How To Recruit Graduates?

Most of the organizations generally prefer to benefit from the talent and enthusiasm of freshers, just graduated job seekers. The idea behind recruiting the freshers is generally the fact that they cost relatively lesser to the company and can be molded rather easily to the company’s working culture. However, recruiting graduates is not that easy as may appear to many out there. The organizations have to conduct campus recruitment interviews at colleges and universities. The entire process has to be carefully completed so as to come up with better recruitment results.

How To Recruit Graduates?
Following aspects have to be taken into account in order to hire a potential graduate:

  • Analyzing The Job Profiles: Prior to deciding whom to attract and choose, it is wise to be very clear about the requirements of a particular profile. By analyzing the available job profiles, it becomes easier for the organizations to seek out for Recruit Graduates with particular set of qualification and skills.
  • Internal Or External Staffing: Both these kinds of staffing solutions have their respective benefits. For instance, the organization is likely to be more familiar with the capabilities of the candidates recruited through internal sources. Also, because of their acquaintance with the existing e they would adjust quickly to the work culture. Besides, the selection process would become rather easier and quicker with internal staffing. Talking about the external staffing, it is the best way to come across candidates with diverse set of knowledge and capabilities. However, organizations would have to put in extra efforts such as conducting campus and university recruitment programs in order to select the most relevant candidates.
  • Sources Of Recruitment: Organizations can choose various means to recruit graduates. For instance, they can post advertisements in newspapers, magazines and even on online recruitment portals.

The Traits Desired In A Potential Graduate:
Below-mentioned are some of the essential traits that an organization should look for in a potential graduate:

  • Well Educated – The candidate must hold at least one degree (in any discipline) from a reputed university. Good percentile would add to the candidate’s chances of getting selected.
  • Ambitious – An ambitious candidate is a great advantage to organization. The organization must choose the candidate who has a proven track record of achievements and success in academics or extracurricular activities.
  • Sociable – The candidate should be sociable enough to work well in a team.
  • Hard Working – Last but not least, the candidate should have the ability to recognize opportunities and work hard to transform them in achievements.

If above-mentioned points are considered, the organization is sire to Recruit Right Graduates for specific job profiles.

How To Find Real Engineering Jobs

How To Find Real Engineering JobsA ‘Real Job’ is the one which is stimulating, fulfilling, and challenging. A job which helps in acquiring solid skills, possess new challenges, pays well, and ensures stability and security can be called a Real Job. Unfortunately, Real Jobs are getting very rare these days, especially for the engineering graduates. Many engineers are growing dissatisfied with their work as they are not able to enjoy their work leading to reduced productivity and quality compromised deliverable.

These tips might help you to find an appropriate job to boost your career.

  • A good salary is not enough. Look for a job that provides adequate training, exposure, and knowledge of professional skills. This helps a fresher to get hold of advanced learning and experience of working in a professional environment.
  • Avoid the jobs that do not allow you to work in teams. Team work always enhances the scope of learning and developing your skills. It also helps in developing fine relations with your working colleagues.
  • It is always advisable to choose a job that is enriched with new challenges and ambiguity. This will give you an opportunity to experiment with your skills and to keep yourself busy in figuring things out.
  • A job that offers a variety of projects to work on is highly preferable for a beginner. The work should be of your interest so that you can enjoy your work and meet the deadlines effortlessly.

Sustaining a job is also a challenging task for an employee. You can come across many tough situations and criticism in your work but never let the situation overpower you. Tackle it confidently and do not overburden yourself by saying ‘yes’ to every task that comes your way. Do not take the harsh criticism too seriously but always strive to improve your performance.

Engineering is one of the most promising and exciting career options that can build a brighter future. But choosing the most suitable job is equally important to avoid frustration and failure in the future. The above mentioned tips will surely help you to find the ideal job.

Money – Spinning Industries For Fresh Graduates

After completing Graduation, most of the students try their hand on available job opportunities. Getting a job is not an easy task for a Fresh Graduate but the even tougher task is finding a lucrative industry to work in. They are hired for executive posts in most of the Industries.

If your college life has just started and you have already planned to work after completing graduation then it is important to know which industry will offer you better job profile and remuneration in future. Below mentioned are a few areas that can be looked up to good amount of in-hand salary and experience to fresh graduates:

Oil & Mining Industry
Looking for career opportunities in oil & mining industry is the best choice for graduates who want a good pay-scale and are ready to work hard. This industry is known to provide good remuneration even to fresh graduates but the working hours and conditions are not easy in this industry. Therefore, it is advised to young aspirants to assess whether they are capable of dedicatedly work for stretched hours and in tough conditions.

Online Ventures
Internet has emerged as a boon for various business ventures basically involving advertising and marketing of products and services offered by a company. Many companies have shifted their entire working procedure on an online portal where they can interact with their customers directly for making a business deal. Fresh Graduates can avail great working opportunities through the online ventures. They can join such ventures as website designer, client services executive, content writer, etc.

Marketing & Sales Sector:
This sector offers great working opportunities to Fresh Graduates irrespective of the stream they have their degree in. This industry readily hires Fresh Graduates because they have good amount of enthusiasm and energy which if applied in work would be highly beneficial for the organization. The pay-scale of Marketing & Sales Executives is also good enough to attract Fresh Graduates towards the various opportunities in this field.

The opportunities are endless for any passionate and enthusiastic fresh graduate. All that is required to avail those opportunities is to gain as much as possible information about the existing trends in the industries.

How to Find Employment in the Executive Field

Finding an executive post in an organization is dream of every job seeker. Today there are many ways to get executive jobs but a job seeker has to be careful to choose the right ways of getting employed in executive field. The job seekers have to work with sheer hard work and take the right steps, at the right time and in the right direction.

Now, let us steer toward the steps that the job searcher must keep in mind for latching onto an executive position.

Prepare a Striking Resume   
Resume should be prepared with maximal care. Every detail must be carefully crosschecked and clearly mentioned in your resume before presenting it for the perusal of the recruiters and employers. Job seekers should enlist all the points in their resume that would help in making them the best choice for the executive post of the firm. In resume you should incorporate some information about extracurricular accomplishments along with academic achievements and prior job experience. If needed you can avail resume making services in which experts prepare your resume and make it highly presentable.

Register on Placement Portals  
If you haven’t registered on any recruitment portal, you are ignoring excellent job offers for executive post. These placement portals are the most effective way to get an executive post in any organization. Job seekers get unlimited offers through these placement portals.

Enroll with an Executive Search Firm
Job seekers should enroll themselves with an executive search firm. These executive search firms assure job seekers to receive a call within one business day after submitting their resume. They will charge you nominal amount for their services.

Strengthen Social Networking
Networking with friends, relatives, ex colleagues, college mates etc., brighten the chance to get an executive job. Remain active on internet social networks, forums and professional groups, these active contacts help greatly to get an executive job.

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How Online Recruitment Agencies Can Help Employers

The advent of online recruitment agencies has certainly made life easier for the employers. Recruitment of employees has always been a lengthy and time consuming procedure. Conventionally, recruiters place ads in various media usually newspapers and magazines and then wait for applications. Once the interested candidates have applied, the recruiters engage themselves in organizing the received applications followed by numerous telephone calls and interviews. This extended procedure wastes a lot of time and energy.

Role Of Online Recruitment Agency
Primarily, an online recruitment agency draws the attention of the job seekers towards a particular employer. Online recruitment agency prepares a well organized database of the candidates and then furnishes it to the concerned employers. The advantage for the employers is that they get a refined list of eligible candidates. Thus the employers have to shortlist the candidates from a smaller yet competent set. This saves them a lot of time and effort.

Sourcing & Screening Of Candidates
Online recruiting agencies source candidates for employers by means of networking, advertising or other methods. They have professional expertise to comprehend a candidate’s skills and competency.  An important aspect of these online recruitment agencies is that they evaluate a candidate on the basis whether he or she will fit into an organization or not.  This information is then passed on to the concerned employers. This employer specific attribute of online recruitment agencies make them very useful for the employers.

Ad Campaign Services
Some low cost online recruitment agencies assist the employers in preparing their first ad campaign. Once the employers hire an online recruitment agency, their ads are visible in all major job portals. This is an effective promotional tool for the employer besides being an easy way for the selection of candidates.

Capable Of Bulk Recruitments
Online recruitment agencies are capable of providing the employers with required number of candidates in case of bulk recruitments. Some of the online recruitment agencies offer such services at flat fee which saves lot of money.

Online Recruitment : The Best Option

Contemporary world is ruled by Internet. Online recruitment is yet another boon of Internet to the society. Gone are the days when job seekers had to wear out their shoes in search of a proper job. Now we have online recruitment agencies to our service. Of late, the virtual world has witnessed a tremendous boom in the online recruitment agencies owing to the following benefits.

Easy Access
If you are a fresher and seeking a job, the first hurdle you face is to search for an opportunity. Online recruitment agencies are only a click away and you get access to a multitude of recruitment options. You don’t need to physically wander from place to place. All that is required is an online submission of your credentials on the websites of these recruitment agencies. Once you register on an online recruitment agency, you start getting updates of any vacancy in the field of your interest.

Link between You And The Employer
Recruiters need competent employees to manage and run their business. On the other hand you require jobs to accomplish your own goals. Online recruitment agencies act as liaison between you and the recruiters. Recruitment agencies have their connections with the best of organizations which eventually prove beneficial for the job seekers. The credentials that you submit online are monitored and analyzed by these agencies and then forwarded to the appropriate recruiters. In case your qualification meets the requirement of the recruiters, they proceed further. So the online recruitment agencies provide you with an easy and swift procedure to get a job.

Multitude Of Options
When you log on to the website of any recruitment agency, you have access to a multitude of job options. The jobs are classified under various categories according to industries, location, designation, etc. You can select one or more options as per your qualification and interest. Availability of a number of options at one place saves you a lot of valuable time and effort.

Reasonable Fee
Considering the reliable and excellent services that the online placement agencies provide, they charge reasonable fee for the job. You have to pay much less in case of online recruitment as compared to any placement agency.

So if you are a fresher and seeking a job then you should resort to online recruitment agencies owing to their above mentioned benefits.

An Effective Job Description For Hiring New Employees

With the expansion of the business, the workload also starts to increase. With all this, you start consider recruiting new employees for enhancing your business and taking it to the newer heights. While hiring an employee, you need to improve certain methods such as writing of various job descriptions. The job descriptions should be effective and informative, which will help you hire new employees.

While browsing an online job portal, you will see that various job descriptions are written in different formats and lengths, and disclose different information on behalf of the company. If you are also writing a job description, then you need to make sure that it is valuable, informative and useful and will help you to hire the right candidate according to your job profile.

While Writing Job Descriptions You Need Keep Some Of The Essential Things In Your Mind:

  • Make sure that the job title is crisp and to the point. Also include synonyms such as a cleaner can also be referred as a domestic operative.
  • It you are uncertain that what to mention in the annual salary, then you can write “Negotiable based on the experience”.
  •  Summarize the main duties of the job you want to hire for your organization.
  • If you are looking for someone with experience, then you need to clearly mention that how much experience they need to have.
  • You need to mention if the job requires any physical work like heavy lifting or standing for long hours.
  • Do not mention to forget the academic qualification of the person you want to hire.

There are many people who are looking for work. By providing informative description in your job advertisements you can higher appropriate employees for you organization. This will save your time and right employee.

Recruiters As the Mediator

Recruiters act as the bridging gap between the candidate and the hiring company. It is the job of the recruiter to hunt for the candidates who fits like a lid to the air-tight jar to the hiring company.

Recruiter and the candidate
While dealing with the recruiters, the candidates need to keep in mind that the recruiter aims at serving the hiring company to the most. The interest of the recruiter lies in the satisfaction of the hiring company. It is not that the recruiters are there to take advantage of the candidates or the recruiters befool the candidates. But the candidates need to adopt the trick of dealing with the recruiters. The candidates ought to assert their own interests while negotiating with the professional recruiters.

But, it is not that the recruiters are there to dismantle the candidate’s benefits. The candidates and the mediators are not at the extreme ends. Indirectly in the motive of the recruiters lies the very interest of the candidates. The ultimate aim of the hiring consultants is to make the hiring company meet with the apt candidates. When the job is done successfully, all the three parties are benefited.

Recruiters and the hiring company
Recruiters are there to make the companies meet with the candidates perfect for the goals of the set up. To filter the right candidates, the professional recruiters are hired. The recruiters give a list of suitable candidates, and sometimes also scan and take interviews. The interview is to know whether the candidates are interested in the job or not. The hiring companies avail the service of recruiters in two broad ways:

Contingency: In this type of arrangement between the two parties, the recruiters are paid only when the suitable and interested candidates are actually hired. This arrangement is generally for the positions not of very high level. The positions for which candidates can be easily fetched, and the profile does not call for very specialized skills or expertise.

Retained: In this mode of payment arrangement, the recruiters are paid a retainer fee in advance. This is to get specialized candidates to high level positions. Even if the recruiters fail to get the right candidate for the executive position, the retainer fee is not taken back. Sometimes the recruiters have to target the specific candidates, and convince him to join the company for which the recruiter is working.

The relationship between the recruiters, hiring company and the candidates is that of mutual dependence. The candidates and the hiring companies need to maintain a favorable relationship with the recruiters. The recruiters can be of great help in consorting the candidates and the hiring company complementing one another.

Finding Talented Employees, No More A Difficult Task

Recruitment of the right candidate for a position, especially at higher verticals, is one of the most challenging tasks. It’s just like finding a needle in the haystack. With growing population, the need for jobs is also increasing rapidly. The job market seems to be flooded with a large number of candidates still it may be difficult for you to sort out the best suited talent for your organization all alone. Hiring recruitment firms for this purpose can be a time saving, quick and cost efficient task for you.

Sometimes, you land up making wrong decisions for your organization, which in turn hinder your future goals. Similarly, if you select wrong candidate for a position in your organization, it can be unfruitful for your company in the long run. Some people might seem to be very confident during the interview, but they may not perform impressively at work and vice-versa. It is time-taking to scan through hundreds of resume for a single position and you cannot judge a person by solely looking at his/her resume. This is because resumes only hint about the previous duties, achievements etc.

With the emergence of recruitment firms, filling up the vacant positions for your organization has become pretty much easier. They can provide you with most appropriate candidates as per your company’s requirements. If you are associated with a reputed recruitment firm, you can have an access to the best talent available in your field. The recruitment firms skillfully maintain a comprehensive database of job seekers, who are appropriate for your job profile.

Just filling a registration form can connect you to the recruitment firm of your choice and the rest is their responsibility. You are required to specify about the position to be filled, including roles & responsibilities, desired qualifications and experience, desirable and essential core skills & communication skill and the recruitment firms are ready to take over from there. They conduct all the necessary preliminary interviews, background checks, negotiations, etc., in order to provide you with a brilliant lot of applicants to choose from.


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