To Make The Right Career Choice, Consult A Career Counselor

Nowadays, everybody is familiar with the term ‘Career Counselor’ & there are high chances that many have themselves visited the Career Counselor, at one or the other point in their lives. Most of us might remember our last year in high school, & the regular trips that we made to the Career Counselor at school, trying to decide what subjects to choose, etc.

Today, the role of Career Counselor is not just limited to helping students decide their future course of action; rather they help with all aspects of a person’s career. This includes offering their professional insights & expertise to people interested in making a career shift, personal career development. Career Counselors also offer counseling sessions to people who are interested in returning to the job market after a long sabbatical.

Career Counselors – How They Can Help?

  • The Career Counselors assist people in determining where their interests, skills and abilities lie, & subsequently help them in making the right career choice.
  • They can offer reliable information about – average salary packages offered to professionals in a specific domain, future scope of growth, other possibilities, etc.
  • Many Career Counselors also evaluate job seekers on basis of various criteria & help determine how job ready they are. They offer suggestions for improvement like – Personality development courses, skill development (soft & hard), etc.
  • People who are experiencing career stagnation can approach the Career Counselors, who will be able to suggest effective techniques to counter this problem. Under their expert care, a person will be given guidance on how to deal with such a sensitive issue in the best possible manner.
  • Through his/her expert analysis, the Career Counselor also helps identify a person’s short term and long term career goals,

Career Counselors play an important role in sorting out the career goals of a person, & ensure that a person is able to grow on a professional level. For effective career guidance & career growth, Career Counselors are the best & most competent people to approach.

Does Dress Affect Productivity

Dress at workplace has always been a contentious issue, where organizations find it an important factor to form repute but employees are find it yet another rule imposed to be followed under pressure. In fact, corporate dressing plays an important role in setting status and also maintains a right kind of attitude and energy level amongst employees. External communication is an indispensable part of working of every organization, hence the importance of dressing or appropriate dressing can’t be ignored at all. Today characterization of Formal dressing is under phase of broad transformation.

What has influenced me to take this Issue to discuss on this platform? There are many answers to this question. First and foremost is to scrutinize the changes that are really occurring in corporate dressing. Organizations intensely dealing in domains like media, advertising, public relations etc., have been shored up the flexible culture of dressing, but scenario is changing now. They are realizing of value of entertaining clients in formal dresses so the round neck T shirts, Jeans with patches, Capris etc., are no more liked to be worn by sensible employees. Yet few of the organization haven’t been extrovert on this issue yet they desire to see their workforce in formals. Although, these organizations have not fixed rules for dressing but in meetings they are trying to edify their employees about desired dressing sense. The statements may not be straight, they might come as a tip-off, but its time for us to understand the implicit message.

Have you started imagining yourself in dull color full sleeves shirts with tie or a fitted three piece suit, relax, it is not that. Today definition of formal dressing has also been changed. All the dresses that look sensible and present you as professional (don’t divert your client’s attention from presentation/discussion) can be still placed in your office wears.

Comfort is incredibly important factor to be considered while selecting pieces for office wears yet that has to be considered as a whole not for self only. Connote is to mull over others’ point of view as well. Just ensuring that your selection will not distract others’ attention.

Coming to the core of the discussion, women may pick right from sarees, suits, trousers to business suits. Sad, that man have a smaller range yet they can select all decent color shirts, Collar T Shirts, Trousers etc.

I think that dressing well is an imperative tool to impress clients and show your sensibility to your boss.

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Successfully Climbing The Corporate Ladder

There are no shortcuts to success. You need to earn credibility to be successful in personal as well as professional life. For those who have just stepped in the field of professionalism, it is advisable to synchronize their behavior and working style according to the organization they work in. Here are a few tips that can help you move up the ladder of success:

Be An Observer:
Since you are a new member in the company, you need to observe the working style and the environment. Do not come to any conclusion, once you observe the environment, it will be easier for you to adopt their working style.

Be Innovative:
Innovations are always welcomed. Develop new ideas and schemes that can effectively benefit the organization. This can indeed mark you in the good books of higher authorities.

Working Hours Does Matter:
Those employees are always encouraged, who are willing to work hard. Make them realize that you are hard working and project your interest in the company’s initiatives. Therefore, focus on impact and not just output.

Be Independent:
Learn to work with minimal supervision; this will help you to outshine other employees working at the same level.

Be A Flexible Team Player:
Take the initiative to solve your problem and that of others yourself, before the higher authority asks you. Do what it takes to be a trusted employee for your employer.

Stay Away From Grapevine:
Maintain your integrity to have a sound moral image in the company. Do not participate in gossiping, as this could tamper your character in the eyes of higher authorities.

Expand Your Image:
Do not just limit yourself to your specific department. Try to be a part of projects that include other departments also.

When you work hard, success follows the path. Be a good practitioner of these simple rules and surely, you will climb the success ladder in the corporate world with ease.

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Qualities To Impress Your Employer

In order to be successful in your career, it is important to understand your employer. What the employer wants from an employee is difficult to judge, as it depends upon different variables. The employer’s demand differs with the job profile and the field of work. But, there are some of the qualities which an employee must have for all types of job. These are the traits which the employers look for in new hires.

Learning Approach: Egoistic attitude can be dangerous for the employee and the company’s interest. Every job calls for some new approach which the employee needs to learn. The employee needs to be open to these new ideas and information. Especially the newbies in the office have plethora of things to learn, such as, scheduling the task, office etiquettes, sharing behavior with employees, and the work style.

Enthusiasm: Employees need to enjoy their work and work passionately to achieve their target and work in the company’s interest. The employees need to feel enthusiastic about their target and the company’s target. Only when the employees feel motivated can they give their best and work more productively.

Strong And Good Character: Credibility, commitment and compassion are some of the most valued traits. Employers look for employees who are sound in character and have a very inspiring & enthusiastic approach towards their colleagues.

Flexibility: In the present-age competitive work atmosphere, it is important that the employees adopt a flexible approach towards new changes and new circumstances. Rigid approach leads to a deadlock both in their career and the company’s culture. Furthermore, employees who come up with new thinking are in demand, as their new approach solves many of the problems.

Openness To Criticism: Those who are open to constructive criticism learn from their mistakes, and work upon them. It helps them to come out with a strong character and become a valued employee. Resistance to criticism hampers the development of both the employee and the company.

Employees who understand the mind of their employer and mould accordingly are sure to taste success in their career, and become indispensable in the workplace. The traits discussed here are ones that every employee mostly needs to inculcate as no on-the-job-training can endow them with these traits.

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Jittery Before Your Interview? Follow These Tips
Interview is a crucial phase for every person who dreams of getting a good job and thus, everyone strives for a perfect interview. Some get through it and some fail to win over the interviewer due to many reasons. But it is disheartening when despite having the right skills and experience, one fails because of lacking in other areas.[...]

Communication Mantra: Improve Your Body Language

Body Language speaks volumes about an individual’s overall persona. In most job interviews, it is the body language of the candidate, which is given paramount importance. A lax body language makes a negative impression and shows an acute lack of confidence. Body Language is an important aspect of communication and has a lot of prominence because:

  • It influences peoples’ opinion of you
  • It is a form of non-verbal communication
  • It can reveal if a person is lying to you

Body Language can be categorized into different segments, like:

  • Open
  • Eager
  • Dominant
  • Frustrated
  • Defensive
  • Bored
  • Confident
  • Aggressive
  • Nervous

This write-up has a few useful tips that will go a long way in helping you make a favorable impression and gain confidence. The major areas that one can focus upon include:

Facial Expressions
Facial expressions can convey a message, which words cannot. Facial expressions are an effective means of visual communication and should not be neglected. Of all the facial expressions, a smile is the most powerful expression. A smile conveys warmth & confidence and creates a pleasant impression.

Maintain Eye Contact
Eye Contact is the most important aspect of a favorable body language and indicates that the person is attentive. In the West, a prolonged eye contact is favorable and a part of communication etiquette. However, one must avoid a prolonged eye contact, as it signals intimidation.

An open posture is highly advisable, when in a conversation, as it indicates an inviting posture. To make a favorable first impression, uncross your legs, unfold your arms, and ensure that the body is facing the other person. This indicates that you are interested in the conversation and paying attention.

Finally, it is imperative to have a relaxed yet attentive demeanor, which indicates that you are comfortable around someone and with yourself as well. These tips will help you communicate effectively with others and make you more confident at the same time for making the right impression on others.

Some Tips To Develop A Personal Mission Statement

You need to have laser sharp focus to stand out in the crowd and make a purposeful & significant contribution to build a higher potential for success. Many business owners and managers have spent valuable time to create organizational mission statements. However, very few have gone through this process on a more individual or personal level to showcase the focus in their professional life. Your personal mission statement should be succinct and clear. Here are five suggestions to help you write a personal mission statement:

  • Reserve some uninterrupted time to think through and write the statement. Allocate at least an hour or so away from the distractions of home and work to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. Realize that the feeling of true success comes when you have a balanced lifestyle of success, family, friends, true happiness, personal health and fulfillment.
  • Identify your main purpose in life. This can be done by answering the following questions.
    1. What do you believe your primary purpose on this earth is?
    2. How will you be able to achieve this, based on how you live your life?
    3. How will you empower yourself and others with the vision behind your mission?
    4. What qualities or attributes do you admire in others and wish to embody in yourself?
    5. What principles can you learn from other successful people that could benefit you most in your work?

Use a journal to record your answers to these questions as you explore and discover who you are and what’s most important to you.

  • Gather your thoughts and apply your action plan
    1. What are the five goals you are committed to achieving in your work in the next year? In the next five years and in the next ten years?
    2. What specific actions do you need to take in the next year to achieve your one-year mission? Your five-year mission? Your ten-year mission?Now, take a close look at your action plan, primary purpose, empowering vision and the right principles.
  • Once you’re created your draft version, continue working on your mission statement by seeking input from others who can help you refine your ideas.

Seek out the essential elements of your life that are necessary to write your personal mission statement. Use your mission statement as a tool to guide you. Keep it within your reach and visible at all times to enforce it in your life and make it a possibility.

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Effectiveness of Aptitude tests

If you love the job you are in or work with lot of interest then your professional life becomes smooth. You love your work only when you are efficient in doing it and then only you can enjoy it thoroughly. So, it is important to identify your strengths and skills to get into the right job. Also, in the world where the competition is getting tougher day by day, it become mandatory to assess your abilities so as to identify the career best suited for you.

How can you assess your abilities?
It can be done with the help of aptitude tests. Most of the schools, private coaching centers, and counseling centers conduct aptitude tests.

What are aptitude tests?
They are self-assessment tests taken by a person in order to acknowledge his/her abilities and skills. These help in assisting the candidate to select right kind of career for them. Aptitude tests are framed by experts who understand the human psychology.

Aptitude tests throw light on your:

  • Personality type and traits: let you know whether you are an extrovert or an introvert?
  • General Attitude: Lets you know how spontaneous you are and how you react to given situations.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Aptitude tests help you to judge your interpersonal skill, which is very important to know for selection of right career.
  • Inherent abilities: Everyone is gifted with some or the other talents that you might not have noticed. With the help of these tests those skills emerge out.
  • Mental capabilities: lets you know whether you are creative, good at calculations, etc.

Mental capabilities: lets you know whether you are creative, good at calculations, etc.

Benefits of taking aptitude tests :- This is what everyone wishes to know that what benefits we gain by taking aptitude tests.

  • It helps you identify your strengths and skills
  • Helps you examine your natural preferences
  • Helps you work on your weak areas
  • Helps you enter the appropriate career

Easy process
A series of questions are asked covering various aspects like hobbies, areas of interest, questions on certain situations, etc. People usually think that aptitude tests are difficult to solve. NO, it is a wrong notion; you don’t have to prepare for it. You just have to honest and answer spontaneously Thus our write up must have given you strong reasons to go and take up these aptitude tests and get into a job best suited for you.

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Why don’t people laugh at workplace?

Laughing at workplace is perceived as an eccentric behavior and its impact influences (positively or negatively) the work flow, as this perception varies from individual to individual. There are so many corporate who think that it’s an essential thing which reduces impact of undue work pressures and gives relax to the human resources, if sprinkled controllably over entire working hours. However, the phenomenon is completely different at many places where people don’t laugh, rather prefer to focus on all other official duties.

1. Non-suitability : - A number of office-goers think that laughing at work is totally inappropriate, as they strictly need to be in “Corporate-Mode” even if something really hilarious happens around. But, the practical office life is totally different from this perception, leaving certain instances when it’s really inappropriate to laugh on issues like during crucial business meetings, any jokes by competitors, serious announcements etc. There are several instances in which you can laugh (except giggling and guffaws) like after reading funny IMs, Emails, during meetings etc.

2. Impact on Repute : - Generally, the tendency of people ends during school time that what people think of them if they laugh on things. But, it’s observed that this tendency of people persists even after reaching corporate world. Somewhere, people think that what people around think of them and how it’s going to effect their reputation on just laughing. It’s the fact that laughing is an activity which is directly attributable to any personality, even if some people don’t. The same applies to your work place, where you would definitely laugh at things for which your mind thinks is funny. Though, your mind will surely check whether the superior or peer is laughing on the same thing or not. So laughing is admissible unless any serious discussion is going on.

3. Scope of Funny Events : – It’s true that workplace is not meant for fun and enjoy. But at the same time, it’s also evident that workplaces haven’t remained untouched of humor and fun at times. So if something occurs like funny, then there emerges scope of laughing. Hence, people may laugh rather than working robot-like creatures.

4. Laughing : – A Non-Customary Trend As laughing at workplaces is a non-customary culture, due to which people usually don’t react on the humors happening all around. However, there is no constraint on laughing if it done on sensible humors.


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