Tips For Recruiters-Recruiting Online Via Job Search Sites

The advent of internet emerged as a boon for the whole recruiting process. Earlier the whole process was done either in print i.e.; newspapers, pamphlets etc. or through public hiring agencies but now it is much more easier to locate the candidates for the right profile or get a desired job. Many social networking sites are also joining this trend to make the process much more easier. Recruitment sites are also emerging as successful search stations for the job seekers and recruiters. Apart from campus recruitments, recruiting through these sites is much easier. They are more relied upon than any other mode of recruitments as they maintain a huge database of the job seekers for future reference.

But recruiters may sometimes face some difficulties selecting the rights candidates for the appropriate profile. Again, the question of how to start also arises. Given are few tips for the recruiters to help them make a better selection.

Two Basic Processes For Selection

There are two basic processes. One is to scan through the resumes posted in the sites and the other is to post your on requirements and then wait for the responses of the job seekers. However, the second option is mostly opted by the companies or the recruiters as it is more specific and controllable. It is also hassle-free as only those candidates apply who are experts in the concerned area.

Tips For The Recruiters For Making Better Selection

  • It has to be crisp and precise- Being more specific helps the job seekers to understand the required profile and then apply for the posts as per the requirement.
  • The language should be user- friendly to help the job seekers understand the exact job profile. Too much decorative language may be confusing for the readers.
  • The bulleted style of information is more attractive and eye-catchy.
  • The basic fields such as-Job description, location of work, minimum qualification, qualities, experience required, salary offered etc. A brief company profile must be given as well for a better link between the job seeker and the recruiter.
  • Job posting dates and the contact details are also to be mentioned for better responses. Ensure to reply to the responses. These are very necessary as the candidate would be counting on you for your reply.
  • Ensure to remove the jobs once the posts are filled in the specific areas. If these are not removed then a confusion occurs as candidates may still keep on applying for the same post.
  • Huge posting of job requirements are also a concern and manually posting each requirement takes a lot of time .To avoid such complications try using popular and hassle free sites which offer bulk space and also allow alternative ways of job posting.

With these few important tips, it will be easier for the recruiting agencies or firms to improve their methods or ways of selection process. A more specific and accurate approach will also help the job seekers to find their dream jobs, thus reducing confusion in the selection process.

Job Market in India Now on a Hiring Spree

India has scripted an enviable success story in past decade. From an underdeveloped country, rooted in poverty, corruption, and red tape, India has come a long way to become one of the torchbearers of the global economy. Business practices have become more transparent and the government policies have opened the domestic markets for investments. Thus, job opportunities have opened up and the skilled manpower crunch has also reared its head. Being one of the most populous countries with educated populace, India caught up with the growth pace and opened its doors for the thousands of job hopefuls.

Then came the downfall in disguise of the global recession in 2008, which threatened to impede major developed economies in the world. The Indian economy however, absorbed the shock of recession and rallied on to ascertain its position as the world’s second fastest growing economy. As a result, the job market opened up an offered plethora of opportunities to the youth of this nation.

BPO sector has grabbed the initiative and made the most of this boom. It has witnessed steady growth in the past few years and provided umpteen job opportunities to the young job seekers. The leading BPOs that figure in the top ten recruiter lists are HCL Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Genpact, Citigroup Global Services and Intelenet Global. In addition, Hospitality and Pharmaceutical industry have also made an impact in the job market. Most enterprises have gone on a recruitment drive and many others are planning to expand their business.

Many recruiters are now focusing on the untapped talent of the fresh graduates and providing them with appropriate training. The time is ripe for those seeking to foray into their respective fields and land lucrative jobs. To encourage the already robust economy, the infrastructure of the country has also been upgraded, which has provided the companies with a favorable environment to prosper and hire more skilled manpower to expand their operations.

The Benefits of an Online Job Search

The saying goes, “Change is the only constant.” Internet has probably been the most effective catalyst of change in the 21st century. From the way we do business, to reservation of train and airline tickets, internet has revolutionized the entire system. Online job search is one such domain, which has been completely overhauled with the advent of the internet.

Growing Popularity Of Job Portals

Until the end of the twentieth century, job searches were limited to employment editions of leading newspapers and magazines, or government employment notifications. It was a time-consuming and tedious process that required dedicated attention from the job seeker. However, the growing prominence of internet has changed the way we search for jobs. With numerous job search portals dedicated for specific job types, searching a job is just a click away.

Significance Of The Resume

In addition, the online advertisements for jobs have also proved effective in grabbing the viewer’s attention. With online job search, gaining popularity among the masses, the Curriculum Vitae, better known as CV, has become extremely important. To catch the eye of the employer among thousands of other candidates, one needs to put in concerted efforts to make an attractive and job specific CV. The biggest advantage of online job search lies in the fact that the CV can be uploaded on a job portal and the interested employers can browse through numerous CVs and contact the best-suited candidate.

The job portals do not charge any fee from the prospective job seekers and allow them to upload the resumes for free. On the other hand, employers and other recruitment agencies are charged for accessing their database of resumes of suitable employees. Thus, the online job search portals have become the most preferred platform for both the employers and the employees to interact in a 2-way process for mutual benefit.

Placement Consultants In India

Placement consultants have bridged the gap between the companies that used to be in dearth of talented workforce and struggling job seekers. In an increasingly competitive job market, many individuals find it difficult to cope up with the immense pressure of searching jobs. That is where placement consultants come in, by providing counseling on the right company to work with, negotiating on the compensation and matching the skill-set of the job-seeker with the requirements of a particular company.

Placement Consultants

Who Are They?
They are specialized firms or agencies that act as a link between the employers and job seekers. They are also solely responsible for many aspirants achieving their dream job. They also act as a platform for catering to the needs of both the employer and the employee. The company in need of skilled and talented employees and the professionals with the required skill-set come face to face through these agencies or organizations.

Why Do We Need Them?
These agencies basically have a huge database of job profiles, companies, job seekers and vacancies across all industries and various arenas. So it is highly suggested to approach them to secure a desired position in any company of choice. Consultants also engage in head-hunting to find out the exact match for a particular position, which is very helpful for a company with niche requirements.

Techniques Used By Them

  • They analyze the clients requirement and exactly work upon it
  • They have experts to screen from hundred profiles
  • They conduct interviews to analyze the persons’ in-depth knowledge, attitude etc.
  • They can conduct reference check on the job seekers

Advantages: For Companies and Job-seekers

  • Companies can contact only those candidates who are skilled according to the requirement.
  • Advertising cost is avoided.
  • A huge database of skilled and competitive aspirants is provided for a better selection.
  • Job seekers can easily contact the reputed companies under one roof.
  • Job seekers can register themselves easily for further opportunities.
  • Job seekers can negotiate with the company through the recruiters.

There are innumerable number of agencies in all leading cities of the country such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.

Bangalore offers huge opportunities in IT sectors and many aspirants get an opportunity to work for the best IT companies.

Mumbai is the financial capital of the country thus provides huge scope for the job aspirants.

Kolkata and Chennai have jobs in every sector like Entertainment, Finance, IT, Sales, Media and publishing.

Thus, placement consultants in India are flourishing in every part of the country and dealing in entry-level to top management requisitions and offering a two-way matching process to ensure that the right talent is projected at the right place.

How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

Employees of a company are as important to a company as any other asset. It is the employees in an organization who handle the bulk of the operations and contribute to its success. In fact, one of the foremost goals of the management of a company is to keep the employees of the company motivated and committed. Below mentioned are few of the ways to keep the employees happy and motivated:

  • Encourage the employees by visiting them regularly and giving them some pep talk. This would go a long way to encourage the employee.
  • Ask the employees about the difficulties or other issues, which they might be facing regarding their work. Show them that you care.
  • Lead from the front. A good manager always sets an example and becomes an inspiration for others. Follow all the rules and always arrive for work before time.
  • Offer your employees recognition for the hard work they have put in for the company. Complimenting the team regularly boosts their confidence and encourages them to do better.
  • Offer perks and incentives to worthy employees. A token of appreciation is always welcomed by the employees as they have put in considerable efforts. The incentives can be in the form of mementos, cash rewards, or holidays.
  • The training sessions of new employees should be as interactive as possible. The new employees must feel like a part of the team and hence, their opinion on important issues must be valued.
  • Revising the HR policy is another important aspect of employee management. For any changes in the job market, economy or industry taking place, the HRM should take care and alter the required policies, if required.

The environment of any organization is dictated by the satisfaction levels of its employees. Hence, keeping your employees motivated must be the top priority and managed with a 360° approach in any enterprise.

Employer Selection Through Recruiters

Aspirations of the job aspirants are touching the skies in today’s scenario. Competition to select an employee with diverse expertise and extensive domain experience has been a great challenge to many recruitment agencies. Demands from both companies and the aspirants have also raised the recruitment levels and procedures of these firms. So nowadays, even the job seekers are empowered to choose from the options offered by the recruitment firms and choose to work with a company of their choice. So, it is the decisive factor for the aspirants to choose an agency or recruitment firm with the latest ‘job seeker-employer’ matching tools to achieve their goals.

Starting The Job Hunt

  • The best way for employer selection is to submit your resume and brief the recruiter about your requirements such as preferred companies, pay packages as well as the roles and responsibilities that are coveted by you. With such screened methodology, one can easily track the best employer offering the jobs in the respective industries.
  • A precise and brief discussion about your talents and targets with these agencies can be very helpful. A reputed recruitment agency understands the best of both the companies as well as the job seekers’ needs. In this way, they maintain a balance in the selection process at both ends.

Employer’s Point Of View

  • Mentioning The Type Of Company- This is very important because it narrows the confusion of approaching too many companies exclusively. Be precise on what type of company you are looking for so that agencies find it easier to contact them. For e.g. Public sector firm, MNCs etc.
  • Type Of Industry- Brief them about the type of industry you are looking for. A job seeker may have a skill set suitable for several industries but may choose to work and flourish in a particular one.
  • Roles And Responsibilities- Mention about the roles you are looking for. Brief them about the responsibilities taken up in your previous company. And also inform them about the challenges that you are looking out for.
  • Compensation- Mention them about your expected salary package and also brief them about your last package.
  • Designation- If you wish to apply only for a certain post then do specify about it correctly. Also do not forget to mention the specified area you are interested in

Thus, the selection of a specified employer through these recruitment firms can be made easy if the above mentioned aspects are considered. Briefing about your profile in a concise manner helps these agencies to perfectly cater to your niche needs. Thus, a two way selection process is becoming a huge success in today’s job industry.

What Is The Most Important Question You Can Ask In A Job Interview?

At a time when jobs are a plenty, but the jobseekers outnumber the job openings by a substantial margin, preparing for a job interview becomes a prerequisite. Over the years, job seekers have been perturbed by myriad facets of an interview for their much coveted jobs. Different people have different perspectives on the all-important question that must be put forth to the company. One can find many questions in various books related to diverse aspects of company. These questions range from the future of the company to the mission and vision.

However, not many candidates put forth a pertinent question at the time of interview to seek direct feedback about their performance in real time. Most candidates do not even contemplate asking the question, as they fear it may jeopardize their chances of a favorable reply. Being supplicant or polite is often seen as an endorsement or an affirmative reply. However, frustration creeps in once the company does not respond. The candidate is under the impression that the interview went well and a call from the company is eagerly awaited. However, the anticipation dies down soon. Most candidates find it tough to come to terms with the fact that they do not have a concrete reason for their ouster.

A question asking to highlight your own shortcomings can prove to be a panacea of sorts in such a situation. Most importantly, it helps you address your weakness, while you are present during the interview, which can be rectified later. Moreover, it shoes concern on your part and the keenness to learn, which might get you the job. ‘The candidate may simply ask the interviewer if there is any shortcoming, which he may have noticed in the candidate, which may impede the chances of getting the job’.

Asking such an introspective question highlights maturity on the part of the candidate and brightens the prospects of a favorable reply from the employer. So draft the question properly and do not be perturbed no matter what the interviewer’s reply is to crack the interview successfully or learn an important fact that can help you in future interviews.

5 Most Common Job Search Mistakes

With a rapidly growing world economy, the job market has witnessed unprecedented growth. With the ever-increasing skilled human resources, there is no dearth of qualified job seekers either. This has led to equilibrium in the market and with the increasing competition, job searches are being conducted aggressively by the job seekers.

However, the job search techniques employed by majority of the job seekers, remain doubtful. Most candidates base their job searches, either on their own knowledge or word of mouth. Consequently, there are a few specific Job Search Mistakes committed by the job seeker, which threaten to jeopardize their chances of clearing an interview. Listed below are the few common mistakes committed by the job seekers:

Limited Resume Versions

Most candidates rely on a general resume for various jobs searches. This usually does not work, as the candidates fail to read the mind of the employer through the job notifications. Job seekers must try to highlight their specific strengths as required for the job.

Lack Of Research On Potential Employers

The most important aspect of a job interview is to identify the right employer who can make the most of your skills. Most candidates forego this aspect just to land a job conveniently. The job seeker must search for the job with which he can identify and put his skills to appropriate use. Also, the complete business of the potential employer must be researched thoroughly to see where you fit in.

Showing Up Under Prepared For An Interview

Interviews put forth the exact profile of the job seeker in front of the employer; hence preparing well for the interview is a prerequisite. However, the job seekers conveniently tend to overlook this important aspect. Researching on the company, its business endeavors or its policies go a long way in creating a positive impression on the interviewer.

Giving Importance To Salary From The Beginning

We all want to be paid well, don’t we? However, since when did the pay package become an obsession? Cribbing or laying too much emphasis on the salary right from the word go creates a negative impact on the interviewer and reveals your restricted vision towards compensation.

Job Hunt for Different Profile

There is fetal, yet growing trend amid candidates of finding jobs at different profiles, than they have actually planned for. Finding jobs at different profile is likely to spoil your career plan, and at the same time it leads wastage of time.

Such mistakes can be dangerous in the early as well as latter phase of anyone’s career. So, one must tread cautiously while taking all these aspects into account to successfully land up in a job of their dreams.

Behavioral Interview Tips

Interviews are a deciding factor for any employer while hiring for any profile. It is the moment to judge whether an aspirant is suitable for the post applied. Therefore to be successful in any type of interview is very important for selection where your behavior, skills, attitude, qualifications play a great role in selection.

Behavioral Interview

A newer approach of interview has taken its stand. It’s called Behavioral Interview. These types of interviews help to analyze the future conduct of any employee. The psychoanalysis conducted helps to judge the behavioral patterns of the individual. Qualities likes flexibility, oral and written interaction, leadership, technical knowledge, risk taking capabilities, management, analytical reasoning, decision making qualities, enterprising skills, prudence etc. are among other skills. Such interviews help to judge a person to the maximum.

Companies look for certain qualities during this phase. They look out for the aspirants’ experience, knowledge and conduct to determine their ability for handling work in normal and stressful conditions. They also look for professional skills, intelligence, education and previous performance that are the deciding factors for any profile. Some professional skills such as willingness to work in a team, self-confidence and desire to learn & travel are mainly sought. Then precise questions such concerning how you handled certain situations are asked. The idea is to ensure that the candidate can tackle any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the commonly asked questions will need you to explain the following:

  • Demanding situations revealing your management skills
  • Situations where you influenced someone with your skills
  • Situations where you used your logic to solve a crisis
  • Situations where you could achieve your aim
  • Situations where you had to surpass your presentation qualities in order to manipulate someone’s view point
  • Stories of your unsuccessful attempts
  • Challenging decisions made by you

Tips To Handle Such Situations

  • Be confident
  • Keep a positive outlook
  • Give relevant examples
  • Listen carefully

Such types of interviews are gaining popularity in many companies. If the above points are understood then one can clear a Behavioral Interview with flying colors.


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