Jobs You Can Apply For After MBA

Today, everyone out there is studying to become an MBA (Master of Business Administration). And why not, this degree is one of the well-known and most extensively recognized post graduate degrees. The professional degree enables you to work in business and management. With MBA degree in hand, you become eligible for a number of managerial positions in not just one or two, but a whole lot of industries. Here is a brief account:

  • Product Or Brand Manager: - To become a brand manager in a reputable organization, you need to have MBA degree. You would be required to focus on the product and its marketing expansion strategies while ensuring that the production flow is efficient and timely.
  • Investment Manager: – This sector involves low risk and high rewards. As investment manager, you would be required to assist the managing director or the owner of an organization in making investment and obtaining the required finances for the same.
  • Managers in Media & Entertainment: - Lucrative job options are there for MBAs in media and entertainment industry. You necessarily need not to have vast experience, but must be smart and dedicated to come up with the best decision at the right time. In this industry, you might get to work with the leading companies including the likes of Time Warner, UTV Motion Pictures, Sony, Viacom and several other mass media companies.
  • Venture Capitalist: - As venture capitalist, you might be facing high-risk situations, but the returns are equally high. To be a Venture Capitalist, you are expected to have your MBA degree in finance and economics.
  • Real Estate MBAs: - Realty sector involves leasing, selling, buying, and financing property. You would be expected to have in-depth knowledge of the current real estate trends and must be enthusiastic to work in domains such as investment finance, corporate finance, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned job options, after having the MBA degree, you can look for several other career opportunities in the fields such as operations management, international business management, human resource management, strategic management, organizational communication and many more.

Tips For Making Your Work-From-Home Job A Success

Tips To Improve Work PerformanceToday the work-from-home jobs have become quite popular among professionals who are looking to break away from the chains of the nine-to-five working schedule. There are many factors that have contributed to the popularity of the work-from-home solutions. For women professionals who are on maternity leave or otherwise seek a flexible working schedule to balance their personal & professional lives, these work-from-home jobs have proved to be a blessing.

Other people who have benefited from the popularity of work-from-jobs include physically challenged people and those who reside in remote areas. Many people think of home based jobs as cakewalk, but this is just a misconception. Mentioned below are some tips to ensure the success of your home based job or business.

Tips For Making Your Work-From-Home Job A Success

  • Choose A Suitable Job: Depending upon what your forte is, whether it is writing or convincing people, or typing, etc., you may choose the best work-from-home job suited for yourself. Some options include data entry, freelance writer, medical transcription, and so on.
  • Make a Schedule – This is one of the first things to do when you initially start with any work-from-home job. Once you make a schedule, ensure that you stick to it, no matter what.
  • Learn to Multitask – This is an important skill to learn as it will help you save precious time. Rather than doing a single task at a time, it is smarter to juggle a few tasks so that they get done simultaneously. But remember, not to overdo it or it could backfire and you may commit a mistake.
  • Clear Out A Separate Space for Office Work: This is very important as it will ensure a more professional approach towards the work. Remember to keep your professional and personal commitments separate.

Before signing up for any work-from-home job, it is very important to ensure that it is not a scam. As per recent research, it was found that home-based job scams were listed among the top ten common internet scams. Once you have established that the company you are about to work with is a genuine one, you can follow the tips mentioned above to make your work-from-job a success.

Why Bad Reviews Are Not Always So Bad

If you were to ask this question – Why bad reviews are bad for business? – to people, 9 out of 10 of them would be sure to express surprise as to why this question was asked at all. After all, everybody knows that bad reviews can damage the reputation of any business and cause the potential customers to turn to other alternatives. Though this is true to an extent, there are many good things about bad reviews too.

Why Bad Reviews Are Not Always So Bad
Contrary to popular opinion, Negative reviews can be treated as a learning experience and an opportunity to improve the problem areas in your business. By handling bad reviews in a positive manner, a business can earn a good reputation for offering excellent customer service. Specifically speaking, some of the positive points about negative reviews are mentioned below:

  • Only Good Reviews Raise Suspicion About The Business Everyone knows that a product or service cannot please everybody. One or the other person always tends to complain. This is why people do not trust businesses, which only have positive reviews from clients. Therefore, it would be right to say that some negative reviews with a host of positive ones help in establishing the credibility of a business.
  • Handling The Bad Reviews Efficiently Can Help You Win New Customers - A successful business is one that never leaves out any opportunity to attract new customers. Bad Reviews offer an excellent opportunity to businesses to turn around disgruntled customers and transform them into loyal ones. All you need to do is offer them excellent post sale services. In fact, as per recent research, it was found that 18% of customers who got a good response from a brand went on to become repeat customers. Not only this, as much as 91% of customers recommend a brand to others in their peer group if they received excellent customer service.
  • They Offer An Opportunity To Do Damage Control Before It’s Too Late – By analysing the negative reviews of customers, a business can get a fair idea about the aspects that are attracting criticism. Thus, it can take timely action to fix the problems and ensure that these do not snowball into a disaster.

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