The Benefits of an Online Job Search

The saying goes, “Change is the only constant.” Internet has probably been the most effective catalyst of change in the 21st century. From the way we do business, to reservation of train and airline tickets, internet has revolutionized the entire system. Online job search is one such domain, which has been completely overhauled with the advent of the internet.

Growing Popularity Of Job Portals

Until the end of the twentieth century, job searches were limited to employment editions of leading newspapers and magazines, or government employment notifications. It was a time-consuming and tedious process that required dedicated attention from the job seeker. However, the growing prominence of internet has changed the way we search for jobs. With numerous job search portals dedicated for specific job types, searching a job is just a click away.

Significance Of The Resume

In addition, the online advertisements for jobs have also proved effective in grabbing the viewer’s attention. With online job search, gaining popularity among the masses, the Curriculum Vitae, better known as CV, has become extremely important. To catch the eye of the employer among thousands of other candidates, one needs to put in concerted efforts to make an attractive and job specific CV. The biggest advantage of online job search lies in the fact that the CV can be uploaded on a job portal and the interested employers can browse through numerous CVs and contact the best-suited candidate.

The job portals do not charge any fee from the prospective job seekers and allow them to upload the resumes for free. On the other hand, employers and other recruitment agencies are charged for accessing their database of resumes of suitable employees. Thus, the online job search portals have become the most preferred platform for both the employers and the employees to interact in a 2-way process for mutual benefit.

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6 Responses

  1. Nice topic(Online Job Search). Thank you very much!

  2. This blog is totally awesome!! In fact i love it so much!!

  3. I can see that you took considerable effort on this. Super job!

  4. I love your blog – nice job!

  5. Very nice blog, Online job search is fairly frequent these days. In this digital era almost everything from the employers, recruiters to the job seekers are going online.

  6. Indeed agree that online job search is an effective way to look for a client where you only need to upload or sign up your resume online. Recently, I sign up on and after a week a client email me through that he would like to test me first before hiring. Now I’m just waiting for the result if I get hired.

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