Healthy Professional Relationship As A Booster To Your Career Growth

Professional growth is not just about taking big career steps, be it financially or position wise. At the end, the contacts you make while being in a career position also count. The professional contacts which prove beneficial in the long run are like the assets to cherish for life.

At the beginning, the contacts made by you can shape the growth of your entire career. The smooth rise of your career trajectory depends on the allies you make in the training period. As the first impression is the last impression, similarly the first contacts can help you in your career leaps. The newbies in the job ought to adopt an open attitude. The willingness to learn is the spirit which the hiring companies look for. Good contacts with peers and supervisors can provide you with valuable guidance. The experience of the seniors surely drives you on the path of success.

Being open to advice and making new relationship does not mean that you put a false mask on your face. Applying the common sense and being selective in making professional network reduces the chance of getting fooled and exploited.

Rejuvenating Old Contacts For Further Networking
Once you have surpassed the initial career constraints and have established your feet in the field where you want to work, the need for networking increases. The old contacts need to be refreshed as they act as channels to new contacts. Admiration of people, who were there in building your career, proves fruitful in the long run. The old bonds are there as the base on which towering success story can be framed. Strengthening old contacts demand showing interest in the career trajectory of the people with whom you started the journey, and helping them in all possible ways.

Further Cultivating The Relationships
Along with maintaining old contacts, new bonds have to be formed. It calls for staying open to new and diverse ideas. When you respect the diverse views of your colleagues around you, you learn a lot. The attitude of sharing and helping your colleagues make you favorite among the peer professional group. Negative approach reflects badly on you, and hampers your future prospects. Networking through social media sites and other latest medium broadens your horizon.

Learn From Those Behind You In The Job Ladder
Never completely ignore the views of those who are less experienced than you. Support from all corners is necessary to excel in the career. The attitude of sharing and support with your juniors strengthens and furthers your chance of going up in the professional ladder.

To make a mark in your career, it is important that you come out of your shell and break the barricades of ego. Remember, to broaden your horizons, the hold of strong professional relationship is must.

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How To Handle The Interview Stress

No matter what degree you hold, how skilled you are, and what experience you hold, the very thought of facing an interview leads to goose bumps. To think about sitting in front of the interview panel causes stress to many people and it can be nerve-wrecking for them. Here we provide certain tips to face the interview confidently.

  •  Recognize Your Problem: First you need to accept that you are under stress and it is normal in such conditions. This is the most important step, as it allows you to find ways to come out of it. There are various signs which indicate that the person is under stress, such as, tickling in the stomach, sweating, babbling, tightening of the shoulders and neck, etc. Early detection of such signs and symptoms is imperative when formulating a plan of action to combat stress during an interview.
  • Prepare In Advance: Before going for an interview, prepare both your mind and body. Some patent interview questions need to be prepared beforehand and body language such as posture must be rehearsed in advance. Preparation gives confidence to face the actual situation.
  • Do Not Succumb To The Interview Pressure: Giving in is very easy, but to succeed one has to face challenges and overcome them with determination. Remember that your interview performance is the index of your character. It shows how strong you are. Just focus on your strengths and try to overcome your shortcomings. It is for sure that the interview panel will not change; you have to change and adopt the never-to-quit attitude.
  • Respect The Interviewer: Listen carefully to what the interviewer is asking, answer politely and with patience. It is important to face the interview with a positive attitude and keep your mind alert and open.

Only with confidence and determination one can come out of the pressure full situation. There is no shortcut to escape fear. One has to accept the fear and give his/her best to come out of difficult situations with the head held high.

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Why Online Job Portals Are Preferred

Development of the World Wide Web has played a major role in globalization, bringing the world closer. Now, getting information about something you do not know is just a click away. You can find your life partner, you can shop, and you can even find a job through internet.

Online job portals have earned huge popularity these days. Earlier people used to search jobs in newspapers and magazines, which was a very time consuming and monotonous process. With the advent of these online job banks, finding jobs has become much easier than the traditional methods. You can search jobs by name, type, role, location, salary, etc. These online job portals have made the process of job hunting much more convenient by maintaining a huge database of all available jobs at one place.

How These Online Job Portals Work?
These online job portals are designed to make it easier for recruiters and candidates to come at a common platform. By following some simple steps, a job seeker can submit his/her resume and the rest is to be done by that job portal. The tools of the portal try to match your job specifications with the companies having vacancies. The matchmaking criteria include important aspects in a job profile like the location preference, preference for certain industry or role, salary preferred, qualifications etc. To facilitate job seekers, the online job portals have started services of finding jobs in international fronts as well. It’s very helpful for candidates seeking for a job matching their qualifications and work experience in foreign countries. With industry integration with several employers, online job portals provide the facility of applying online. Applying candidates get interview calls only when their CV is shortlisted.

Benefits Of Applying On Online Job Portals:

  • Online job application process is time saving
  • You get relevant jobs that match your qualification
  • You get fast reply
  • The database is not restricted to any particular industry or region
  • Jobs are well sorted as per different parameters for accurate match
  • This process is free of cost

Due to these benefits and many more, these online job portals have become the most preferred platform for both the employers and the candidates to interact for mutual benefit.

Finding Talented Employees, No More A Difficult Task

Recruitment of the right candidate for a position, especially at higher verticals, is one of the most challenging tasks. It’s just like finding a needle in the haystack. With growing population, the need for jobs is also increasing rapidly. The job market seems to be flooded with a large number of candidates still it may be difficult for you to sort out the best suited talent for your organization all alone. Hiring recruitment firms for this purpose can be a time saving, quick and cost efficient task for you.

Sometimes, you land up making wrong decisions for your organization, which in turn hinder your future goals. Similarly, if you select wrong candidate for a position in your organization, it can be unfruitful for your company in the long run. Some people might seem to be very confident during the interview, but they may not perform impressively at work and vice-versa. It is time-taking to scan through hundreds of resume for a single position and you cannot judge a person by solely looking at his/her resume. This is because resumes only hint about the previous duties, achievements etc.

With the emergence of recruitment firms, filling up the vacant positions for your organization has become pretty much easier. They can provide you with most appropriate candidates as per your company’s requirements. If you are associated with a reputed recruitment firm, you can have an access to the best talent available in your field. The recruitment firms skillfully maintain a comprehensive database of job seekers, who are appropriate for your job profile.

Just filling a registration form can connect you to the recruitment firm of your choice and the rest is their responsibility. You are required to specify about the position to be filled, including roles & responsibilities, desired qualifications and experience, desirable and essential core skills & communication skill and the recruitment firms are ready to take over from there. They conduct all the necessary preliminary interviews, background checks, negotiations, etc., in order to provide you with a brilliant lot of applicants to choose from.

Take Control Over Your Career-Steer It Towards Success

The dream of success weighs heavily on our eyes as we wake up. Since the first day you stepped in the office, you looked longingly at the corner office with the grand view of the bustling city or at the office of the senior that asserts his position through the display of countless medals and plaques. All that you need is the time and opportunity to reveal these hidden qualities and climb the ladder to success.

This would be the right time to remind you that nowadays job opportunities  rarely knock doors. Instead you have to grasp at straws and turn them into potential opportunities. For this, you have to sit back and introspect. Where do you see yourself in 5 years or in 10 years? If you are in the sales team, do you want to continue there or move to another department like administration or finance? Do not restrict yourself from aiming high. Now that you have established the upper echelon, you have to work out the path to reaching it.

The next step would be to work out a time line. According to your present position in the company, chart out a schedule spanning years taking into account the experience and position that you would have acquired by then.

After you have made a structure of the plan, it should be followed an assessment of the skills that you possess. These skills will portray how well prepared you are in making your dreams a reality. Write down the skills and areas of expertise you have gathered so far. Polish these skills so that you are proficient in them. Concentrate on the areas where you feel you need to equip yourself better. Use the trainings offered by the company to the fullest. This will help create a good impression on your seniors.

As far as career is concerned it pays to be proactive and motivated. A dream is real as long as one is asleep to make it real it requires hard work, determination and planning.

Successfully Climbing The Corporate Ladder

There are no shortcuts to success. You need to earn credibility to be successful in personal as well as professional life. For those who have just stepped in the field of professionalism, it is advisable to synchronize their behavior and working style according to the organization they work in. Here are a few tips that can help you move up the ladder of success:

Be An Observer:
Since you are a new member in the company, you need to observe the working style and the environment. Do not come to any conclusion, once you observe the environment, it will be easier for you to adopt their working style.

Be Innovative:
Innovations are always welcomed. Develop new ideas and schemes that can effectively benefit the organization. This can indeed mark you in the good books of higher authorities.

Working Hours Does Matter:
Those employees are always encouraged, who are willing to work hard. Make them realize that you are hard working and project your interest in the company’s initiatives. Therefore, focus on impact and not just output.

Be Independent:
Learn to work with minimal supervision; this will help you to outshine other employees working at the same level.

Be A Flexible Team Player:
Take the initiative to solve your problem and that of others yourself, before the higher authority asks you. Do what it takes to be a trusted employee for your employer.

Stay Away From Grapevine:
Maintain your integrity to have a sound moral image in the company. Do not participate in gossiping, as this could tamper your character in the eyes of higher authorities.

Expand Your Image:
Do not just limit yourself to your specific department. Try to be a part of projects that include other departments also.

When you work hard, success follows the path. Be a good practitioner of these simple rules and surely, you will climb the success ladder in the corporate world with ease.

All You Need To Know For A Successful Job Search

Finding a perfect job is just like a dream come true. Today to start realizing this dream, there are a number of ways to find jobs such as recruitment websites, online job postings, resume services etc. However, the question still remains is that – How to get ourselves considered for a particular job?

Resume is the primary tool in getting a better job. It is the first thing that the recruiter comes across. Therefore, it should be effective enough in order to distinguish you from others. A notable Resume elucidates your interest in the company and presents your skills & experiences in a convincing manner. The below mentioned tips will surely help you out in developing a perfect Resume and make your job search a success.

Tips For Successful Job Search

  • Organize the information in a logical trend
  • Show your interest in the company and the job you are applying for
  • Highlight your skills and capabilities
  • Include your achievements in the resume
  • Tailor your information according to the job you are applying for and mention your experience accordingly
  • Pay special attention on spellings, punctuation, grammar, and style
  • Keep descriptions clear and to the point
  • Use simple font for convenient reading
  • Use short paragraphs, preferably 5 lines per paragraph
  • Avoid repetition of words
  • Limit yourself to pages not more than two
  • Make sure that your resume looks professional
  • Once your resume is complete, proofread it several times in order to avoid any flaw

It is well said,” First impression is the last impression”.  Your resume should be so impressive that the recruiter should get attracted and select you for interview. So just follow these easy tips and compose your resume accordingly. Surely you will come out with flying colors in your search for that perfect job.

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