Best 5 Online Jobs for Students

Being a college student, you need to keep apart some money to pay for your expenses. Getting a job while studying can be a pain at times, but fortunately, you can find the apt one, where you are currently put up. With the advent of internet era, there is a cornucopia of online jobs for college students.  The best 5 jobs that you can pursue while studying are:

  • Merchant Advertiser
    If you don’t have anything to sell, don’t worry, you could be useful in selling other people’s products and services. This is often known in business terms as affiliate marketing. What all you need to do is, build a website, make it good enough to woo visitors, and then set off advertising the products or services. The benefit is that you get loads of commission on sales from the company. You may look for merchants by visiting sites like Plimus, ClickBank, Linkshare etc.
  • Online Shop Owner
    Do you have a flair for making printed scarfs, sweaters, or t-shirts?  You can sell them online if you make it. Etsy, eBay and Zazzle are some of the sites where you can sell your handmade works.
  • Website Designer
    Start designing websites for people who want online promotion of their businesses. Find people from sites like oDesk, Freelancer, and Elance who pay you for the website you created. Submit a proposal showing your experience, and give them the samples of your work. And if your proposal is accepted, you can create website for them, and earn huge.
  • Blogger
    Have you ever felt that you can write well? Then you could surely become a professional blogger. You can search for the websites of companies which need a blogger in search engines like Google, Bing etc. If the company is impressed with your profile and way of writing, then you have become a professional blogger.
  • Virtual Assistant
    There are people who find it difficult to run an online business on their own. Virtual assistants are people who work online; they assist the owners in things like sending mails and posting on social network sites.

These are 5 online jobs that are best suited for students who have an urge to make money while studying. It is just like the more you like, the more you work and the more money you earn.

Things to Consider Before Relocating For A Job

The decision to relocate is a big one & can have serious repercussions on your career if taken lightly. Moving from one place to another is quite a stressful experience and requires careful planning and thought. It requires adjustment and compromise not just on the employee’s part but also by his family. Most people move in search of better job opportunities; to ensure that this move does not turn out to be detrimental for you in the long run, it is important to consider the important points given below.

Question 1 – Is The Employer Reliable?
Is your job secure? This is an important question to ask as all your efforts and hard work would go down the drain if after a few months of working at the new location, you find out that your employers have terminated you. Not just your efforts, all the little and big expenses involved in relocating would also amount to nothing.

Question2 – What Kind Of Job Opportunities Exist In The New City?
This question is relevant in case the scenario hypothesized in the previous point becomes a reality. Since it is always ‘better to be safe than sorry’, you should be prepared for contingencies and have a Plan B ready. Once you have analyzed the job market in the new location & established that there are considerable job opportunities for someone in your position, you can move on to thinking about other relevant considerations.

Question 3 – What Kind Of A Neighbourhood Are You Moving Into?
This is another important question to ask regardless of whether you are moving with your family or alone. If you have kids in the family, make sure there are good schools, parks, hospitals, etc. within reach. Even if you are moving alone, there would be free time on your hands when you will need to socialize, go out and have fun. Make sure that the community you are moving into is a good one and suits your lifestyle.

Question 4 – How Much Of the Total Costs Will Your Employer Cover?
Relocating involves considerable costs right from payments made to the movers, to paying the taxes and rental deposits for your new house, etc. have a talk with your employers and determine how much of the costs will be covered by them. It is important to ensure that your employers will cover a significant portion of the costs to save yourself from unnecessary burden.

Once you have an answer to all these questions, you can successfully determine whether you should relocate or not.

Different Types Of Work-From-Home Online Jobs

In recent years, there has been a spurt in Work-From-Home Online Jobs options & in some countries like USA the practice has become quite common. In India too, the trend is catching up among people. There are several benefits of working from home for employees which are responsible for the rising popularity of this option. Some of these benefits include less expenditure (in terms of commuting costs), less wastage of time (in commuting), less stress, flexibility in choosing work timings and work environment, proximity to family, etc.

Today, technological advancements have created a new spectrum of Work-From-Home Online Jobs which are as popular as their traditional counterparts. Many different kinds of job profiles are included in the spectrum of work-from-home online options, some of which are discussed below.

Different Types Of Work-From-Home Online Jobs

  • Freelance Writer – People who have an inclination towards creative writing can opt for Work-From-Home Online Jobs. With internet marketing at an all time, more and more companies are clamouring to establish an online presence. To attract the largest pool of potential buyers, they resort to myriad SEO strategies, out of which article marketing is a prominent one. There is a steady demand in the market for freelance writers
  • Data Entry – These kinds of jobs are among the popular types of Work-From-Home Online Jobs. Even a person with working knowledge of computers can handle such jobs and earn some easy money. Such jobs usually include filling forms online, converting files from one format to another (PDF to Word, etc.)
  • Translator – Such kinds of Work-From-Home Online Jobs require people who have proficiency in at least two languages i.e. the language in which the text is assigned to them & the language to which it is to be converted. There is usually a deadline before which the part time worker is supposed to submit the completed work.
  • Online Teaching – Virtual Classrooms are a big hit in foreign countries. In India too, the concept is being explored. Here the students get in touch with subject experts over the Internet and clear their doubts and problems regarding any particular subject. Another similar job profile includes that of an online proof reader. Here, the proof reader is sent files which may contain grammatical and typing errors which he/she needs to edit.

These are some examples of Work-From-Home Online Jobs which are becoming very popular among job seekers.

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What Makes Dubai Best For Job Seekers

With rapidly growing businesses in diversified fields like Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Engineering, Telecommunication, Hospitality, Media, Medicine and Construction, United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially Dubai offers outstanding employment chances to thousands of job seekers based all across the globe. The excellent career opportunities offered by many national and international companies in Dubai not only give employees bright chances of scaling their knowledge by working on different projects, but also offer them the chance to earn handsome salary packages. There are plentiful reasons that make Dubai one of the best destinations for people seeking jobs. Some of them are:

  • Higher Salaries
    On an average, employees in Dubai are paid a minimum of 10% more than what is offered by employers in other countries like UK and Australia. 25,000 to 40,000 dirhams per month is the basic salary package range for professionals depending upon their experience and expertise. Few packages also include facilities for accommodation, flights, car allowances, etc. Apart from such benefits, if a person works in the emirate for more than 2 years, a 15% lump sum of his yearly salary is paid on his departure.
  • Easy Taxation Rules And Investment Options
    Working in Dubai has a major advantage as employees do not need to pay any tax to the government. It is a law in Dubai that prohibits the collection of taxes against personal income. Also, for all the United States citizens, there is a special provision called foreign earned income exclusion tax break. Apart from this, foreigners, now, have the right to purchase property in Dubai. This not only grants them a resident status but also make it a great investment option.
  • Added Benefits
    Employers in Dubai follow well-documented and established regulations. These codes not only protect the employee’s rights but also offer them numerous benefits that include holiday entitlement, overtime pay, maternity leave, sick leave, relocation expenses, and many more.
  • Great Working Environment
    Dubai is known for its modern infrastructure. Right from rental accommodations, reputed educational institutes, high educational standards, easy public transportation system to duty-free shopping, sports activities and nightlife, Dubai has everything to offer to the its residents.

Undoubtedly, the numerous financial as well as life style advantages not only makes Dubai an attractive place to live but also hub of futuristic career opportunities.

Guidelines For Entry-Level Job Holders

Entry-Level Job is exciting yet panicky because entering and adjusting in the corporate world is not an easy task, especially for the just turned graduates. Most of the excited and nervous Entry-Level Job Holders tend to ignore certain important aspects on which they must work in order to grow in their specific domain. Following are few guidelines that will immensely help in improving the overall performance chart of an Entry-Level Job Holder:

  • Your attitude speaks a lot about your working capability. Therefore it is very important to maintain a positive learning attitude at workplace. Maintaining a positive learning attitude throughout your working career will help you immensely in learning new work and will get you better job responsibilities as well as better remuneration in future.
  • It is important to understand the work culture of organization with which you are working. Every corporate office has its own specific type of culture that defines the working system of that organization. Few offices are extremely formal while in few corporate organizations a semi-formal culture is developed to make the employees feel more comfortable.
  • Try to learn and acquire as many skills as you can during the training period of your Entry-level Job. The skills you will acquire during the training period will immensely help you in doing your job efficiently to gain praises and promotion in the organization.
  • While you are in your training period, it is important to know your strong points and your capabilities. After you realize that which kind of work will be suitable for you and what your capabilities are, all you have to do is work on your strengths and positive points. By enhancing your positive traits you would gain reorganization and appreciation from your seniors.
  • For knowing the breadth of work that is done in your organization, you must read the internal job postings. This will help you in getting an outline about the working procedures of your organization.
  • It is also important that you know the feedback of your work from your seniors who review it. If possible discuss the ways by which you can increase your working capability for decreasing inaccuracy in your work.

The above guidelines can prove helpful for channeling your way to be an efficient employee but there will be many instances in your Entry-Level Job that will make you feel frustrated and exhausted. Try to take things positively and remember you have to be the best in order to get the desired credit and praise.

Why Work In The Security Industry

The Security Industry is one of the most respected industries all over the world. It offers a respectful and promising career to its operatives. The Security Officials, be it, guards, policemen or soldiers, are the people the society relies upon. Security officials make the society feel secure. This industry acts as a vigilante for the society. Skills required for working in this sector include physical fitness, observation skills, team-work tendencies, integrity, reliability and alertness.

Why Work In The Security Industry?

  • Career progression: Various Career development Pathways are offered to employees in this sector along with on-job training. Deserving candidates receive promotions in ranks very easily and career progression is at a good pace.
  • Exciting Work-Profile: The work profile of this industry is exciting and adventurous.
  • Respected Industry:  The Security Industry is a highly respected industry as this sector monitors and safeguards the society against crime and other anti-social elements.
  • Wide Range Of Jobs: The Security industry offers a wide variety of jobs. Ranging from guards to inspectors to soldiers to lieutenants.
  • Social Welfare: Protecting the society and ensuring its safety and security is a job of social welfare. If you are keen towards doing something for the society, just enter this industry and serve the society. You will not need to perform additional social work as your job in itself will be a social welfare.
  • Additional Benefits & Privileges: Army and other Security Personnel as well as their families are entitled to various benefits and privileges like discounts, seat reservation for students, etc. at many government & non-government institutions.

Remember, Security Jobs require dedication and sacrifice. You have to be very vigilant, observant and physically fit to be good at a security job. So, if you have these skills and you are looking for a job in a respectful and promising industry, the Security Industry is the best sector for you to apply. Here, you can not only serve the society but your progress as an individual is also assured. If you are hard-working and dedicated towards your job, there is no stopping you in the Security Industry.

Bank Jobs: A Promising Career Option

Bank Jobs: A Promising Career OptionAre you looking for a stable job? Do you want to work in a field that pays well, yields respect and provides additional benefits.

Banking Sector is the right place for you to apply! Banking sector is one of the most promising sectors for professionals. This sector offers a wide range of well-paid jobs. To get a job in the banking sector, you can either directly apply or take an IBPS test. Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) tests are conducted for recruitment, promotion, assessment, training and R&D. Here is a list of major banking profiles:

  • Bank Cashier: This profile is generally sales oriented and includes responsibilities like basic bank transactions, updating accounts, checking statements, cashing checks, etc. Bank cashiers are paid on a per hour basis generally.
  • Bank Clerks: Bank clerks handle various tasks like finances, accounts, administration and security. There are various bank clerks including account clerks, exchange clerks, interest clerks, loan clerks, security clerks and statement clerks. Intermediates or graduates are eligible for this position and they are offered a pay scale of 13k to 15k per month.
  • Bank PO (Probationary Officers): A bank PO is an officer grade employee of the bank who handles general banking that includes administration, loan management, handling consumer complaints etc. Generally, the eligibility criterion for Bank PO aspirants is Graduation in any discipline from a recognized University. The age slab to apply is 20-30 yrs. Average salary offered to bank Pos is 20k to 25k.
  • Bank Specialist/ Generalist Officers: There are various scales in this category of banking professionals.
  • Junior Management Scale I (Grade B) Generally no experience is required.
  • Middle Management Scale II (Grade – A) 2 yrs experience is required.
  • Middle Management Scale III (Grade – A) 5 or more years of experience is required.
  • Senior Management Scale IV – Grade – A) 10 to 15 years of experience is required.

Banking sector offers jobs for people from various qualification levels and promises good appraisals periodically. Apart from the stability that bank jobs cater, there are other additional benefits like easy loans, interest waivers, etc. to bank employees.

All That You Wanted To Know About Waitressing & Bartending Jobs

All That You Wanted To Know About Waitressing & Bartending JobsIn recent times, there has been observed a significant increase in the number of people looking for Waitressing & Bartending Jobs at small and up-scale food and beverage establishments. The majority of these Hospitality Jobs are part time attracting more and more young job seekers and at the same time creating a situation of strong competition. Another reason why Waitressing & Bartending Jobs have become all the rage is the possibility of earning good amount of tips. On the whole, even as there is strong competition in this sector, young job seekers are interested in becoming Waitresses and Bartenders because of the jobs are well-paid and come with flexible working hours.

Below-Mentioned Are The Job Responsibilities, Work Areas And Eligibility Related To  Waitressing & Bartending Jobs:

The Duties:
Waitresses and Bartenders are required to politely cater to the customers or visitors. Some of their main duties are:

  • Welcome the customers, inform them regarding the daily specials, and provide them the menus
  • Confirm the identification of customers to make sure that they qualify the legal drinking age
  • Take orders from the customers
  • Pour the drinks and serve the ordered foodstuff
  • Clean the tables, bars, etc.
  • Maintain liquor and bar inventory
  • Manage the cash records and collect payments from the customers
  • Manage the functioning and maintain the order

Work Areas:
Waitresses and Bartenders get to work in:

  • Full-service restaurants
  • Drinking places (particularly alcoholic beverages)
  • Social, civic, professional, and likewise organizations
  • Traveler lodging, mainly including hotels & motels
  • Other recreation and hospitality sectors

Becoming A Waitress Or Bartender:
There are no specific qualification requirements, yet there are certain factors that can be really helpful in becoming a Waitress or Bartender. Have a look:

  • Short-term or long-term on-the-job training
  • Work experience of varied food & beverage establishments
  • Customer service skills
  • Decision-making capabilities
  • Communication skills
  • Stamina to work during odd hours
  • Passion and willingness to work in a team
  • Patience to deal with overly intoxicated customers

In the next 10 years to come, employment of waitresses and bartenders is estimated to grow by 9%. Similarly, the competition too is supposed to get even tougher. If you are looking for a full-fledged or even short-term career in this field of hospitality, take into account the above-mentioned information.

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