Why Is Internet Considered The Best Medium for Finding Jobs

With the coming of Internet, the job hunting experience has become quite a lot easier than it was a decade before. Now all kinds of job seekers have a one stop destination i.e. the Internet, where there exists a wide variety of career opportunities. With technology taking over all facets of life, it has also completely changed the overall job hunting experience of an average job seeker.

Why Internet Is Considered The Best Medium for Finding Jobs

1.    Jobs For All Levels – Right from beginner level jobs to job requirements of highly experienced professionals, the Internet offers a solution for all. Depending upon their experience level, candidates can look for recruiters that have need for their expertise.

2.    Job For All Sectors – Whether it is the banking sector you want a job in, whether the education field is your preferred domain, or management jobs are your priority, Internet is the best option to find the perfect job in the field of your choice. There is a plethora of jobs postings (from companies belonging to different sectors) that you can view via the Internet.

3.    No Geographical Barriers – Now you can sit in India, and give a live interview to recruiters in England via video conferencing. All thanks to Internet. Now there is no need to travel abroad for job interviews in which you may or may not get selected.

4.    Easy Process – All you have to do is – log on to the Internet and register yourself on any of the popular online job portals there. Once you are registered, you will start getting calls from potential recruiters and you can choose accordingly.

5.    Less Expensive Affair – As compared to other mediums like newspapers, agencies, etc. finding jobs through the Internet is a less expensive process. All you need to pay for is the Internet connection. The reputed online job portals do not charge any registration fees from candidates, so job seekers can rest easy.

All these reasons have made Internet the popular and most preferred medium among job seekers to find the jobs of their choice.

Some Common Reason Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

You will hardly find a company in the market that has not, at one point or the other, faced the problem of high employee attrition rates.

In fact, this problem is common to small organizations as well as the bigger ones. Be it large MNCs, small businesses, new start-ups, this issue is one that is experienced by all.

Common Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

    • Dissatisfaction With Job Profile – If the employees are unhappy with the kind of work they are doing, they are more likely to leave. In workplaces where there is no clear demarcation between the job roles, the employees may feel overworked or underused.
    • Lack Of Appreciation Or Recognition – If there is not a proper reward system in place for those who perform exceptionally, it may result in bad feelings which might escalate into dissatisfaction.
    • No Communication Channel Between The Employees & Upper Management - When employees feel that they are not free to share their opinions, ideas & complaints, they feel disgruntled. It is essential that there be a proper & open communication channel in place.
    • Salary – It is another major factor that has a direct relation with employee satisfaction. Though a person may take up a low paying job many times, but be sure they are going to leave at the first opportunity they get.
    • Lack Of Flexibility – An employer has to be flexible if he wants to successfully retain his staff and ensure that they perform well. Many times an employee may need leaves for reasons like marriage, maternity, etc.
    • Lack Of Challenges – Though it may seem silly, boredom is also among the major reasons why quite a sizeable number of employees leave their jobs & look for better opportunities. Over a period of time, employees may feel they are doing the same thing over and over again & there are not getting to learn anything new.

Apart from these other reasons why employees leave their job includes dissatisfaction with the appraisal system and the feeling of being undervalued and overworked, etc. A good workplace is one where there is understanding and a healthy working relationship between the employers and employees

Opportunities For Job Seekers In India

People looking for jobs in India are in for a treat. The career prospects in India are looking extremely good. The reasons for this have been many, but the foreign companies and MNCs have finally woken up to the fact that there is immense talent and potential among the candidates here. While at one time the Indian job seekers had to go abroad to work for a foreign brand, nowadays reputed brands are landing up here seeking fresh & talented manpower. Foreign conglomerates are luring job seekers with hefty pay packets and great career growth opportunities.

Some sectors that hold great potential in terms of professional growth and a great pay package include – the Telecom Sector, the IT Sector, the Auto Sector, FMCG and insurance. Many established names like Microsoft, HUL, RIL, IBM, Cisco, Goldman Sachs regularly scout the Indian job market for talented candidates. MNCs like Amazon, Google, etc. are some other of the reputed recruiters that have recently hired Indian job seekers.

Besides these sectors, the healthcare & hospitality industry also presents ample opportunities to job seekers in India. With many Online Job Portals available nowadays, job hunting has become an extremely easy task. All a job seeker has to do is to contact any of these Online Job Portals and connect with national & international recruiters. Registering on an Online Job Portal is a less time consuming and a more effective way to search for a suitable job. This makes more sense than dropping of or mailing resumes to random companies, who may or may not have current manpower requirement. Also the HR companies handling these Online Job Portals usually have link-ups with a network of reputed clients. This considerably shortens the time taken for job hunting. With their assistance, job seekers can easily find the kind of job profile and company they are searching for.

So, Online Job Portals provide a great platform to job seekers looking for excellent job opportunities in India, and abroad too.

Finding Dream Jobs In India

In the past decade or so, India has emerged as the dream destination for job seekers looking for lucrative career opportunities & a chance to grow professionally. At one time, it was a trend among the Indian students to get their basic educational degrees from universities/schools here & then go abroad in the search for greener pastures. Thankfully this is no longer the case in present times. This change may be contributed to the business sector that has grown by leaps and bounds in the past years.

To make the most of the golden opportunity that our growing economy presents, many multinationals and foreign brands have set up base in India. Now with the proposal of FDI in multi-brand retail, global giants like Wal-Mart and Carrefour are ready to make their presence known to the Indian population. The job opportunities that such proposals are going to generate offer a rosy picture of the future. But before that happens, presently also an aspiring candidate has many options & career opportunities available to him/her in the field and profile of their choice.

The IT sector is one sector that is showing great potential in present times & there is a mad rush among IT conglomerates looking to hire fresh talent out of the IT student pool. The BPO/KPO sector is also another sector that has greatly changed the professional arena & has provided aspiring candidates with great career opportunities.

With the private sector lapping up the fresh talent, like never before, aspiring job seekers never had it so good before. Whether as an aspiring candidate, you are looking for a finance job, a job in retail or a bank, or even the public sector; there is ample scope for everything and no dearth of job opportunities in India. Getting a dream job in India was never this easy before.


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