About Job Placement Tests

You might have come across the word “Job Placement Tests” and wondered what these test are for. To explain about these tests in general, they are instrumental in helping people discover about their career interests. There is a detailed measurement of your proficiency relating to a particular field determining your area of strength and weaknesses. These tests are generally used by the companies that try to establish your standing in a particular field.

Importance of the Job Placement Tests
These tests can be instrumental in providing you with an idea of the kind of job that you may fit into according to your strengths, needs, abilities and goals. These job tests for job placement are of different types: career aptitude and personality test as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Work Value Inventories and Skills Assessment.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
The MBTI test is a good way to evaluate your personality, judging on the basis of four distinct categories which are: extroversion/introversion, sensing/intuition, judging/perceiving, thinking/feeling.

Skill Evaluations
Your levels of skills acquired through instruction, practice and individual experience are established with the aid of the skill assessment there by, later matching them up with the different kind of work.

Work Value Inventories
These work value inventories do the job of calculating your work preferences based on criteria like philanthropy, financial objectives, self confidence and social interaction.

These varieties of job placement test highlight your quantitative and qualitative abilities.

The benefits of a Job Placement Test can be availed by someone who is choosing a major in college, joining a job for the first time or any one looking for a change in the career.

These Job Placement Tests are useful in finding out your area of interest and help you recognize your capabilities so that it becomes far easier for you select a profession. Once you are clear in your mind you can make a wise decision.

Skills & Education Needed for Accounting

Accounting has many career positions on the offer for the people who really are interested and look ahead to make a great career in it. It is wonderful to know about the positions accounting has which are tax accountants, auditors, managerial accountants, public accountants and budget analysts.

The ever increasing businesses and companies that demand accounting on a wider scale are contributing greatly to the growth of accounting jobs. There are certain certifications and qualifications that accountants have and which prove to be helpful in their success in the field.

Job Obligation

Accountants do the job of maintaining and running the records of a company in a proper way. They see if all the taxes are paid well in time and that business is running right as per the standard rules and regulations. The duty may differ according to the job position and company. The accounting job can include:

  • Designing in-house accounting as well as data-processing system
  • Some accountants also work as consultants or handle organization’s accounting process

Necessary Skills

There are specific skills of analytical abilities and a good knowledge of mathematics that go with the accounting jobs. You should have an ability to compare facts faster and ability to interpret. You need to have a good hand at communication to be able to explain the results to the colleagues and other departments. Computer skills hold an utmost importance and so does the knowledge of business system. Last but not the least, you should have a sense of all the business ethics.


The need of proper qualifications is emphasized at every step. Job positions applied for decide the educational requirements. There has to a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a similar field. You may come across some employers who have special demands like a Master’s Degree in accounting or an MBA in finance etc.


There are different certifications meant for the accounting careers. These certifications are offered by various reputed institutes. There are certain parameters of qualifications and experience required in order to obtain these certifications.

Accounting offers different attractive career options which not only enhances the skills of an individual but also help in an over all growth. It is a reputable field and promises to be a great avenue for building your career.

IT Recruitment Consultant Jobs Just A Mile Ahead

For all those who aspire to get into IT industry, there are superior IT recruitment consultants who offer them an opportunity for realizing their dreams. In today’s times when it’s hard to find an IT job these IT recruitment consultants work efficiently in selecting people with dedicated skills. These are recruitment agents with special approach to the hiring of key employees or higher management for the IT and ITES sector.

What are the essential functions of IT recruitment consultants?

  • They have elaborate service based organization with exciting growth plans which works towards recruiting a commercially focused finance professional.
  • They assure a completely free job board where recruitment agencies and businesses seeking recruitment staff can upload their vacancies on the website without being charged.
  • IT consultants work for both domestic and overseas IT manpower requirements.
  • They make it easy for a person to apply for a job directly

There is a particular systematic way in which these IT Recruitment Consultants work in order to fetch best candidates:

  • There is a proper database maintained that lists the eligible IT professionals.
  • Referrals and recommendations also play a crucial role while choosing a candidate.
  • Working on the principles of reason, unity and reliability these consultants work towards providing more IT jobs.
  • These Consultants facilitate the advantageous services that include giving suggestion on market trends, preparing recruitment campaigns for certain firms, salary packages as well as the income structures.
  • These consultants have deep knowledge and perfect understanding of the necessary requirements of every key role and skill-set of the job profiles and select candidates according to the technical and non-technical skills of the candidates.

The perfect blend of expert skills, knowledge of the ever-changing skill-sets for the profiles and focused approach makes IT recruitment consultants an important part of the recruitment as well as the IT industry.

Campus Recruitment

Campus recruitment is a hiring technique adopted by many companies where you are selected even before you actually start getting ready for a job hunt. Here, you have a chance to grasp exciting and lucrative opportunities within the perimeter of your college campus. Campus recruitment is now being done on a large scale and is proving beneficial for both students as well the companies.

Though your own skills and qualifications will help you get through the selection process, yet there are certain tips to make an impactful resume for the same.

  1. Keep the resume precise and limited to one page as you are a fresh candidate without any experience.
  2. Do not be too experimental with your resume in case of margin, color and size of the font, size of the picture etc. Keep all the information clear and systematic.
  3. Your resume should reflect your objective clearly and there should not be any clutter in the content. Avoid writing vaguely about the mission as it would show less clarity in your thoughts. Change the objective according to the company you have applied for and suiting to the profile. Be sure of the objective as it presents the gist of your resume. If you are not clear on what you have written in your objective it is very likely that the recruiter will dump it.
  4. Always remember to mention your specialization on your CV. It makes it convenient for interviewer to decide on certain factors.
  5. Make sure that you write full name of your institution. There are recruiters all over from India and there it’s not always easy for them to know the abbreviated form of your institute.
  6. Let your resume be understandable by one and all so it’s important to take care of the language and arrangement of information.

Your resume is the first thing that goes to the recruiter hence it should be created with absolute accuracy to make them consider you for an interview amidst all the applicants.


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