Explore Immense Job Opportunities in Chandigarh

Even though the city of Chandigarh is neither an IT hub nor an industrialized centre, its capacity to employ people isn’t worse at all. Known for winning titles like ‘cleanest city’ and ‘city with highest per capita income’, Chandigarh has become a city that is open to all types of job seekers. The city flaunts of its professionals who come from different industries. Most of the professionals are employed by the governments, the trio that is working here. The industries prevalent here range from small-scale to medium and large-scale. Industries such as auto parts, sanitaryware, food products, electrical appliances and pharmaceuticals attract a number of job seekers from nook and cranny of the nation.

According to a survey in 2013, Chandigarh saw a rise of 19 percent in the number of jobs generated. Some of the sectors that generated jobs last year were banking, academics, construction, human resources, financial services, event management and real estate. Besides providing ample job opportunities, Chandigarh also favors excellent lifestyle. So, in case if you get a good job offer from this city, then you should definitely try it.

Chandigarh was listed among the 50 emerging IT hubs during a global survey in 2007. Real estate has been one of the growing sectors in the city, and so is the job opportunity related to it. A plethora of globally reputed schools and universities in Chandigarh have also helped in enhancing the number of job seekers. Chandigarh IT Park is a humble attempt of the city to create excellence in the world of information technology. The infrastructure of the city, its proximity to the states of Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab- all factors attract a number of young IT professionals. Top multinational companies like IBM, Dell, Infosys, and TechMahindra have set up their bases in the city.

Chandigarh was ranked by the Reserve Bank of India as the largest credit and deposit centre. As said earlier, most of the people in Chandigarh are government employees, and for this reason it is known as the ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’.

All the aforesaid details give a clear idea about the possibility of jobs in different industries of Chandigarh. It also enlightens on the benefits of taking up a job in this city.

The Bpo Jobs Market In India

Since globalization in early 90’s, India has become a hub for business outsourcing. Initially, this domain remained subdued; however due to the unprecedented growth in technology, today BPO has become the fastest growing industry in India. Due to its employment generation ability, a big amount of unemployment has been engulfed by this sole industry. From fresher to experienced professionals, employees can apply for a variety of different job roles, including human resource, finance, researcher, tele-caller etc.

Indian BPOs – An Overview
As the world’s largest BPO destination accounting for 34 percent of overall global sourcing, India is ready to consolidate its position as a market leader in outsourcing service. Indian BPO’s have made an exponential growth in the field of medical and healthcare as medical transcripts. In addition to this, they play an exponential role in Banking/ Finance and Sales/Marketing as well.

Today, the new generations of BPO employees have good communication skills with professional and cultural ethics, deep industry knowledge and zeal to learn and invest more towards building a career in this industry.

Reason For Growth Of BPO Jobs In India
English is a prerequisite for BPO Jobs and the urban youth today fulfills this criterion extremely well. In all the cities in India, there is no dearth of students or fresh graduates who can speak this language extremely well. This is probably the main reason behind the flourishing sector.

BPO Jobs do not require a person to possess any specialized skill or degree and even a simple graduate can apply for this job. The only criterion that qualifies one for this job is the ability to speak English clearly and fluently. In addition to this, flexible government policies towards setting up these centers have paved way for proliferation of such services.

Qualification For BPO Jobs
As mentioned before, there is no technical skill required for BPO jobs. All you need is a good communication skill. The essential on-the-job training is generally provided by the company itself.

When it comes to recruitment, a lot of BPO companies look for candidates that have just completed their graduation. However, there are others that hire candidates who have completed 10+2 or equivalent.

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How To Find Real Engineering Jobs
A ‘Real Job’ is the one which is stimulating, fulfilling, and challenging. A job which helps in acquiring solid skills, possess new challenges, pays well, and ensures stability and security can be called a Real Job. Unfortunately, Real Jobs are getting very rare these days, especially for the engineering graduates [...]

IT Industry – Reaching New Heights
IT Industry has grown extensively over the years. Along with its recent development it is also witnessing demand for jobs. IT Industry can be classified into two main sections: IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing. With a boom in this sector, demand for jobs has increased. Career in this sector promises a better future along with better salary payments [...]

Job Opportunities In Dubai
Due to the favorable government policies and a high standard of living, many leading companies of the world have established themselves in Dubai. This has opened up a large number of excellent career opportunities in various fields like telecommunication, construction, oil and gas, information technology and many more [...]

Opportunities in Travel and Hospitality Industry
With tourism reaching new heights, the Travel and Hospitality Industry offers wide range of opportunities to the graduates. Having diversified fields, this industry provides career platform across different positions like travel and tourism, lodging, cruise ships, gaming, restaurants, and management [...]

Opportunities in Travel and Hospitality Industry

Job Opportunities In DubaiWith tourism reaching new heights, the Travel and Hospitality Industry offers wide range of opportunities to the graduates. Having diversified fields, this industry provides career platform across different positions like travel and tourism, lodging, cruise ships, gaming, restaurants, and management. People working in this industry contribute much to people’s life today.  For those who like to travel and communicate with people, this industry is perfect to work in.

Regional tourist offices, food chains and hotels offer a lot of jobs to graduates. Online travel agencies hire graduates from travel and hospitality industry. Hospitality sector has much to offer to people having a degree in travel and tourism. Jobs in this industry are considered the best as there are rich prospects of on-job training for freshers as well as optimistic professionals.

Opportunities in this sector include:

  • Transport Services
  • Restaurant Management
  • Club Management
  • Accommodation
  • Travel Agencies
  • Sport and Recreation Services
  • Food and Drink Services

Because of its widespread nature, it offers varied postings. There are a lot of options to choose from but mainly the sector includes these two paths:

  •  Operations: This includes front desk management, guest services and housekeeping.
  • Food and Beverage: This includes services in restaurants, banquets, catering and event management.

All what you require is:

  • A degree in Travel and Tourism
  • Good Personality Skills
  • Good Interpersonal Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Strong Presence of Mind

With a boom in this industry, the demand for manpower has increased. Although, it is an unpredictable sector, it is the world’s largest industry. While the Industry plays an important role in affecting the overall economy, salary offered is also high as compared to other industries. Reputed brands pay higher salaries. In India, the beginners are offered from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month.

Customer service is the key focus of this industry. People working in this industry just need to make sure that they meet the expectations of their customers. This Industry not only offers job opportunities to people, but also makes them learn a lot. Growth and experience are what people gain while working in this industry.

Career Opportunities In Various Industries

Career Opportunities In Various IndustriesAfter completing your schooling, one constant worry that you will undergo till you find a solution is selection of career. Well, deciding on a career is one of the crucial milestones and involves critical thinking, self analysis and comprehensive research work. And eventually, your decision may also be influenced by the perspective of your parents, teachers, friends and even media. Nevertheless, as there are endless career opportunities in various industries, it is advisable to decide on your career wisely, without taking too much time.

Career Opportunities In Various Industries
Here is a small description of the career opportunities that you have in various industries:

Career Options In Law
In general, lawyers have to practice before the judges in administrative tribunals, subordinate courts, high courts and the supreme courts. Their practice may be regarding any private or public matters. They specialize in constitutional law, international law, civil law, excise law, tax law, criminal law, family law, labor law, corporate law, etc. Their job responsibilities involve representing clients in varied legal matters and providing legal advice. They also work:

  • In legal department of firms,
  • In defence services
  • As political advisers
  • With the judiciary as Advocates, Attorney General, etc.

Career Options In Journalism & Mass Media
There are numerous career options in electronic as well as print journalism. As a journalist, you would have to work with television and radio production teams, and for magazines and newspapers. Following news stories, covering local and national events, and keeping the world updated with the latest happenings are the major job responsibilities of the journalists. They work as:

  • Editor
  • Sub editor
  • Correspondent
  • Freelance journalist
  • Photojournalist
  • Reporters
  • News Readers

Career Options In Hotel Industry
Employment requirements in hotel industry have grown like never before in the past few years. In various seven star and five star hotels, there is consistent manpower need for various departments: housekeeping, food and beverages, recreation, marketing, accounting, computer applicants, maintenance, public relations and so on. Different departments where you can find opportunities are:

  • Front office department
  • Catering department
  • Housekeeping department
  • Accounts department
  • Engineering department

Travel And Tourism
This industry is segregated as central government and state government division, institutional sector, commercial sector, hotels, and service sector. The government division is accountable for making policies, promoting national and international tourism, developing tourist destinations, organizing travel facilities, etc. All the sectors in travel and tourism industry have a number of career opportunities.

In addition to considering aforementioned career opportunities, you can also pursue your career in Chartered Accountancy, Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Fine Arts, Fashion, Aviation, etc.

Benefits That You Can Reap By Acquiring An Online Job In India

Benefits That You Can Reap By Acquiring An Online Job In IndiaThe advent of internet has opened innumerable opportunities for interacting with each other for social or business purposes. The World Wide Web has lot to offer and has significantly changed the way people work and socialize. Online business transactions have paved the way for a new employment domain which is known as Online Jobs. The surfacing of Online Jobs in Indian market has opened up a new working opportunity for people who want to work as a freelancer. Following are few advantages that you can reap by acquiring Online Job in India:

  • Online Jobs have helped in breaking the barrier of distance, space and time between employ and employer. Online Job in India gives you the freedom to work for companies and organizations that do not have a working office in your city. You can work with many reputed companies that are based in different cities, states and even countries through Online Jobs. Online Jobs also give exposure to you and your work on an international platform.
  • The income opportunities through Online Jobs in India are quite promising. You may end up earning good amount of money through an Online Job, which are mostly desk jobs and all you need is a PC and internet connection.
  • Apart from earning good amount, you may also end up saving a lot through an Online Job in India, which you otherwise have to spend in travelling to your office. Your expenses will account to only internet bill that will depend on your usage and working capabilities.
  • You can also save a lot of time and energy that you have to spend in reaching office by acquiring an Online Job In India. You can use this time and energy in conceptualization and for working harder on the project or work which is assigned to you in order to improve your working capability and performance.
  • Location flexibility is another advantage that you can reap by acquiring an Online Job In India. You can work from the comforts of your home or any other place where you like to spend your time. This gives you a very relaxed environment and you can work according to your convenience.

If you are searching for an Online Job In India then you may browse through Online Placement Portals. These portals will immensely help you in finding an appropriate Online Job Opening for boosting your career.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of An Export-Import Manager
As the Export-Import Industry has flourished immensely over the years, the red-tape associated with international trade has also lessened. This sector now facilitates easy and convenient transfer of shipments between different countries. All such conveniences are achieved by the exceptional skill sets of the Export-Import Managers that possess specialization in the domain.

The Key Duties Of Hardware And Networking Professionals
Right from fields like education, entertainment, banking, animation, media to product manufacturing, etc., the need and importance of IT is indispensable. With the boom of IT sector, the use of computers and Internet has considerably risen. This has led to huge requirement of Hardware and Networking Professionals for proper running, maintenance as well as repair of the peripherals.

What Makes Dubai Best For Job Seekers
With rapidly growing businesses in diversified fields like Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Engineering, Telecommunication, Hospitality, Media, Medicine and Construction, United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially Dubai offers outstanding employment chances to thousands of job seekers based all across the globe.

The Highest Paid Medical Professionals
All of us, at some point in our childhood, have lived the dream of growing up and becoming “Doctors”. Something about the medical profession makes it one of the most desirable career options. While analyzing the reasons behind such inclination of having a career in the medical stream, high pay and heavy rewards stand to be the most solid ones.

Turning Negative Feedback into Positive Results
The old adage sums it all-“Client is king”. The businesses with apparently an apathetic attitude towards clients’ grievances are destined to doom, sooner or later. Indifference or failure to address Customer Complaints not only has commercial ramifications but also causes irreparable dents in the reputation of the organization. But the picture can be entirely different, provided the right steps are taken at the right time.

What Makes Dubai Best For Job Seekers

With rapidly growing businesses in diversified fields like Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Engineering, Telecommunication, Hospitality, Media, Medicine and Construction, United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially Dubai offers outstanding employment chances to thousands of job seekers based all across the globe. The excellent career opportunities offered by many national and international companies in Dubai not only give employees bright chances of scaling their knowledge by working on different projects, but also offer them the chance to earn handsome salary packages. There are plentiful reasons that make Dubai one of the best destinations for people seeking jobs. Some of them are:

  • Higher Salaries
    On an average, employees in Dubai are paid a minimum of 10% more than what is offered by employers in other countries like UK and Australia. 25,000 to 40,000 dirhams per month is the basic salary package range for professionals depending upon their experience and expertise. Few packages also include facilities for accommodation, flights, car allowances, etc. Apart from such benefits, if a person works in the emirate for more than 2 years, a 15% lump sum of his yearly salary is paid on his departure.
  • Easy Taxation Rules And Investment Options
    Working in Dubai has a major advantage as employees do not need to pay any tax to the government. It is a law in Dubai that prohibits the collection of taxes against personal income. Also, for all the United States citizens, there is a special provision called foreign earned income exclusion tax break. Apart from this, foreigners, now, have the right to purchase property in Dubai. This not only grants them a resident status but also make it a great investment option.
  • Added Benefits
    Employers in Dubai follow well-documented and established regulations. These codes not only protect the employee’s rights but also offer them numerous benefits that include holiday entitlement, overtime pay, maternity leave, sick leave, relocation expenses, and many more.
  • Great Working Environment
    Dubai is known for its modern infrastructure. Right from rental accommodations, reputed educational institutes, high educational standards, easy public transportation system to duty-free shopping, sports activities and nightlife, Dubai has everything to offer to the its residents.

Undoubtedly, the numerous financial as well as life style advantages not only makes Dubai an attractive place to live but also hub of futuristic career opportunities.

Roles And Responsibilities Of An Export-Import Manager

As the Export-Import Industry has flourished immensely over the years, the red-tape associated with international trade has also lessened. This sector now facilitates easy and convenient transfer of shipments between different countries. All such conveniences are achieved by the exceptional skill sets of the Export-Import Managers that possess specialization in the domain. A large number of retailers, manufacturers, freight forwarders and third-party logistics companies hire Export-Import Managers for fast-paced and efficient management of the complicated procedures of global supply chains. So, let us discuss about some of the Roles and Responsibilities of an Export-Import Manager:

It is the responsibility of the Import-Export Manager to make sure that all the procedures are carried out in compliance with the laws of their own country and the foreign country involved. He is supposed to have a thorough knowledge of Customs and Border Protection rules. He must ensure that Export Administration Regulations are followed to avoid Shipment delays and costly penalties.

Personnel Issues
An Import-Export Manager also handles hiring, job training and work orientation of the employees. He is also addressable for the issues related with efficiency, accuracy and productivity of the workers. Evaluation of job performance and job promotions recommendations are also handled by the Import-Export Manager.

Shipping Arrangements
Procedures such as arrangements for freight shipments, cargo movement and communication for delays are overseen by the Import-Export Manager. He is responsible for finding faster shipping routes and lower cost carriers as well as developing contingency plans to facilitate an expedited shipment.

It is the role of an Import-Export Manager to build good and healthy working relationships with government agency representatives, clients as well as employees. His responsibility is to hold regular meetings with potential clients, customs brokers, shipping carriers and logistics companies. Also, the Import-Export Manager participates in the state customs meetings as a representative of the company.

Thus, in the context of globalization, a competent Export-Import Manager in a company greatly contributes in the development of its trade relations across international borders.

Money – Spinning Industries For Fresh Graduates

After completing Graduation, most of the students try their hand on available job opportunities. Getting a job is not an easy task for a Fresh Graduate but the even tougher task is finding a lucrative industry to work in. They are hired for executive posts in most of the Industries.

If your college life has just started and you have already planned to work after completing graduation then it is important to know which industry will offer you better job profile and remuneration in future. Below mentioned are a few areas that can be looked up to good amount of in-hand salary and experience to fresh graduates:

Oil & Mining Industry
Looking for career opportunities in oil & mining industry is the best choice for graduates who want a good pay-scale and are ready to work hard. This industry is known to provide good remuneration even to fresh graduates but the working hours and conditions are not easy in this industry. Therefore, it is advised to young aspirants to assess whether they are capable of dedicatedly work for stretched hours and in tough conditions.

Online Ventures
Internet has emerged as a boon for various business ventures basically involving advertising and marketing of products and services offered by a company. Many companies have shifted their entire working procedure on an online portal where they can interact with their customers directly for making a business deal. Fresh Graduates can avail great working opportunities through the online ventures. They can join such ventures as website designer, client services executive, content writer, etc.

Marketing & Sales Sector:
This sector offers great working opportunities to Fresh Graduates irrespective of the stream they have their degree in. This industry readily hires Fresh Graduates because they have good amount of enthusiasm and energy which if applied in work would be highly beneficial for the organization. The pay-scale of Marketing & Sales Executives is also good enough to attract Fresh Graduates towards the various opportunities in this field.

The opportunities are endless for any passionate and enthusiastic fresh graduate. All that is required to avail those opportunities is to gain as much as possible information about the existing trends in the industries.


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