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4 Ways to Eliminate Gender Wage Gap

During an event in Washington, Google’s “people operations” chief – Laszlo Bock – made a noteworthy suggestion for fixing the gender wage gap problem. While he acknowledged that men tend to negotiate more than women when it comes to pay, he did not cite women’s non-negotiation as the reason for their lower salaries. What he … Continue reading

What Central Government Employees can Expect from the 7th Pay Commission

Unlike the private sector where employees get salary appraisals on an annual basis, government employees have to wait for a period of ten years to get a hike — a time which is now coming closer. The 7th Pay Commission is expected to be implemented from 1st January, 2016 and hence, heated debates and hard … Continue reading

Animation Jobs – Animator Careers Explained

There might be just few people on this globe who do not like watching animated movies. Remember the famous movies like ‘how to train your dragon?’ or ‘Ice Age’, all these movies are designed by amazingly talented animators.  The adorned and cherished animation characters are a numerous still images that are manipulated to create an … Continue reading

Interior Designer Jobs – Career Explained

There are many conflicts in mind when one wants to seek interior designing as a career option. There are many options available in interior designing world where one can choose their preferences. Like, you can design the interiors of healthcare, dance studios, wedding events, government buildings etc. Those who have passion for arts and designs … Continue reading

Business Analyst Jobs: A Career Profile

A business analyst role is to apprehend and examine the changes in business or to change business policies to achieve company’s goal. They used to make strategy to identify the needs of a business, examine business model, systemize company workflows, and analyze the system. Business analyst plays a vital role in an organization as they … Continue reading

How To Shine In Customer Service Jobs

Customer service jobs or companies are revolved around customer satisfaction. Customers will join hands with your company for longer period of time only when you provide best services to them. If company provides insufficient satisfaction to their customers then the probability of losing clients will be higher. Every customer expect best services by the company … Continue reading

PlacementIndia.Com – Blogs Release December 2014

Career Opportunities for Network Administrators The world wide web reigns and its impact can easily be witnessed across the globe. Each one of us has become accustomed to the internet and the benefits it brings along. With the wide use of the internet technology the carrier prospects related to the internet are growing at a fast … Continue reading

What to Expect With Merchandiser Jobs

Merchandisers are responsible for making sure that products appear at the right shelf, at the right store or website, at the right time, in right quantities and at right price. Merchandising is all about planning and formulating strategies to enhance the sales of the company and bring in profits. It includes working in close relation … Continue reading

Computer Networking: Various Job Opportunities

Computer Networking field today is one of the most opted career fields in the computer savvy world. It has been witnessed that youngsters especially students in India after passing their schooling like to opt for various courses related to Computer Networking. The various job profiles for which a student gets eligible for after studying Computer … Continue reading

Merchandising Market & Jobs in India

For many who don’t know what merchandising is, let’s start by defining it. Merchandising is the glamorous part of retail and resorted for promoting the sales of goods at retail level itself. The various activities involved are on-the-spot demonstration, shelf talkers, free samples etc. With the expanding retail market, the career scope in field has … Continue reading

Interior Designer Jobs – Career Explained

Do you like selecting little things for your side table or deciding the wall color, furniture, and curtains for your home? Interior designing as a profession is your call. Interior designing as a full time profession is gaining a lot of popularity these days because one not only enjoys his work but also gets paid … Continue reading

Know about the Job Sector in Indore

Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, offers a considerable contribution in the economy of the state. With the recent industrial developments in the place, a drastic impact has been noticed on the jobs in Indore. The opportunities have been increased in every sector like pharmaceuticals, textile, real-estate, information technology and various others. As per … Continue reading

Tips To Start A Job Search

Are you looking for a job? Don’t know where to start from? If yes, then, this article will definitely help you out. Job hunting is a difficult task involving an organized and focused search. For many people, taking the first step is most confusing. So, here is a guide that will help you to start … Continue reading

Common Hiring Mistakes That Cost Employers Big Bucks

Hiring process may look easy but in fact it is not that easy as it looks. Getting the right employees for your company is a difficult task and the hiring needs to be done diligently in a most cost-effective and time-saving way. We have listed out the 5 common hiring mistakes that employers usually make. … Continue reading

PlacementIndia.Com – Blogs Release June 2014

Why Bad Reviews Are Not Always So Bad If you were to ask this question – Why bad reviews are bad for business? – to people, 9 out of 10 of them would be sure to express surprise as to why this question was asked at all. After all, everybody knows that bad reviews can damage … Continue reading

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