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Different Types Of Work-From-Home Online Jobs
In recent years, there has been a spurt in Work-From-Home Online Jobs options & in some countries like USA the practice has become quite common. In India too, the trend is catching up among people. There are several benefits of working from home for employees which are responsible for the rising popularity of this option [...]

How To Recruit Graduates?
Most of the organizations generally prefer to benefit from the talent and enthusiasm of freshers, just graduated job seekers. The idea behind recruiting the freshers is generally the fact that they cost relatively lesser to the company and can be molded rather easily to the company’s working culture [...]

Things to Consider Before Relocating For A Job
The decision to relocate is a big one & can have serious repercussions on your career if taken lightly. Moving from one place to another is quite a stressful experience and requires careful planning and thought. It requires adjustment and compromise not just on the employee’s part but also by his family [...]

A Good Social Network Profile To Get A Job Easily
Social media is not only a means to connect with friends or family anymore. It is slowly becoming an effective job search tool. Networking is a great way of finding jobs and opportunities but social media takes it to next level. Social network profiles are not only used by job seekers but also by potential employers throughout the hiring process to scan the background of the candidates [...]

Recruitment Services In Delhi – Providing Effective Recruitment Solution
Human Resource is probably the most important asset for any organization. With a pool of talented, task oriented human resource; a company can fulfill its goal and objective with ease. When we talk about Delhi in particular, there is no dearth of talented professionals; however, the challenge is to find the right candidate for the right job [...]

Recruitment Services In Delhi – Providing Effective Recruitment Solution

Human Resource is probably the most important asset for any organization. With a pool of talented, task oriented human resource; a company can fulfill its goal and objective with ease. When we talk about Delhi in particular, there is no dearth of talented professionals; however, the challenge is to find the right candidate for the right job.

Sourcing The Right Candidate – Evolution Of Recruitment Process
Recruitment and hiring has changed significantly over the years and continues to evolve as technology advances. A couple of decade ago, companies would place a classified ad in the newspaper, job board or stick a poster with wanted sign on the entrance of a company.

Today, every company, no matter what the size is, wishes to hire talented personnel while spending less time, money and resource on recruiting. It is due to this reason that many companies in Delhi are turning from traditional to a modern method of recruiting candidates in order to streamline the staffing process. Companies now pay emphasis on outsourcing their staffing process to placement agencies in Delhi. This way they are able to drastically bring down the cost associated with the traditional hiring process.

Recruitment Consultancy – Boon For Corporates In Delhi
Recruitment Consultants in Delhi NCR provide a complete and comprehensive human resource consulting service including short listing the candidates, conducting interview, negotiating and hiring the candidate on behalf of the company.

Recruitment consultants in Delhi render services across wide industry verticals such as Information Technology, FMCG, Engineering, Retail, Telecom, Infrastructure, Finance, Media, Hospitality, BPO, KPO etc.

Benefits Of Hiring Recruitment Consultant
· Strong database of all job seekers across different sectors,
· Offer quick response to any manpower need,
· Time and Cost Effective,
· Professional assistance throughout the recruitment process,
· Expert Advice and Guidance

If you planning to avail recruitment services through a reputed placement consultant in Delhi/NCR, it is advisable to choose an experienced, reputed recruitment company. A Reputed Recruitment Company is generally aware about the latest industrial practices, trends and is in a much better position to find suitable candidate for all your human resource requirements.


How To Recruit Graduates?

Most of the organizations generally prefer to benefit from the talent and enthusiasm of freshers, just graduated job seekers. The idea behind recruiting the freshers is generally the fact that they cost relatively lesser to the company and can be molded rather easily to the company’s working culture. However, recruiting graduates is not that easy as may appear to many out there. The organizations have to conduct campus recruitment interviews at colleges and universities. The entire process has to be carefully completed so as to come up with better recruitment results.

How To Recruit Graduates?
Following aspects have to be taken into account in order to hire a potential graduate:

  • Analyzing The Job Profiles: Prior to deciding whom to attract and choose, it is wise to be very clear about the requirements of a particular profile. By analyzing the available job profiles, it becomes easier for the organizations to seek out for Recruit Graduates with particular set of qualification and skills.
  • Internal Or External Staffing: Both these kinds of staffing solutions have their respective benefits. For instance, the organization is likely to be more familiar with the capabilities of the candidates recruited through internal sources. Also, because of their acquaintance with the existing e they would adjust quickly to the work culture. Besides, the selection process would become rather easier and quicker with internal staffing. Talking about the external staffing, it is the best way to come across candidates with diverse set of knowledge and capabilities. However, organizations would have to put in extra efforts such as conducting campus and university recruitment programs in order to select the most relevant candidates.
  • Sources Of Recruitment: Organizations can choose various means to recruit graduates. For instance, they can post advertisements in newspapers, magazines and even on online recruitment portals.

The Traits Desired In A Potential Graduate:
Below-mentioned are some of the essential traits that an organization should look for in a potential graduate:

  • Well Educated – The candidate must hold at least one degree (in any discipline) from a reputed university. Good percentile would add to the candidate’s chances of getting selected.
  • Ambitious – An ambitious candidate is a great advantage to organization. The organization must choose the candidate who has a proven track record of achievements and success in academics or extracurricular activities.
  • Sociable – The candidate should be sociable enough to work well in a team.
  • Hard Working – Last but not least, the candidate should have the ability to recognize opportunities and work hard to transform them in achievements.

If above-mentioned points are considered, the organization is sire to Recruit Right Graduates for specific job profiles.

Online Job Portals Have Simplified The Recruitment Process

Online Job Portals Have Simplified The Recruitment ProcessThe arrival of internet has been the most celebrated event in the history of technology and communication. Today, the world is very different from what it was 50 years back. Apart from shopping for groceries and clothes online, job seekers even apply for jobs online and employers recruit candidates online.  Gone are those days when our fathers used to stand in long queues to fill the job application forms of the companies. Today, many small and big organizations prefer to make selection of the candidates online. And this is made possible with the aid of online Online Job Portals that have popped up everywhere. Some are globally renowned platforms and some hold acclaim nationally. So, if you are looking for a job or want to hire employees for your firm, there is no better platform to utilize than these Online Job Portals.

Free Registration: The job seekers can get themselves registered for free on these web portals. The process is simple. The visitor has to fill the online form by providing nitty-gritty details like name, age, email ID, etc. As soon as you hit OK you would be provided with a verification link, which you would have to click to establish that you are a genuine candidate. After that you can login to the website anytime and also apply for the jobs online.

Paid Registration: Most Online Job Portals charge some amount of money from the companies who want to join the web portal to find the right candidates for various profiles. The registration process is somewhat similar as in the case of job seekers and the employer has to verify himself or herself by clicking the verification link and the payment is made via internet banking, credit card, debit card, etc.

 24/7: You can login to these Job Portals at any time of the day and night. You only need to have access to internet to access it from your phone or laptop. You can select the candidates while sitting in the backseat of the moving vehicle while its pitch dark outside. You can wake up in the wee hours of the morning and login to the website; and apply for jobs when the whole world is sleeping.

The recruitment portals have revolutionized the recruitment industry by making the recruitment process simple, time saving and convenient. With these job portals, sky is the limit and one can also apply for jobs in foreign countries. Usually companies call the selected candidates for the final round at their own expense and once the candidate is selected he or she is notified via email or personally. So, whether you need your next job in Hawaii or in Texas, start by registering with reputed recruitment portals.

Recruitment Agency: The Selection & Advantages

Such has grown the competition amongst entrepreneurs that all of them desire to have no less than best staff. Well, the keenness of entrepreneurs to fill their departments with the most capable candidates is justified provided that it is the efficiency of the employees that testifies the organization’s growth and expansion. Evidently, there can be seen an increase in the number of Recruitment Agencies being sought-after for varied Staffing Requirements. And if you too are willing to choose a Recruitment Agency for the available positions in your organization, then this write-up is surely going to help you. Read on to know how:

Some Of The Key Points That Must Be Raised While Choosing A Recruitment Agency Are:

  • Does the Recruitment Agency have expertise and experience of your industry? Is it capable of selecting candidates looking for career opportunities specifically from your industry?
  • Is the Recruitment Agency able to provide references from the previously served clients?
  • Is the Recruitment Agency competent enough to fill the available positions with candidates having requisite qualification and set of skills? What has been its track record?
  • Does the Recruitment Agency follow ethical, clear recruitment policies that can be accepted before the staffing procedure proceeds?
  • What are the client service norms that the Recruitment Agency will abide by? Ask for the checklist that the Recruitment Agency tallies for the selection of candidates.
  • What is the size of the database of the candidates that the Recruitment Agency usually have?
  • Can the Recruitment Agency confirm it complies with all the requisite legislation?
  • The qualification and experience that the consultants who would be handling the selection procedure should also be asked for.

The Advantages Of Hiring A Recruitment Agency:
Hiring a Recruitment Agency is not that easy but once you are able to find one, you can surely see deserving candidates being recruited in your organization. Other associated advantages are:

  • Your organization is introduced as a highly regarded name looking for competent candidates.
  • You are allowed to concentrate better on the management and other productive activities in business.
  • If your business is relatively smaller in size, you don’t need to hire Human Resource Executives and can rather rely on specialized Recruitment Agency.
  • You can try out the interim recruits before permanently employing them since the Recruitment Agency directly pays those recruits and deals with all kinds of financial issues and holiday matters.

Job Scenario In India & The Role Of Recruitment Consultants

Job Scenario In India & The Role Of Recruitment ConsultantsThere is no doubt about the fact that human capital is one of the most valuable of all assets that an organization has. With a competent human capital to back its endeavors, a business cannot hope to maintain its competitive edge. With the Indian economy going through a rapid growth phase, there is no lack of qualified manpower in the job market, which is good news indeed for the corporate.  The current job scenario In India has thrown up many opportunities for the candidates too. So why then do we still hear constant complaints about ‘not finding a good job’, or ‘not getting qualified employees’ & so on?  The gap between employers & job seekers can be effectively filled by competent Recruitment Consultants.

Role Of Recruitment Consultants

  • Recruitment Consultants are specialists having expertise in recruitment processes & can help organizations in finding talented manpower as per the job profile, skills required, etc.  Most Recruitment Consultants maintain an applicant database having details about potential candidates & their job interests. This makes it easier for them to locate the best candidates suited to the job profiles in question. These Recruitment Consultants work closely with the clients & ensure that the right candidates are matched to the right organization.
  • To make it easier on the employers, the Recruitment Consultants often take care of the initial stages of recruitment like – advertising for the position, inviting job applications, handling telephonic interviews, 1st stage & 2nd stage interviews (pre-screening) & of course, helping the clients with the final interviews & selection.
  • Candidates can approach the Recruitment Consultants for getting a wide choice of job opportunities in reputed organizations. Whether the candidate is looking for a temporary job, permanent or a part time offer, the Placement Consultants can offer expert assistance.
  • Some Recruitment Agencies even offer training to candidates to hone their skills (hard & soft) to ensure that they are fit for the job market.

With the help of a competent Recruitment Consultant, a company can attract, assess & recruit talented manpower.

Get The Maximum Out Of The Job Placement Agencies

Imagine the times when Job Placement Agencies were unheard of and the only way you could find a job was by registering your name at public job boards or by going door-to-door, giving interviews. Just think how tiring and time consuming it would have been to seek a job. Recruitment would have been a problem too with a major chunk of companies tied up with the recruiting process. In the present times, Job Placement Agencies have definitely emerged as a better and smoother working platform with their placement services.

Benefits Of Registering With A Job Placement Agency
A Job Placement Agency works hand in hand with employers thus ensuring the best possible match between a recruiter and a job seeker. Some agencies even come with special training to empower you with all the necessary skills for a particular job. Agencies also take care of your job searching criteria like part-time or full-time jobs, role and location to recommend you a job suiting your specific needs.

Placement Agency Must Take Into Consideration

  • The terms and conditions of the job
  • The type of work you want to do
  • The salary package you are looking for
  • The mode and time of payment
  • The notice period
  • Details of paid holidays

You Must Keep In Mind That Placement Agency Cannot

  • Charge you for finding or trying to find you a job, unless prior mentioned
  • Place condition on finding work for you only if you take up their other services that may be paid such as resume writing.

You Can Get Maximum Results Out Of A Placement Agency By

  • Keeping a regular touch with them through mails or phone calls
  • Giving them true information about your contact details and references
  • Making sure that your CV is accurate, error-free and up-to-date
  • Being frank with them about the kind of job you are actually looking for
  • Listening to their advice and making changes accordingly as they are professionals in their area
  • Checking if the agency is indeed effective enough to find you a job

Last but not the least; you must make sure that the Job Placement Agency, that you are relying upon to find you your dream job, has a pan-India presence to maximize your options and also to confirm the credibility of the agency.

Why Overseas Recruitment Agencies Are Important

Ask anybody what they think are the biggest assets for an organization? Whether it is the huge machines, the buildings, the real estate, or is it the furniture/equipment, a company values most among all its assets. If the answer that you get in return is anything other than – ‘the employees of an organization’, be assured that they have absolutely no idea about running a business, let alone a successful one. Companies that have realized the importance of an efficient workforce are the ones that have survived & flourished in the competitive world of business today. This need for talented and skilled employees is common to all organizations – whether domestic or foreign. Nowadays many Overseas Recruitment Agencies have sprung up all over the country, which specialize in catering to the specific human resource needs of companies based abroad. Also, these International Recruitment Agencies are a perfect platform for job seekers to find their dream jobs in companies of international repute.

Need For Overseas Recruitment Agencies

  • The biggest function that these International Recruitment Agencies serve is to find relevant jobs for the right people. Equipped with expertise and experience, these agencies understand the manpower requirements of international job market and ensure that organizations (their clients) are never short of talented and skilled manpower.
  • For companies that are looking for a global mix among its employees, its best to avail the services of Overseas Placement Agencies. With their assistance and technical expertise, a company can find the best manpower for itself, not only from domestic markets but also from international ones.
  •  Landing a job in a company based abroad is a highly competitive process. Even with the right skills, talent and qualifications, many job seekers find it a tough going. This is where International Recruitment Agencies help. Such Overseas Recruitment Consultants usually have a network of foreign clients (companies) among their database; hence their help can take you one step closer to your dream job.

Thus, it can be seen that Overseas Recruitment Agencies are of crucial importance, both to job seekers and organizations as well.

How Online Recruitment Agencies Can Help Employers

The advent of online recruitment agencies has certainly made life easier for the employers. Recruitment of employees has always been a lengthy and time consuming procedure. Conventionally, recruiters place ads in various media usually newspapers and magazines and then wait for applications. Once the interested candidates have applied, the recruiters engage themselves in organizing the received applications followed by numerous telephone calls and interviews. This extended procedure wastes a lot of time and energy.

Role Of Online Recruitment Agency
Primarily, an online recruitment agency draws the attention of the job seekers towards a particular employer. Online recruitment agency prepares a well organized database of the candidates and then furnishes it to the concerned employers. The advantage for the employers is that they get a refined list of eligible candidates. Thus the employers have to shortlist the candidates from a smaller yet competent set. This saves them a lot of time and effort.

Sourcing & Screening Of Candidates
Online recruiting agencies source candidates for employers by means of networking, advertising or other methods. They have professional expertise to comprehend a candidate’s skills and competency.  An important aspect of these online recruitment agencies is that they evaluate a candidate on the basis whether he or she will fit into an organization or not.  This information is then passed on to the concerned employers. This employer specific attribute of online recruitment agencies make them very useful for the employers.

Ad Campaign Services
Some low cost online recruitment agencies assist the employers in preparing their first ad campaign. Once the employers hire an online recruitment agency, their ads are visible in all major job portals. This is an effective promotional tool for the employer besides being an easy way for the selection of candidates.

Capable Of Bulk Recruitments
Online recruitment agencies are capable of providing the employers with required number of candidates in case of bulk recruitments. Some of the online recruitment agencies offer such services at flat fee which saves lot of money.

Online Recruitment : The Best Option

Contemporary world is ruled by Internet. Online recruitment is yet another boon of Internet to the society. Gone are the days when job seekers had to wear out their shoes in search of a proper job. Now we have online recruitment agencies to our service. Of late, the virtual world has witnessed a tremendous boom in the online recruitment agencies owing to the following benefits.

Easy Access
If you are a fresher and seeking a job, the first hurdle you face is to search for an opportunity. Online recruitment agencies are only a click away and you get access to a multitude of recruitment options. You don’t need to physically wander from place to place. All that is required is an online submission of your credentials on the websites of these recruitment agencies. Once you register on an online recruitment agency, you start getting updates of any vacancy in the field of your interest.

Link between You And The Employer
Recruiters need competent employees to manage and run their business. On the other hand you require jobs to accomplish your own goals. Online recruitment agencies act as liaison between you and the recruiters. Recruitment agencies have their connections with the best of organizations which eventually prove beneficial for the job seekers. The credentials that you submit online are monitored and analyzed by these agencies and then forwarded to the appropriate recruiters. In case your qualification meets the requirement of the recruiters, they proceed further. So the online recruitment agencies provide you with an easy and swift procedure to get a job.

Multitude Of Options
When you log on to the website of any recruitment agency, you have access to a multitude of job options. The jobs are classified under various categories according to industries, location, designation, etc. You can select one or more options as per your qualification and interest. Availability of a number of options at one place saves you a lot of valuable time and effort.

Reasonable Fee
Considering the reliable and excellent services that the online placement agencies provide, they charge reasonable fee for the job. You have to pay much less in case of online recruitment as compared to any placement agency.

So if you are a fresher and seeking a job then you should resort to online recruitment agencies owing to their above mentioned benefits.


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