Home Based Data Entry Jobs: Beneficial For Companies And People

With computers virtually taking over the workplaces around the world, whether it is the education field, the medical field, the telecom field, etc., there is hardly an office or business that has not found use for it in the present day scenario. With all information now being stored in the hard disk of a computer, rather than in bulky files, the need for professionals having expertise in this field has grown in the past decade or so.

One such domain that has come into existence owing to the growing importance of computers is Data Entry. Data Entry Home Based Jobs have become very popular nowadays especially with Stay At Home moms or for those people who want to escape from the routine 9 to 5 office schedule.

Relevance of Data Entry Home Based Jobs For A Business

  • Information is a very important resource for any business; whether it is day-to-day business information like customer records, personal information, transaction records, etc. or sensitive data. A proper and organized record of all information is very crucial for an organization. A data-entry professional will transfer all data into a computer efficiently for your future reference.
  • Delegating all paper work related work to a data entry professional will ensure that all data is compiled in an organized manner and will be available for everyone to refer to via a computer. This saves precious time and improves work efficiency.
  • Not only this, a business can also get rid of bulky files which take up huge storage spaces and where the chances of information getting misplaced are quite large. You can ensure a clutter free space at your workplace.

Relevance of Data Entry Home Based Jobs For People

  • As mentioned earlier, Data Entry Home Based Jobs are apt for stay at home moms or retired professionals, since they can work at any suitable time without having to worry about a time schedule. For the same reason many people who want a respite from a routine job take up Data Entry Home Based Jobs so as to get the freedom to work as per their time schedule.
  • Since companies usually do not ask for any work experience in this field, there is much scope for people in Data Entry Home Based Jobs. All a data entry person needs is to be competent in is typing out the given information efficiently and accurately.

With the steady growth of computer usage in businesses, there is much scope for Data Entry Home Based Jobs in the future too.

Inquiring About Job Openings – Basic Etiquettes

Searching for a job is a very cumbersome task which requires lot of efforts, patience and hard work. It involves obtaining a list of relevant job positions available with companies that you want to work with & then making enquiries regarding the positions, the interview dates, etc. Anyone who has been through this process before will be able to tell you about the humungous amount of patience that it requires. At times it may seem like the most futile of all tasks, but if done smartly can reap the best benefits for you & your career in particular.

Inquiring About Job Openings – What It Involves?
It basically involves getting in touch with the hiring manager of a firm that is currently recruiting & scheduling an interview for yourself.  It may sound simple at first but the process in itself could be very time consuming as Hiring managers are generally very busy people & it is difficult to directly contact them in most cases.

Inquiring About Job Openings – Basic Etiquettes
So once you do manage to get in touch with the relevant person, what all should you do to ensure that you get an interview scheduled for yourself? Some basic points you should remember are mentioned below:-

  • Ask For Permission - In case you are talking to the hiring manager via a phone, ensure that you first introduce yourself in a line or so. Then explain to them the reason behind your making the call. After you get the go-ahead to speak, tell them where you got the reference from. In case the recruiter is busy, ask for a convenient time to call back and thank them.
  • First Impression, Last Impression – Nowhere is this term more relevant than in the situation when you are searching for that golden opportunity. You only get a few precious minutes to make a favorable impact in the recruiters’ mind. Utilize this time well. Keep the conversation focused and be as short and crisp as possible.
  • Sell Yourself – Go through the job profile thoroughly and prepare some points as to why you would suit the job best. Highlight qualities, achievements, experience, etc. that make you best suited for this job. Have solid examples to prove your abilities. Making flimsy claims may get you an interview but not the job. While writing a letter of enquiry ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Get some professional to proofread it, but never submit a letter fully of silly mistakes or typos.
  • Thank the recruiter – At the end, don’t forget to thank the recruiter for taking out time for you.

Making a job enquiry is a very effective way of making your presence known to a hiring manager or recruiter. If done smartly, it can earn you the best rewards.

How To Find Jobs While Attending College

Whether it is to earn an extra buck, gain valuable experience or start earning early on, each year many collegiate students think about How To Find Jobs While Attending College? While the importance of focused learning during the academic term cannot be denied, it is also proven that students who start working during this time are armed with much more knowledge than their inexperienced counterparts. But the question that still looms in the mind of undergraduates is that how to start with the process of finding such jobs? Well, the answer to this lies in some research, identifying the right companies to work with and lots of hard work that has to be put on juggling between studying & working.

  •  The first step is to identify the field of working. Although you can take up any job to have corporate exposure but temping somewhere in your field or taking up a job that you can continue on after studies is recommended.
  • After zeroing on the field, you need to find out the proper sources from where you can find out such opportunities. Some common options include searching from local     newspaper job bulletins, college newspaper classifieds, placement portals, contacting placement agencies, asking around from acquaintances, friends, family, teachers etc. You can also ask around for internships to do part-time work but be aware that these may or may not pay.
  •  You also need to decide the hours you are willing to dedicate and the salary you expect. Then you must prepare a professional resume before starting the search and carry it with you at all times.
  • Searching on job portals is an excellent option as it lessens the time spent in searching, is absolutely free and choices are many. With this, you can avoid the disappointment of not finding enough opportunities or going for interviews with no clear details of what’s in store for you.

Nowadays there are many Job Portals especially dedicated to freshers and students who want to work while studying have come up, so finding the right opportunity has become even easier. All you need to do is chalk out and implement a solid plan like this to taste success in Finding A Job While Still Studying.

Do’s and Don’ts of Telemarketing

Telemarketing is today among the most abused and misunderstood marketing tools out there. A telemarketer is today seen more as a nuisance than a person who is out there to convey information about a brand or specific products. If you were thinking of launching a telemarketing campaign for the publicity of your product, but are having second thoughts after reading this, don’t be disheartened.

Here the motive is not to discourage you but to tell you about how to change the general perception about telemarketing & how to make sure that your telemarketing campaign does not add to woes of the people out there. Telemarketing is among the most cost-effective marketing techniques, which offers a lot of benefits like reaching out to a large audience over a wide geographical area. Also Telemarketing is among the personal forms of advertising where you get in touch with the target customers & make them discover the value in your products.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Telemarketing

  • Keep The Calls Short And Crisp – This is the golden mantra that will decide your success as a telemarketer to a large extent. Time is of utmost importance in business. Be precise. Key points that should be included are – Introduction, product details, key features (USP), how to order the product, closing the call and finally handling any queries the customers may have.
  • Follow The Script – The Tele-calling script is written by experts who have followed thousands of sales call over the years & are aware of what sells and what does not. By following the script, a telemarketer can avoid wasting precious time that is wasted by drifting off the topic.
  • Good Speakers – Since Telemarketers depend on their oratory skills chiefly to convince the customer to buy their product, it is best to ensure that the telemarketers are good speakers with a clear voice and good diction.
  • Know Your Product – It is hard to convince anyone to buy your product if you yourself are not aware of what your product is all about. It is very necessary for a Telemarketer to know the inside-out of the products.
  • Patience – Telemarketing is one job where you will require lots of patience, the best of your efforts & sheer hard work. The more calls you make, more the probability of getting double the leads. Also telemarketing is an adventure where one day you could get in touch with good people who will make your day & on other days you will come across negative ones who are rude and abusive. Be ready for all kinds.
  • Follow Ups – These are as important as the introduction part. Be sure to do a proper follow up as it is the first step towards having a long term relationship with clients.

An effective telemarketing campaign that takes these Do’s and Don’ts into consideration can go a long way in creating awareness and making positive impressions in the minds of the buyers about your product.


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