MBA Study – Points of Comparison between India, London & US

Nowadays students have become career oriented and are very serious about the opportunities that knock the door. They are always in search of the sources and medium that might help them reach their desired destination. Online MBA in India serves to be one such useful source that lends its hands to the career aspirants and enhance their capabilities to fit the designations available in the job market.

But as the Indian education system has faced lot of critics and opposition earlier, many aspiring students are getting their MBA done from London which exhibited to have broader career aspects for the career seekers. Also, one of the reasons why students from India opt to get their higher studies from U.K. is because of world class infrastructure and facilities they provide. Also many of the business colleges in London are famous, and are known for their reputation. But as the time progresses online MBA in India improved a lot and with its unique Distance Learning Course many students got their recognition in many respectable organizations.

Numerous students prefer to study MBA from London and U.S. because of the following:

  1. More and more students in are getting admitted in many colleges for studying MBA, while there are very few lucky ones who make their way in the top universities of U.K. & and U.S. There is a very rigor selection of students in London.
  2. Also, the reason for students choosing U.K. & U.S. as their MBA destination is because these countries are high academic standards, safety and employment opportunities.
  3. Students can pursue their master degree in just one year.
  4. Provides internationally recognized qualifications.
  5. Academic excellence guaranteed, as well as excellent employment opportunities.

However no distinction can be made b/w the studies of U.K. and India as both are unique in its own ways. India has improved a lot and has emerged in the education arena with the same aim and objective of catalyzing the literacy rate.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About MBA

‘Survival of the fittest’ as it is famously said goes perfect with the current day scenario. With the growing globalization, there is fierce competition in the marketplace. There is an unprecedented demand for enterprising managers having global vision. Since the post-globalization era only, there has been a boost in the management education. After descending upon the scenario, top-notch management institutes aimed at carving all-rounder personalities who can transcend in this field.

MBA or Master of Business Administration is one such degree that attracts students from wide ranging disciplines. It is world renowned post graduation degree that is intended for the people who aim to work in business & management. This degree usually prepares a student for holding responsible positions basically of managerial levels. This professional degree program runs worldwide and it prepares individuals for working in management for any industry, be it business sector or nature of the economy.

Once an individual is through with his MBA degree, the management skills and business expertise that he learnt throughout the degree opens gateway to new career opportunities. This degree assures you higher pay scales that executives and upper level managers enjoy. MBA not only teaches you to get a job in a management enterprise but also helps you in achieving a balance between your work and life after work.

Deciding whether you want to do MBA or not?

First keep into consideration that you have to make your future. Secondly, regardless of type of MBA you want to pursue, you are required to study the following core topics, namely:

  • Quantitative analysis
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Organizational behavior

If you are interested in studying these subjects then only pursue MBA otherwise drop your idea.

So, this is what you need to know about MBA. We hope that this article would surely have helped you in getting a clearer picture about MBA and how an MBA degree can help you. New markets, new technologies, new products, mergers, and off-shore resourcing create opportunity as well as uncertainty. With an MBA degree in hand, you can surely take advantage of the opportunities and protect yourself from uncertainties.


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