Jittery Before Your Interview? Follow These Tips

Interview is a crucial phase for every person who dreams of getting a good job and thus, everyone strives for a perfect interview. Some get through it and some fail to win over the interviewer due to many reasons. But it is disheartening when despite having the right skills and experience, one fails because of lacking in other areas. Here are some important tips that you should follow while going for an interview.

Do not get nervous. It is just an interview and not the question of your life and death. Getting nervous makes you fumble in between and the interviewer can get a wrong impression. Be calm and composed, try to relax your mind and be confident otherwise you will spoil the first impression on the interviewer. Remember, “First impression is the last impression”.

Dress appropriately and make sure that you dress in formal attire.

Be informed about the company where you are going for an interview. Go through the company’s past and present profile so that you can demonstrate how and why you will be an effective employee.

Be realistic and don’t exaggerate your qualities and skills so much. Otherwise, the interviewer can get a wrong impression about you.  So, better know your limits.

Introduce yourself in a simple manner; making it complex will confuse the interviewer. Highlight your accomplishments and qualification.

Be a good listener, listen to what the interviewer is asking and then, answer confidently.

Maintain a flow while answering; this makes it easier for the interviewer to evaluate you on certain parameters.

Be specific and not general. Giving general notions gives a vague impression that you don’t know about the fact you were asked. If you don’t know, just be truthful.

Talk about your past experience briefly and precisely. Do not extend it and make it a long story.

Therefore, respond well and be confident about what you say. Moreover, following these simple things can make you win your dream job in the end.

A Problematic “Experience” For Freshers…..

Will I get my dream job with no experience? How can I get the experience to avail a good opportunity? Where can I apply?

This is a common dilemma every newbie in the industry is having these days. Where to start from and how to reach the target job, is the main concern of every fresher looking for a job and not getting it, just because of no experience. Yes, experience counts but where to get this “experience”?

You cannot directly get a job unless you have worked somewhere or have a practical knowledge of the field you are going to work in. The main question lurks in your mind, “Who will give me a chance?” For that, you need to be dedicated and focused. By taking care of some simple aspects, you can achieve your goal and get your dream job. You only need to do a few things like:

Be focused on what you want and where you want to go. Changing paths will never lead you to your aim. Stay informed about new openings and job opportunities coming your way. It is an obvious fact that big players do not gamble with freshers. Therefore, you need to gain experience from small companies and then move to bigger ones.

Talk to people who are already working in a particular field of your interest. They may tell you some do’s and dont’s, which might prove useful for you to start with.

Find internships, trainings and work with companies in ongoing projects. This will definitely count in your resume as well as you will get an insight into the working procedure and processes of the company. Volunteer for few days or months, so that people know your potential, skills, hard work and may give you a chance. Keep trying and gain experience through these trainings and internships, because it is the easiest way to know the working style of the company.

Moreover, as a fresher, you cannot have a resume with ages of experience but you can add on some value to it and strive to learn as much as you can. By following this surely you will come out as a winner in the end!

Vastu For Success In Studies

Vastu Shastra is a practice that is being widely followed by the masses, to usher prosperity and happiness in their lives. In fact, Vastu advice is also considered indispensable for a successful career. Vastu has many proven benefits and many people vouch for the fact. Many students are seeking Vastu advice as it helps in focusing on studies and takes away the negative energies that may hamper careers as well. One needs to follow all the guidelines religiously, to attain maximum benefits. By aligning all the elements in the right directions in your home or office as per Vastu Shastra, you can eliminate the negative energies from your environment.

This write-up contains some useful Vastu tips, which will assist you in studies and career to brighten your future prospects.

  • The study table for students should be of regular shape and medium size. It is advisable that the size of the table should not be too big.
  • Another thing to be noticed is that there must be some distance between the wall and study table as table should not lie along the wall.
  • Some space must be given to regulate the flow of energy.
  • Moreover, the study table should face either East or North. This helps the student concentrate better.
  • The student’s table should be de-cluttered and one must ensure that there are not too many books on study table, as it creates psychological stress and distracts the mind.
  • The bookshelf should be placed in East, North, or Northeast, directions that are considered the best directions to stack books.
  • A well-lit lamp must be placed on Southeast corner of study table, according to Vastu, and most of the windows in room should be located in the East or the North direction.

These are just some of the minor elements that can be introduced or changed in the study area to experience major benefits. Keeping these essential Vastu tips in mind, one can be assured of getting ahead on the academic front.

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Tips To Write A Cover Letter

First impression is believed to be the final impression. Hence, a cover letter is the most important aspect of a candidate’s CV. It is an effective way of introducing a person to potential employers and putting forth their candidacy for the desired position. Employers usually look for innovative and thoughtfully written cover letters, by prospective job seekers. It is easy to identify from the cover letter itself, whether a person is interested for the concerned job, or whether he lacks the basic skills required.

When it comes to the cover letter, the intricate things usually make a huge difference. Few important things that a prospective candidate must keep in mind are the format and the presentation of the cover letter, writing custom cover letters, choosing the appropriate type of cover letter, and cover letter examples and templates. There are various forms of cover letters for different job profiles and employers. One must be cautious before opting for a cover letter as it reflects how one is applying for the job or the type of job search assistance one requires. The cover letter must be to the point and specifically for the purpose for the position, one seeks.

Cover letters can be of myriad types, which may include application letters, referral cover letters, inquiry letters, prospecting letters, and many more to apply or inquire about jobs. Here are a few important points that need to be kept in mind before drafting a cover letter:

  • Review Cover Letter Examples
  • Start From a Cover Letter Template
  • Format Your Cover Letter
  • Write a Custom Cover Letter
  • Write a Personalized Cover Letter
  • Address Your Cover Letter

One must always remember that a cover letter provides the first glimpse of the candidate’s personality and hence, it must be innovative and must catch the employers’ attention. The above stated points, if kept in mind, will assist you in designing an eye catching cover letter, which will ensure favorable results.

Perfect Partner For Your Job Search: The Internet

With the rapidly growing economy, job opportunities are in abundance. Every sector in the economy is replete with myriad job prospects for all and sundry. However, searching for the right job profile that suits your skill set and compliments your talent is cumbersome at times due to many preferences and many options. But Internet has, indeed revolutionized the way we search for jobs. With internet reaching out to every section of the society, it has become the easiest mediums to search for the right job, with fewer hassles.

Today, every organization or corporate house notifies about any latest job vacancy, on the Internet. Moreover, many online job portals have opened shop, which assist prospective job seekers to reach out potential employers. One can easily upload the resume or the CV on one of these portals, where various companies can view the profile of the candidates and contact those who fulfill the eligibility criteria. However, one needs to keep in mind, few important points, while searching for jobs on the internet.

One must always keep a copy of the resume active even if you are not looking for an opportunity. Uploading a dummy resume online will help you to keep in touch with job opportunities around you.

One must login in to job websites and minutely modify the resume on a regular basis. Most recruiters usually try to search the most recently updated resumes. Hence, this will ensure that your resume always stays on top.

The first half of the resume must highlight all your technical capabilities, as it will generate interest in the employers. The resume must have formal language and must strictly adhere to set formats.

One can also search the internet to find the specific keywords related to the job for e.g. marketing & sales reps can insert some words in the resume and the space provided for enlisting skills in the form. Words like ‘business development executive’, ‘marketing executive’, ‘sales executive’, ‘sales representative’, ‘sales skills’, ‘good communication skills’ are often used by recruiters to search for resumes.

Hence, using the internet proves to be very important platform for those looking for lucrative job offers.

Some Important Tips For Telephonic Interview

Telephonic Interview is fast gaining prominence for hiring in the globalized world. It is an effective way of communicating in the scenario where distance proves to be a hindrance for the job seekers and the employers alike. Most companies are equipped with the telephonic screening to ensure that they are going ahead with the right candidate. Telephonic interview is different from a regular interview and the candidate must be aware of the nitty-gritty and etiquettes of a telephonic conversation.

  • One must be prepared for the telephonic interview well in advance and make a rough draft of the important points and stress on the difficult parts.
  • You should always keep in mind to present facts about the most difficult task accomplished by you from your past projects and share your experiences.
  • The candidate must start with a short introduction about them and then speak about the current role or responsibility and the technology involved in it.
  • Do not forget to mention, what you like about the current profile and provide your opinion on how it could have been better.
  • You must not get too excited for the job during the interview and must exhibit a calm demeanor. No matter how well you suit the requirements for the job, sometimes the excitement can send wrong signals about your persona.
  • Whenever you wish to take a pause, always ask for it. Further, it always makes a favorable impression to speak about the position you are looking for, rather that talking at length about your past job profile.
  • Never argue with the interviewer and make an attempt to drive home your point, by giving examples. Politeness is a virtue that most interviewers look for, in the candidate.

Since your verbal communication skill is the only deciding factor, you should practice speaking at the right volume and speed beforehand. Keeping all the above stated points in mind, one can easily crack the telephonic interview and look for bright prospects ahead.

Communication Mantra: Improve Your Body Language

Body Language speaks volumes about an individual’s overall persona. In most job interviews, it is the body language of the candidate, which is given paramount importance. A lax body language makes a negative impression and shows an acute lack of confidence. Body Language is an important aspect of communication and has a lot of prominence because:

  • It influences peoples’ opinion of you
  • It is a form of non-verbal communication
  • It can reveal if a person is lying to you

Body Language can be categorized into different segments, like:

  • Open
  • Eager
  • Dominant
  • Frustrated
  • Defensive
  • Bored
  • Confident
  • Aggressive
  • Nervous

This write-up has a few useful tips that will go a long way in helping you make a favorable impression and gain confidence. The major areas that one can focus upon include:

Facial Expressions
Facial expressions can convey a message, which words cannot. Facial expressions are an effective means of visual communication and should not be neglected. Of all the facial expressions, a smile is the most powerful expression. A smile conveys warmth & confidence and creates a pleasant impression.

Maintain Eye Contact
Eye Contact is the most important aspect of a favorable body language and indicates that the person is attentive. In the West, a prolonged eye contact is favorable and a part of communication etiquette. However, one must avoid a prolonged eye contact, as it signals intimidation.

An open posture is highly advisable, when in a conversation, as it indicates an inviting posture. To make a favorable first impression, uncross your legs, unfold your arms, and ensure that the body is facing the other person. This indicates that you are interested in the conversation and paying attention.

Finally, it is imperative to have a relaxed yet attentive demeanor, which indicates that you are comfortable around someone and with yourself as well. These tips will help you communicate effectively with others and make you more confident at the same time for making the right impression on others.

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