A Good Social Network Profile To Get A Job Easily

Social media is not only a means to connect with friends or family anymore. It is slowly becoming an effective job search tool. Networking is a great way of finding jobs and opportunities but social media takes it to next level. Social network profiles are not only used by job seekers but also by potential employers throughout the hiring process to scan the background of the candidates. This article gives you useful tips to help manage and keep your social media profile updated to increase your chances of getting hired.

Complete Your Profile
Media profile page is the first thing that a potential employer will see. Make sure to use a professional profile picture and include all the relevant information about you such as academic past and previous work experience. It is important to share the right balance of professional and personal to make online influence.

Delete Inappropriate Posts, Pictures And Comments
Start the cleanup process by deleting religious, political or sexual content from your social media profile. Make sure your social network profile remains as private as possible. You can limit access to your profile by changing the social media settings. Appropriate yet interesting words can make your profile perfect for job hunt.

Remove Connections With People Who Can Make You Look Bad
Friends and acquaintances on your network can positively or negatively affect your social media profile. The best option is to ‘unfriend’ the people who can hamper your image in the eyes of potential employers. Don’t hesitate to remove connections that do nothing to improve your social media identity.

Network And Engage
The best way to find new job opportunities is to meet new people and build relationships with them. Social media offers an easy way to meet new people and interact with them through comments, likes and shares. You never know when you could meet someone that can help you find a great job. Like and follow the companies you are interested in and join the conversations. It will show you are knowledgeable about the subject that can make a good impression on the potential employers.

Another great way to strengthen your professional network is to create your own Blog. Write about strong social issues, share your opinion, start discussion with other people in the field, demonstrate your knowledge and establish yourself as an expert. Blogs can help you grow, manage and improve your professional online presence.

Think Before You Post
Remember, always think before you post. Potential employers use social media website as an efficient tool to take a better look at your character. Refrain from giving them something that can potentially harm you professional image. Read and review everything before posting so you don’t have to worry about deleting or hiding them later.

Things to Consider Before Relocating For A Job

The decision to relocate is a big one & can have serious repercussions on your career if taken lightly. Moving from one place to another is quite a stressful experience and requires careful planning and thought. It requires adjustment and compromise not just on the employee’s part but also by his family. Most people move in search of better job opportunities; to ensure that this move does not turn out to be detrimental for you in the long run, it is important to consider the important points given below.

Question 1 – Is The Employer Reliable?
Is your job secure? This is an important question to ask as all your efforts and hard work would go down the drain if after a few months of working at the new location, you find out that your employers have terminated you. Not just your efforts, all the little and big expenses involved in relocating would also amount to nothing.

Question2 – What Kind Of Job Opportunities Exist In The New City?
This question is relevant in case the scenario hypothesized in the previous point becomes a reality. Since it is always ‘better to be safe than sorry’, you should be prepared for contingencies and have a Plan B ready. Once you have analyzed the job market in the new location & established that there are considerable job opportunities for someone in your position, you can move on to thinking about other relevant considerations.

Question 3 – What Kind Of A Neighbourhood Are You Moving Into?
This is another important question to ask regardless of whether you are moving with your family or alone. If you have kids in the family, make sure there are good schools, parks, hospitals, etc. within reach. Even if you are moving alone, there would be free time on your hands when you will need to socialize, go out and have fun. Make sure that the community you are moving into is a good one and suits your lifestyle.

Question 4 – How Much Of the Total Costs Will Your Employer Cover?
Relocating involves considerable costs right from payments made to the movers, to paying the taxes and rental deposits for your new house, etc. have a talk with your employers and determine how much of the costs will be covered by them. It is important to ensure that your employers will cover a significant portion of the costs to save yourself from unnecessary burden.

Once you have an answer to all these questions, you can successfully determine whether you should relocate or not.

How To Recruit Graduates?

Most of the organizations generally prefer to benefit from the talent and enthusiasm of freshers, just graduated job seekers. The idea behind recruiting the freshers is generally the fact that they cost relatively lesser to the company and can be molded rather easily to the company’s working culture. However, recruiting graduates is not that easy as may appear to many out there. The organizations have to conduct campus recruitment interviews at colleges and universities. The entire process has to be carefully completed so as to come up with better recruitment results.

How To Recruit Graduates?
Following aspects have to be taken into account in order to hire a potential graduate:

  • Analyzing The Job Profiles: Prior to deciding whom to attract and choose, it is wise to be very clear about the requirements of a particular profile. By analyzing the available job profiles, it becomes easier for the organizations to seek out for Recruit Graduates with particular set of qualification and skills.
  • Internal Or External Staffing: Both these kinds of staffing solutions have their respective benefits. For instance, the organization is likely to be more familiar with the capabilities of the candidates recruited through internal sources. Also, because of their acquaintance with the existing e they would adjust quickly to the work culture. Besides, the selection process would become rather easier and quicker with internal staffing. Talking about the external staffing, it is the best way to come across candidates with diverse set of knowledge and capabilities. However, organizations would have to put in extra efforts such as conducting campus and university recruitment programs in order to select the most relevant candidates.
  • Sources Of Recruitment: Organizations can choose various means to recruit graduates. For instance, they can post advertisements in newspapers, magazines and even on online recruitment portals.

The Traits Desired In A Potential Graduate:
Below-mentioned are some of the essential traits that an organization should look for in a potential graduate:

  • Well Educated – The candidate must hold at least one degree (in any discipline) from a reputed university. Good percentile would add to the candidate’s chances of getting selected.
  • Ambitious – An ambitious candidate is a great advantage to organization. The organization must choose the candidate who has a proven track record of achievements and success in academics or extracurricular activities.
  • Sociable – The candidate should be sociable enough to work well in a team.
  • Hard Working – Last but not least, the candidate should have the ability to recognize opportunities and work hard to transform them in achievements.

If above-mentioned points are considered, the organization is sire to Recruit Right Graduates for specific job profiles.

Different Types Of Work-From-Home Online Jobs

In recent years, there has been a spurt in Work-From-Home Online Jobs options & in some countries like USA the practice has become quite common. In India too, the trend is catching up among people. There are several benefits of working from home for employees which are responsible for the rising popularity of this option. Some of these benefits include less expenditure (in terms of commuting costs), less wastage of time (in commuting), less stress, flexibility in choosing work timings and work environment, proximity to family, etc.

Today, technological advancements have created a new spectrum of Work-From-Home Online Jobs which are as popular as their traditional counterparts. Many different kinds of job profiles are included in the spectrum of work-from-home online options, some of which are discussed below.

Different Types Of Work-From-Home Online Jobs

  • Freelance Writer – People who have an inclination towards creative writing can opt for Work-From-Home Online Jobs. With internet marketing at an all time, more and more companies are clamouring to establish an online presence. To attract the largest pool of potential buyers, they resort to myriad SEO strategies, out of which article marketing is a prominent one. There is a steady demand in the market for freelance writers
  • Data Entry – These kinds of jobs are among the popular types of Work-From-Home Online Jobs. Even a person with working knowledge of computers can handle such jobs and earn some easy money. Such jobs usually include filling forms online, converting files from one format to another (PDF to Word, etc.)
  • Translator – Such kinds of Work-From-Home Online Jobs require people who have proficiency in at least two languages i.e. the language in which the text is assigned to them & the language to which it is to be converted. There is usually a deadline before which the part time worker is supposed to submit the completed work.
  • Online Teaching – Virtual Classrooms are a big hit in foreign countries. In India too, the concept is being explored. Here the students get in touch with subject experts over the Internet and clear their doubts and problems regarding any particular subject. Another similar job profile includes that of an online proof reader. Here, the proof reader is sent files which may contain grammatical and typing errors which he/she needs to edit.

These are some examples of Work-From-Home Online Jobs which are becoming very popular among job seekers.

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How To Find Real Engineering Jobs
A ‘Real Job’ is the one which is stimulating, fulfilling, and challenging. A job which helps in acquiring solid skills, possess new challenges, pays well, and ensures stability and security can be called a Real Job. Unfortunately, Real Jobs are getting very rare these days, especially for the engineering graduates [...]

IT Industry – Reaching New Heights
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Job Opportunities In Dubai
Due to the favorable government policies and a high standard of living, many leading companies of the world have established themselves in Dubai. This has opened up a large number of excellent career opportunities in various fields like telecommunication, construction, oil and gas, information technology and many more [...]

Opportunities in Travel and Hospitality Industry
With tourism reaching new heights, the Travel and Hospitality Industry offers wide range of opportunities to the graduates. Having diversified fields, this industry provides career platform across different positions like travel and tourism, lodging, cruise ships, gaming, restaurants, and management [...]

Opportunities in Travel and Hospitality Industry

Job Opportunities In DubaiWith tourism reaching new heights, the Travel and Hospitality Industry offers wide range of opportunities to the graduates. Having diversified fields, this industry provides career platform across different positions like travel and tourism, lodging, cruise ships, gaming, restaurants, and management. People working in this industry contribute much to people’s life today.  For those who like to travel and communicate with people, this industry is perfect to work in.

Regional tourist offices, food chains and hotels offer a lot of jobs to graduates. Online travel agencies hire graduates from travel and hospitality industry. Hospitality sector has much to offer to people having a degree in travel and tourism. Jobs in this industry are considered the best as there are rich prospects of on-job training for freshers as well as optimistic professionals.

Opportunities in this sector include:

  • Transport Services
  • Restaurant Management
  • Club Management
  • Accommodation
  • Travel Agencies
  • Sport and Recreation Services
  • Food and Drink Services

Because of its widespread nature, it offers varied postings. There are a lot of options to choose from but mainly the sector includes these two paths:

  •  Operations: This includes front desk management, guest services and housekeeping.
  • Food and Beverage: This includes services in restaurants, banquets, catering and event management.

All what you require is:

  • A degree in Travel and Tourism
  • Good Personality Skills
  • Good Interpersonal Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Strong Presence of Mind

With a boom in this industry, the demand for manpower has increased. Although, it is an unpredictable sector, it is the world’s largest industry. While the Industry plays an important role in affecting the overall economy, salary offered is also high as compared to other industries. Reputed brands pay higher salaries. In India, the beginners are offered from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month.

Customer service is the key focus of this industry. People working in this industry just need to make sure that they meet the expectations of their customers. This Industry not only offers job opportunities to people, but also makes them learn a lot. Growth and experience are what people gain while working in this industry.

Job Opportunities In Dubai

Job Opportunities In DubaiDubai is undoubtedly one of the most developed and the fastest growing economies in the world.
Due to the favorable government policies and a high standard of living, many leading companies of the world have established themselves in Dubai. This has opened up a large number of excellent career opportunities in various fields like telecommunication, construction, oil and gas, information technology and many more. The reason that Dubai provides a range of quality jobs with a possibility of higher salaries has made it a desirable option for the employment seekers who want to work and settle abroad.

The following factors have contributed to an influx of professionals wanting to work in Dubai-

  • Pay Scale
    The salaries offered in Dubai emirate are higher as Dubai is a tax free country. There are no deductions made to the salary of the employees, thereby increasing their personal income. Many people choose to invest their extra income in properties as the country has recently allowed foreigners to purchase the property in Dubai.
  • Better opportunities
    Dubai offers a variety of job opportunities, especially for expats, in almost all the fields. The increasing number of job vacancies has led to a fierce competition between the companies to get the best human resources. This is extremely favorable for the professionals as they lucrative choices to get high ranking jobs with better benefits.
  • Career Boost
    Working experience in Dubai provides valuable skills to the employees to fast track their career development. Professional working environment, modern and comfortable offices, organized public transport system and the provision of residence are some of the desirable facilities that the multi-national companies offer in Dubai.
  • High Living Standard
    Dubai is considered as one of the most comfortable places to live in the Gulf Region. Its western lifestyle, great leisure activities, lower crime rate and tolerance to all the religions has contributed to its rapidly growing popularity among employees, families and industries alike. The climate is also warm and pleasant, making it an attractive tourist place too.

If you are looking for an excitement injection to boost your career, Dubai is the right place. Go ahead and explore the world of opportunities waiting for you!


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