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Ways To Reduce Negative Complaints On Social Media And Review Sites

Ways To Reduce Negative Complaints On Social Media And Review SitesWith online reputation being of great significance to a business today, negative complaints on social media and review sites can wreak havoc on the overall revenue. Social media networks are the byword not only in a marketer’s but also in a consumer’s life today. With many people reading reviews on social media sites before buying a product or availing a service, a business cannot ignore such a powerful platform if it means to stay ahead of the competition.

PlacementIndia.Com – How It Tackles Negative Reviews
PlacementIndia.Com is a reputed online placement portal which has realized the importance of customer reviews, even negative ones. This online portal has taken effective measures to take care of PlacementIndia Members Feedback.

Step 1: Takes Note Of All The Consumer Complaints
PlacementIndia.Com Consumer Complaints are treated with great care. The complaints are taken in a constructive manner and any useful advice is always considered welcome by us. Since it is important to know what our clients are dissatisfied about, we ensure that there is a proper team which is responsible for focusing on all PlacementIndia Reviews.

Step 2:Takes Action Accordingly
Once the team has gathered all the negative reviews, a proper action plan is formulated. The genuine complaints are sorted out and the portal seeks apology from those who have had a negative experience. Once this has been done, the steps that have been taken to address the problems are explained to them. If there are still any problems being faced, the clients are welcome to make direct contact with the team.

PlacementIndia.Com- What We Don’t Do When We Receive Negative Complaints

  • Ignore The Negative Reviews: We, at PlacementIndia.Com, realize that doing so would be one of the biggest blunders that can be committed. Our complaint redressal team takes great care to take into consideration all negative reviews and takes action accordingly.
  • Make Empty Promises: Unlike other companies which make fake promises in order to ward off an angry client, we never resort to such steps. Immediate steps are taken to for redressal of the complaints made by clients.

Our complaint redressal strategy has worked wonders in establishing a positive reputation for the portal in the online world. Over the years, we have managed to gain the trust of many clients owing to this effective policy of ours.


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