Top Recruiters in India are now on a Hiring Spree

The global recession took a heavy toll on the global economy and many economies crumbled under the aftermath. India, however isolated from the adverse effects of the global recession, also felt minor tremors of the crisis. The hiring trends across the nations took a beating and pink slips became a common phenomena. Most of the leading companies in the country resorted to strict austerity measures and stringent cost cutting plans. As a result, many skilled and qualified professionals were under paid and overworked.

However, India witnessed quick economy recovery and soon it achieved an enviable GDP growth rate. Owing to this speedy recovery, the top recruiters in the country are now on a hiring spree. As the economy bounced back after the slump, the job market started getting better. The top-notch companies put ambitious expansion plans in place and started hiring skilled professionals to realize their goals. The biggest job churner however, has been the IT and the ITES sector. The BPO sector has provided myriad opportunities to the people and has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times. Hence, the sector has gone on a huge recruitment drive and offering lucrative packages to the clients as well.

Banking sector in India is not far behind, when it comes to recruitment of professionals. Many nationalized and private banks in the country have been conducting written examinations, to hire young talent into their organization. With ambitious expansion plans in place, the recruitment drive is bound to gain pace in the near future. In addition, aviation sector, which was the worst hit sector due the recession and surging oil prices, has also shown signs of redemption and is looking to expand its operations. Moreover, various new sectors have opened up a plethora of opportunities and with growing competition in every field, recruiters have myriad options to choose from.

Jobs in India are in Abundance

India has emerged as a strong economic powerhouse and its meteoric rise has been acknowledged by the leading economies of the world. Today, India has firmly established itself on the global platform as a potential superpower and the robust GDP growth rate is a testimony to the fact. India has become a preferred investment destination for various multinational and foreign companies, for their ambitious business endeavors. Many companies want to operate their business from India, owing to the high pay packages and a better working environment.

Recently, Ratan Tata claimed that the managers in India are willing to go the extra mile as compared to their international counterparts. As a result, many organizations are looking to tap the young Indian talent as a part of their expansion strategies. Moreover, in India, the companies are well shielded by government and its conservative approach towards lending. Thus, major companies in India survived the onslaught of the global recession in India, while they struggled to survive in foreign shores.

In India, various sectors are growing through leaps and bounds and have gone on a hiring spree lately. The BPO sector has been actively recruiting candidates and providing youngsters with umpteen opportunities. BPO services have gained prominence because major offshore companies are allocating their customer-care and marketing-related jobs to call centers in India. This results in reduced costs and bigger profit margins to the exchequer.

In addition, real estate and construction industries have also shown tremendous growth opportunities and contributed significantly to the growing job market in the country. With rising impetus on infrastructure development in India, many companies have chosen the country for their business endeavors. Almost all the sectors in the country have something to offer to prospective job seekers and this has resulted in an abundance of jobs for the skilled and qualified people.

Lot Of Job Opportunities For Freshers In India

India has gained prominence in the global economy, owing to its meteoric and exponential rise as a potential superpower. As the US president Barack Obama put it, on his maiden visit to India “India is not a rising economy, Indian economy has already risen.” These words hold true in the real economic scenario as well. With a near double digit growth rate, the Indian economy has managed to grab eyeballs the world over. Owing to the booming economy, there are a plethora of lucrative job offers for Freshers.

The IT and the ITES sectors in particular have fuelled the already robust growth rate of the Indian economy. The exponential growth of the IT sector has even prompted many NRIs settled abroad to return to their roots to avail tremendous growth opportunities in the country. In addition, a lot of new companies have emerged, which provide offshore solutions to western nations and companies like Wipro & Infosys have earned widespread recognition in the international domain.

Many IT companies look for young and energetic professionals, who are willing to innovate and improvise on the existing technologies. Hence, the IT sector has become the hub of Freshers and many companies are even willing to provide the necessary training to tap the young talent at the earnest. In addition, job options galore for Freshers in the government and other sectors as well.

Another trend that is fast catching up with the youth of today is summer training. Most students opt for few months of summer training to gain valuable work experience. However, the part time summer jobs can guide you to full-time work after graduation, based on the performance in the organization. Hence, it is rightly said that those Freshers looking to pursue a highflying professional career must start early and give their careers the right start.

How To Get A Job In India

India is currently the world’s second fastest growing economy after China. The country has an impressive growth rate of 8.5 % and offers myriad job opportunities to prospective job seekers. The job market is presently going through a pleasant phase and many sectors in the economy are facing a talent crunch. However, finding the right job for a candidate can be a convoluted process, if one does not tread carefully.

Placement agencies can be immensely helpful if one is looking for a lucrative job in continuously expanding Indian economy. With the increase in jobs across in the country, the number of job hopefuls has also increased exponentially. It is in such a competitive scenario that the assistance, which a placement agency can provide, becomes invaluable. The placement agencies can also help those who are skilled enough to land a lucrative job themselves. These agencies help the candidates stay in touch with the current hiring trends and are aware of the latest job openings and employers, who are looking for candidates with specific knowledge, skills, and background.

Availing the services of a recruitment agency is a wise decision, to land a lucrative job offer. However, one must be aware that not all the recruitment agencies offer authentic job placement services. Hence, it is highly advisable that the candidates must conduct a thorough research of the agencies and be completely sure of its authenticity and transparency. Candidates who decide to avail the services of a placement agency must assure the agency’s good reputation and a long history of successful presence in the job market.

Whether a person chooses to avail the assistance of a placement agency or not, the important thing is to stay focused towards your goals and garner all the latest industry news at your disposal to stay abreast of all the current market trends.

Recruitment Process in India

India has one of the world’s most sought after Job Markets. With a booming economy and high economic growth, India is the place to be for prospective job seekers. The recruitment process in India is a very comprehensive one and caters to diverse job market of the country. The objective of the recruitment process is to place the suitable candidate in the right job profile. The other important aspects, which the recruitment process includes, are identifying the vacancies, advertising the post or the candidate, short-listing, managing the response, preparing the job description and person specification, arranging interviews, conducting interviews, decision making, convey the decision and appointment action.

The recruitment process in India usually boils down to three important steps, which are Application Short Listing, Preliminary Assessment and Final Interview & Selection. In some cases, the recruitment process may also comprise of a written test, to judge the candidates on specific skills. However, the candidates’ CV plays an important role in reaching out to the employers and making a favorable impression. The presentation of a CV should be in an organized and refined manner. The CV of a person speaks a lot about an individual and the person’s mindset and attitude can be judged according to the CV. The next crucial phase of the recruitment process is the Personal interview round. The interview plays a very important part in gauging a candidate’s personality and all the issues must be properly addressed.

The recruitment process must be just, transparent, and fair. The candidate must be informed about the selection or the rejection. In addition, the decision making process should not take very long to prevent the candidate from taking up some other job opportunity. The candidate must be explained the complete process of his appointment and all the details of the documents to be submitted.

Finally, only a fine recruitment agency will take care to make the recruitment process a hassle free one, therefore, it is imperative to zero in on an authentic recruitment agency.

Jobs in India – Seek Your Dream Job

India is the world’s second fastest growing economy. The robust growth rate ensures that the country offers myriad job opportunities to all and sundry. In fact, the country is currently facing an acute manpower crunch in various sectors. Some of these sectors include business process outsourcing (BPO), information technology, banking, insurance, medical & healthcare, hospitality & tourism etc. In addition to these, there are a plethora of government & military jobs to choose from as well.

Jobs are a plenty for skilled and qualified people in India. The country has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years, which has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for the people. With the consistent inflow of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), owing to globalization, the economy has further opened up. India now has the distinction of creating jobs not only in India, but also across the world. Hence, the time is ripe for young job seekers to land their dream job in India.

Placement consultants and recruitment agencies have sprouted up in every nook and corner of the country and helped the people find the most suitable job. The recruitment agencies have provided the employers and employees alike, to interact and look for the best possible opportunities. Most of the well-known employers work in sync with the leading recruitment agencies, to look for appropriate talent. In addition, the recruitment agencies have made it easier for the prospective job seekers to find their dream job in India.

Jobs in India can be searched online as well. Most of the prominent organizations notify about the latest openings and other career opportunities available. Interested candidates can check online for latest openings in different organizations or upload their CV in one of the job portals, where the employers will assess the CV and call the suitable candidate. Hence, options galore for the young and talented who are looking forward to a bright and prosperous professional career.

How to Succeed in Advanced Placement Courses

After completing high school it is essential to go for the right type of course so that students can get assured about a fruitful career. Advanced Placement Courses offer a very good option for honing your professional skills and promise good placement options. However, faring well in the Advanced Placement Courses proves to be a challenging task for many of the students. Advanced Placement Courses have a difficult curriculum, rigorous tests & exams and there is intense pressure to succeed. Therefore, it becomes crucial to keep yourself focused and perform to the best of your capability. By adhering to the following guidelines the students can be assured of succeeding in the Advanced Placement Courses.

  1. Develop interest towards the study material and the course. Self motivation is the best motivation and you need to keep yourself motivated regarding the studies and the study material. This will help you in getting better involved in the course and helps in keeping a positive attitude.
  2. Ask questions. This will help you in clarifying your doubts and remove all sorts of ambiguities. You can ask questions about the study material and the topics from the teacher and ensure that there are no doubts left in your mind before the exam.
  3. Study Guides prove to be really helpful as they contain updated information and can be referred to at any time, even if the teacher is not there. Select a good commercially published study guide that contains ample questions, practice tests and a comprehensive review of the course material that is well-organized and easy to use.
  4. Create study groups. This results in healthy discussions among the students and helps to know the study patterns of other students. Study Groups also enlighten students on the topics that they have not studied alone and gives them comprehensive idea about the subject.
  5. Give maximum number of AP tests. These help in increasing efficiency as well as speed. AP tests relieve the candidates of the exam fear as they get in regular touch by repeatedly giving exams.

The above mentioned tips will surely help in boosting your performance in the Advanced Placement Courses which in turn will increase chances of placement. But the success in Advanced Placement Courses can be guaranteed through dedication and hard work.

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How to Start a Job Placement Business

Job seekers are always on the lookout for good avenues that can help build their dream careers. With numerous people looking for jobs these days, the placement agencies have gained significance as they play an effective role in connecting job seekers with the job providers. Placement Services give valuable assistance to the employers in finding prospective employees as well as to the candidates in finding the most suitable job. Job Placement Businesses also become crucial for those in the mid-career changes or who have quit their existing jobs. To start a Placement Business, one needs to strategize properly and engage in extensive networking to connect with both the employers and employees. The ultimate reward is achieved when a vacancy is effectively filled. Following are some of the important considerations that can help one to commence the business successfully:

Define the key sectors that you want to cover. Different economic sectors require different types of manpower so decide on the specific segments that you wish to focus on like healthcare, finance, banking, IT etc. Decide on the charges and the type of service you will provide to your employees. You may provide the service of grooming the candidates with their interviewing skills, business etiquette, preparation of resumes etc.

  • Prepare a marketing strategy for your business. It is essential to market the business well in order to earn credibility as well as the goodwill of your customers so that they trust you for finding a suitable job/candidate for them. Name your business and try to secure the maximum number of clients.
  • Strategize your Public Relations with the leading companies so that they contact you for their placement requirements. This will also help you in catering to the employees as you can fulfill their need in a short span of time.
  • Assess the local area competition as well as the needs of business and potential employees and plan out your specific strategy to keep in pace with both. Knowing the competition in the local area will help you in deciding on your unique selling preposition so that more & more clients come to you.
  • Create a website for your business and/or advertise your business on local websites. A business having online visibility definitely has an upper edge and is more likely to attract more people. Moreover being available on the net makes you accessible to the clients 24×7 thus establishing greater connections.
  • Publicize through local newspapers, channels and word -of-mouth to get better known in the area and fetch more clients. Good publicity helps in effectively promoting the business as well as provides a start that can launch your business in full force.
  • Create contracts for both the job seekers and providers containing the details of your service that will be provided to them and also the structure of your charges, liability and confidential information.
  • Get involved in local business associations and register yourself with the business communities to stay updated about the competition and the market situation.
  • You can design application forms for the candidates and job request forms for employers in order to keep records of job seeker and employer profiles. Begin networking to find out which company has jobs available.

All the above mentioned steps can help you in starting your business in an efficient manner and give you a great start in a placement agency business.

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