Myths Of Career Success

Myths-Of-Career-Success-PIA competitive employment market has resulted in a scenario where all available techniques on “how to excel in one’s career” are followed in a desperate attempt to achieve Career Success. Cheap guides to Career Success, written by inexperienced writers, are easily found in the market.  Due to the desire for Career Success, such guides are very popular. However, care must be taken while following them as not all what they say is true. Following are some of the myths which circulate in the employment market.

The Most Qualified Is the Most Successful
The notion that the most qualified is always the most successful is actually a continuation of what we are taught during our academic life. Parents and teachers propagate this idea that the one who puts in the effort behind the studies gets the best marks. However, this does not necessarily apply in the case of one’s professional life. It is not necessary that the ones with the highest qualification get the best relevant jobs or that they excel in their career. The key points which affect Career Success are the presentation of one’s skills and talents and the application of the knowledge in the practical affairs of the business.

Hard Work Is Enough For Career Success
There is an age old saying that if one works hard, that is enough to fetch success. This is unfortunately not true in the modern job scenario. Modern organizations have hundreds of employees working under them. Thus, it is very easy for hard work to escape the notice of the management. It is very important that the hard work and dedication is marketed well and it is ensured that it comes to the notice of the management. Good appraisals are received not due to the hard work of the employee. It is received because the management knows about his hard work. As goes the saying in cricket, “You do not get a wicket because the batsman is out. You get it because the batsman is out in the eyes of the umpire.

The First Offer Made To You Is The Best Offer
One way in which the performance of the human resource department is measured is how less they have recruited the employee at. Thus, never believe that the first offer made to you is the best that the company can afford. There is always a margin of improvement which can be stretched, based on your negotiation skills. Most organizations expect you to negotiate and feel disappointed if you don’t.

It is better to stay practical while pursuing Career Success. The utopian ideas may have a feel good factor in them, and sometimes are even important for personal growth, but not all of them are true in the modern job market.

How to Handle Getting Fired

The very idea of getting ‘fired’ itself is very scary and sends jitter down the body. Are you scared what would your reaction be on getting fired? Getting fired can even happen to the best of us. It is not always because you are incapable of something but there can be many other reasons. In spite of getting disheartened and creating a melodrama in the office by arguing with seniors you should be graceful and leave the job with a notion that it is not the end of the world.

Reasons of getting fired:

Personality conflict between you and your supervisor
Any political conspiracy
Your proficiency doesn’t match up the requirement of the job

How to react when you are fired?

Whether justified or unfair, getting fired can shatter anyone and bring with itself the feeling of pain, anger, frustration, self doubt and anxiety. But it has an upside- an experience and a realization of what mistakes you made while the working period. It will help you in not repeating your mistakes.

Read ahead to find out simple ways to handle getting fired:

Don’t lose your self esteem- Behave like a grown up man. Don’t fall apart. Just try to be calm and composed. Don’t lose your temperament in fact what you should do is to just move out of the office gracefully by keeping your chin up. Yeah! You may feel like crying on the spot. But you have to be tough and be sure to not to lose your self-esteem. So, no sobbing, no crying and no begging.

Don’t create an awkward situation- Remember that creating an unwanted scene will harm your dignity. Avoid a situation where the supervisor has to call security and forcefully kick you out of the office. Rather be patient and tolerant enough to move quietly out of the office without creating a scene.

Don’t wreck the office property- Instead of damaging or spoiling the office property, just quietly clean your workplace and collect all your documents, papers, other belongings etc.

Don’t seek grudge against anyone- Don’t let any dire thoughts creep in your mind like waiting outside the boss’s house to harm him or threaten the co-workers.

Nicely bid adieu- On a happy note, leave the work place and nicely say goodbye to your friends and co-workers.

Just keep the above mentioned points in mind and remember that when one door closes, the other opens. Always think in good grace for your former employers.

Career Planning

 ‘Career’ is a term that has utmost importance attached to it. Right from the time when a child is born discussions about what he/she will become starts. In school, class Xth is the deciding class for the students where they could opt for the stream that they wish to pursue in the future. So, the actual planning about the career starts from the time you enter your secondary classes. But the serious and careful thought that is laid to the planning of the career begins when a person is done with his school. This is the time when the shell breaks and the students are exposed to the outer world. Not only students also people who have completed their higher studies and are still confused about what path to take should take on their career planning.

Why career planning is important?

Parents and teachers always guide children to plan their career but it appears to be a forced affair to them. People, who do not plan what they have to do, often end up in a tumult or failures. To channelize your path to success it is very important to plan your career. it is also vital for those who are not content with their current field.

 Scale down your Interests and abilities :- You must have a clear idea of what your interests and abilities are. Many a times your abilities are not enough to fulfill your interests. So, you must make a move to brush up your skills.

 Aptitude Tests  :-  You must assess yourself in order to know your positive as well as negative points. Assessment can be done with the help of aptitude tests that are easily available on Internet. These tests help you to better judge your skills and let you know the areas of improvement

 Career Counseling :-  Nowadays, Career counseling has almost become a trend but it is truly an effective means to clear up all your doubts. There are various career counseling classes that you could attend in order to draw answers to your questions.

 Attractive fields :-  The fields that are productive and attractive now might not be same after few years. So, do not just go by the attraction of the field. Thoroughly study the scope of the field you wish to enter.

 Location :-  If you have decided to settle say in abroad then you must carry out a research about the fields and opportunities that are available there.

 Communication skills :- Be it any field, the need of the hour is that you must possess good communication skills. There are countless institutes that provide courses to enhance your communication skills.

 Personality Development classes :-  Also, you can join Personality Development classes that aim at developing your overall personality and lets you become more presentable in the society.

· Do not plan your career under any kind of pressure: Parent’s pressure and Peer pressure.
· Do not enter any field before giving it a thought.
· Do not enter any field without having complete information about it.

So now you know what all you need to do before starting your career. Thus spare some time on your career planning in order to have a secure future. Our aforementioned points will help you plan your career in an efficient manner.

10 Worst Mistakes Career Changers Make

When a well-settled professional plans to switch his job, what do you think are the reactions of the people around? They discourage you, believe that you have gone out of your wits and offer you all kinds of taunting statements. But if you have an apt reason for moving to another job then these retorts should not actually matter to you. There are various reasons because of which a person decides to switch his job, the most common being that the skills that he/she is endowed with are not coming in use in his current job. He/she might feel uncomfortable due to this reason and thus such a situation demands an immediate job change.

These circumstances are very common in the current scenario as the present generation is multitalented and multitasking and have a dynamic attitude. They are very organized people but don’t you think they still many mistakes that hamper their professional graph? Yes they do, we are laying down some common mistakes that one should never make while changing career.

Never search for a job in a field other than yours without giving it complete introspection.

Never heed for “hot” or known fields unless they’re fit for you.

Never choose any field just because your friend is making good profits in it.

Never stick to set possibilities that you already know about, explore more job profiles and try carry out some self-assessment exercises.

Never bring money in between and assure that it should not be the only deciding factor.

Never hesitate from going back to school i.e. you can always take up new degree or diploma in order to enhance your skills.

Never let your discontentment disturb you rather speak to close ones in order to get some inspirational advice.

Carefully select the search firms or placement agencies.

Never thing of going to a career transitions agency or a career counselor believing that they will guide you the ideal field to enter.

Never expect a job change overnight, patience is required while completely switching your career.

If a candidate who is preparing for a job change goes thorough these points he/she will get a clear idea of what to look out for and what not to. Following these guidelines and ensuring that none of these above mentioned mistakes are committed will land the candidate in a safe and lucrative career.


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