Qualities Of A Good Team Leader

Since whenever the concept of a group, herd or team has existed, the requirement of a leader or head has been there too. A leader or a head is an entity that holds the lead of the team and guides it through all the activities carried out by it. The selection of a leader of a team depends on the qualities displayed by a person, while functioning within a team and the abilities of the person to handle the team in a larger manner. There are certain qualities, which help anyone figure out who, or rather what should a team leader be.

Traits Of Effective Team Leadership

  • One of the most important aspects or requirements is to be competent at the kinds of tasks that are carried out in a team. If a person is not the best or one of the best at the activities carried out, he or she will hardly have the right to correct or reprimand other people when at fault.
  • When it comes to the leader of a team, it is very important that the person is able to keep the team working harmoniously together. The competence of a team and its efficiency depends on its ability to produce good work together, and a lot of this ability, depends on that of a leader of the team.
  • Some of the personal qualities required on the part of a leader are:

o    A good Team leader should have excellent communication skills and know how to put their thoughts across, in team, in order to get work done in a team
o    The ability to remain cool and composed in times of crisis and tension. This depicts the ability of the leader to handle the stress of the situation and the team
o    The ability to take responsibilities for one’s actions is very difficult, especially in case one’s job is on the lone. In such situations, a person who handles situations well, takes responsibilities and does not shirk can be called a good team leader.
o    When working in a team, even minor amounts of appreciation can do wonders to the team’s morale and motivations levels and increase the desire to give better results.
o    A good team leader should know how to praise as well criticize. This way, one not only feels like paying heed to the instructions of a leader, but the general atmosphere of the team remains good as well.

These are mere outlines of the requirements of an ideal team leader, but the presence of these, for starters, can always show signs of success as one.

What To Ask In Your Job Interview

Traditional interviews used to be question and answer rounds where the hiring managers asked the questions and the candidates answered. The written and oral recommendations were trusted completely and there were often only limited responses to the job posts which qualified. Modern Job Interviews are much more complex affairs where the hiring managers have to verify the sincerity of the candidates among other things. Modern Job Interviews are more in the patterns of conversations rather than question and answer rounds. Modern Job Interviews offer opportunities where the candidate can put questions to the interviewer.

The opportunity of questioning the interviewer should be utilized well. It is a good idea to prepare the questions before hand rather than attempting to form them during the interview itself. Some of the questions which you can put to the interviewer are:

What Are The Qualities That You Are Looking For?
It would be very helpful to know the expectations which your bosses will have from you while you serve in the post. Most of the job requirements which are posted by the companies provide the job profile where the basic requirements are mentioned, but asking the interviewer about it would provide further clarifications. You would be in a better position to tackle the interview and put the stresses on the relevant parts of your experience. This question should be asked at the beginning of the interview.

What Are The Expected Challenges?
A question about the challenges in the job will not only put you in better perspective of the post, but the ensuing conversation puts you in a convenient position to present your abilities to handle the challenges of the job. This would be a good question to ask if you are a fresher.

What Are The Appraisal / Incentive Policies?
This is a question which most candidates shy away from, thinking that it would hamper his chances of getting selected. It is actually quite the opposite. A candidate who enquires about the appraisal policies is a candidate who is looking for growth and often leaves a favorable impression on the interviewer. This question also opens the opportunities for salary negotiation.

Would You Like To Discuss Anything In Resume Which Looks Like Shortcomings?
This question is a sound way of ending the interview. This question provides you with the opportunities of defending your weak points. Many a job opportunity has been lost due to weaknesses which the candidate did not have a chance to clarify or defend.

Though the opportunity of questioning the interviewer should be utilized, it is also important to ask the correct questions. Do not put questions just for the sake of asking them. This very often leads to questions with obvious answers and ends up providing a negative image before the interviewer.

Communication Mantra: Improve Your Body Language

Body Language speaks volumes about an individual’s overall persona. In most job interviews, it is the body language of the candidate, which is given paramount importance. A lax body language makes a negative impression and shows an acute lack of confidence. Body Language is an important aspect of communication and has a lot of prominence because:

  • It influences peoples’ opinion of you
  • It is a form of non-verbal communication
  • It can reveal if a person is lying to you

Body Language can be categorized into different segments, like:

  • Open
  • Eager
  • Dominant
  • Frustrated
  • Defensive
  • Bored
  • Confident
  • Aggressive
  • Nervous

This write-up has a few useful tips that will go a long way in helping you make a favorable impression and gain confidence. The major areas that one can focus upon include:

Facial Expressions
Facial expressions can convey a message, which words cannot. Facial expressions are an effective means of visual communication and should not be neglected. Of all the facial expressions, a smile is the most powerful expression. A smile conveys warmth & confidence and creates a pleasant impression.

Maintain Eye Contact
Eye Contact is the most important aspect of a favorable body language and indicates that the person is attentive. In the West, a prolonged eye contact is favorable and a part of communication etiquette. However, one must avoid a prolonged eye contact, as it signals intimidation.

An open posture is highly advisable, when in a conversation, as it indicates an inviting posture. To make a favorable first impression, uncross your legs, unfold your arms, and ensure that the body is facing the other person. This indicates that you are interested in the conversation and paying attention.

Finally, it is imperative to have a relaxed yet attentive demeanor, which indicates that you are comfortable around someone and with yourself as well. These tips will help you communicate effectively with others and make you more confident at the same time for making the right impression on others.

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Listening: An Important Aspect of Effective Communication
The human evolution is primarily all about developing skills of language and communication. Communication techniques have been revolutionized during the course of this evolution since ancient ages to the 21st century. Now, it is a commonly accepted fact that effective communication is all about words.[...]

Listening: An Important Aspect of Effective Communication

The human evolution is primarily all about developing skills of language and communication. Communication techniques have been revolutionized during the course of this evolution since ancient ages to the 21st century. Now, it is a commonly accepted fact that effective communication is all about words. However, this is a misleading notion, as facial expressions, non-verbal communication, body language, and oration skills form an equally important part of desirable communication skills. An interesting fact to be noticed is that words constitute just 7% of the effective communication, whereas rest of the 93% is contributed by other no-verbal parts.

One of the most important communication tips is to allow the others to speak first and not rush into making your points first. As the age-old adage goes- ‘To master the art of effective communication, one needs to be a patient listener first’. Listening is an art, which is conveniently ignored by people despite the fact that it is an integral part of communication in every sphere of life, be it in a professional environment or personal relationships. Listening is different from hearing, which demands taking genuine attention towards views expressed by others. One must refrain from interrupting the other person while he/she is expressing his/her opinions. This goes a long way in establishing an element of trust and confidence and more often than not, communication turns onto the right track.

For meaningful communication to take place, both parties are required to express their opinions in a candid manner and then come out with a conclusion. It is important to express your disagreements on a somber note, in case you disagree with the viewpoint put forth by others. Effective communication that includes proper listening avoids misunderstanding & disrespect and breeds trust & confidence, apart from strengthening relationships and existing bonds.

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Communication In Office

Communication has a predominant role to play in today’s highly competitive corporate environment. Effective communication significantly helps in increasing the productivity of a workplace and in better deliverance of work. Any business enterprise has employees from different strata of society as well as from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Owing to this diversity, clear and effective communication becomes a pivotal tool for the management to achieve the goals set by the organization. Clarity in communication is the single most important factor, which unites the entire workforce and makes it work towards the accomplishment of the objectives set by the organization.

Let The Words Build Relations
Excellent Command Over Language and Clarity are some of the recommended workplace communications skills that are usually recommended in most business enterprises. The language used for communication in a professional workplace must be clear & crisp and everyone must be able to comprehend it. Lack of effective communication can result in low motivation among employees and wastage of organizational resources. Poor communication skills breed disrespect and misunderstanding among the contemporaries and leads to other professional complications. An ideal organizational culture is built in an environment, which promotes open and clear communication.

Earn Respect By Giving It
One of the most important aspects of workplace communication skills is Courteousness. One must always be courteous while conveying the message to a colleague, as it fosters a feeling of mutual respect and is a part of professional etiquette. One must be careful about the pitch and talk softly, while conversing in a professional ambience. One should maintain a low volume while speaking and the workplace communication should always be kept precise and to the point. That drives home the relevant point and saves the time of the colleague.

Last, but not the least, one needs to use formal and cordial method of communication at workplace as it creates a positive influence and makes a favorable impression.

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On the Job- The “Mantra” For Effective Communication

The need for communicating and interacting with people is an imperative component of any job. In our professional lives there comes numerous occasion when it becomes essential to address a large congregation and elucidate an important point. Many people are panic stricken in such situations.  Here, comes the need for excellent and influential communication power.

There are some who are born with exceptional communication proficiency but there is also the probability of mastering the art of communication.

Here are the “mantras”, which can guide you to master the skill of communication and be an effective communicator-

  • Survey - As a confident speaker, it is a must that you are clear about the facts and figures. Hence survey / research are mandatory such that you are on no account low on self-confidence and also no one can challenge you.
  • Specificity Of Topic - Being a communicator, you need to keep in mind that while making the presentation you speak on the specific issue. The presentation can be made interesting by quoting examples / incidents, which makes your presentation more credible.  It is vital to note that as a speaker if you divert the topic the audience is bound to get confused and loose interest. Hence, it is crucial that the presentation be logically arranged such that all the ideas are effectively communicated.
  • Adopt A Narrative Style - The audience can easily grab and understand your presentation if put forward in a story format. The interest of the audience and their involvement throughout the presentation is also generated by adopting this method.
  • Interesting Introduction And Conclusion - While preparing a presentation keep in mind that the introduction must be very interesting. The introduction needs to introduce the topic appropriately thus catching the attention of the audience. The introduction can be started with a quote, example, etc. The conclusion of the presentation needs to be planned in a way such that sums up the entire presentation. This is beneficial for the audience to who may have missed any point during the presentation.
  • Ensure Audience Participation - Generate the interest of the audience by posing questions.

By executing the above stated points with full confidence / perfection while making presentations at your work place you are sure to win the hearts of the people. Communication is an art and can be mastered with practice and motivation.

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Exercise to Improve communication Skills

While conversing with others, do you usually let others do the most of the talking? In this fast moving generation, where communication plays a pivotal role for one’s survival, do you hesitate in approaching someone? Do you want to enhance your communication skills? If you are searching for any exercise to improve your communication skills then start doing the left and right coordination exercises to instigate your creative abilities by making use of your non dominating hand. Again now a days communication in english is very much required for Sales/Marketing job & Call Centre/Operations.

Principle of left right coordination:

No matter how old you are, you have immense control and power to improve your communication skills. It is proved that the left brain of human being is responsible for completely different functions and is usually the analytical one. On the other hand, all the creativity, art, intuition and the use of words is done by right brain. It is important to improve the connection and communication between the two hemispheres of the brain as it increases the functionality of the brain. This synchronization between both the left and right brain improves the peace of mind, harmony, reading, comprehension and develops better concentration and focus. This all finally enhances your communication skills.

Tips to improve communication skills:

♦ Use left hand for brushing teeth. In case you are a left handed person, use your right hand to brush your teeth.

♦ Before having food, wash your hands properly. Use left hand to eat food.

♦ Polish your shoes with left hand.

♦ Use left hand to draw a diagram.

♦ Try doing all the household chores using your left hand.

♦ Start mirror writing with right hand.

♦ Learn the art of writing using left hand.

♦ Try and learn writing using both right and left hands.

So, try doing all your daily work using left hand as much as possible. This is certain to help you become more creative by developing better concentration and focus. These tips, if exercised regularly and properly are sure to help you enhance your communication skills.


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