Qualities Of A Good Team Leader

Since whenever the concept of a group, herd or team has existed, the requirement of a leader or head has been there too. A leader or a head is an entity that holds the lead of the team and guides it through all the activities carried out by it. The selection of a leader of a team depends on the qualities displayed by a person, while functioning within a team and the abilities of the person to handle the team in a larger manner. There are certain qualities, which help anyone figure out who, or rather what should a team leader be.

Traits Of Effective Team Leadership

  • One of the most important aspects or requirements is to be competent at the kinds of tasks that are carried out in a team. If a person is not the best or one of the best at the activities carried out, he or she will hardly have the right to correct or reprimand other people when at fault.
  • When it comes to the leader of a team, it is very important that the person is able to keep the team working harmoniously together. The competence of a team and its efficiency depends on its ability to produce good work together, and a lot of this ability, depends on that of a leader of the team.
  • Some of the personal qualities required on the part of a leader are:

o    A good Team leader should have excellent communication skills and know how to put their thoughts across, in team, in order to get work done in a team
o    The ability to remain cool and composed in times of crisis and tension. This depicts the ability of the leader to handle the stress of the situation and the team
o    The ability to take responsibilities for one’s actions is very difficult, especially in case one’s job is on the lone. In such situations, a person who handles situations well, takes responsibilities and does not shirk can be called a good team leader.
o    When working in a team, even minor amounts of appreciation can do wonders to the team’s morale and motivations levels and increase the desire to give better results.
o    A good team leader should know how to praise as well criticize. This way, one not only feels like paying heed to the instructions of a leader, but the general atmosphere of the team remains good as well.

These are mere outlines of the requirements of an ideal team leader, but the presence of these, for starters, can always show signs of success as one.

Tips For Avoiding Work At Home Scams

Tips-For-Avoiding-Work-At-Home-Scams-PIMany of us really get excited on the prospects of working at home and making money.  Indeed there is a valid point in that. But the frequency with which we hear about Work At Home Scams certainly raises certain doubts in our mind. Temptations are high when we come across those alluring advertisements of earning from within our homes but we must be able to smell the rat. Following tips will help you identify when there is something fishy.

Tips For Avoiding Work At Home Scams

  • If in a work at home ad, a company demands you to pay in the name of providing booklets, kits, memberships in cooperative association or for anything else, it is strong signal that something is out of order. The logic is simple; it is you who is going to work and you should be paid rather you paying the company.
  • Don’t be deceived by promises of extraordinarily high salary unless there are sound logical reasons to believe them. All that glitters is not gold and such offers are generally too good to be true.
  • You must do your homework by gathering as much information about the company as you can. You must enquire on certain aspects such as what is exact nature of job you will be assigned, who will be paying you, will you be paid on commission, will there be any expenses on your part, etc. You can go a step ahead and contact the competent authority to know if in the past there has been any complaint against the company.

Remember, prevention is better than cure. Keeping all these aspects in mind, you can make sure that you do not fall in the trap set by certain notorious entities to make quick bucks.  Such fraudsters make money with the help of bulk advertising and run away before any legal action can be taken. There needs to be awareness and in case you have ever been duped in such manner, it is better to break silence and, complain against such wrongdoings.


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Does a 9 to 5 Job Keep Ticking Your Mind?

Do you find yourself caught in the web of daily work routine? If yes, then you need to take a pause and revise certain important things. It is not a right approach to treat each working day as just another day of a week and get satisfied by monthly pay cheque. In this course, you are unknowingly loosing the track of your overall career picture. To avoid the same, here are some valuable working tips:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Changes:
Don’t allow yourself to drift through your job without much thought to where it is headed as you will only create potholes in your career path.

Acquire Needful Skills:
Keep a check and acquire skills that can allow you to contribute at work in newer ways. Talk to your seniors about it and observe the flourishing officers among your team or from different departments. Catch their strategy of easy and efficient working and adopt the same.

Stop Brooding:
Change your thought pattern and be optimistic about everything which you undertake. Start a job with a positive approach and carry forward the same in a professional spirit.

Get Yourself Involved:
If you actually feel that you have mastered your current job and can accommodate some more, take initiative and volunteer for new projects. This will not only bring new skills to your personality, but will also redirect your existing career goals in a better way.

When faced with a listless attitude towards work over an extended phase, it is time to regroup thoughts and bring motivation back to the workplace. Walk everyday to your office with a focused target and specific purpose. And let all your career aspirations fly high, bringing success to your life.


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