Some Guidelines For Writing An Impressive Cover Letter

A cover letter is the first thing your recruiter comes across. So it should be effective enough to make a difference between you and other candidates. Writing a cover letter for the resume is quite a challenging task as it highlights the key points in your resume. You might come across some confusing questions like what to include and how to write. An impressive cover letter explains your interest in the profile and the company. It also presents your skills and experiences in brief.

You may follow these simple guidelines and techniques for writing a proper cover letter.

  • The very first step is to tell the employer about the post or profile of the job you are seeking. The employer should be well informed about your interest for a specific position.
  • Avoid using “I” and focus on the employer.
  • Do not exceed you cover letter by one page. It should be short and precise.
  • Try covering all the important points from your resume.
  • Try to use an innovative way for salutation. Do not stick to the old pattern.
  • Double check before sending it to the employer to avoid any mistakes.

How to write the Opening Paragraph?

  • Your opening paragraph should grab the reader’s attention.
  • Mention and discuss the position you are applying for.
  • Highlight the main points, which you are going to discuss further.

How to start the body of the Cover Letter?

  • Put more emphasis on your qualification and accomplishments.
  • Explain how you can be beneficial for the company.
  • Be specific and do not generalize facts.
  • You can provide some examples regarding your achievements.

How to sum up your Cover Letter?

  • Ask for an interview and try to set up a possible date when you are available
  • Tell them that you will keep a contact rather than asking them to contact you.
  • Thank them in the end for considering you.

“Simplicity is the best policy”. So, be simple with your ideas and customize your cover letter by following the above-mentioned guidelines and techniques.

Is it a Good Time for a Job Change?

Changing a job for most of the people is a cumbersome task. The people who are employed wish to change their job but are not able to decide when. It may sound weird but people generally wish to know the right time when they could search for a job or carry out a job change. As you all know every work if carried out at the right time fetches good and desired results. Similar is the case with job hunting. Here in this write up we will you provide you information about the ideal job hunting or shifting time. So, just relax and carefully have a glance at what we say…

The ideal job hunting time : The moment you feel uncomfortable in the job you are in, think of moving on. Working in an environment that is suffocating for you might cause problems for you.

What can be the reasons that make you feel uncomfortable at job?

Tensions with the seniors (managers, directors, etc) :- If your seniors or boss is not supportive and do not listen to your complaints then it becomes difficult to work in such an office.

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Bridge Your Employment Gap!

Large employment gaps in your curriculum vitae are very dangerous. And this goes equally for both- the employee as well as the employer. No matter what all the reasons are, the majority of employers will right away dismiss these resumes, giving no second thought. This may seem hard to digest and unfair, but it is a true fact. All this can demoralize anyone but it is also true that the so-called gap can be managed to reflect positively.

So to deal with such a problematic and unpleasant phase in life, here are some effective tips you can use:

Educate Yourself
Grasping from tutorials or getting a certified IT qualification can help you to acquire those skills that employers might be looking for. Whether it’s from online or any local community college, further education always does the needful despite your unemployment.

Is Monetary Problem Coming Your Way?
Various sources give free seminars along with certified training and theory classes, solving financial worries of serious learners.

Gain Experience
Getting a permanent job is something what you always search for. But until you get it, don’t hesitate in doing freelancing or part-time jobs. This will keep your technical skills intact as well as fresh. You will gain on-hand experiences on various aspects of professionalism.

But you must remember that the chosen activity mentioned in your curriculum vitae must reflect why you have done that along with its relevance to the job that you are aspiring for. Also, it is equally important that it must add a great value to yourself as a bright candidate. And for a truly motivated job seeker, there can’t be any such terminology like ‘Employment Gap’. Such experiences and learning processes will anyway take you on a long ride of success sooner or later!

Ways To Handle Various Kinds Of Interviews!

Do you have any clue about the various types of Interviews you might have to face while seeking a job? Yes! There are different kinds of Interviews, depending upon the job as well as the hiring Company. These comprises of varied questions along with different techniques of asking questions. And it is quite obvious that each Interview has its own parameters on which a candidate is judged. Here’s a short review of each type of Interview with an appropriate way to handle it.

One-on-one Interview:
There is only one interviewer and interviewee sitting opposite to each other. It is very formal and common type of Interview.

What To Do: Maintain eye contact but be wise in wielding its power. This way you can demonstrate that you are both confident and resolute in being good enough to get that job.

Panel Interview:
It comprises of a panel or Board of officers interviewing a single candidate. Together, they all judge if the candidate is suitable for the position available or not.

What To Do: Eye contact must be maintained with all members of the panel and it is better if you address each by their names at the time of answering. This shows that you are more interested and personable.

It is a kind of one-on-one interview. The only difference is that it includes no appointment system. Anyone without giving prior notice to the company can directly come and give interview.

What To Do: Although it is walk-in Interview, make sure you reflect that you had done special preparation for the Interview. This will reflect your professional and focused approach.

Telephonic Interview:
Here the interviewer asks question from the interviewee using the telephonic medium. The interview takes place over phone.

What To Do: Keep a pad of paper and a pen to take notes when and where necessary. Avoid background noise by sitting in a quiet surrounding.

Company research, along with minor preparations always boosts your confidence and creates a definite path of success in any type of interview. So always face any interview with confidence and positive approach. All the Best!

Online Job Portal, An Elevator To Success!

With the entry of internet in the arena of recruitments, job searching has become much easier. The online job portals have made it easier for the unemployed and the employed to get exciting opportunities. These portals provide the best available options so that people can grab their dream job from different sectors in the market.

Now the basic question arises that what do we understand by an Online Job Portal?

Online Job Portal: It refers to a platform for different job opportunities, that are advertised by a number of companies.

Online job portals- a key to success!
Well these days, job portals are playing a major role in employment sector. They are the simplest ‘Keys’ that has made a huge difference in building employment as well as making employment easier. Through Online Job Portal, finding and providing job has become not just quicker but even more effective, that too for both the employer and job seekers.

Salient Features of Online Job Portals

  • Job application history and interview/walk-in alerts
  • Facility to apply to multiple opening
  • Help and guidance
  • Job listing from every possible sector across the world
  • 24x 7 services
  • Affiliate program
  • No fee charges

Now that there are plenty of such job portals, it’s difficult to make the right choice. There are a few job portals that provide you an option as who CAN and who CAN’T view your resume. Other job portals are simply specialized to particular branches or professions.

Thus, Job portals provide a wide coverage and make job searching quite an easy task. There is no fee for the job seeker to apply in order to get the right kind of job. Job searching portals allow you unlimited time for searching a job on the Internet, making them THE BEST option.

Does a 9 to 5 Job Keep Ticking Your Mind?

Do you find yourself caught in the web of daily work routine? If yes, then you need to take a pause and revise certain important things. It is not a right approach to treat each working day as just another day of a week and get satisfied by monthly pay cheque. In this course, you are unknowingly loosing the track of your overall career picture. To avoid the same, here are some valuable working tips:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Changes:
Don’t allow yourself to drift through your job without much thought to where it is headed as you will only create potholes in your career path.

Acquire Needful Skills:
Keep a check and acquire skills that can allow you to contribute at work in newer ways. Talk to your seniors about it and observe the flourishing officers among your team or from different departments. Catch their strategy of easy and efficient working and adopt the same.

Stop Brooding:
Change your thought pattern and be optimistic about everything which you undertake. Start a job with a positive approach and carry forward the same in a professional spirit.

Get Yourself Involved:
If you actually feel that you have mastered your current job and can accommodate some more, take initiative and volunteer for new projects. This will not only bring new skills to your personality, but will also redirect your existing career goals in a better way.

When faced with a listless attitude towards work over an extended phase, it is time to regroup thoughts and bring motivation back to the workplace. Walk everyday to your office with a focused target and specific purpose. And let all your career aspirations fly high, bringing success to your life.

Behavior At Corporate Workplace

Entering a corporate work place is easy, but to work in corporate environment is a challenge that you need to take head on. People, who are new to the corporate world, need to know certain rules and regulations to excel in this field. When you start going to a corporate workplace, you tend to enjoy the working style and people around you. However, slowly and gradually, as time passes you get to know people around you and then you become selective. You only talk to those people with whom you feel comfortable. Therefore, you need to follow some etiquette that will help you to sustain the environment of a corporate workplace. All you need to do is:

  • Be a good observer:
    As you are new to this corporate environment, you need to observe the people around you and the way they work. Do not judge people at first instance.
  • Don’t go with the flow:
    Since it is a corporate workplace, people can be selfish and they may try to influence you in their favor. It’s always better to follow the rule of non-alignment.
  • Listen to others but do your own thing:
    In a corporate workplace, no one is your friend. You just simply listen to what others say but do your own thing. They might try to take you in their confidence, for their profits.
  • Avoid grapevine:
    Most of us believe that it is okay to gossip about our colleagues at workplace. However, remember that there is no place for gossip mongers in a professional work environment. So, its better you stay away from being a part of the grapevine.
  • Maintain integrity:
    You should always know where to draw a line between professionalism and informal behavior. Learn to respect your seniors and colleagues. Your good behavior can take you a long way.
  • Earn trust:
    Gaining everybody’s trust is the most important thing while working at a corporate workplace.

Following these simple tips at Corporate Workplace can win you loads of appreciation from your seniors and colleagues.

Why Are Older Employees Preferred Over Freshers?

There has always been a debate between hiring older employees and freshers. Who should be given preference? This question often lurks in recruiter’s mind. Nowadays, many older employees are coming up for jobs and are proving successful in bagging a new job for themselves.

Older people get chances majorly because Freshers lack in experience. Some older employees switch their jobs and some want to join after a considerable employment gap. There are many older people who are retired from their jobs but are so enthusiastic and innovative, that they still want to work.

On the other hand, many companies sacrifice experience for youth. Talent and experience remain unutilized in this case. There is a considerable ratio of older people who are willing to work but due to age discrimination, their dreams are crashed.

But getting fresh blood on the job seems more idealistic rather than practical. Experience in a particular field counts; not the age. The fact that freshers come with new ideas and innovations is true, but this is also a fact that older employees have experience with them. Many companies specially hire experienced workforce, as they do not want to experiment with the new lot of people. Moreover, a lot of their time is wasted in training freshers, whereas it is opposite in the case of older employees.

Here are some reasons, why older employment seekers are preferred over freshers:

  • They are more experienced than any fresher
  • They can easily adjust in professional environment
  • They don’t need much training
  • They are more loyal and are trust worthy
  • They can understand the company much better.
  • They are more reliable, as the chances of switching over jobs are considerably low.
  • They are highly skilled and strive to work efficiently.
  • They understand their responsibilities well.

So it is evident from the above facts that despite their age, older employees still have hope of working in many companies. What’s more, they can also mentor the younger employees by imparting valuable knowledge that they have acquired along the way.

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