When and whom to ask about salary?

Job seekers are usually not prepared when they go for an interview. This can lead them to various problems and land them up in asking pointless questions or questions at a wrong time. To avoid these mistakes a jobseeker must know when to ask and what? Asking about salary is one of the major mistakes that a candidate makes during an interview.

Salary is considered as the most important thing while taking up a job. A candidate is asked about the expected salary way before the interview: in the primary stage itself. There a candidate has to put in a range of salary he expects. After this the interview process starts and it will be better for a candidate to forget about salary at this stage. What a candidate should focus on is to answer the questions of the interviewer confidently and correctly.

Waiting is fruitful….

Candidates usually become impatient and ask the interviewer about the salary. This often leaves a bad impression on the interviewer. So, rather than hastily doing things Simply Wait. If you have performed well in the interview then let the HR call you up and discuss your salary.

How will not asking for salary at the time of interview prove beneficial for you?

  • If HR calls you up after they have selected you then you have an upper hand.
    • You can easily negotiate for the desired salary
    • You can discuss the salary and other allowances on your terms and conditions
  • Not asking for salary during an interview adds to your positive impression on the interviewer.

If you still feel the need to ask about your salary then the right person to contact is the HR executive and not the interviewers. Interviewers are not always the ones who decide upon the salary, they might be just the experts or heads of a given field.

So, reading this write up will surely convince you to not to make the BIG mistake of asking about the salary to the interviewer.

Questions to Ask When Negotiating Salary

When a person is selected for a job, the first thing that comes to his/her mind is about the amount he will receive as the salary. The company asks about the expected salary of the candidates in the preliminary rounds of the recruitment procedure. Both the recruiter and the job seeker have their own say in these matters. When selected for the job, negotiations are open. Your performance at the negotiation desk decides your salary and other facilities that you will avail in the company. Also, your negotiation skills help your recruiters in understanding your potential.

You must be thinking what should you ask the recruiters while negotiating and how your impression can be bettered. We provide you some questions that when asked in a polite manner let you win in the negotiations.

Following are the questions:

“Is this negotiable?”
Let the recruiters offer you an amount; you can always ask if they can pay you more. If they refuse you can negotiate on other things.

Is this base salary?”
Conforming about whether the salary offered is base or the total salary is a good question. This question lets the recruiter know that you are keen on knowing the bonus and other incentive details.

“When would you like an answer?”
Ask for some time to give your reply. Do not present any answer in haste. This allows you to ponder upon the offer and make a thoughtful decision. Never tell them that you need to discuss the offer at home as it will showcase your lack of confidence.

“Will I get the offer in writing?”
Always ask for a written offer letter. It will reaffirm your job offer.

“When should I join?”
This question is asked in order to confirm that the offer made is firm. Most of the companies want you to join at the earliest possible. Your refusal to join on the date offered by them disappoints them.

“Can you please brief me about the job?”
This is a vital question that should be necessarily asked as it will verify whether the job offered is similar to the one discussed in the interview.

“What is the procedure for evaluation?”
Evaluation is the most imperative part of an employee. Based on the evaluation, an employee

Besides, there are various other questions that you can ask like details about the PF, Health Coverage facilities, etc. Thus these questions asked in a professional and polite manner can bag you desired salary and portray your proficient negotiation skills.

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