Tips For Freshers To Find A Good Job

Are you a fresher looking for the first job of your life? Wondering how to find that perfect job you dream about? Well, in this era of globalization and fast-paced internet, job hunting has become much easier thing than before. The two main tasks that help in finding a Good Job Opportunity are a proper understanding of the job market and understanding yourself. Unless and until you have a fair-idea about what you are actually looking for and whether it is a reasonable quest in the corresponding job market, you will not be able to find a job that suits your sensibilities.

Resume Is The First Step
The first thing you must do is to prepare a proper resume that highlights your strengths and achievements. You should make your resume up-to-dated and error-free. You must also remember not to resort to any lies in your resume and furnish information that can only be substantiated with authentic documents.

Try Networking
You can do your own little version of networking by asking friends, family relatives and acquaintances who might have an opening at their workplace.  Besides, providing information about job openings they might also provide you with valuable leads that might come in help in the near future.

Volunteering Can Do The Trick
Sometimes companies recruit volunteers rather than taking-in new employers instantly. Grab that chance and give your best, displaying your commitment and talent. Later you can always include this volunteering experience in your resume to catch the interviewer’s eye.

Prepare For The Interview Day
You must make maximum utilization of that few minutes you get in front of the interviewer as it is the key to your getting the particular job in the company. Prepare for the probable and common questions beforehand but don’t make it sound ‘prepared’ on the D-day. Presenting yourself properly in the interview is another plus point that can help you make the final cut.

Armed with a well-written resume, the right skills and confidence, you can surely make the cut and land in the job of your dreams soon. So follow these tips and get set to chase your dreams!

Job Consultancies Bridge The Gap Between Job Seekers And Employers

Even as the population of skilled workers increased and so did the setting up of businesses, the increase was happening in a disarrayed fashion. Placement Cells (wherever one existed) of educational institutes were frantically trying to find the organizations where the students could be placed. The employers on the other hand were also bending over backwards to fill the vacancies. It is in this situation that the Job Consultancies came in and by providing Recruitment Solutions, lessened the burden of both the Job Seekers and the Employers.

Nowadays, most employers prefer to hire the Job Consultancies to meet their recruitment demands. Screening through the thousands of resumes to find the most suitable Job Seeker is not an easy task and requires dedicated efforts. The Job Consultancies screen out the relevant resumes from the Job Portals and hold the initial interviews over the telephone and in person. They analyze the skills possessed by the candidate and the minimum requirements of the Job Profile. If found up to the mark and if the difference between the salary expected by the candidate and offered by the employer is not very vast, a meeting is arranged between the candidate and the employer. In some cases, even the negotiation of salary is done by the Job Consultancy. The employer thus finds the best person for the post.

Job Seekers can also apply to the Job Consultancies and submit their resumes with them. They are then considered by the consultancy when vacancies in the post applied for are there. Thus, the Job Seekers are saved from the inconvenience of going to the companies themselves. Some Job Consultancies also provide Counseling to the Job Seekers or Job related training.

Job Consultancies have become a vital part of the Recruitment Industry. They arrange for the demand of the employers to be met with the supply of the relevant workforce. Thus, they serve both the Employers and the Job Seekers, bridging the gap between them.

Get The Maximum Out Of The Job Placement Agencies

Imagine the times when Job Placement Agencies were unheard of and the only way you could find a job was by registering your name at public job boards or by going door-to-door, giving interviews. Just think how tiring and time consuming it would have been to seek a job. Recruitment would have been a problem too with a major chunk of companies tied up with the recruiting process. In the present times, Job Placement Agencies have definitely emerged as a better and smoother working platform with their placement services.

Benefits Of Registering With A Job Placement Agency
A Job Placement Agency works hand in hand with employers thus ensuring the best possible match between a recruiter and a job seeker. Some agencies even come with special training to empower you with all the necessary skills for a particular job. Agencies also take care of your job searching criteria like part-time or full-time jobs, role and location to recommend you a job suiting your specific needs.

Placement Agency Must Take Into Consideration

  • The terms and conditions of the job
  • The type of work you want to do
  • The salary package you are looking for
  • The mode and time of payment
  • The notice period
  • Details of paid holidays

You Must Keep In Mind That Placement Agency Cannot

  • Charge you for finding or trying to find you a job, unless prior mentioned
  • Place condition on finding work for you only if you take up their other services that may be paid such as resume writing.

You Can Get Maximum Results Out Of A Placement Agency By

  • Keeping a regular touch with them through mails or phone calls
  • Giving them true information about your contact details and references
  • Making sure that your CV is accurate, error-free and up-to-date
  • Being frank with them about the kind of job you are actually looking for
  • Listening to their advice and making changes accordingly as they are professionals in their area
  • Checking if the agency is indeed effective enough to find you a job

Last but not the least; you must make sure that the Job Placement Agency, that you are relying upon to find you your dream job, has a pan-India presence to maximize your options and also to confirm the credibility of the agency.

Part Time And Freelance Jobs In Delhi

Delhi is the economic and industrial hub of India. With all the commercial and non-commercial activities that keep happening in Delhi, it is a Job Seeker’s paradise. Various projects and events are regularly undertaken by the organizations as a part of their marketing campaigns. These projects and events result in the creation of vacancies for Part Time, Contractual and Freelance Jobs in Delhi.

The largest number of vacancy is created by the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Industry which is a clear favorite among youngsters who are still in or just out of college. The Part Time Jobs in Delhi provide an ample opportunity to the students who are still pursuing courses in the colleges to continue both jobs and studies simultaneously. Such jobs are usually created where the command over spoken or written English are required more than educational qualifications.

Some of the popular fields and positions for which such jobs are available are given below:

Part Time

  • Data Entry: Data Entry is the most popular field of Part Time Jobs in Delhi. The reason for the popularity of this job is that it requires no special skills apart from a good typing speed. The hours of working are also flexible making it popular among the students.
  • Training: The various coaching academies and other institutions in Delhi employ lecturers and trainers for limited sessions and classes.
  • Sales: Numerous insurance companies and other small enterprises of Delhi employ sales personnel in Part Time in order to provide a boost to the sales of the company.


  • Journalism: The dozens of media houses hire Freelance Writers, Freelance Photographers, Stringers, Freelance Reporters, etc. The prominent writers and photographers often work on a Freelance basis for different media houses.
  • PR/Advertisement: The huge numbers of companies that exist in Delhi require a huge task force in PR and Advertisement.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other Part Time and Freelance Jobs in Delhi with NGOs, consultancies, etc. Due to the many advantages which Delhi has, Part Time and Freelance Jobs are readily available. All that one needs to do is browse the Job Portals to find such Jobs In Delhi. A Job Seeker can also be directed towards Part Time and Freelance Jobs by the Job Consultancies in Delhi.


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