Some Common Reason Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

You will hardly find a company in the market that has not, at one point or the other, faced the problem of high employee attrition rates.

In fact, this problem is common to small organizations as well as the bigger ones. Be it large MNCs, small businesses, new start-ups, this issue is one that is experienced by all.

Common Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

    • Dissatisfaction With Job Profile – If the employees are unhappy with the kind of work they are doing, they are more likely to leave. In workplaces where there is no clear demarcation between the job roles, the employees may feel overworked or underused.
    • Lack Of Appreciation Or Recognition – If there is not a proper reward system in place for those who perform exceptionally, it may result in bad feelings which might escalate into dissatisfaction.
    • No Communication Channel Between The Employees & Upper Management - When employees feel that they are not free to share their opinions, ideas & complaints, they feel disgruntled. It is essential that there be a proper & open communication channel in place.
    • Salary – It is another major factor that has a direct relation with employee satisfaction. Though a person may take up a low paying job many times, but be sure they are going to leave at the first opportunity they get.
    • Lack Of Flexibility – An employer has to be flexible if he wants to successfully retain his staff and ensure that they perform well. Many times an employee may need leaves for reasons like marriage, maternity, etc.
    • Lack Of Challenges – Though it may seem silly, boredom is also among the major reasons why quite a sizeable number of employees leave their jobs & look for better opportunities. Over a period of time, employees may feel they are doing the same thing over and over again & there are not getting to learn anything new.

Apart from these other reasons why employees leave their job includes dissatisfaction with the appraisal system and the feeling of being undervalued and overworked, etc. A good workplace is one where there is understanding and a healthy working relationship between the employers and employees

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Simple Steps For Resigning Gracefully

Leaving a job is not an easy thing to do. However, at one point of time in everybody’s career one has to leave a particular job and move on for growth or any other reason. Today, people look for new opportunities every day and quitting the jobs has therefore become quite common. The important thing to keep in mind however is that, for whatever reasons you are quitting, do it gracefully. For resigning gracefully, you can go for any of the following options:

  • First inform your immediate boss and that too within time. It is a very bad thing to resign from a company all of a sudden without prior notice to any of your bosses.
  • Keep your resignation letter simple. Do not incorporate any of the unnecessary information regarding your work or fancy things about the company. Keep it short, precise and simple.
  • If you land up into any discussions regarding continuing it for some more time due to the need of the company then remember to hit the right note of assertiveness. Do not be too harsh or rude, since you’ll be leaving the place but be firm on your point.
  • Another important thing is to manage carefully the time between submission of resignation letter and quitting the job after its acceptance. Do not enter into any quarrels and show your best professional behavior in such situation as well.
  • Your behavior should be capable of setting yourself up for a good reference because you must not forget that your previous company will only be referred to by your future one for knowing about you.

Therefore, if you wish to resign, do it gracefully. The ideal thing to do is to leave such a mark that the company wishes to give you a hearty farewell. If you receive a farewell thank all the people who have helped you, your colleagues as well as your seniors. Never leave bitterness in anybody’s heart or at any organization of which you were once a part.

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