How To Find Real Engineering Jobs

How To Find Real Engineering JobsA ‘Real Job’ is the one which is stimulating, fulfilling, and challenging. A job which helps in acquiring solid skills, possess new challenges, pays well, and ensures stability and security can be called a Real Job. Unfortunately, Real Jobs are getting very rare these days, especially for the engineering graduates. Many engineers are growing dissatisfied with their work as they are not able to enjoy their work leading to reduced productivity and quality compromised deliverable.

These tips might help you to find an appropriate job to boost your career.

  • A good salary is not enough. Look for a job that provides adequate training, exposure, and knowledge of professional skills. This helps a fresher to get hold of advanced learning and experience of working in a professional environment.
  • Avoid the jobs that do not allow you to work in teams. Team work always enhances the scope of learning and developing your skills. It also helps in developing fine relations with your working colleagues.
  • It is always advisable to choose a job that is enriched with new challenges and ambiguity. This will give you an opportunity to experiment with your skills and to keep yourself busy in figuring things out.
  • A job that offers a variety of projects to work on is highly preferable for a beginner. The work should be of your interest so that you can enjoy your work and meet the deadlines effortlessly.

Sustaining a job is also a challenging task for an employee. You can come across many tough situations and criticism in your work but never let the situation overpower you. Tackle it confidently and do not overburden yourself by saying ‘yes’ to every task that comes your way. Do not take the harsh criticism too seriously but always strive to improve your performance.

Engineering is one of the most promising and exciting career options that can build a brighter future. But choosing the most suitable job is equally important to avoid frustration and failure in the future. The above mentioned tips will surely help you to find the ideal job.

Opportunities For Job Seekers In India

People looking for jobs in India are in for a treat. The career prospects in India are looking extremely good. The reasons for this have been many, but the foreign companies and MNCs have finally woken up to the fact that there is immense talent and potential among the candidates here. While at one time the Indian job seekers had to go abroad to work for a foreign brand, nowadays reputed brands are landing up here seeking fresh & talented manpower. Foreign conglomerates are luring job seekers with hefty pay packets and great career growth opportunities.

Some sectors that hold great potential in terms of professional growth and a great pay package include – the Telecom Sector, the IT Sector, the Auto Sector, FMCG and insurance. Many established names like Microsoft, HUL, RIL, IBM, Cisco, Goldman Sachs regularly scout the Indian job market for talented candidates. MNCs like Amazon, Google, etc. are some other of the reputed recruiters that have recently hired Indian job seekers.

Besides these sectors, the healthcare & hospitality industry also presents ample opportunities to job seekers in India. With many Online Job Portals available nowadays, job hunting has become an extremely easy task. All a job seeker has to do is to contact any of these Online Job Portals and connect with national & international recruiters. Registering on an Online Job Portal is a less time consuming and a more effective way to search for a suitable job. This makes more sense than dropping of or mailing resumes to random companies, who may or may not have current manpower requirement. Also the HR companies handling these Online Job Portals usually have link-ups with a network of reputed clients. This considerably shortens the time taken for job hunting. With their assistance, job seekers can easily find the kind of job profile and company they are searching for.

So, Online Job Portals provide a great platform to job seekers looking for excellent job opportunities in India, and abroad too.

Inquiring About Job Openings – Basic Etiquettes

Searching for a job is a very cumbersome task which requires lot of efforts, patience and hard work. It involves obtaining a list of relevant job positions available with companies that you want to work with & then making enquiries regarding the positions, the interview dates, etc. Anyone who has been through this process before will be able to tell you about the humungous amount of patience that it requires. At times it may seem like the most futile of all tasks, but if done smartly can reap the best benefits for you & your career in particular.

Inquiring About Job Openings – What It Involves?
It basically involves getting in touch with the hiring manager of a firm that is currently recruiting & scheduling an interview for yourself.  It may sound simple at first but the process in itself could be very time consuming as Hiring managers are generally very busy people & it is difficult to directly contact them in most cases.

Inquiring About Job Openings – Basic Etiquettes
So once you do manage to get in touch with the relevant person, what all should you do to ensure that you get an interview scheduled for yourself? Some basic points you should remember are mentioned below:-

  • Ask For Permission - In case you are talking to the hiring manager via a phone, ensure that you first introduce yourself in a line or so. Then explain to them the reason behind your making the call. After you get the go-ahead to speak, tell them where you got the reference from. In case the recruiter is busy, ask for a convenient time to call back and thank them.
  • First Impression, Last Impression – Nowhere is this term more relevant than in the situation when you are searching for that golden opportunity. You only get a few precious minutes to make a favorable impact in the recruiters’ mind. Utilize this time well. Keep the conversation focused and be as short and crisp as possible.
  • Sell Yourself – Go through the job profile thoroughly and prepare some points as to why you would suit the job best. Highlight qualities, achievements, experience, etc. that make you best suited for this job. Have solid examples to prove your abilities. Making flimsy claims may get you an interview but not the job. While writing a letter of enquiry ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Get some professional to proofread it, but never submit a letter fully of silly mistakes or typos.
  • Thank the recruiter – At the end, don’t forget to thank the recruiter for taking out time for you.

Making a job enquiry is a very effective way of making your presence known to a hiring manager or recruiter. If done smartly, it can earn you the best rewards.

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Job Portals Are Useful In Finding The Engineering Jobs

If you are looking forward to Engineering as your career then you can think of a bright future for you. Though, there are various career options that you can think of but Engineering is one of the most promising career options for students. The advancement in technology has multiplied the job opportunities in the field of Engineering.

Job Portals have made it easy to find a job in Engineering sector. These Job Portals are so user-friendly that applicant can easily register himself there and post his resume. There are various Engineering companies which are seeking applicants for the jobs in different departments. The HR executives of these companies search for candidates through Job Portals and contact the applicants after considering their resume.

There are five major branches in the field of engineering: civil, mechanical, software, electrical and textile engineering jobs. Civil Engineering incorporates construction, planning and maintenance of public works. Mechanical Engineering deals with the analysis, production, design and maintenance of mechanical systems. Software Engineering refers to performance, development and function of computer and its software. Electrical Engineering finds its application in the field of electronics, electromagnetism and electricity. Textile Engineering makes use of engineering and scientific principles for designing and controlling apparel processes, textile, fiber products, energy conservation, pollution and waste control and health and safety.

If you have decided the branch of Engineering you want to opt for then it should be clearly mentioned in your profile. Job Portals give you an opportunity to search the job as per your job requirement. You can also find job by mentioning the expected remuneration, job type and the area and company priority.

Why Online Job Portals Are Preferred

Development of the World Wide Web has played a major role in globalization, bringing the world closer. Now, getting information about something you do not know is just a click away. You can find your life partner, you can shop, and you can even find a job through internet.

Online job portals have earned huge popularity these days. Earlier people used to search jobs in newspapers and magazines, which was a very time consuming and monotonous process. With the advent of these online job banks, finding jobs has become much easier than the traditional methods. You can search jobs by name, type, role, location, salary, etc. These online job portals have made the process of job hunting much more convenient by maintaining a huge database of all available jobs at one place.

How These Online Job Portals Work?
These online job portals are designed to make it easier for recruiters and candidates to come at a common platform. By following some simple steps, a job seeker can submit his/her resume and the rest is to be done by that job portal. The tools of the portal try to match your job specifications with the companies having vacancies. The matchmaking criteria include important aspects in a job profile like the location preference, preference for certain industry or role, salary preferred, qualifications etc. To facilitate job seekers, the online job portals have started services of finding jobs in international fronts as well. It’s very helpful for candidates seeking for a job matching their qualifications and work experience in foreign countries. With industry integration with several employers, online job portals provide the facility of applying online. Applying candidates get interview calls only when their CV is shortlisted.

Benefits Of Applying On Online Job Portals:

  • Online job application process is time saving
  • You get relevant jobs that match your qualification
  • You get fast reply
  • The database is not restricted to any particular industry or region
  • Jobs are well sorted as per different parameters for accurate match
  • This process is free of cost

Due to these benefits and many more, these online job portals have become the most preferred platform for both the employers and the candidates to interact for mutual benefit.

Importance Of Networking In Job Search

Networking plays a very important role when a person is a job seeker. Going from one place to another with CV in hand seems a melodramatic scene of a film. In the present world of networking through internet, time and place are not a constraint. One can make new contacts anytime, and by staying anywhere in this world. This has made daunting task of searching a job much easier. Such networking for job search requires a little hard work and a little smart work. This networking can be informal or formal.

Informal Job Networking

  • Refreshing the existing contacts: It includes informing every acquaintance, be it friends, relatives, seniors, etc. that you are looking for a job. Also, tell them of the type of job you are looking for. This method can work wonders at times as you can know about the vacancy and apply before anyone else.
  • Sending emails and posting on social networking sites: This helps in making contacts with people who are techno-savvy, teachers, recruitment consultants etc.

Formal Job Networking

  • Making new contacts at social gatherings
  • Posting the CV on job searching sites:  This ensures that the CV will be crawled by several companies having openings for the profile mentioned in the CV
  • Conducting informational interviews: In such interviews, a job seeker asks questions to the experts. The job seeker asks for career and industry related advice.

Along with job related networking, job seekers also need to assess their profile. They need to know their strengths and weaknesses. At the time of interview they need to convince the interviewer that they are an asset to the concerned company. People first need to prepare themselves for the requirements of the jobs they are applying for and then go all out to grab the best opportunity through proper networking. They must begin the journey keeping in mind that planning and perseverance help people going a long way.

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Tips To Newbies For A Successful Career

Have you recently joined the organization of your dreams?
Are you planning to start working just as your degree completes?
Do you want to get noticed in your workplace as soon as you join?
Have you been thinking of the right way to start a flourishing career?

If your answer to any of the above mentioned questions is yes, then you must read this write up:

The time when people used to join any field advised by their elders, irrespective of their interests and skills, is long gone. Now, the job seekers understand the need to find the most suitable job for themselves. However, more often than not it is observed that the people who are at the initial most stage of the career are confused about the correct approach to climb up the ladder of success. Mentioned below are a few suggestions for them:

The importance of discipline, particularly self discipline, never fades. One has to remain disciplined at all times. There may be times when you could postpone your work or delegate the work assigned to you but the best way in such situations is to understand the need of the hour.

Join an organization only after you find it suitable to your expectations and career goals. Once you enter any company, adopt a single minded approach. It means that even of you get more lucrative offers from other companies, you need to stay focused and devoted to your present work. Leaving a job within a few months will reflect your lack of loyalty and confidence.

People have become more career oriented and are willing to give their hundred percent to reach the zenith of success at the earliest. Consider it a sure shot key to success and complete the tasks assigned to you dedicatedly.

Adopt these three aspects in your approach to work and you will notice a considerable amount of positive results. Other than this, you can also give a jumpstart to your career if you get registered with a credible Online Placement Portal that will help you find a job as per your interests, skills and qualifications.

Don’t Get Stuck At The Job Search Stage

Searching for a job is just a beginning. It is just like giving an initiation to a flight which will take off for proper career growth. But if people don’t organize and plan well for their job search, then their effort is sure to go waste. Mentioned here are some steps to come out of job search stage with flying colors.

  • Planning: Before starting the job search, job seekers need to first make a list of steps to be taken for job search. They should first assess their interest and expertise.
  • Writing Resume: The job seeker should begin with writing a resume. Resume must include professional qualifications, achievements, projects undertaken, major skills, few personal details, etc. Resume makes the first impression of the job searcher so it must be grammatically sound, polished and professional. It should give the right idea of the of the job seeker’s profile. If it fails to make an impact then the person will not get the desired job interview calls.
  • Updating Resume: The resume should be updated on a regular basis. It should be kept in mind that the resume shouldn’t look outdated. It should be in line with the latest industry requirements.
  • Attaching Cover Letter To The Resume: Resume without cover letter is incomplete. Cover letter should be in accordance with the job profile and the company to which the job application is being sent.
  • Posting Resume On Relevant Job Search Sites: Selection of sob search sites needs to be done keeping in mind the field people are applying for. Local job sites which provide with job options in specific locations are helpful in getting the best job in the nearby locality.
  • Making Contacts: Job search calls for networking. It can be online networking, making contacts in social gatherings, etc.
  • Rehearsing For The Interview: Interview questions, posture, facial expression, etc. need to be rehearsed beforehand. One should start the interview with confidence as it sets the tone for the entire interview. Dressing should be formal and according to the job demands.

With such careful planning it becomes easier not only to find jobs in one’s area of expertise but also land a dream job that can make the best out of one’s skills. So without losing any patience and adopting a step-by-step approach, job seekers can surely avoid getting stuck in their job search.


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