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Role Of Placement Consultants In The Job & Recruitment Industry
The job industry is facing a lot of competition along with the growth of society and the need for qualified manpower. Unlike the old days, today there are many options for the same and with the advent of internet this process has become easier and user-friendly. The search for the right job sometimes makes the seekers run here & there[...]

Job And Internship Options For College Students
Internships are unique opportunities that you encounter only once in your career. They provide you with a great platform for working while you are in college. Internships give you the practical knowledge and experience of the subject. Jobs and Internships during this time help to prepare you for the future.[...]

The Topmost Don’ts For Career Changers
Changing career is a life-altering decision for many and sometimes they have to take the plunge as their talents are not getting fully utilized. Or it may be that they are horribly bored with their present job and are facing a crisis regarding their skills or are totally exhausted.[...]

Green Jobs – Top Tips For Finding These
Looking for green jobs and still not getting them? Don’t worry! There are a number of options. What can help you is, a little bit of self-research and the tips given below. Almost every day, you can find various eco-friendly companies looking for new, talented, bright and forward looking people who can help the company in various operations.[...]

Steps For Freshers To Ace An Interview
An interview is basically seen as a question-answer round by many freshers who get nervous thinking about their performance. But it is actually not so. With some smart preparation, any fresher can turn it into a good opportunity for learning and ace the interview with flying colors. Some of the steps that you need to take are[...]

Things To Learn From A Bad Interview
No matter how much things go wrong in an interview it is never the end of the world! There is still a good scope of learning from an interview gone bad but many people fail to recognize this. It is every interviewee’s worst nightmare. One is in the middle of an interview for a job and all of a sudden, it all starts going wrong.[...]

Writing A Great Resume Sans Job Experience
There are some individuals who have a college degree but very little or no job experience. Although this could cause problems for those who are competing against candidates with education and experience, by writing a great resume one can have a fair chance at a job. Here are some tips to consider for writing a great resume.[...]

How To Be A Star Performer At Your Workplace
Communicating well, in business and in all other circumstances leads on the path of success. Likewise, the key to a successful career is communication. It is not always easy to know what to say, and it certainly isn’t always obvious how to say it. To help one out of this precarious situation, here are some tips[...]

Some Tips To Develop A Personal Mission Statement
You need to have laser sharp focus to stand out in the crowd and make a purposeful & significant contribution to build a higher potential for success. Many business owners and managers have spent valuable time to create organizational mission statements.[...]

Job And Internship Options For College Students

Internships are unique opportunities that you encounter only once in your career. They provide you with a great platform for working while you are in college. Internships give you the practical knowledge and experience of the subject. Jobs and Internships during this time help to prepare you for the future. It is not only the company that utilizes your effort but you also get to sharpen your skills. So, an internship basically prepares you for the job market. These jobs and internships overall help you to enhance your personality. But it not only depends upon the work done by you but also the opportunities that are available.

  • College students must look for opportunities which they can take advantage of in various ways. The student’s responsibility should extend beyond getting coffee, making copies, filling and entering data etc. Some of the organizations allow their interns or new employees to do management jobs, handling budget to an extent and try to teach them some valuable and practical lessons in the field. The students should go for those opportunities which are more productive and provide them a better learning experience.
  • Interns should always be inquisitive about what is happening around them and take the feedback given by the seniors in a constructive manner. It prepares them for the tough job environment that they will experience later on.
  • There will always be job seekers who are more experienced than you and have a better knowledge but it does not mean that opportunities for new people are not there. College students can always get opportunities with many different organizations looking for fresh talent.

Such companies can provide you on the job training. It prepares you for the challenges after your college gets over. You can see the difference your self. It makes you a more confident and mature person, improves your stress and time management skills and basically makes you a better deserving candidate for your first job.

Tips for Internship Resume

A resume is the key to attain a desired job or an internship. It is the document that carries your qualification details, job experiences and personal details. A well-writ and effective resume can greatly improve your chances of getting the job or internship. An internship resume is different from a resume created with the purpose of acquiring a job. So, before penning down your experiences, strengths and merits in a resume, it is better to decide upon the format and the points that you want to include in your resume.

Points that need to be ensured while drafting an internship resume:

You must be clear about your purpose: You must be clear about your aim while creating the resume. Your goal is not to further your career rather gain experience and skills. So, don’t write long boring and monotonous documents just as a desperate jobseeker.

Placement of the information must be right: It is important to emphasize on your academic achievements rather than your work background. Be focused on your merits and highlight your qualification details the most.

Mention your work experience: If you have any work experience, do include it in your resume. It is leaves a good impression and increases your chances of getting the internship.

Keep off the irrelevant information: Pointless information like political affiliation or sexual preference won’t help you in getting the internship. But it might hamper your chance of getting the internship.

Length of resume: Maximum of one or two page content should be written in a resume. The shorter the resume, the better it is.

Review it twice: Before finalizing upon your internship resume, just read it twice to avoid any kind of spelling mistake or grammatical error as it can give a bad impression to the interviewer.

Employers look out for enthusiastic, dedicated and interactive freshers to assure that they fit in the team. So, make a resume that reflects the actual you in the best possible manner without boasting much about yourself.

Find Internship Opportunities

In simple terms, internship can be described as a pre-professional work experience for students, which makes them aware of their particular career field. Students pursuing their final year of graduation generally look out for internships in different companies. Individuals searching for jobs also go for internships for gaining experience in some particular area for achieving excellence. Internships are the best way of getting real life experience and decide about the fate of your career.

Various strategies are followed by the students for finding internship of their choice. Networking, career fairs, online internship listings, etc. are the foremost ways of conducting your internship search. A bit of research and planning is advisable for finding a right internship opportunity.

In this write-up, we will provide you some useful tips to find an excellent internship opportunity that will benefit you in future.

Start looking for it early

Some industries have early deadlines for internships, so it’s better to start searching for internship during the winter breaks. This will give you additional time to make connections with the professionals of the organization. Services of your college’s placement cell can also be taken for finding early internship programs.

Identify your career interests

Be clear about your goal and career interest before going out in search of an internship. If you are not clear about your future career and pursuing internships in different fields, then you can make your mind once you test water in different career fields. This will also enable you to decide your area of interest and also give you exposure to the real professional world.

Check out different online resources

There are various internship websites providing complete information about various internship opportunities in different career fields. Creating an account on such websites will keep you updated about the fresh openings. Local newspaper’s classifieds can also be considered for finding companies interested in hiring interns.

Attend Career Fairs

Career fairs are also popular among the students because top employers look out for trainees and interns in such fairs. Such companies attend fairs for screening, testing and recruiting talented employees as well as interns. Prepare a small intro describing your interests, skills and experience that can help you in facing an unplanned interview at such fairs. Follow up with the employers you came in contact at the fair.

Contact Employers

Directly contact the employers for making enquiry about the summer jobs and internships. Also prepare small intro of yourself to be presented in front of the employers. Lay focus on summer jobs or camps that will help you enhance your communication skills. Make sure to follow up with employers from arranging interview.

Follow these simple steps for finding an ideal internship opportunity that will boost your career. With this you will not only get aware of the industry you wish to enter, but also make valuable contacts that will prove beneficial in nurturing your career in future.

Essential Do’s To Follow During Internship

The concept of internship has become more popular with the youngsters who are ready to work free of cost just to gain work experience. Besides the main goal of learning more about the job and industry, another reason for the internship arises, when a trainee wants to secure a fulltime job offer.

This write up is for the interns who wish to have a successful and smooth internship.

So, while doing internship, an intern must follow a set of rules that are as follows:

  • Always take the first step:

    • While the internship period, try and utilize each and every minute to give a good impression of yours. Don’t miss any opportunity to meet and interact with the supervisor of the company. Be interactive and cordial with everyone especially with the supervisor.

    • Sit with your supervisor and discuss about the areas you face problems with. Try and get timely feedback from your seniors at work. Discuss and ask about how you can better yourself.

    • Be open for criticism. These sessions with the supervisors are sure to get you good and bad remarks. Consider these sessions as groom up sessions and use them as a means to transform you into a complete professional.

  • Try to grasp as much as you can:
    During the course of internship, it is necessary to keep your eyes and ears wide open. It is the best plot to get exposed to the maximum amount of information and knowledge. Don’t let these opportunities just pass by. Try to get as much as understanding and working of the company as possible.Even if you are invited for a seminar or meetings, don’t let go the chance so easily because it is the only place where you can get to know about your company. Be a good observer and try to get maximum exposure to the working of the company.

  • Be specific:
    Always ask necessary questions while trying to avoid unnecessary and pointless questions. There can be many times when you might not be able to understand certain things and hesitate to ask. But always remember that everything is new to you and for becoming an efficient professional, you must intervene in between and clear your doubt. But try and avoid needless questions as it can irritate the other person and give a negative impression about you.

  • Be a good learner:
    Always be open for learning something new. Don’t think that if you know something, then you are proficient enough but rather listen to others and try to grab other essential information. Pay attention and learn a lot of things which you were not taught in your schools or colleges.

  • Have an idol:
    It is always positive to have an influential person in your confidence and letting him know that you actually idolize him. Take him as your mentor to learn new things and it is sure that his experience and expertise can work wonders for you.

So, if you follow the above mentioned points, you are likely to get a job offer from the same company in which you are doing internship. Try and give your 100%, while you’re on training session for assurance of getting a job offer in the interim period itself.

How to Turn Your Internship into a Job

Job InternshipOrganizations seek interns who are willing to work with limited or no pay and exhibit go getter attitude. Candidates enthusiastic to work for gaining experience and have strong work ethics are preferred by the companies.

The valuable skills like professionalism, ability to work in team environment, competency to work independently etc. learnt during that internship period helps a lot in future career perspectives. If you have the potential to build valuable professional contacts and show signs of dedication as well as hard work; you can easily turn your internship into a full time job.

Here are some simple steps that will increase the likelihood of turning your internship into an excellent career opportunity.

Play it right
Enjoy the whole experience of internship and play your cards right whenever necessary. Develop a strong desire of changing that temporary part time position into a full time permanent job. Work on your special professional characteristics that will grab the attention of the employer.

Meet and greet everyone
Excellent communication skills with positive attitude help in nurturing valuable work relationships. Take initiative of introducing yourself to the supervisors and exhibit friendly attitude to everyone you meet. A simple greeting creates a lot of impact on your colleagues as well as your seniors.

Positive demeanor and helpful attitude will surely give a brilliant start to your career. Your eagerness to do everything that your internship requires with a smile makes you the most ideal intern. Your courteous and friendly attitude with co-workers will definitely pay off in the long run. Your employer will take notice of you if you get along with your colleagues well and work co-operatively. Your ability to manage conflicts and proficiency deal with high pressure situations are valuable add on for your attitude.

Ask Questions
Taking advantage of your student status by asking questions about everything, which is not clear to you, gives a positive impression to the employer. They believe that the intern asking questions is enthusiastic to work and really want to understand about the industry. Internships can prove to be a great learning experience that will boost your career and any other metro cities. Jobs in Delhi / NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Checnnai etc.

Find a Mentor
Try and learn from those you admire for their sharp skills, knowledge, expertise etc. Mentoring relationships developed during internship remains for longer period. True professional enjoys sharing his experience with the learners, so it’s better to take their assistance for entering the professional field.

Be Available
For transforming your internship to a permanent job position, you need to remain available to your employer. Your availability at crucial times gives them an impression that you are interested to get a permanent job.

When your internship period comes to an end, do not hesitate in talking to the employer directly about the permanent job. You never know, he may be interested in keeping you as an integral part of the team. Your enthusiasm, dedication for work and above all following these simple tips will definitely yield fruitful results for your success in the professional front.

Internship Interview Tips

Job InternshipMany students apply for internships but only the fortunate ones get the call for the interview. Most of the companies’ shortlist candidates on the basis of the resume and use interview as a final cut for choosing the right contender. So, if you have received an interview call from the company for internship then your interview is the only chance to make an impression on the employer.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you go through the internship interview smoothly.

Prepare yourself
Preparation is the real key to a good interview and researching about the company is the foremost step of interview preparation. Selecting appropriate and comfortable attire for interview is very much necessary. A candidate should always take a copy of his/her resume while going for an interview. Practicing sample interview questions will be an added advantage.

First impression is the last impression
Making a good first impression creates a lot of difference even before starting a verbal interview. Being yourself, a firm handshake, maintaining eye contact with the interviewer throughout the interview creates a positive impact on the employer. Be comfortable and relaxed for setting a stage for the successful interview.

Emphasize on your achievements and skills
Maintain focus on your achievements and special skills, which you have attained during the course of time. Express your previous work experiences and display your communication, analytical and problem solving skills.

Answer the question only after understanding it
Asking interviewer to repeat the question or clarify it is best for answering the question properly. Candidate should understand what the interviewer is trying to ask before answering it with full confidence.

Highlight your positive points
The employer may show interest in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Whenever such question comes, it’s always better to emphasize on your positive aspects. For weaknesses, highlight the points on which you need to improve and also tell about the steps you have taken for improvement.

Maintain confidence till the end
Ok, you started off the interview with utmost level of confidence, but ending it with the same is a crucial thing. Thanking interviewer promptly for his/her consideration and valuable time will give stress on your good qualities.

Apart from all these, using correct grammar, avoiding jargons and informal language and being positive throughout will definitely open the gates of success. You can always expect to hear back from the employer if you follow these simple steps while going for the internship interview.

Internship Application Process

Filling an internship application form is not an easy task at it seems to be. There are certain things which should or should not be done while filling the application. Your internship form is the ultimate key that will catch the immediate attention of the employer. The form you are sending should stand out from the other forms and give you an edge over your competition. Through this, we are giving you some tips for filling an appealing internship application form that will instantly lead you to the path of success.

  Filling Written Forms : - Its is better to take photocopy of the form even before you start filling it, so that you can practice on the photocopy just to assure that the information you are going to fill would fit in the given spaces. Black is the standard ink for filling application forms, unless the employer specifies any other ink.

  Filling Online Forms :- Registration is the foremost step when you are filling in an online application form. Once you get the main application form make sure that the details you are giving for registration are true and are also carefully recorded at your end. This will help you in maintaining consistency in both registrations as well as application form. It is advisable to double check your application form before submitting and it would be best if you take print out of it for your reference.

General guidelines for filling different sections of the form

  • Be honest while writing your employment and education details because they are easy to confirm
  • The format of forms varies from each other. It is possible that in some forms they may ask about the modules and grades of your qualifications and in some you may just need to summarize them.
  • Be careful while giving the names of your references and make sure that the person you are mentioning would give positive feed back about your personality. Also, not forget to ask permission of that person before entering his/her name in the form.
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