Tips For Avoiding Work At Home Scams

Tips-For-Avoiding-Work-At-Home-Scams-PIMany of us really get excited on the prospects of working at home and making money.  Indeed there is a valid point in that. But the frequency with which we hear about Work At Home Scams certainly raises certain doubts in our mind. Temptations are high when we come across those alluring advertisements of earning from within our homes but we must be able to smell the rat. Following tips will help you identify when there is something fishy.

Tips For Avoiding Work At Home Scams

  • If in a work at home ad, a company demands you to pay in the name of providing booklets, kits, memberships in cooperative association or for anything else, it is strong signal that something is out of order. The logic is simple; it is you who is going to work and you should be paid rather you paying the company.
  • Don’t be deceived by promises of extraordinarily high salary unless there are sound logical reasons to believe them. All that glitters is not gold and such offers are generally too good to be true.
  • You must do your homework by gathering as much information about the company as you can. You must enquire on certain aspects such as what is exact nature of job you will be assigned, who will be paying you, will you be paid on commission, will there be any expenses on your part, etc. You can go a step ahead and contact the competent authority to know if in the past there has been any complaint against the company.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. Keeping all these aspects in mind, you can make sure that you do not fall in the trap set by certain notorious entities to make quick bucks.  Such fraudsters make money with the help of bulk advertising and run away before any legal action can be taken. There needs to be awareness and in case you have ever been duped in such manner, it is better to break silence and, complain against such wrongdoings.


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What Are The Factors That Negatively Affect Performance At The Workplace

Employees are considered as the major strength of an organization. The way they think and the things that they go through affect their performance at the workplace. Nevertheless, employer expects the employees to perform well and this is what they are after all paid for. But at the same time, the employers must try to find and eradicate the factors that negatively affect the performance of their employees.

The Work Environment:
Many of the employers might consider the environment of the workplace okay, but at times too hot, too cold, inadequately ventilated or poorly lit work area can affect the performance of the employees unexpectedly. Also, employees often fail to perform up to their potential when the devices at the workplace persistently break down, the software is outdated, or computers are relatively slow. These factors make the personnel feel undervalued and consequently, they can’t work productively. It must be ensured by the employers that the investment in maintaining atmosphere as well as creating infrastructure at the office is thoughtfully up to the mark.

Problems Related To Co-Workers:
The mutual atmosphere at the workplace greatly affects the work performance of the employees. If the employees in the office talk less, are excessively competitive or have cold vibes for each other, the teamwork is bound to turn out as futile. On the other hand, studies have revealed that the companionship among the employees leads to better overall performance. Employers must ensure that there are no office gossips that not only waste a lot of time, but also create unconstructive working atmosphere.

Job Responsibilities And Skills:
Of course, every organization tries its best to recruit the employees who are best suited for the specified positions, but at times the right match is lacking. The talent and experience of the selected candidate might not be adequate or the way of his or her working does not go well with the beliefs and policies of the organization. Employers must avoid such situations and should have provision for complete training, assistance and appraisal to foster high performance among the employees.

Personal Problems:
To a large extent, the personal issues of the employees also have an effect on their performance at the workplace. The employers might not be able to do much in this aspect, but can always co-operate by giving some time to the employees to get out of the issues.

Factors affecting the performance of the employees at the workplace may vary and can be many. However, the collaborative efforts of employers and employees can be very effective to get over them.

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Does Dress Affect Productivity

Dress at workplace has always been a contentious issue, where organizations find it an important factor to form repute but employees are find it yet another rule imposed to be followed under pressure. In fact, corporate dressing plays an important role in setting status and also maintains a right kind of attitude and energy level amongst employees. External communication is an indispensable part of working of every organization, hence the importance of dressing or appropriate dressing can’t be ignored at all. Today characterization of Formal dressing is under phase of broad transformation.

What has influenced me to take this Issue to discuss on this platform? There are many answers to this question. First and foremost is to scrutinize the changes that are really occurring in corporate dressing. Organizations intensely dealing in domains like media, advertising, public relations etc., have been shored up the flexible culture of dressing, but scenario is changing now. They are realizing of value of entertaining clients in formal dresses so the round neck T shirts, Jeans with patches, Capris etc., are no more liked to be worn by sensible employees. Yet few of the organization haven’t been extrovert on this issue yet they desire to see their workforce in formals. Although, these organizations have not fixed rules for dressing but in meetings they are trying to edify their employees about desired dressing sense. The statements may not be straight, they might come as a tip-off, but its time for us to understand the implicit message.

Have you started imagining yourself in dull color full sleeves shirts with tie or a fitted three piece suit, relax, it is not that. Today definition of formal dressing has also been changed. All the dresses that look sensible and present you as professional (don’t divert your client’s attention from presentation/discussion) can be still placed in your office wears.

Comfort is incredibly important factor to be considered while selecting pieces for office wears yet that has to be considered as a whole not for self only. Connote is to mull over others’ point of view as well. Just ensuring that your selection will not distract others’ attention.

Coming to the core of the discussion, women may pick right from sarees, suits, trousers to business suits. Sad, that man have a smaller range yet they can select all decent color shirts, Collar T Shirts, Trousers etc.

I think that dressing well is an imperative tool to impress clients and show your sensibility to your boss.

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Recruiters act as the bridging gap between the candidate and the hiring company. It is the job of the recruiter to hunt for the candidates who fits like a lid to the air-tight jar to the hiring company [...]

An Effective Job Description For Hiring New Employees
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Positive Work, Positive Approach Towards Work Atmosphere

Job is not just about working mechanically for a given time period but it is a matter of working with full dedication, whatever you do. Only by adopting a positive mindset towards the job, one can cross the ladder and reach a position of recognition.

An Ideal Workplace: How It Can Be Realized
An ideal workplace is a working atmosphere where the ability of the employees to think out of the box is not curtailed. In a positive work atmosphere, there is a situation of healthy competition where every employee set a target for themselves and moves ahead by learning from the own and the other’s mistakes.

It is not always that professionals will get the atmosphere of their choice where everything is according to their expectations, but workplace is that playground of life where everyone is in a race with an intention to topple down the person ahead of them and move forward by crossing across others. In such a scenario, a lot depends upon the approach of the employees.

Positive Mindset: To Turn Impossible Into Possible
A positive mind set is reflected in how the employees interpret different events and how much they expect from others. When the employees set positive approach towards others and handle the adversities at the workplace with a positive approach the problems become very small. Learning from others in the workplace, who undertakes every challenge in good spirit, is a real booster and a source of motivation.

Those who accept failures with open heart and move ahead with a learning experience are sure to taste growth in life and will never stick in a situation of lack of direction and opportunities.

The approach of the seniors, peer groups and your attitude together build a positive work atmosphere which is the environment where the growth and success can be expected and actually realized.

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Healthy Professional Relationship As A Booster To Your Career Growth
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Healthy Professional Relationship As A Booster To Your Career Growth

Professional growth is not just about taking big career steps, be it financially or position wise. At the end, the contacts you make while being in a career position also count. The professional contacts which prove beneficial in the long run are like the assets to cherish for life.

At the beginning, the contacts made by you can shape the growth of your entire career. The smooth rise of your career trajectory depends on the allies you make in the training period. As the first impression is the last impression, similarly the first contacts can help you in your career leaps. The newbies in the job ought to adopt an open attitude. The willingness to learn is the spirit which the hiring companies look for. Good contacts with peers and supervisors can provide you with valuable guidance. The experience of the seniors surely drives you on the path of success.

Being open to advice and making new relationship does not mean that you put a false mask on your face. Applying the common sense and being selective in making professional network reduces the chance of getting fooled and exploited.

Rejuvenating Old Contacts For Further Networking
Once you have surpassed the initial career constraints and have established your feet in the field where you want to work, the need for networking increases. The old contacts need to be refreshed as they act as channels to new contacts. Admiration of people, who were there in building your career, proves fruitful in the long run. The old bonds are there as the base on which towering success story can be framed. Strengthening old contacts demand showing interest in the career trajectory of the people with whom you started the journey, and helping them in all possible ways.

Further Cultivating The Relationships
Along with maintaining old contacts, new bonds have to be formed. It calls for staying open to new and diverse ideas. When you respect the diverse views of your colleagues around you, you learn a lot. The attitude of sharing and helping your colleagues make you favorite among the peer professional group. Negative approach reflects badly on you, and hampers your future prospects. Networking through social media sites and other latest medium broadens your horizon.

Learn From Those Behind You In The Job Ladder
Never completely ignore the views of those who are less experienced than you. Support from all corners is necessary to excel in the career. The attitude of sharing and support with your juniors strengthens and furthers your chance of going up in the professional ladder.

To make a mark in your career, it is important that you come out of your shell and break the barricades of ego. Remember, to broaden your horizons, the hold of strong professional relationship is must.

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How To Be Indispensable At The Workplace

Getting a job and securing it are two different things and people need to make sincere efforts to maintain their position. Getting a job is just the beginning of the journey as an employee and the path to success in the job needs consistency, perseverance, and determination to get ahead. But no matter how hard you work, there will always be people around you who are doing the same efforts and it is there that you have to outshine them. For this, taking new challenges as an opportunity and facing them successfully can make you go a long way in your career. To do this, a few things that you need to emphasize upon are:

Motivation: Motivation inspires people to give their best and is the escalator which carries people to their set goals. A self-motivated employee is preferred by any organization. Motivated people also make the atmosphere around them positive and inspirational.

Time-management: For giving more productivity at work along with quality, people need to manage their time well. To manage the time, you’ll need to set time for different works according to the priorities. When people manage their time well, they don’t have to hurry for anything, work targets are finished in time, and the stress reduces as well.

Team-spirit: Team-spirit is must to become indispensable in the team and the company. The spirit of working in a team and sharing of ideas and information benefits the overall performance of the company. So an employee, who can successfully work in a team and also lead it, is no doubt very important for the employer.

Passion and high aspiration: One needs to feel passionate for the work. Without passion one cannot give the best. Doing a job just for the sake of doing it, makes the work responsibilities mundane and tiring. You need to set high aspirations, and then dedicate yourself to the work passionately.

A company looks for those employees who enjoy the work they do, show determination for the task, and work for the goals of the company and not just for the sake of salary. Employees who show the above qualities at the workplace can surely secure their position for a long time.

Procrastination – Causes And Solution

Firstly the question that pops into any mind is – What Is ‘Procrastination’? Procrastination is a process to postpone or delay anything needlessly. It is basically a thief of time.

Sometimes procrastination is all due to poor time management skills. If you do have a time management problem then it is quite simple to suggest that you need to pick up time management skills. But in case you have good time management skills and still procrastinate, then you actually need to take a look at the following causes of procrastination.

Giving Attention To What Others Think:
Are you too anxious about other’s opinion about your work? Do you feel this makes you uncomfortable and delays your work? If yes, then you need to take deep breath and relax yourself from this extra burden. Just give your 100% for accomplishing your task. Don’t care so much about others because if you continue doing the same, then the repercussions can be much worse.

Cognitive Distortions
In case you overestimate the time required for the task or think that you will be more motivated to do it in future then you will surely delay any task.

The lack of skills to manage the task at hand can be a big reason for delaying. If you are a procrastinator then you will surely take up the smallest and easiest tasks first while the important tasks are left out.

Introspect deep within and try to analyze the root cause of procrastination in your professional life. Ask yourself, is it a perception or is it real that I lack the skills to manage my work? If you truly lack the skill then training is an obvious option. Someone to show you the ropes will also help. Remember, change is a deliberate and continuing process that may consume some time initially but gives you a taste of success at last.

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Qualities To Impress Your Employer

In order to be successful in your career, it is important to understand your employer. What the employer wants from an employee is difficult to judge, as it depends upon different variables. The employer’s demand differs with the job profile and the field of work. But, there are some of the qualities which an employee must have for all types of job. These are the traits which the employers look for in new hires.

Learning Approach: Egoistic attitude can be dangerous for the employee and the company’s interest. Every job calls for some new approach which the employee needs to learn. The employee needs to be open to these new ideas and information. Especially the newbies in the office have plethora of things to learn, such as, scheduling the task, office etiquettes, sharing behavior with employees, and the work style.

Enthusiasm: Employees need to enjoy their work and work passionately to achieve their target and work in the company’s interest. The employees need to feel enthusiastic about their target and the company’s target. Only when the employees feel motivated can they give their best and work more productively.

Strong And Good Character: Credibility, commitment and compassion are some of the most valued traits. Employers look for employees who are sound in character and have a very inspiring & enthusiastic approach towards their colleagues.

Flexibility: In the present-age competitive work atmosphere, it is important that the employees adopt a flexible approach towards new changes and new circumstances. Rigid approach leads to a deadlock both in their career and the company’s culture. Furthermore, employees who come up with new thinking are in demand, as their new approach solves many of the problems.

Openness To Criticism: Those who are open to constructive criticism learn from their mistakes, and work upon them. It helps them to come out with a strong character and become a valued employee. Resistance to criticism hampers the development of both the employee and the company.

Employees who understand the mind of their employer and mould accordingly are sure to taste success in their career, and become indispensable in the workplace. The traits discussed here are ones that every employee mostly needs to inculcate as no on-the-job-training can endow them with these traits.


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