at the right post, they constantly keep in touch with you to listen to your complaints and experience.

With the flourishing Indian industry and corporate sector the job opportunities have also increased to a great extent. If you are looking for a job then you can rely upon the professional services of any of the reliable job portals. These portals keep in touch with the various companies and job seekers and thus act as a perfect platform for them to meet and fulfil their respective requirements.


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