Listening: An Important Aspect of Effective Communication

The human evolution is primarily all about developing skills of language and communication. Communication techniques have been revolutionized during the course of this evolution since ancient ages to the 21st century. Now, it is a commonly accepted fact that effective communication is all about words. However, this is a misleading notion, as facial expressions, non-verbal communication, body language, and oration skills form an equally important part of desirable communication skills. An interesting fact to be noticed is that words constitute just 7% of the effective communication, whereas rest of the 93% is contributed by other no-verbal parts.

One of the most important communication tips is to allow the others to speak first and not rush into making your points first. As the age-old adage goes- ‘To master the art of effective communication, one needs to be a patient listener first’. Listening is an art, which is conveniently ignored by people despite the fact that it is an integral part of communication in every sphere of life, be it in a professional environment or personal relationships. Listening is different from hearing, which demands taking genuine attention towards views expressed by others. One must refrain from interrupting the other person while he/she is expressing his/her opinions. This goes a long way in establishing an element of trust and confidence and more often than not, communication turns onto the right track.

For meaningful communication to take place, both parties are required to express their opinions in a candid manner and then come out with a conclusion. It is important to express your disagreements on a somber note, in case you disagree with the viewpoint put forth by others. Effective communication that includes proper listening avoids misunderstanding & disrespect and breeds trust & confidence, apart from strengthening relationships and existing bonds.

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How To Find A Job In Sales?

There are myriad opportunities for all and sundry in Sales and Marketing sector, owing to a rapidly growing economy. Selling is a skill and a sales process is found in some form or another in any industry or segment. However, a sales job is strictly for those who possess a penchant for the job and a passion for sales as it is a prerequisite to achieve success in the domain. To land a lucrative sales job, one needs to identify, his/her passion, whether it is in scientific fields, engineering, sports, or adventure. It is not tough to land a well paying job, in any field, which will guarantee you a highflying career. However, one needs to have a keen interest in the related field.

Every single business pursuit, engages in some sort of sales function, which has led to a huge demand for skilled sales professionals. Besides, a sales profile may be offered in various titles, which may include fund-raiser or agent, unlike the conventional, Sales Representative. In the sales arena, the ability to sell is directly dependent upon your passion for what you are selling. If the passion is lacking, you may not achieve the success that you deserve, despite the hard work.

One of the most effective ways to kick-start your career in sales is to build a network and talk to as many people as possible using your sales skills. Try to find a job where you are as close as possible to whatever you love doing and where your passion lies. Contact companies by registering on the job portals to get many opportunities. Make an effort to reach out to those companies that distribute products or services, which are closely related to your interests and hobby. Your passion for the job thus, will come across and make you a frontrunner for the job profile.

Communication In Office

Communication has a predominant role to play in today’s highly competitive corporate environment. Effective communication significantly helps in increasing the productivity of a workplace and in better deliverance of work. Any business enterprise has employees from different strata of society as well as from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Owing to this diversity, clear and effective communication becomes a pivotal tool for the management to achieve the goals set by the organization. Clarity in communication is the single most important factor, which unites the entire workforce and makes it work towards the accomplishment of the objectives set by the organization.

Let The Words Build Relations
Excellent Command Over Language and Clarity are some of the recommended workplace communications skills that are usually recommended in most business enterprises. The language used for communication in a professional workplace must be clear & crisp and everyone must be able to comprehend it. Lack of effective communication can result in low motivation among employees and wastage of organizational resources. Poor communication skills breed disrespect and misunderstanding among the contemporaries and leads to other professional complications. An ideal organizational culture is built in an environment, which promotes open and clear communication.

Earn Respect By Giving It
One of the most important aspects of workplace communication skills is Courteousness. One must always be courteous while conveying the message to a colleague, as it fosters a feeling of mutual respect and is a part of professional etiquette. One must be careful about the pitch and talk softly, while conversing in a professional ambience. One should maintain a low volume while speaking and the workplace communication should always be kept precise and to the point. That drives home the relevant point and saves the time of the colleague.

Last, but not the least, one needs to use formal and cordial method of communication at workplace as it creates a positive influence and makes a favorable impression.

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7 Tips for a Successful Interview

It is completely natural for anybody to get a little nervous before a job interview. First time interviewees have enough reasons to be anxious about talking to strangers. Moreover, even if you have a good experience for the post you have applied for, you may feel the pressure of getting through an interview. Though clearing an interview depends on a lot of factors, yet there are some sure shot ways to ensure that you crack any Job Interview successfully.

Following are seven useful tips that will help you to perform optimally in a job interview:

  1. Be Prepared
    Do extensive research on the company you are planning to join. Moreover, make a list of frequently asked questions and practice them at home. These things will instill a new confidence in you.
  2. Make A Positive First Impression
    Be well dressed while going for an interview. Preferably wear decent formals that suit your body type. Moreover, your body language speaks a lot for you. Thus, walk confidently and ask for permission while entering in the cabin of the interviewer and greet him or her immediately.
  3. Get A Clear Understanding Of The Question Before Answering It
    Make sure that you understand the question put forward by your interviewer completely. In case you do not understand the question, it is advisable that you ask the interviewer to repeat it instead of giving an inappropriate answer.
  4. Do Not Hurry In Answering The Questions
    Take your time to understand the question and phrase your answer correctly. It will be far better to take a pause to think and then put forward your point properly instead of speaking something inappropriate.
  5. Be Honest
    Do not hide anything from your prospective employer. Most of the interviewers have years of experience in their field and they can catch any lie immediately. Thus, to avoid an embarrassing situation, always adopt the policy of honesty.
  6. Show Your Interest In The Company
    Explain how you will add to the company’s growth. Express your desire to reach a high position in the company by putting in sincere efforts. This will give an indirect message to your prospective employers that you look forward to a long term association with them.
  7. Thank Them
    Do not forget to thank the interviewers after the interview. Express your pleasure on meeting them and also exclaim that you look forward toward meeting them again.

Summarizing it all, be confident of yourself and do not fail to acknowledge your capabilities. Cracking a Job Interview will seem to be a cakewalk if you concentrate on polishing your strengths and working on your weak areas.


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