Banking Jobs In India

From 1870, when the first Indian bank was set up, to now, the banking industry in India has seen many upswings and downturns. Now there are countless government and private banks in India catering to the varied financial needs of people. The Indian Banking Sector has successfully survived incidents like-nationalization, privatization, downturn of the world economy, insolvency of financial institutions overseas, debt crisis & many others.

The Indian banking sector is divided into different categories like – nationalized banks, private banks and foreign banks. For a job seeker interested in making a foray into the Indian Banking Sector, the situation is really rosy right now.

Indian Banking  Sector:  What It Offers To The Job Seekers

  • Countless Opportunities - There are many jobs available in the Indian Banking Sector for candidates – entry-level jobs, middle level jobs & top management jobs.  Depending on the skills and experience level one can apply for a relevant job. Nowadays all banks have a preliminary test wherein the candidates are checked on some basic parameters like- numerical ability, grasp on English, general awareness & of course, knowledge about main subject, etc. With the Indian Banking Sector witnessing a high growth rate, job seekers are clamoring to get placed in the Indian Banking Sector.
  • Sustained Growth Of The Indian Banking Sector - With the Indian Banking Sector showing more or less a sustained growth rate over the years, the competition among job seekers is really cut-throat.
  • Good Incentives And Great Salaries - Though salary of course depends on the post one is holding, nowadays the middle level (& above) banking professionals are getting handsome salaries. The high incentives are yet another perk of working in the Indian Banking Sector. In case one is interested in a stable job, working in a nationalized bank would be a good idea.

With the introduction of technology, the Indian Banking Sector has further achieved more momentum & widened its scope in the recent years.

Online Job Search: The Perfect Way To Turn Your Career Around

Searching for a job is a full time job in itself. It involves a lot of patience, research and relentless efforts. With the Internet becoming a mainstay in our lives, Online Job Search has become the norm today. Online Job Search has largely given way to the traditional means of job search like – responding to newspaper ads, through recruitment consultancies, etc. There are many reasons that can be attributed to this gradual shift, some of the relevant ones are enumerated below:-

The Many Advantages Of Online Job Search

Speed And Convenience - Online Job Search is a speedier way to find suitable vacancies and applying for jobs is also easier. Rather than going through the recruitment advertisements in different newspapers, you can find a lot about different jobs available with different companies on the Internet. Also in many cases, you can get instant alert services as soon as a new vacancy is posted on the online job portals.

Lesser Costs -All it requires for an Online Job Search is a PC and an Internet Connection at your home (or within reach). You only need to apply online for any jobs matching your experience and skills. There is no need to post resumes, cover letters & other documents to every random company offering a job. Yet another benefit of Online Job Search is that with advanced technology available, you can have a video conference with recruiters sitting in another country or some distant location. So, candidates do not have to spend anything on travelling and related expenses.

Accessibility - When you post a resume online via job portals & other such tools, more number of employers are able to view it. Since a lot of companies have a presence online, the scope for getting into a company of your choice increases, every time a recruiter checks your resume.

With more & more people becoming tech-savvy, Online Job Search is a simpler and more effective way of getting a good job in today’s world.

Need For Placement Consultants

Recruiters, or Placement Consultants, or Recruitment Consultants may be known by many names, but their function remains the same – to bring together reputed companies & suitable candidates. There are many reasons why Placement Consultants are considered imperative in the recruitment process. Nowadays there are many reputed companies in India that have established a niche for themselves in the field of Placement Consultancy. Also, more & more candidates are turning to Placement Consultants for help in managing their careers.

Placement Consultants: How They Help The Candidates

  • The HR department of a company usually receives thousands of resumes in a day, for a vacant position. Obviously the HR do not have time to go through each and every CV, so there is a high chance that your resume will never see the light of the day. An experienced Placement Consultant will ensure that your resume reaches the relevant person in the company.
  • The Placement Consultants have experience in the field of recruitment. They first understand your needs and career aspirations, get a proper picture about professional life (till now) & accordingly find the best jobs for you.
  • By approaching Placement Consultants, you can save on precious time that otherwise you would have spent in sending job applications, attending random walk-ins & interviews, etc. The Placement Consultants also groom the candidates & hone their skills to ensure that they can prove to be an asset for the company they will eventually join.

Placement Consultants: How They Help The Companies

  • Availing the services of Placement Consultants is a smart decision on the part of a business. The Placement Consultants will efficiently take care of any immediate shortage of manpower in the organization. With their experience & expertise, they will ensure that only the best and suitable candidates are forwarded to the company, which saves them (the company) from wasting effort & resources on unsuitable candidates.
  • For the same reason mentioned above, i.e. they select the best of the lot candidates for a company to choose from. The preliminary screening done by the Placement Consultants ensure that only the best candidates are forwarded to the clients. This saves on costs which would otherwise have been spent on scheduling & conducting interviews, selecting candidates, etc.

Placement Consultants have an essential role to play, both from the candidates’ as well as the company’s point of view.

Job Opportunities In India

Job Opportunities In IndiaIndia Inc. is the newest destination that is attracting job seekers from all over the world. At a time when most of the world economies are recovering from a downturn, India is faring better than most. The competitive job market in India is getting more so, with each passing day. There are numerous job opportunities available in India, & there are various sectors offering varied employment prospects.

From a fresher to a highly qualified professional, there are many opportunities available for a job seeker in the Indian job market. Engineering, Telecom, Medicine, Education, IT, Banking, etc. are some fields that are attracting the interest of job seekers.

Some Sunrise Sectors In The Indian Job Sector

  • IT/ITES - In the last few years, India has emerged as the favorite destination among international firms wanting to outsource their IT related tasks. The Indian youth has benefitted the most from the BPO jobs. The best thing about outsourcing jobs is the myriad opportunities available for freshers’ in this field.
  • Tourism - The tourism sector in India is another domain that has opened up a vista of opportunities for tourism graduates and professionals. Tourism in India (both leisure tourism & medical tourism) has seen a growing interest among foreigners to visit the country & experience the unique culture & heritage. For jobseekers, this is great news and a perfect chance to enter this sunrise sector & make the most of this opportunity.
  • Real Estate - The Real Estate sector is another great domain to explore for job seekers who are looking for a fast route to success. With the increasing spending power of the people, more and more interest is being shown in investing in realty. With people buying houses today not only for personal use, but also for investment purposes, there is much scope of growth in this field. Realty professionals are much in demand today, both at entry level & at higher levels too.

Besides these, the retail sector, banking sector & education field are some other areas which hold great promise in terms of ample job opportunities & scope for growth, both of which are very essential for a job seeker.


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