Jobs Available to Accounting Graduates

Jobs-Available-to-Accounting-Graduates-PIClearing the CPA Exam alongside earning a graduate degree opens a variety of employment options to people seeking to make a career in the field of accounting.

Different Types Of Accounting Jobs

Certified Public Accountant (CPA): Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) can practice publically. They render their services to individuals, government and business firms and work usually in partnerships. One needs to pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination for this position. Their Job responsibilities comprise:

  • Management Advisory Services
  • Filing taxes
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Auditing

To avail better prospects, continuous tests and other requirements at the state level are necessary. Work experience counts a lot in this field

  • Forensic Accountant: As part of a much larger venture, an Accountant can help in uncovering financial frauds by conducting transactions that can prove the case of misdealing especially with Elderly people. The objectives are achieved with the help of lawyers and legal procedures. Their remuneration is similar to that of an accountant.
  • Auditor: An Auditor follows the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in the process of studying financial statements. They cross-check information and search for errors and frauds, if any. They work either for audit and accounting firms or within the Audit Departments of large organizations.
  • Personal Financial Planner: Personal Financial Planner is one who provides personal guidance to people on financial matters relating to insurance and investment.
  • Cost Accountant: A Cost Accountant provides the information on costs to the company in order that managers may formulate proper strategies and see how far the company has progressed towards its goals. It can be quite difficult to estimate product costs for complex tasks such as automotive manufacturing.
  • Controller: A Controller supervises reporting, payroll, accounting procedures, accounts receivable and accounts payable. He can be classified as a Financial Manager.
  • Budget Analyst: A Budget Analyst’s task is to supervise and report a company’s financial budget. Their job includes:
    • monitoring company’s expenditures
    • reviewing budget proposals
    • recommending regarding company budgets

The opportunity for growth in the accounting sector jobs is immense and it offers a good variety of jobs with great prospects.

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Skills & Education Needed for Accounting
Accounting has many career positions on the offer for the people who really are interested and look ahead to make a great career in it. It is wonderful to know about the positions accounting has which are tax accountants, auditors, managerial accountants, public accountants and budget analysts.[...]

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Skills & Education Needed for Accounting

Accounting has many career positions on the offer for the people who really are interested and look ahead to make a great career in it. It is wonderful to know about the positions accounting has which are tax accountants, auditors, managerial accountants, public accountants and budget analysts.

The ever increasing businesses and companies that demand accounting on a wider scale are contributing greatly to the growth of accounting jobs. There are certain certifications and qualifications that accountants have and which prove to be helpful in their success in the field.

Job Obligation

Accountants do the job of maintaining and running the records of a company in a proper way. They see if all the taxes are paid well in time and that business is running right as per the standard rules and regulations. The duty may differ according to the job position and company. The accounting job can include:

  • Designing in-house accounting as well as data-processing system
  • Some accountants also work as consultants or handle organization’s accounting process

Necessary Skills

There are specific skills of analytical abilities and a good knowledge of mathematics that go with the accounting jobs. You should have an ability to compare facts faster and ability to interpret. You need to have a good hand at communication to be able to explain the results to the colleagues and other departments. Computer skills hold an utmost importance and so does the knowledge of business system. Last but not the least, you should have a sense of all the business ethics.


The need of proper qualifications is emphasized at every step. Job positions applied for decide the educational requirements. There has to a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a similar field. You may come across some employers who have special demands like a Master’s Degree in accounting or an MBA in finance etc.


There are different certifications meant for the accounting careers. These certifications are offered by various reputed institutes. There are certain parameters of qualifications and experience required in order to obtain these certifications.

Accounting offers different attractive career options which not only enhances the skills of an individual but also help in an over all growth. It is a reputable field and promises to be a great avenue for building your career.


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