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Searching for golden career opportunities in India was never this easy as it is now. With many job portals dedicated to bring recruiters and job seekers closer on the same platform, jobs in India for freshers as well as experienced professionals are only a few clicks away. Gone are the days when people had to comb through the career classifieds page in the dailies or get registered with local job boards to wait for that elusive call. Now, the power also lies in the hands of the job-seeker who can choose from more than 50 opportunities on any given day and also get the best assistance while doing so. So what lies in store for those who register on such job board sites? Let’s find out.

Features Of Indian Job Portals

  • Searching facility on the basis of role, function, industry, salary, location, experience, type (full-time, part-time- contract), company, source (posted by company or placement agency)
  • Salary calculation tool
  • Helpful articles on jobs and industry information
  • Skill certification services
  • Professional resume development and highlighter services
  • Facility to hide resume from current employer
  • Job agents for focused job searching and matching
  • Online psychometric tests
  • Integration with social media and creation of social media profile
  • Automatic recommendations based on your profile
  • Online assistance through chat
  • Accessibility on mobile

Many different types of job portals have mushroomed and now you can even Find Jobs In India on portals that are dedicated solely to working women, freshers, retired professionals, a particular function, part-time or work-at-home opportunities and so on.

But before registering on any of the popular job portals in India, you need to search around a bit and choose only the most reputed ones. You can register on multiple Job Directories in India but prefer the ones having the most resources in the form of employer database and career information.

Overseas Education Consultants: Their Role And Importance

Getting a foreign education is an aspiration that many students have nowadays. Not only the students, their parents too are equally enthusiastic about sending their kids abroad to study, so that get global exposure and can become independent enough to handle their lives single handedly. Also one major reason why Overseas Education has become very popular nowadays is owing to the high level of competition in the job market. So whom do students approach when they need advice and guidance regarding foreign universities and courses? Of course, the Overseas Education Consultants, who else?

Why Overseas Education Consultants?

  • Overseas Education Consultants have the expertise to guide you about the best colleges, best universities, best countries, etc., from where you can pursue a course of your choice. They can effectively provide you guidance about the scope, the major student hubs, etc. In fact, a good Overseas Education Consultant also suggests alternatives to students who fail to get selected in the university/course of their choice.
  • Many reputed Overseas Education Consultants also guide the students regarding the admission seasons of different universities and colleges, respective fees structure, estimated expenses and so on. In many cases, Overseas Education Consultants also assist & guide the students in arranging for educational loans from reliable banks.
  • Students can also approach Overseas Education Consultants in case they need assistance with their visas for studying abroad. Being experienced these Overseas Education Consultants are aware of all the nitty-gritty’s involved in applying for a Visa. They make sure that the students submit all the necessary documents and ensure that all the paperwork is completed correctly.
  • For the best counsel in estimated fees required for studying a particular course from a specific college/university or the estimated expenses involved in living abroad.  Overseas Education Consultants successfully guide students about the expenses involved in studying in a foreign place (excluding the course fees). They can also provide accommodation assistance to students going to study abroad, if needed.

It is evident from the above content that other than career counseling and advice, Overseas Education Consultants fulfill many other important roles and functions. With their help, a world of opportunities is opened to the students in foreign shores.

Information On Studying Abroad & Visa Consultancy

Studying abroad is becoming increasingly popular due to the presence of more opportunities available at a global level. But going abroad for studies requires students to fulfill certain conditions to get a Student Visa.

Studying Abroad Requires the Applicant to:

  • Have the desired academic qualification
  • Have a student visa
  • Have a place to stay abroad and no intention of abandoning it anytime soon
  • Leave the country after completion of studies
  • Be in possession of sufficient funds to pursue the studies

How Student Visa Consultancy Can Help?
Though information about the same can be gathered from several sources but working with a Student Visa Consultant is very helpful as he/she can act as a single window of information and as a counselor who can assist from the first stage to the last one. Such visa consultants also provide useful information on the Documents Required For Applying Visa and help with the preparation of various tests such as the TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. that are required to be passed for entry to the educational institution to which the student wishes to apply. The consultants educate the students on all the pre-requisites for applying for the visa and provide complete help to avoid any rejections. They also give regular updates on the status of application and completely prep-up the applicant to face the interviews with confidence.

Useful Information

  • The waiting time for interview appointment varies from one applicant to the other so applying early is advised by every Student Visa Consultant.
  • It is advisable to work with a visa consultant who is experienced and specializes in Student Visa Application.
  • Staying beyond the authorized time period is against the immigration laws which can make the student ineligible for visa in future for return travel.

Over the years there has been a great surge in the number of people who opt for studies in the UK or USA but it is wiser to analyze first rather than go with a herd mentality. There are many good options to be explored in other nations as well where the immigration laws are less strict and the quality of education is at par with global standards while the fee is comparatively lower. But if a student must go to the UK and USA for studies then it is advisable for them to stay in touch with a consultant to make the process of going there hassle-free.

Why Overseas Recruitment Agencies Are Important

Ask anybody what they think are the biggest assets for an organization? Whether it is the huge machines, the buildings, the real estate, or is it the furniture/equipment, a company values most among all its assets. If the answer that you get in return is anything other than – ‘the employees of an organization’, be assured that they have absolutely no idea about running a business, let alone a successful one. Companies that have realized the importance of an efficient workforce are the ones that have survived & flourished in the competitive world of business today. This need for talented and skilled employees is common to all organizations – whether domestic or foreign. Nowadays many Overseas Recruitment Agencies have sprung up all over the country, which specialize in catering to the specific human resource needs of companies based abroad. Also, these International Recruitment Agencies are a perfect platform for job seekers to find their dream jobs in companies of international repute.

Need For Overseas Recruitment Agencies

  • The biggest function that these International Recruitment Agencies serve is to find relevant jobs for the right people. Equipped with expertise and experience, these agencies understand the manpower requirements of international job market and ensure that organizations (their clients) are never short of talented and skilled manpower.
  • For companies that are looking for a global mix among its employees, its best to avail the services of Overseas Placement Agencies. With their assistance and technical expertise, a company can find the best manpower for itself, not only from domestic markets but also from international ones.
  •  Landing a job in a company based abroad is a highly competitive process. Even with the right skills, talent and qualifications, many job seekers find it a tough going. This is where International Recruitment Agencies help. Such Overseas Recruitment Consultants usually have a network of foreign clients (companies) among their database; hence their help can take you one step closer to your dream job.

Thus, it can be seen that Overseas Recruitment Agencies are of crucial importance, both to job seekers and organizations as well.


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