Job Opportunities In India

India is a country developing at a fast pace. The growth and advancement witnessed by all the sectors have created innumerable job opportunities. Industries are expanding, new ventures are emerging and simultaneously, there are more and more organizations looking for the suitable and reliable employees. This leaves the jobseekers with considerable chances to chase their professional dream and build a career for them.

Be it engineering, BPO, media, banking, health and insurance, hotel management etc. all have gained reputation among the youngsters. In fact the availability of so many options has resulted in a healthy competition among the employers so as to allure the aspirants to their organization. The employers have started recognizing the importance of employee satisfaction and thus deliver the best of facilities to them and in return avail quality services from the employees. On the other hand the jobseekers are also finding it pleasing to see the availability of jobs around them.

A new crop of placement consultants has also surfaced in the recent times. Consultants primarily act as liaisoning agentss between the employers and the potential employees. Charged with reasonable fees for this linking role, the jobseekers too find it a quick and easy way to come in close touch with the industry.

The functioning of Placement Consultant is a planned and systematic. In case you are scouting for a job, you may contact an established consultant and submit your credentials. Placement consultants will analyze your resume and evaluate your merits and potential. Additionally, they may assist you in preparing an effective cover letter and Curriculum Vitae.

On the other hand the employers furnish the consultants with their requirements and job profiles. The placement consultants inform the appropriate candidates of the opportunities, thus serving the needs of both. With the favorable business environment and a mammoth market, India has become a popular choice among multi national companies. This has been a prominent driving factor in creating the vast opportunities for youngsters.

There are numerous websites that provide free information related to job requirement and recruitments. You can register on any such website and avail the benefits. No denying that the scenario has changed from the times when one has to strive looking for jobs courtesy the services of Placement Consultants.

Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search

Are you tired of searching a suitable job for yourself? Are you in search of some productive ways to get you a good job?  We bring you some of the most effective tips to speed up your job searching ways.

First Impression is the Last Impression
Have a look at your resume. Does your resume spotlight on your pre determined goals? Is it focused effectively? If not, it’s time to rewrite. Write your resume in such a way so that it can convey your unique value proposition, with your brief history that distinguishes you from others. Make your first impression your best impression.

Be Clear. Get Going
Be determined and follow what you want to be. If you don’t know where you want to see yourself in your professional career, then job hunting will always result in frustration. Lack of self-knowledge vis-à-vis your professional goal will hinder you in finding the right match. However, if there is will there is a way; if you don’t know your career aim is, then spend some time with yourself and try to question yourself, and then move on for a job search anew.

Personal Branding is the Keyword
What is Personal Branding?
As the name suggests it is the process of:

  • Communicating what makes you unique
  • Allowing you to make a name for yourself

Firstly, it is very important to have an idea of your personal best so that you can sell the same. Then, present yourself as per the different qualities that you have, and prove that you aptly fit for the job.

Knowing what you want, along with what is going to bring you the same to the interview table will give you the required confidence. Job searching is an extremely crucial step and is essential for a successful long-term career. Celebrate your accomplishments and recognize that the job search requires effort and pushiness

Finding An Ideal Recruit

The employees of an organization are its most valuable assets. An HR’s job is a vital one for this matter as he/she makes the most important decision of whom to select and whom to reject from the vast horde of applicants who apply for a post. Though different companies have different selection as well as interview processes, the basic principle remains the same i.e. to find the most competent and qualified person for the job. In such a case there are a few pointers which can be followed by a HR to arrive at a prudent choice.

Preliminary Research
As it is with any task, proper research is vital for this process of searching out an ideal candidate for a job. The interviewer should take out time and peruse the cover letter and resume of the candidate thoroughly before the interview. This would help the interviewer draw up some relevant questions about the applicant.

Make the Applicant Comfortable
Make the atmosphere friendly and approachable so that the interviewee feels at ease and is able to express himself clearly. In a high pressure situation like a job interview, candidates often get stressed and are unable to perform upto their potential. It is an interviewer’s responsibility to lighten the atmosphere and make it ideal for a free exchange of thoughts and idea.

Relevant Questions
The interviewer should try and get the interviewees to open up and express themselves effectively. As far as possible, questions asked should be open ended ones which encourage the interviewee to give a detailed reply. Also the interviewer should keep the interviewee’s other interests/hobbies in perspective and ask relevant question to arrive at a balanced decision. The body language of the applicant should be observed as they can be helpful in providing clues about the interviewee.

Lastly the interviewer should encourage the applicant to ask questions about the company, the work culture etc. All these points are a great help when it comes to choosing an appropriate applicant for the job.

Finding A Suitable Job Is A Tough Task

With fewer jobs emerging in the market, the graph of unemployment has arisen in India. The companies are not hiring new employees because of the ongoing recession which has brought a drastic change in employment opportunities. Apart from this, there are other general reasons due to which searching a job has become highly tedious and there are numerous people who are talented and skilled for a particular industry due to which it becomes a difficult task for many employers. Moreover, those who have higher contacts or jacks have smoother way in entering into their field as compared to those who do not have any contacts.

To seek a job for yourself you need to keep some essential things in your mind:

  • Go for those job vacancies which are not competitive as compared to others.
  • Visit all the recruitment websites which will provide you numerous options in various categories
  • If you are new job seeker and it is difficult for you to get employed in big companies, then choose for smaller companies as there will be fewer applicants which will higher your chances of success.
  • Apart from online jobs, you can also visit some of the offline jobs and can personally handover your CV’s to them. There are few people who stack their CV’s personally so there are chances that you might be remembered for your enthusiasm and proactively.

If you are seeking for a job and think that you will also be included among those who are unemployed, then you are wrong.  Though at times it is difficult to for you to seek the right field of job but it is certainly not impossible. You just need to have a strong CV along with you and need to create a perfect impression before the interviewer and ensure them that you are the right candidate for the post you have applied for.

An Effective Job Description For Hiring New Employees

With the expansion of the business, the workload also starts to increase. With all this, you start consider recruiting new employees for enhancing your business and taking it to the newer heights. While hiring an employee, you need to improve certain methods such as writing of various job descriptions. The job descriptions should be effective and informative, which will help you hire new employees.

While browsing an online job portal, you will see that various job descriptions are written in different formats and lengths, and disclose different information on behalf of the company. If you are also writing a job description, then you need to make sure that it is valuable, informative and useful and will help you to hire the right candidate according to your job profile.

While Writing Job Descriptions You Need Keep Some Of The Essential Things In Your Mind:

  • Make sure that the job title is crisp and to the point. Also include synonyms such as a cleaner can also be referred as a domestic operative.
  • It you are uncertain that what to mention in the annual salary, then you can write “Negotiable based on the experience”.
  •  Summarize the main duties of the job you want to hire for your organization.
  • If you are looking for someone with experience, then you need to clearly mention that how much experience they need to have.
  • You need to mention if the job requires any physical work like heavy lifting or standing for long hours.
  • Do not mention to forget the academic qualification of the person you want to hire.

There are many people who are looking for work. By providing informative description in your job advertisements you can higher appropriate employees for you organization. This will save your time and right employee.

Recruiters As the Mediator

Recruiters act as the bridging gap between the candidate and the hiring company. It is the job of the recruiter to hunt for the candidates who fits like a lid to the air-tight jar to the hiring company.

Recruiter and the candidate
While dealing with the recruiters, the candidates need to keep in mind that the recruiter aims at serving the hiring company to the most. The interest of the recruiter lies in the satisfaction of the hiring company. It is not that the recruiters are there to take advantage of the candidates or the recruiters befool the candidates. But the candidates need to adopt the trick of dealing with the recruiters. The candidates ought to assert their own interests while negotiating with the professional recruiters.

But, it is not that the recruiters are there to dismantle the candidate’s benefits. The candidates and the mediators are not at the extreme ends. Indirectly in the motive of the recruiters lies the very interest of the candidates. The ultimate aim of the hiring consultants is to make the hiring company meet with the apt candidates. When the job is done successfully, all the three parties are benefited.

Recruiters and the hiring company
Recruiters are there to make the companies meet with the candidates perfect for the goals of the set up. To filter the right candidates, the professional recruiters are hired. The recruiters give a list of suitable candidates, and sometimes also scan and take interviews. The interview is to know whether the candidates are interested in the job or not. The hiring companies avail the service of recruiters in two broad ways:

Contingency: In this type of arrangement between the two parties, the recruiters are paid only when the suitable and interested candidates are actually hired. This arrangement is generally for the positions not of very high level. The positions for which candidates can be easily fetched, and the profile does not call for very specialized skills or expertise.

Retained: In this mode of payment arrangement, the recruiters are paid a retainer fee in advance. This is to get specialized candidates to high level positions. Even if the recruiters fail to get the right candidate for the executive position, the retainer fee is not taken back. Sometimes the recruiters have to target the specific candidates, and convince him to join the company for which the recruiter is working.

The relationship between the recruiters, hiring company and the candidates is that of mutual dependence. The candidates and the hiring companies need to maintain a favorable relationship with the recruiters. The recruiters can be of great help in consorting the candidates and the hiring company complementing one another.

Positive Work, Positive Approach Towards Work Atmosphere

Job is not just about working mechanically for a given time period but it is a matter of working with full dedication, whatever you do. Only by adopting a positive mindset towards the job, one can cross the ladder and reach a position of recognition.

An Ideal Workplace: How It Can Be Realized
An ideal workplace is a working atmosphere where the ability of the employees to think out of the box is not curtailed. In a positive work atmosphere, there is a situation of healthy competition where every employee set a target for themselves and moves ahead by learning from the own and the other’s mistakes.

It is not always that professionals will get the atmosphere of their choice where everything is according to their expectations, but workplace is that playground of life where everyone is in a race with an intention to topple down the person ahead of them and move forward by crossing across others. In such a scenario, a lot depends upon the approach of the employees.

Positive Mindset: To Turn Impossible Into Possible
A positive mind set is reflected in how the employees interpret different events and how much they expect from others. When the employees set positive approach towards others and handle the adversities at the workplace with a positive approach the problems become very small. Learning from others in the workplace, who undertakes every challenge in good spirit, is a real booster and a source of motivation.

Those who accept failures with open heart and move ahead with a learning experience are sure to taste growth in life and will never stick in a situation of lack of direction and opportunities.

The approach of the seniors, peer groups and your attitude together build a positive work atmosphere which is the environment where the growth and success can be expected and actually realized.

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