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Tips for Finding the Right Job
Job opportunities are abundant but it needs to be acknowledged at the same time that competition is stiff. For each vacancy, there are many applicants and as such, finding the right job becomes quite challenging. However, if one is clear headed and resorts to a planned systematic approach, probability of finding and getting the right job increases many a times [...]

Mistakes Job Applicants Should Never Make
For job seekers, it is an absolutely tough world out there as finding the right job is even more difficult than it seems to be. The increased completion in the job market has not helped the case of job seekers either. Though hard work is still an essential factor which ultimately determines the success of a job search process, nowadays smart work is also needed [...]

Tips On How To Find A Suitable Job
Competition is everywhere – whether you are looking to get admitted to the university of your choice, or are trying to woo a girl, or even looking for your dream job. Undeniably, the third prospect by far seems the toughest of the lot. There will be 1000s of job applicants around the globe who will attest to the truth behind this statement [...]

Various Career Options For Youth
Youth employment and various related aspects have been subjects of extensive study and analysis by experts. From time to time, studies have rated various industries and fields as “promising” for job seekers. Then, how can careers be exempted from “grading”! At the same time, it would be important to mention that such studies are aimed at bringing awareness and guiding the youth regarding what can be smart career decisions after they pass out from schools and colleges [...]

To Make The Right Career Choice, Consult A Career Counselor

Nowadays, everybody is familiar with the term ‘Career Counselor’ & there are high chances that many have themselves visited the Career Counselor, at one or the other point in their lives. Most of us might remember our last year in high school, & the regular trips that we made to the Career Counselor at school, trying to decide what subjects to choose, etc.

Today, the role of Career Counselor is not just limited to helping students decide their future course of action; rather they help with all aspects of a person’s career. This includes offering their professional insights & expertise to people interested in making a career shift, personal career development. Career Counselors also offer counseling sessions to people who are interested in returning to the job market after a long sabbatical.

Career Counselors – How They Can Help?

  • The Career Counselors assist people in determining where their interests, skills and abilities lie, & subsequently help them in making the right career choice.
  • They can offer reliable information about – average salary packages offered to professionals in a specific domain, future scope of growth, other possibilities, etc.
  • Many Career Counselors also evaluate job seekers on basis of various criteria & help determine how job ready they are. They offer suggestions for improvement like – Personality development courses, skill development (soft & hard), etc.
  • People who are experiencing career stagnation can approach the Career Counselors, who will be able to suggest effective techniques to counter this problem. Under their expert care, a person will be given guidance on how to deal with such a sensitive issue in the best possible manner.
  • Through his/her expert analysis, the Career Counselor also helps identify a person’s short term and long term career goals,

Career Counselors play an important role in sorting out the career goals of a person, & ensure that a person is able to grow on a professional level. For effective career guidance & career growth, Career Counselors are the best & most competent people to approach.

PlacementIndia.Com – Blogs Release May 2012

Online Recruitment : The Best Option
Contemporary world is ruled by Internet. Online recruitment is yet another boon of Internet to the society. Gone are the days when job seekers had to wear out their shoes in search of a proper job [...]

How Online Recruitment Agencies Can Help Employers
The advent of online recruitment agencies has certainly made life easier for the employers. Recruitment of employees has always been a lengthy and time consuming procedure [...]

Impact of Recession On The Indian Job Market
As the cliché goes when the US sneezes, the world catches cold. Somewhat of the same had been experienced not just by India but also by all the economies across the globe with the unprecedented bankruptcy of the world’s largest financial bank, Lehman Brothers [...]

Does Dress Affect Productivity
Dress at workplace has always been a contentious issue, where organizations find it an important factor to form repute but employees are find it yet another rule imposed to be followed under pressure [...]

Some Resume Facts That, Employers Will Never Check
The first thing that a job seeker is asked for is his/her resume. Special emphasis should be laid while preparing a resume in order to make it interesting and at the same time effective [...]

Successfully Climbing The Corporate Ladder

There are no shortcuts to success. You need to earn credibility to be successful in personal as well as professional life. For those who have just stepped in the field of professionalism, it is advisable to synchronize their behavior and working style according to the organization they work in. Here are a few tips that can help you move up the ladder of success:

Be An Observer:
Since you are a new member in the company, you need to observe the working style and the environment. Do not come to any conclusion, once you observe the environment, it will be easier for you to adopt their working style.

Be Innovative:
Innovations are always welcomed. Develop new ideas and schemes that can effectively benefit the organization. This can indeed mark you in the good books of higher authorities.

Working Hours Does Matter:
Those employees are always encouraged, who are willing to work hard. Make them realize that you are hard working and project your interest in the company’s initiatives. Therefore, focus on impact and not just output.

Be Independent:
Learn to work with minimal supervision; this will help you to outshine other employees working at the same level.

Be A Flexible Team Player:
Take the initiative to solve your problem and that of others yourself, before the higher authority asks you. Do what it takes to be a trusted employee for your employer.

Stay Away From Grapevine:
Maintain your integrity to have a sound moral image in the company. Do not participate in gossiping, as this could tamper your character in the eyes of higher authorities.

Expand Your Image:
Do not just limit yourself to your specific department. Try to be a part of projects that include other departments also.

When you work hard, success follows the path. Be a good practitioner of these simple rules and surely, you will climb the success ladder in the corporate world with ease.

Freshers Jobs In India For Their Bright Future

Searching great job openings for freshers in India is not at all a difficult task. If you are a fresher, then you can also search for jobs with a click of your mouse. Nowadays, you can find various Online Job Portals, which offer incredible job opportunities in India. These job portals are being continuously referred or visited by the corporate sector to fulfil their requirements. Apart from this, students are also enrolling themselves for courses which provide enormous job opportunities either as trainee or interns in the leading companies in India. Such courses are definitely gaining popularity with time and being considered as a key to their bright future. But it just requires a little bit of concentration to take the game in your hand while planning for the future. This write-up discusses three important and efficient steps that can do wonders for your career:

  • Plan Your Way: This is the first and foremost step towards achieving your goals. It includes your career plans which can help you get the right job.
  • Weigh All The Alternatives: After deciding your career plans, the next step includes evaluating the different relevant alternatives towards achieving the goal.
  • Apply Your Plans At The Right Time: A great career option is all that you need as there are lot of companies which nowadays consider mostly freshers for their jobs openings. So going for a course that involves internship or lets you work while you are graduating is a good option.

The corporate sector believes in employing the young generation or freshers in their organizations. Their belief stands on the fact that the today’s generation comes up with new ideas, unique approach and creativity which results in better problem solving skills and management. So with some smart planning up your sleeves, there are unlimited opportunities out there for exploring and making your career.

Make or Break Your Career: Phrases To Be Avoided In A Resume To Get A Perfect Job.

Have you heard of the phrase “First impression is the last impression”? Yes, it can be rightly construed that the first impression you make on a person is always the last. Well, maybe not always the last but the first impression you make is certainly the one that has a lasting impression. Would you like the company of a person who has lied to you on your first meeting or someone who is so impressed by himself or herself that they are completely oblivious of anyone else? Surely, the answer would be NO. The same goes for your ‘Resume’.

Your resume is basically your passport for getting a job. If the information in a passport is wrong, then of course you cannot enter another territory and the same goes for a resume. If you represent wrong or undesirable information in your resume, you can say bye-bye to a job forever. A good resume can get you a job in 10 seconds and a bad one, well, it would not take even 5 seconds for you to be rejected.

There are certain key phrases, which are essential to be written in a resume and certain others, which are a total no-no in a resume.
Avoid these….

  • I am ….” “I have…” “I will….:  Do not write in your resume, “I am a hardworking person…etc etc”. These phrases “I am”, “I have” or “I will” are not suitable for a resume. It can be written in a cover letter, but a resume has to be short, to the point consisting of brief, crisp sentences. You are presenting your credentials to the recruiter, you are not advertising yourself. So, if you want to impress the recruiter with your resume, avoid the use of these phrases.
  • Good Communication Skills:  It is not for you to decide how good or bad a conversationalist you are. Writing in a resume that you have good communication skills but behaving in a contradictory manner in the interview can really hamper your chances of getting a good job. The interviewer is a trained person and he/she can see through any façade that you are trying to put up. Let them decide how good or bad you are.
  • Good leadership Qualities”: Do not write in your resume that you are a good leader. Companies are looking for an employee, not a dictator. Do not be imperious rather present yourself as someone who is willing to work under others and is not always on a lookout for leading others.

Avoid long phrases and Narratives

You are presenting your credentials to the interviewer not telling your life history. Short and crisp sentences in a resume is the order of the day and if you write long sentences and phrases, then you may as well write your biography and give it to the recruiters.

If you keep all the above mentioned points in mind, then be sure of getting a good and deserving job. Rather than boasting about yourself in your resume, present yourself positively to the recruiters and it won’t be long before you are given due credit for it.


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