Some Tips To Develop A Personal Mission Statement

You need to have laser sharp focus to stand out in the crowd and make a purposeful & significant contribution to build a higher potential for success. Many business owners and managers have spent valuable time to create organizational mission statements. However, very few have gone through this process on a more individual or personal level to showcase the focus in their professional life. Your personal mission statement should be succinct and clear. Here are five suggestions to help you write a personal mission statement:

  • Reserve some uninterrupted time to think through and write the statement. Allocate at least an hour or so away from the distractions of home and work to reflect on where you are and where you want to be. Realize that the feeling of true success comes when you have a balanced lifestyle of success, family, friends, true happiness, personal health and fulfillment.
  • Identify your main purpose in life. This can be done by answering the following questions.
    1. What do you believe your primary purpose on this earth is?
    2. How will you be able to achieve this, based on how you live your life?
    3. How will you empower yourself and others with the vision behind your mission?
    4. What qualities or attributes do you admire in others and wish to embody in yourself?
    5. What principles can you learn from other successful people that could benefit you most in your work?

Use a journal to record your answers to these questions as you explore and discover who you are and what’s most important to you.

  • Gather your thoughts and apply your action plan
    1. What are the five goals you are committed to achieving in your work in the next year? In the next five years and in the next ten years?
    2. What specific actions do you need to take in the next year to achieve your one-year mission? Your five-year mission? Your ten-year mission?Now, take a close look at your action plan, primary purpose, empowering vision and the right principles.
  • Once you’re created your draft version, continue working on your mission statement by seeking input from others who can help you refine your ideas.

Seek out the essential elements of your life that are necessary to write your personal mission statement. Use your mission statement as a tool to guide you. Keep it within your reach and visible at all times to enforce it in your life and make it a possibility.

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How To Be A Star Performer At Your Workplace

Communicating well, in business and in all other circumstances leads on the path of success. Likewise, the key to a successful career is communication. It is not always easy to know what to say, and it certainly isn’t always obvious how to say it. To help one out of this precarious situation, here are some tips which can come into handy while communicating well for professional success.

One should be a strong, strategic communicator during interviews. There is a high probability that one might land a plum job, even though one is the “least qualified” of all the candidates.

One should learn how to re-think the basics like ‘When’s the last time you re-evaluated how you introduce yourself on a phone call?’ or ‘Do you ask the person if it is a good time to talk?’ and also about the more advanced communication skills, including how to manage in a crisis, communicate about a missed deadline or how to recover when you aren’t prepared for a presentation.

There Are Four Concepts That Need To Be Focused On

  • Empathy – Thinking about the other person before you consider your own needs and focusing on how to make that other person’s life better.
  • Initiative – Being proactive without creating work for others, thus moving your career forward by “engaging in meaningful and productive work that contributes to the greater good”.
  • Forward Momentum – Creating, nurturing and sustaining personal relationships, even when you have no specific “reason” in mind, other than to just keep in touch.
  • Transparency – Being honest when you mess something up and admitting when you don’t know something.

Also, one should know about the concept of ‘personal selling’. One should be aware what topic should be discussed with whom. Like for example, one can talk about a recent vacation with one’s peers and one’s achievements should be highlighted in the presence of one’s immediate seniors. Just like people have multiple online profiles like Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn etc, people need to understand that different circumstances warrant different approaches to get ahead and be a noticed as a star performer at the workplace.

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Writing A Great Resume Sans Job Experience

There are some individuals who have a college degree but very little or no job experience. Although this could cause problems for those who are competing against candidates with education and experience, by writing a great resume one can have a fair chance at a job. Here are some tips to consider for writing a great resume:

  • Utilize Life Experience and Volunteering Efforts: While one may not have professional job experience, there may be other skill-based activities that contribute to a job. For instance, if one has volunteered to be a part-time librarian for a library in one’s locality, one not only has organizational skills but is up-to-date with technology to create databases for record keeping.
  • Add College Honors: Another way to show one’s knowledge as an entry-level professional—even with little job experience—is by including the college honors in the resume. Keep this in mind that adding this information works if one is a recent college graduate and even then if it specifically proves that one is qualified for the job.
  • Cover Letter: A cover letter is a document that can be highlighted well in an interview. This document can be used to one’s advantage by talking about the strong desire to work in the position one is applying for and how the time spent as a college student or stay at home parent can make a difference to the company. One should speak with a passion that would make the employer realize that what is being said is meant in total honesty. It can be useful when the employer does not see a long professional history.

Instead of writing a biography, simply present important points in the professional/academic/personal background to explain why one is interested in moving forward professionally and how those experiences makes for a great candidate.

Sometimes it can feel intimidating to compete against individuals with more experience. But in the end, employers are looking for someone who can get the job done. If one can prove this, then position can definitely be obtained without hurdles.

Things To Learn From A Bad Interview

No matter how much things go wrong in an interview it is never the end of the world! There is still a good scope of learning from an interview gone bad but many people fail to recognize this. It is every interviewee’s worst nightmare. One is in the middle of an interview for a job and all of a sudden, it all starts going wrong. It does not matter if it starts out well, once things start going wrong it feels like there’s no way back. However, it is possible to get things back on track and limit the damage during the actual interview. There are also some steps to follow later that one can take after the event to rectify the situation and to move on with the job search regardless of what the outcome of the bad interview is.

  • Send a ‘thank you’ note: No matter how embarrassed you are because of a bad interview, still email a ‘thank you’ note to the interviewers. It can’t logically make matters worse and is a simple sign of acknowledgement and politeness. If you are really convinced there’s no way you’ve gotten the job, just think of sending a ‘thank you’ note as an act of closure.
  • Don’t suggest new thoughts to the interviewer: The last thing you may want to do after a disastrous interview is to email the interviewers with new thoughts or ideas about the interview topics. The best thing is to invite feedback on why you were not considered on the position and how you can avoid those mistakes in the future.
  • Don’t vent online: You may think there’s no way in a thousand years the interview can land you the job, but that’s still not an excuse to jump on Facebook and rant about the experience. Firstly, you never know, the interviewers may still be considering your candidature and therefore may be monitoring your social media presence to see if you behave professionally online. Secondly, other employers may be checking your online profile.

The best way to recover from a bad interview is to move on. If you genuinely think that the bad interview is a lost cause even after you have followed the above steps, you should not give up on the job search completely. You should focus on how to improve the interview technique. Even a bad interview can be worth something if learning from the mistakes helps you to ace the next interview.

Steps For Freshers To Ace An Interview

An interview is basically seen as a question-answer round by many freshers who get nervous thinking about their performance. But it is actually not so. With some smart preparation, any fresher can turn it into a good opportunity for learning and ace the interview with flying colors. Some of the steps that you need to take are:

Step 1 Know About The Skills Required V/S The Ones You Have

Every company requires a certain set of skills for a particular position and what they need is a person who can easily fit into their criteria. The most common skills that companies look-out for are Flexibility or Versatility, Analytical/Problem Solving Skills, Skills in time management, ability to take initiatives and also work as a team and communication skills. Also, be prepared for answering questions about your strengths and weaknesses, short and long term career goals, preferred work environment, what you can offer to the employer in terms of your skill-set etc.

Step 2 Research About The Occupation

You can do this by asking the recruiter, understanding the job description, updating yourself on the industry news or asking someone who is working in that line. It will give you a better idea on how to present your skills in a convincing manner about the job-fit.

Step 3 Take Interest In The Organization

You should know everything about the company beforehand. The internet is a good option to read about the company’s origins, location, industrial position, organizational structure, industries served etc. It comes across as very positive to the interviewer if you know these facts.

Step 4 Ask Questions At The End

An interview is not a one-way process where you’ll be answering questions. Interviewers appreciate it when you ask about the responsibilities of the job, opportunity for growth in the company and most importantly when you will expect them to revert about your results.
By following these simple steps, you not only make it easier for embarking on this journey but also make a wonderful first impression. So just go with full preparation and most importantly carry your confidence with you wherever you go.

Green Jobs – Top Tips For Finding These

Looking for green jobs and still not getting them? Don’t worry! There are a number of options. What can help you is, a little bit of self-research and the tips given below. Almost every day, you can find various eco-friendly companies looking for new, talented, bright and forward looking people who can help the company in various operations. The following tips can help you in securing one of the most favorable green jobs for yourself in agricultural research, administrative and manufacturing sectors.

  1. Do Some Networking:
    You should start networking as early as possible with different people in the field. If your former job was related to the eco-friendly industry (i.e. electrical power, energy, and so on.) then you must be having a fair idea about the number of contacts who can help you to find a suitable green job. Networking is important for getting jobs in the earth-friendly sectors. You can also participate in job fairs to increase your contacts. Maintaining link with old contacts is also important.
  2. Go Volunteering:
    Try to become a volunteer wherever possible so that you can have a free, quick and an enjoyable experience. Try to access the local possibilities like assisting a green movement or any organization in need. This will not only help you in learning new things but will also increase your experience and pump up your resume. This practical knowledge will provide you a great opportunity for networking.
  3. Search Online:
    You can search online for various opportunities. Follow the websites of various environmental friendly organizations. You can do networking with people around the state. Local classified job listings and general job listing boards are important so you can log on them and check the latest openings. Specialized green jobs discussion boards can also help you in this.
  4. Try Moving:
    As the market is expanding rapidly, you should try and move to places where the opportunities are more. It can be a place where a new company is getting established or a place where the requirement of green energy is more. Being at the right place can help you immensely to get a green job. But you should change the place only if you are sure about the opportunity.

Getting a green job is not a difficult task if you perform the right kind of research and follow the tips mentioned here. Getting a green job not only satisfies your inherent aspirations but in the process you can also end up doing some good work and build life-long contacts.

The Topmost Don’ts For Career Changers

Changing career is a life-altering decision for many and sometimes they have to take the plunge as their talents are not getting fully utilized. Or it may be that they are horribly bored with their present job and are facing a crisis regarding their skills or are totally exhausted.  Tough as it may be, a career change is crucial in such cases but here you should also exercise caution to avoid making the biggest mistake of your life. After reading this write-up, you will come to know about the major mistakes that career changers make and how to avoid them.

  1. Do Not Leap Without Doing Some Research First.
    The key to make a successful career change is to know exactly where you are going. Do not give in to impulses and temptations. Do a thorough research, ask your friends, read articles and industry news to know where you will stand after making the switch.
  2. Don’t Go With The Herd Mentality.
    Just because someone you know is doing good into the investment career does not mean that you will become a success overnight too. Ask your friends, colleagues, alumni, family, people from the same industry to get a better idea of what you’ll be getting into. Also, resist jumping into a lucrative field just because it sounds nice or others have told you so. They may prove to be a very bad fit for you later on.
  3. Don’t Let The Compensation Come In Between.
    Money should never be the deciding factor for you. If you can do the job with satisfaction, then growth is bound to happen and money will come in later.
  4. Don’t Expect Overnight Miracles.
    Expand your horizons to go beyond the available options but keep your expectations at the lowest. Making the transition will take time and there will be many challenges to be taken head-on. It may take at least 6 months to a year for changing.

At this stage, how you make the change entirely depends on you. So make the best use of your skills and be prepared to experience a new test everyday. Albeit with some experience that you already have, you will do much better.

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Job And Internship Options For College Students

Internships are unique opportunities that you encounter only once in your career. They provide you with a great platform for working while you are in college. Internships give you the practical knowledge and experience of the subject. Jobs and Internships during this time help to prepare you for the future. It is not only the company that utilizes your effort but you also get to sharpen your skills. So, an internship basically prepares you for the job market. These jobs and internships overall help you to enhance your personality. But it not only depends upon the work done by you but also the opportunities that are available.

  • College students must look for opportunities which they can take advantage of in various ways. The student’s responsibility should extend beyond getting coffee, making copies, filling and entering data etc. Some of the organizations allow their interns or new employees to do management jobs, handling budget to an extent and try to teach them some valuable and practical lessons in the field. The students should go for those opportunities which are more productive and provide them a better learning experience.
  • Interns should always be inquisitive about what is happening around them and take the feedback given by the seniors in a constructive manner. It prepares them for the tough job environment that they will experience later on.
  • There will always be job seekers who are more experienced than you and have a better knowledge but it does not mean that opportunities for new people are not there. College students can always get opportunities with many different organizations looking for fresh talent.

Such companies can provide you on the job training. It prepares you for the challenges after your college gets over. You can see the difference your self. It makes you a more confident and mature person, improves your stress and time management skills and basically makes you a better deserving candidate for your first job.

Role Of Placement Consultants In The Job & Recruitment Industry

The job industry is facing a lot of competition along with the growth of society and the need for qualified manpower. Unlike the old days, today there are many options for the same and with the advent of internet this process has become easier and user-friendly. The search for the right job sometimes makes the seekers run here & there and this is where the Placement consultants come in, by acting as a platform between them and the premier hiring companies. But what exactly are such agencies, what is their role and method of working? Moreover, how are they lending a helping hand to millions of career hopefuls in starting with their first job or in career succession? This write-up delves deep to answer all these questions so that you can know more about them.

What Are Placement Consultancies?

A Placement Consultancy or a Recruitment firm acts as a link between the companies that offer jobs in various arenas and the job-seekers. They also help reduce the clutter and streamline the manpower hunting for the companies no matter how big or small. They act as a guide to the job-seeker to guide them with their career prospects.

Their Role In Placements

Many companies hire these recruitment firms or agencies to help them find the right qualified candidate to join their company. Job seekers in turn, contact these recruitment firms to apply for the right job. Today, these agencies have expertise in this domain and offer specific solutions for different needs and purposes.

Their Nature Of Work

  • They work for large, medium, small scale companies
  • They have a huge database of job vacancies as per salary offered, experienced or fresher, responsibilities, industry-wise etc.
  • Resource-This is built over a period of time. They refer these databases and contact the registered candidates.
  • Job seekers contact these agencies through different mediums such as phone calls, emails, direct walk-ins and get themselves registered.

Then the wait begins for the candidates to get calls from these agencies. Job seekers highly rely on these agencies for the interview calls.

Lending A Helping Hand

  • They help the aspirants to solve the issues related to their career and job.
  • They suggest the best available alternatives and solutions related to your queries.
  • They also provide trainings to the aspirants. These may be related to job interviews or personality development. These trainings have helped many professionals to perform better in the toughest situation.
  • They also keep a contact with successfully placed candidates to keep a track of the complaints and needs of the former.

In the present scenario, with the growth of many industries and corporate sectors, these agencies provide end-to-end hiring solutions. Thus, acting as a platform they bridge the gap between the leading companies and the career aspirants.

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