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Interview Tips For Freshers
Have you just finished your graduation? Are you really eager to grab your first job? If yes, then you are sailing in the same boat like many lakhs of freshers are. No doubt it is an exciting feeling which almost every college graduate has inside his/her mind. But at the same time it is not a child’s play. Job search is usually very stressful and time consuming task [...]

How To Be Indispensable At The Workplace
Getting a job and securing it are two different things and people need to make sincere efforts to maintain their position. Getting a job is just the beginning of the journey as an employee and the path to success in the job needs consistency, perseverance, and determination to get ahead [...]

How To The Bag The Job Of Your Dreams
After completing the classroom learning, people come in the practical world to make the best use of their skills and knowledge. For making a successful career some additional skills and information are required, which the new job searchers and experienced ones must be adept at and thorough with [...]

Importance Of Networking In Job Search
Networking plays a very important role when a person is a job seeker. Going from one place to another with CV in hand seems a melodramatic scene of a film. In the present world of networking through internet, time and place are not a constraint. One can make new contacts anytime, and by staying anywhere in this world [...]

Content Managers: Key Players In The World of Words
The world of the written word is quite vast and varied. The Publishing Industry holds within its arms an abundance of resources such as magazines, newspapers, journals, books, directories, brochures and even greeting cards, calendars, and manuals [...]

Make Your First Job The Gateway To Success
While going for the first job people are usually anxious about the new work and its requirements. New job is like a new world, where people need to know the ways to survive and leave an impact. The new job should be taken as an opportunity, and the following guidelines need to be followed in order to succeed [...]

One-On-Many Panel Interview
People going for the interview may have to face a hot boiler-like situation, when a panel of interviewers is waiting to welcome them. Facing a panel with all the interviewers together is not an easy task as it puts one under immense pressure. It is like confronting, accepting and dodging several viewpoints at the same time [...]

PlacementIndia.Com – Blogs Release January 2012

Utilize Internet For Gaining Wealth & Career Success!
The World Wide Web is a vast information storeroom, making all the tools available that you always needed, in order to succeed in your career as well as in your job search. Looking at the number of career and job search resources that are available on the Internet, anyone would become astonished.[...]

How To Be A Leader At Work?
Do you eagerly want to be a leader at work? Do you actually feel like holding a position where you’ll need to be responsible enough to lead people and manage them to bring out the desired work output? If yes, then first and foremost, you should know that the power a leader wields comes from his/her personality[...]

More Responsibilities Elevates To Promotion!
The addition of the term ‘more’ before already existing plentiful ‘responsibilities’, might have the effect of a bad singer singing at his peak voice standing next to you. And after stabling down, the question which pops out of the mind is that why would anyone even want to have added responsibilities at work?[...]

You Must Know Your Career Goal
Since childhood, most of the people aspire to become a professional in a specific area. Most of the kids say that they want to become a doctor, an engineer, a policeman, an architect or an expert in any other field. However, as people grow up they become lesser specific about their job objectives.[...]

Procrastination – Causes And Solution
Firstly the question that pops into any mind is – What Is ‘Procrastination’? Procrastination is a process to postpone or delay anything needlessly. It is basically a thief of time. Sometimes procrastination is all due to poor time management skills. If you do have a time management problem then it is quite simple to suggest[...]

Switching Jobs With Caution
There are times when shifting from one job to another becomes the utmost priority of a professional. This switch over is not an easy step to undertake. It requires determination, courage and motivation on the part of the professional. With a person’s job, his or her dear ones are emotionally attached and financially dependent.[...]

Three Most Effective Ways To Get The Job You Want
In the world where the advent of Internet has made job search easier than ever, many talented job seekers are still not able get employment. Some of the major reasons are: unawareness of what you need, a fragile resume and not utilizing Job Boards and Employment Agencies in the most favorable manner.[...]

Start Getting Those Interview Calls
Do you have the required skills for a job but still fail to get interview calls? Do you update your CV regularly and still don’t get any calls for interview? Have you ever tried to find out why this happens? Where Does The Problem Lie? There is definitely something missing in your CV that fails[...]

More Responsibilities Elevates To Promotion!

The addition of the term ‘more’ before already existing plentiful ‘responsibilities’, might have the effect of a bad singer singing at his peak voice standing next to you. And after stabling down, the question which pops out of the mind is that why would anyone even want to have added responsibilities at work?

Well, the answer to that is very simple and straightforward. It is quite safe to assume that the bigger responsibilities increase your chances of getting a promotion and salary increment. Don’t your bosses also have higher responsibilities? Here is a list of ways to get your hands on more responsibilities at workplace:

Reliable Plus Resourceful
If you have a blend of two qualities- dependability with resourcefulness, it is a challenge for anyone to take away bigger responsibilities from you. You might think it is quite difficult for you to be resourceful. Well, not at all. Anyone can be resourceful. It just needs development of a few skills like knowing where to get help from, how to secure collaboration, etc. Then you are all sorted.

No one can finish any kind of work completely on his/her own. Seeking collaboration from others plays a vital role in successful completion of any assignment. This way it usually helps in connecting any two people in authentic way, also when they are not doing work together.

The keys to get hands on responsibility are to seek collaboration, be willing to help, and you will naturally be given larger responsibilities at work. To get more responsibilities it is highly important that you are efficiently managing every hour of yours. Apart from this, it is equally important to learn the art of creativity while finding solutions to your various problems. In that way, promotion and increased salary won’t be too long.

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Should I ask for Promotion?

No one wants to be stagnant on the position they are working. Appraisals and promotion is mandatory so as to boost an employer’s moral. For all those who wish to gain a better position at work, the main question that haunts them is ‘Should I ask for promotion?’

It becomes important to question yourself about the right time to ask for promotion. Why? Because it may or not go in your favor. You need to ponder upon various factors before posing this question in front of your boss. Following are the things that need to be considered before hand:

A vacant position in the office: This is very important as until there will be no free position; the chances of you being promoted are very less. So, first enquire about the vacancy and then only proceed.

Your tenure at the office: The number of years that you have spent in the office also plays an integral role in your promotion process. While considering you for the promotion, the managers or the company directors look into your profile especially the number of years for which you have served the company.

Your intensions: Before asking for a job promotion you must be clear about your intentions or what is your next move?

  • If you wish to shift to another company then may not consider a promotion
  • If you wish to continue but on a better position then you should ask for a promotion

Conversation with those who have recently been promoted: Your employees who have recently been promoted can be of great help to you. Ask them about their experience, they can guide you the right person and time to ask for a promotion.

Point to remember:

It is advised to garner some useful information of the supervisor or manager with whom you are going to have the conversation.

Your sole motive should be to present yourself as an ideal employee. A company promotes only those whom they think are capable and useful for the growth of the company.

Thus our write up must have provided you with the key factors that need consideration before asking for a promotion. Taking a note of the above mentioned and following them will let you attain promotion that you long for.


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