Engineering Career Opportunities In 2014 And Beyond

Several factors such as advanced technology, quest for improved productivity, and competitiveness have contributed to the increased expansion rate of engineering sector. It is estimated that the employment in various engineering sectors will grow by as much as 11% in the next decade. If you are aspiring to be an engineer, then you must know all the engineering career opportunities that lay for you in the future. Here is a brief report:

Agricultural Engineering  
In the upcoming years, the agricultural engineers will get to pursue new agricultural spheres mainly comprising water resource management, exploration of alternative energies, high-tech applications pertaining to agricultural products, etc. The engineers in agricultural industry will get further employment opportunities including designing new agricultural equipment and streamlining the cultivations techniques.

Computer Hardware Engineering
Employment opportunities for computer hardware engineers are estimated to rise up to 9 percent by 2020. Well, this increase in employment is yet slower than the expected growing employment rate in all other engineer occupations. The reason behind this slow rate is that very less number of engineers would be required for computer hardware related demands as now the innovation is mostly induced in software.

Civil Engineering  
By the year 2020, employment opportunities for civil engineers are likely to escalate up to 19 percent. As the infrastructural amenities continue to age, there would be huge demand for the civil engineers for handling different construction and restoration projects such as rebuilding bridges, upgrading the levees and dams, repairing roads, etc. The civil engineers will also be required to design and restore the large waste treatment plants.

Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace engineers having expertise to employ collective engineering processes and tools as well as competent in simulation, modeling and robotics are expected to explore better career opportunities. Besides, those having complete know-how of the software – Computational Fluid Dynamics meant for testing designs in typical digital environment, would have good career opportunities too.

Apart from the above-mentioned fields, there would be numerous lucrative career opportunities in fields such as nuclear engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, biomedical engineering, mining and geological engineering, computer software engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, petroleum engineering, industrial engineering, etc.

How To Recruit Graduates?

Most of the organizations generally prefer to benefit from the talent and enthusiasm of freshers, just graduated job seekers. The idea behind recruiting the freshers is generally the fact that they cost relatively lesser to the company and can be molded rather easily to the company’s working culture. However, recruiting graduates is not that easy as may appear to many out there. The organizations have to conduct campus recruitment interviews at colleges and universities. The entire process has to be carefully completed so as to come up with better recruitment results.

How To Recruit Graduates?
Following aspects have to be taken into account in order to hire a potential graduate:

  • Analyzing The Job Profiles: Prior to deciding whom to attract and choose, it is wise to be very clear about the requirements of a particular profile. By analyzing the available job profiles, it becomes easier for the organizations to seek out for Recruit Graduates with particular set of qualification and skills.
  • Internal Or External Staffing: Both these kinds of staffing solutions have their respective benefits. For instance, the organization is likely to be more familiar with the capabilities of the candidates recruited through internal sources. Also, because of their acquaintance with the existing e they would adjust quickly to the work culture. Besides, the selection process would become rather easier and quicker with internal staffing. Talking about the external staffing, it is the best way to come across candidates with diverse set of knowledge and capabilities. However, organizations would have to put in extra efforts such as conducting campus and university recruitment programs in order to select the most relevant candidates.
  • Sources Of Recruitment: Organizations can choose various means to recruit graduates. For instance, they can post advertisements in newspapers, magazines and even on online recruitment portals.

The Traits Desired In A Potential Graduate:
Below-mentioned are some of the essential traits that an organization should look for in a potential graduate:

  • Well Educated – The candidate must hold at least one degree (in any discipline) from a reputed university. Good percentile would add to the candidate’s chances of getting selected.
  • Ambitious – An ambitious candidate is a great advantage to organization. The organization must choose the candidate who has a proven track record of achievements and success in academics or extracurricular activities.
  • Sociable – The candidate should be sociable enough to work well in a team.
  • Hard Working – Last but not least, the candidate should have the ability to recognize opportunities and work hard to transform them in achievements.

If above-mentioned points are considered, the organization is sire to Recruit Right Graduates for specific job profiles.

How To Find Real Engineering Jobs

How To Find Real Engineering JobsA ‘Real Job’ is the one which is stimulating, fulfilling, and challenging. A job which helps in acquiring solid skills, possess new challenges, pays well, and ensures stability and security can be called a Real Job. Unfortunately, Real Jobs are getting very rare these days, especially for the engineering graduates. Many engineers are growing dissatisfied with their work as they are not able to enjoy their work leading to reduced productivity and quality compromised deliverable.

These tips might help you to find an appropriate job to boost your career.

  • A good salary is not enough. Look for a job that provides adequate training, exposure, and knowledge of professional skills. This helps a fresher to get hold of advanced learning and experience of working in a professional environment.
  • Avoid the jobs that do not allow you to work in teams. Team work always enhances the scope of learning and developing your skills. It also helps in developing fine relations with your working colleagues.
  • It is always advisable to choose a job that is enriched with new challenges and ambiguity. This will give you an opportunity to experiment with your skills and to keep yourself busy in figuring things out.
  • A job that offers a variety of projects to work on is highly preferable for a beginner. The work should be of your interest so that you can enjoy your work and meet the deadlines effortlessly.

Sustaining a job is also a challenging task for an employee. You can come across many tough situations and criticism in your work but never let the situation overpower you. Tackle it confidently and do not overburden yourself by saying ‘yes’ to every task that comes your way. Do not take the harsh criticism too seriously but always strive to improve your performance.

Engineering is one of the most promising and exciting career options that can build a brighter future. But choosing the most suitable job is equally important to avoid frustration and failure in the future. The above mentioned tips will surely help you to find the ideal job.

Money – Spinning Industries For Fresh Graduates

After completing Graduation, most of the students try their hand on available job opportunities. Getting a job is not an easy task for a Fresh Graduate but the even tougher task is finding a lucrative industry to work in. They are hired for executive posts in most of the Industries.

If your college life has just started and you have already planned to work after completing graduation then it is important to know which industry will offer you better job profile and remuneration in future. Below mentioned are a few areas that can be looked up to good amount of in-hand salary and experience to fresh graduates:

Oil & Mining Industry
Looking for career opportunities in oil & mining industry is the best choice for graduates who want a good pay-scale and are ready to work hard. This industry is known to provide good remuneration even to fresh graduates but the working hours and conditions are not easy in this industry. Therefore, it is advised to young aspirants to assess whether they are capable of dedicatedly work for stretched hours and in tough conditions.

Online Ventures
Internet has emerged as a boon for various business ventures basically involving advertising and marketing of products and services offered by a company. Many companies have shifted their entire working procedure on an online portal where they can interact with their customers directly for making a business deal. Fresh Graduates can avail great working opportunities through the online ventures. They can join such ventures as website designer, client services executive, content writer, etc.

Marketing & Sales Sector:
This sector offers great working opportunities to Fresh Graduates irrespective of the stream they have their degree in. This industry readily hires Fresh Graduates because they have good amount of enthusiasm and energy which if applied in work would be highly beneficial for the organization. The pay-scale of Marketing & Sales Executives is also good enough to attract Fresh Graduates towards the various opportunities in this field.

The opportunities are endless for any passionate and enthusiastic fresh graduate. All that is required to avail those opportunities is to gain as much as possible information about the existing trends in the industries.


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